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The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack

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The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 University Life Game Logo and Splash Screen

The Sims 3 University Life is the ninth Expansion Pack for The Sims 3. The Expansion adds social groups, new career options, three new skills and a fully-featured University campus Sims will travel to in order to seek their degrees in one of six majors. This guide will cover all the new additions that the EP brings to TS3, which may aid your decision to buy University Life or inform you of new features when you've just purchased it.

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Sim University
Most of the new content in The Sims 3 University Life is centered on the new University Campus town. When a Sim enrolls in University, they'll be whisked away World Adventures-style to the new location while time freezes back at home. The campus features buildings like administration, a lecture hall, sports arena and hangouts for the three new social groups. Learn more about enrolling in the University in our Enrollment and Aptitude Test Guide.

The Sims 3 University Life - Sim University Campus at Night

Sims may select one of five Majors to earn their degree. Each of them are similarly structured, requiring Sims to attend class, lectures, and hands-on learning activities. Sims will need to keep their progress up by studying, attending class and learning skills that benefit their Major. When you have earned enough credits by passing classes, your Sim graduates and gets the degree, and a boost in careers related to their degree. This raises their starting career level and lets them earn more money. Learn more about the various majors in the guide to Majors and Getting a Degree.

New Skills
There are three new skills in The Sims 3 University Life:

  • Science - The Science skill allows Sims to clone themselves, other Sims, and collectible objects. Most of the skill revolves around collectibles and this cloning. They are also able to get access to the new life state in The Sims 3 University Life - PlantSims.
  • Social Networking - Social Networking allows your Sims to make money as a blogger and manipulate the relationships of other Sims around them.
  • Street Art - Street Art lets Sims make graffiti around town. It doesn't have to be vandalism, as these skills are highly desirable by the city looking for skilled artists to decorate the town.
  • Photography - University Life gives Simmers the Photography skill from World Adventures.
The Sims 3 University Life - A Sim enjoys the beautiful landscaping of the University campus

Social Groups and Special Careers
University Life features three new social groups that all have an associated career that can only be accessed by climbing to the top of that group. The system operates much like the celebrity system in Late Night, though with a larger set of options to advance your status with the groups.

  • Jock Social Group (unlocks Sports Agent Career) - The Jocks ar socialites and love throwing parties. They're active in sports and growing in standing with them can be accomplished easily by taking part in Collegiate sports at the University's Sports Stadium.
  • Nerd Social Group (unlocks Video Game Developer Career) - Nerds love comic books and Science. Gaining influence with the group can be done by playing video games, reading comic books, and interacting with other nerds in nerdy ways.
  • Rebel Social Group (unlocks Art Appraiser Career) - Rebels are inclined to protest and use the new Street Art skill like vandals. Doing either of those things will build rep with this artsy and rebellious group.
The Sims 3 University Life - The University Campus birds-eye view

Smart Phones
The cell phone from vanilla Sims 3 gets replaced with the Smart Phone in UL. This lets you use the new Social Networking skill, as blogging can only be done with the phone. These allow Sims to study for class and browse the web, among all the normal features the cell provided.

Extra Trait Slots
A great new feature of University Life are the new trait additions. With the EP installed, you are able to get a total of seven traits for a Sim. Graduating University will give you one extra slot, while the other is attained by reaching level 8 with the first social group. Repeating these accomplishments simply gives you the opportunity to change the extra trait.

New Objects and Interactions
There are several new objects, most are related to attending University like the podium (rebels can give speeches), whiteboard (allowing practice of Street Art) and the backpack (purely decorative inventory item). There are several new ways for Sims to have fun at the U. There are juice kegs for throwing parties, soccer balls to raise athletic and give sims some recreation, and table tennis which can be used competitively in its expected way or to play Juice Pong. Sims are able to streak, give lectures, and play frisbee with the Flying Disc. Overall the new objects and activities give the campus a nice feel appropriate for its setting.

New Lifetime Wishes and Traits
There are three new traits with the Expansion, and six new Lifetime Wishes. LTWs are focused on attending/graduating the University and new skill additions. The only Lifetime Rewards included are three to raise influence with the Social Groups and one to get an Honorary Degree from the University.

Comments (84)

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shelly says...
hi so my sim got into a relationship with someone from college. she graduated and now she can't see this sim anymore i am sad it there a way to bring these 2 sims together?
27th March 2013 7:08pm
radosney says...
Same thing happened to me. It's just like if you meet someone when traveling to another country. You can invite them over to your house by calling them on the phone. In my case, the sim graduated before my sim did. She invited him over after graduation, proposed, got married and lived happily ever after. :-)
6th April 2013 12:46pm
Anonymous says...
I am pretty sure you can invite the sim over.
4th October 2013 7:22pm
Gr3ffiti says...

I have found that if you use the cheat code testingcheatsenabled true, you can add that sim to your family. Once your sim returns home, so does the added sim. :) Hope it helps.

