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The Sims 3 University Life

Enrolling, Scholarships and the Aptitude Test

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 University Life - The Llama Mascot

This Guide focuses on getting Sims enrolled at the University and what you can do to make their college lifestyle better. When you start a new game with University Life, a mascot from the college will arrive on the first morning and leave a welcome kit. This kit gives you the ability to take the Sims University Aptitude Test, which will determine your Sim's Scholarship money and starting credits in each of the game's six Majors. If you did not receive one, you can find the University Welcome Kit in Buy Mode > Study > Hobbies & Skills.

Graduation Requirements
It takes 48 credits for your Sim to earn a degree. Since the most you can get from one visit to the University is 36, you require the aptitude test to do it in one pass. You do have the option to skip the test and do 3 terms at the University to graduate, which is your only option if you skipped the aptitude test before you enrolled.

The Sims 3 University Life - Enrolling a Sim into College with a Scholarship

Enrolling in School
Young Adults, Adults, and Elders can Enroll for classes at the Sims University. The Aptitude Test is not required, but advised. Afterward, enrolling at the University is as simple as using your Sim's smartphone or a computer. When the enrollment screen comes up, you are given the option to choose 6, 12, or 18 credit hours (1-3 classes) and select to attend for one or two terms. The details on classes and performance are located in our Attendance and Classes Guide.

The Sims 3 University Life - The Aptitude Test

Sims University Aptitude Test
The Aptitude Test looks at your Sim's skill levels, career history, and traits to determine their readiness for attending Sims University. There are bugs with this system, but when working properly the base score on each of six degree types is 100/400. So the base total score is 600. The max score is 2400, with rewards distributed in three tiers:

  • 1200 Points - $1000/term Scholarship.
  • 1800 Points - $2500/term Scholarship.
  • 2000 Points - Nailed it +20 12h moodlet which you can get over and over by retaking the aptitude test.

On individual subjects, you earn credits toward your degree at two levels:

  • 250 Points - Apprentice Award: +6 Credit Hours.
  • 350 Points - Distinguished Award: +18 Credit Hours.

You keep your highest scores, and any Awards will go toward future Degrees your Sim tries to get.

Aptitude Test Scoring
Scoring goes like this:

    Skill Levels x 27 +
    Career Levels x 34 +
    Traits x 83
So, if you had Handiness level 3 (27x3 = 81) and the Genius trait (83 points), level 3 Law Enforcement (3x34 = 102) with the base score of 100, your Sim would score a 366 in Technology Major and get +18 credit hours toward a degree. Here are all the factors that influence aptitude test scores:

Sims University Aptitude Test Score Factors
BusinessGenius, Ambitious, Evil, Frugal, Workaholic, Born SalesmanBusiness, CriminalCharisma, Social Networking, Mixology
CommunicationGenius, Charismatic, Irresistible, Schmoozer, Flirty, Social ButterflyJournalism, Politics, Fortune TellerWriting, Photography*
Fine ArtsGenius, Avant Garde, Artistic, Natural Cook, Virtuoso, RebelliousCulinary, Music, Film Painting, Cooking, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar, Street Art, Sculpting, Nectar Making
Physical EducationGenius, Athletic, Loves the OutdoorsProfessional SportsAthletic, Martial Arts, Riding
Science and MedicineGenius, Bookworm, Perfectionist, Socially Awkward, Green Thumb, PerceptiveMedical, Science Fishing, Gardening, Science, Alchemy
TechnologyGenius, Computer Whiz, Handy, No Sense of Humor, Good, EccentricLaw Enforcement, MilitaryLogic, Handiness, Inventing

* - The Sims 3 University Life gives players the Photography Skill from World Adventures

Scholarship Money
When Sims finish the Aptitude test, they may earn a scholarship which provides money toward their degree. This gives you cash to rent a house or cover costs for food and activities while on campus. If you leave the term early, you will not get to keep the spare scholarship money, though it is always available for future visits to the University based on your aptitude test results. Simply take the test again to make the money available for another term.

Comments (95)

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David Bland says...
OK I must be REALLY missing something because I don't have a clue how to start playing the University EP.

In TS2 I send my kid to college and he arrives in a cab and I select a dorm and enter. Voila!