6th April 2013 3:32pm
Rachael says...
Nuu, that cheat does not work any more, tried it a millionz times, Still no work
12th December 2013 10:26pm
Andie-Lily says...
It does work, are you sure you have entered it correctly? Ctrl + Shift + C then type " TestingCheatsEnabled True "

then Shift + click the person you want and select add to current household

4th January 2014 4:48pm
Leogeo says...
The cheat is testingCheatsenabled true just to let you know only the c is capitalized.
30th March 2014 4:38am
Potato Queen says...
Capitalizing isnt nessesary. I do it in all caps or none
7th April 2014 10:03pm
George says...
Have the sim boyfriend/girlfriend visit the main town (go through the smart phone). When the sim arrives, get engaged and married.
7th April 2013 9:14pm
Kev says...
Yes.. you need a house phone (you cant do it from the mobile) and select "Invite Foreign Visitors"

Should arrive at 9am the next morning.

10th April 2013 8:48am
Chris says...
You actually can do it from the mobile phone. I just did it.
1st April 2014 1:59am
horseangel38 says...
yes you can get the 2 back together in your home town...just scroll through your friends till you find the love interest of your sim, then click their image and choose invite over or something like that..what i did myself is to make the sims i wanted to keep as friends/ or romantic interest for my sim is add them to my current household and they moved in with me and i was able to take them to home town..but i think u can call them on the smartfone and invite them to visit too...same with sims in your hometown visiting u at university as well (except children)
20th April 2013 11:21pm
Lelo says...
If you click on their icon in the relationship section, you can invite to visit and then you can move them in.
21st January 2014 10:11pm
Hana Dawson says...
Yes you can bring the sims togwthwe by pressing ctrl+shift+c. This will open the cheat box. THen type in meet sim. Next, type in the sims first and last name and there you go!
22nd January 2014 6:00pm
Macy says...
yes you can call them up from university and they will visit at 9 the next morning then you can ask them to be your roommate or you can use testingcheats to add to your family
23rd April 2014 9:40am
Josie says...
What about the herbs that are now in the game. Are you going to make a post about them because that could help a lot.
27th March 2013 7:35pm
Amanda Paige says...
Yeah at the store you can buy basil and the spices and eat those they are considered herbs. I had the problem also.
9th April 2013 6:07pm
Matthew says...
Something to note with the backpack items. Not all of the various occult life states can use them. I've found that Humans and Werewolves can. Vampires and Genies cannot. I haven't tested any of the others.

The variable seems to be those that "run" with a different animation - Genies do the hovering and Vampires move so quickly they blur. With that in mind it's likely that Witches and Plant sims would be able to use them, but Faries wouldn't because they fly... but that's just a guess on those.

28th March 2013 2:07am
Cassie says...
Matthew, it's true that fairies can't use a backpack and witches can. I haven't tried a plant sim yet
25th June 2013 2:09pm
Isabelle says...
How do i make a plantsim? they seem pretty interesting. Do i just make there skin green and put them into the outfits and hair?
18th April 2014 7:32pm
Ryan says...
Hey Carl. Huge kudos for your guide. Just something I noticed on this page - near the top, you write that your sim can enrol in one of five majors. From playing the game, aren't there six majors?
Yep, there are six. Fixed.
1st April 2013 12:38am
fenemeno says...
motherlode don't work in university life
1st April 2013 12:24pm
Kayla says...
It does work, maybe you misspelled it.
6th April 2013 9:11am
Mikayla says...
Motherlode does work. it just depends how you spell it. it works on my sims University.
27th July 2013 5:15pm
Nicholas C says...
I'd like to say thanks to Carl, if that's your real name, to devoting your time to write a guide to pretty much everything in the Sims 3. I come here ALL the time almost everyday and learn new things and different ways to play. My overall experience with Sims 3 has been full of questions and curiosity before I found this site. So again thanks A LOT and keep up the good work!
2nd April 2013 1:24pm
Jared B. says...
The same with me. Whenever I have questions, I always come to his guide to find the answer.
31st May 2013 10:29am
Abbie says...
I might be considering getting this pack, as I can get seven traits, but I really want the Pets and World Adventures too... It's such a hard decision! :)
5th April 2013 1:40pm
Howdy says...
I recommend pets. I just got that expansion pack and I love everything about it, especially the fact that you can have smaller animals.
1st October 2013 8:16pm
Rosie says...
I'd get this one, pets stays fun for about a week and i sometimes forget i even own world adventures.
24th December 2013 6:19am
New Reader says...
I am just wondering, i have gotten in relationships like GF/BF with people at college. And also adopted a unicorn there, can you bring them to your town or household, when you come back?

Anyone answer me because I'm a few days away from graduation and I'm willing to use any means for the case to bring them home. If i can't bring them home by default of course...

5th April 2013 7:44pm
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