But in this game, I take the Aptitude test, enroll by phone, grab my suitcase, hop on a bot to Uni-land, but when I arrive, my Sim is nowhere to be found and I am presented with the CAS screen and told to either create a Sim or move in a household. Where is my Sim that I sent to college??
26th March 2014 7:22pm
Tessa says...
I believe this is a known glitch. Or maybe a mod conflict. Search online, there are many people who had the same problem.
24th June 2014 2:54pm
Becca says...
How do you get Credits for your degree I got 18 from the test and my sim is on the Deans list but I'm still not getting credits also I'm level ten in all groups and it won't let me get my degree and iv done it on many games and computers it still won't give me credits toward my degree?!?!
8th September 2013 2:01pm
anonymous says...
You can see credits after you finish the semester. It will total up the credits once the first semester is finished and if you need another semester to graduate then you must return to the University
2nd June 2014 6:03pm
Rachel says...
I dont have the game yet but I plan on getting it because it sounds AWESOME..I was just wondering what happens the rest of your family when your yound adults go away to college??
Nothing.  Time freezes at home.
18th July 2013 10:26am
Tylan says...
I send my sim to college, and then the screen says traveling to the University.(she's from SunsetValley But when i get there it's a new game. IDK where's the sim i sent to college. it takes me to Create a sim,Choose a Household, and Move in household. What Happened
10th September 2013 11:29am
Gemma says...
I have completed the first two semesters at university but don't have the full credits. So I re-enroll to come back for another semester and I complete it with the progress bar full. But when I receive my grades my credits haven't changed at all and still haven't got enough credits to graduate! I have re-enrolled 5 times now and done it all again and all 5 times it's not worked. It is so frustrating and I don't know what to do?!?
29th July 2013 11:29am
Mimi says...
I'm sorry, I'm still very confused about the whole 'credits' system. Can someone please clarify a bit more?
23rd December 2013 11:08am
christy says...
i have one sim in university but how do i get the other one to go as cant get back to house. is there another way of doing it?
5th June 2014 8:03am
Annamarie says...
once your sim has finished uni (at the end of week one if doing one term, week two if doing two terms) they go back to their original house after the graduation ceremony. If you want to send both sims to uni together while on the screen that sends them to uni i think you can pick both sims I am sure I had both of my sims go uni to gether doing different degrees
14th June 2014 11:52am
kittenlive says...
I discovered that the Education career is also listed under the Business Major.
16th July 2013 12:36am
cas says...
I deleted my welcome kit, how do I get it back so I cant take the test again before enrolling
It's available in buy mode. The easiest way to get it back would be to go to the University Life Collection and look for it there.
7th July 2013 7:37pm
christy says...
how do you get both young adults to enroll?? one has enrolled and gone to university but i cant get back for the other sim.
5th June 2014 7:34am
Roidh Andrasan says...
What degree would help with the firefighter profession?
I'm fairly certain that degrees only help advance rabbithole careers not professions.
18th July 2013 2:23pm
Nat says...
Ok so I have 2 sims (a child and a young adult) if i send the young adult to university what happens to that child?
17th April 2014 9:54pm
Ecophobiatic says...
You hire a babysitter automatically and she looks after them :D. But time freezes in your old world. So your child will be fine.
16th August 2014 3:42am
joe says...
How do i change the length of the simester?
4th September 2013 8:16pm
Ty Hanson says...
After recieving my sims first degree, which was in Business, I enrolled back to get a second degree. Upon starting the second degree, fine arts. I started out with 30 credits, and I have completed the require terms to graduate twice now, but I never get the full 48 credits. It is staying at 30. When I get my report card, it shows that I am taking the Business Major, and not fine arts.

Anyone else having this issue, or am I doing something wrong
When you go to school to start the new session, you are absolutely certain you are signing up for Fine Arts on the main screen?
13th July 2013 4:29pm
Jenna says...
Thank you sooo much this helped me a lot. I got a partial scholarship soo yea. I also started my degree as an A student because of the 6 credits that i got. Thanks this was really helpful.
16th July 2013 1:52pm
Tylan says...
I recommend people who want to buy The Sims 3 University life that you check out what people have to say about it before purchasing the item. EA should have COMPLETELY perfected the game before releasing it. There are to many problems with the game.and BTW the campus is depressing and dull. I wish Generations was still in stock.
11th September 2013 11:19am
Melanie Hoyle says...
Why would level 2 Law Enforcement give 3x34? Wouldn't it be 2x34?
You're right - upgraded example to level 3 Law Enforcement to keep the math the same :)
13th February 2014 6:24am
Kristol says...
Sophie, when you first enroll you get to pick how many credits you want... The you get out and you enroll again, you said you had 18 credits for the 2nd enrollment and you have to go up to 48 credits, so you started out with 36 credits +18 so you got to max!!! So therefor you graduated!!
30th January 2014 4:58pm
Kristol says...
Thank you soooo much!!! I love the sims 3 and everytime i get a new game, before i get them i look up on your guide through that expansion pack for tips!! This site really helps me out!! A LOT!!!
30th January 2014 4:53pm
Sophie says...
As a lot of others have complained. I don't understand the credits system at ALL! I can't remember how many credits my Sim got from the aptitude test, but after the exams in the first term (I enrolled for 2) I had 18. I attended all classes and studied hard and maxed one of the skills and had the performance bar topped up at all times. Yet now that I'm about to graduate I still only have 18? So if someone could be a bit more specific than "study and show up to class" that'd be lovely. Because I did that and didn't get any credits for it (apparently).
2nd January 2014 7:08pm
Ella says...
My teen sim has a degree in communications all of a sudden! How did this happen??????
28th December 2013 7:30am
Aljon says...
Hi there! I have 2 sims who went to the university to get Business degree. The first time they enrolled, the first sim had 42 units credited to him (36 units from enrolling and 6 units for the extra credit which i do not know how he got that). The second sim however got 36 units credited only. My problem is, the second time they enrolled, they did not graduate. Each of them enrolled to 12 units, completing the required 48 units to have a degree. However, they did not graduate. If it is regular semester, they should be leaving the university at Saturday 9 PM right? However, I did not receive any reminder from the game that my sims will graduate the next day which is Sunday. Also, my sims just left the university at exactly 12 midnight. They did not even ride the bus. Something I also noticed from my game is that there is this one class that they can not attend to because there is no professor or students. Hope you can help me with this :-)
16th December 2013 1:36am
Babaloo says...
Actually, you put the bookworm trait in the science and medicine degree category instead of communications category.
In my game when i'm in CAS it says the bookworm trait will benefit you in the pursuit of a communications degree from the Sims University.
30th November 2013 10:23am
Lynn says...
I just bought university life had an existing family tried to send one sim to university at first everything looks good he takes his bag and leaves but then game loads like i'm starting brand new game. Do they have to already be living in university life world?
15th October 2013 1:41pm
Rachel says...
How do you earn credits while at University? I havent earned enough to graduate and Im wondering if I ever will!?! Please Help
6th October 2013 1:59pm
Becca says...
How do you get credit
credit for what?
4th July 2013 9:21pm
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