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The Sims 3 University Life

Enrolling, Scholarships and the Aptitude Test

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 University Life - The Llama Mascot

This Guide focuses on getting Sims enrolled at the University and what you can do to make their college lifestyle better. When you start a new game with University Life, a mascot from the college will arrive on the first morning and leave a welcome kit. This kit gives you the ability to take the Sims University Aptitude Test, which will determine your Sim's Scholarship money and starting credits in each of the game's six Majors. If you did not receive one, you can find the University Welcome Kit in Buy Mode > Study > Hobbies & Skills.

Graduation Requirements
It takes 48 credits for your Sim to earn a degree. Since the most you can get from one visit to the University is 36, you require the aptitude test to do it in one pass. You do have the option to skip the test and do 3 terms at the University to graduate, which is your only option if you skipped the aptitude test before you enrolled.

The Sims 3 University Life - Enrolling a Sim into College with a Scholarship

Enrolling in School
Young Adults, Adults, and Elders can Enroll for classes at the Sims University. The Aptitude Test is not required, but advised. Afterward, enrolling at the University is as simple as using your Sim's smartphone or a computer. When the enrollment screen comes up, you are given the option to choose 6, 12, or 18 credit hours (1-3 classes) and select to attend for one or two terms. The details on classes and performance are located in our Attendance and Classes Guide.

The Sims 3 University Life - The Aptitude Test

Sims University Aptitude Test
The Aptitude Test looks at your Sim's skill levels, career history, and traits to determine their readiness for attending Sims University. There are bugs with this system, but when working properly the base score on each of six degree types is 100/400. So the base total score is 600. The max score is 2400, with rewards distributed in three tiers:

  • 1200 Points - $1000/term Scholarship.
  • 1800 Points - $2500/term Scholarship.
  • 2000 Points - Nailed it +20 12h moodlet which you can get over and over by retaking the aptitude test.

On individual subjects, you earn credits toward your degree at two levels:

  • 250 Points - Apprentice Award: +6 Credit Hours.
  • 350 Points - Distinguished Award: +18 Credit Hours.

You keep your highest scores, and any Awards will go toward future Degrees your Sim tries to get.

Aptitude Test Scoring
Scoring goes like this:

    Skill Levels x 27 +
    Career Levels x 34 +
    Traits x 83
So, if you had Handiness level 3 (27x3 = 81) and the Genius trait (83 points), level 3 Law Enforcement (3x34 = 102) with the base score of 100, your Sim would score a 366 in Technology Major and get +18 credit hours toward a degree. Here are all the factors that influence aptitude test scores:

Sims University Aptitude Test Score Factors
BusinessGenius, Ambitious, Evil, Frugal, Workaholic, Born SalesmanBusiness, CriminalCharisma, Social Networking, Mixology
CommunicationGenius, Charismatic, Irresistible, Schmoozer, Flirty, Social ButterflyJournalism, Politics, Fortune TellerWriting, Photography*
Fine ArtsGenius, Avant Garde, Artistic, Natural Cook, Virtuoso, RebelliousCulinary, Music, Film Painting, Cooking, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar, Street Art, Sculpting, Nectar Making
Physical EducationGenius, Athletic, Loves the OutdoorsProfessional SportsAthletic, Martial Arts, Riding
Science and MedicineGenius, Bookworm, Perfectionist, Socially Awkward, Green Thumb, PerceptiveMedical, Science Fishing, Gardening, Science, Alchemy
TechnologyGenius, Computer Whiz, Handy, No Sense of Humor, Good, EccentricLaw Enforcement, MilitaryLogic, Handiness, Inventing

* - The Sims 3 University Life gives players the Photography Skill from World Adventures

Scholarship Money
When Sims finish the Aptitude test, they may earn a scholarship which provides money toward their degree. This gives you cash to rent a house or cover costs for food and activities while on campus. If you leave the term early, you will not get to keep the spare scholarship money, though it is always available for future visits to the University based on your aptitude test results. Simply take the test again to make the money available for another term.

Comments (83)

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Hailey says...
Thanks! I'm gonna get the game tomorrow and was curious on how it all worked c:
9th March 2013 7:23pm
Nick says...
well i have a problem with credits because i enrolled for two terms did really well and passed exams with flying colours and only got 36 credits out of 48 so i re enrolled for another term and at the end of the term it was still on 36 credits of 48 so no graduation this must be a bug because i should have got enough credits after another term but i didnt someone else must have had this happen
23rd May 2013 5:41pm
Showla says...
you only get 36 it says so in the artical
25th November 2013 8:37pm
deizuna says...
Nick did you find an answer yet? If so please give to me I am going through the same thing. my sims is showing 36 credits but i went to school 3 springs, summers, and winters, I dont know how to get it to go beyond the 36.
19th January 2014 10:46pm
Sam says...
You have to take the aptitude test which allows you to get up to 18 extra credit for your degree so you can then get 48 and graduate
8th March 2014 2:33pm
stallias says...
The article does NOT say you need the aptitude test. In fact, it says the opposite. It says it is NOT needed. It is only ADVISED that your sim takes it. Therefore, once all the bugs are taken care of by EA, your sim can theoretically graduate university without ever taking the test. I'm assuming that it's advised solely because of the scholarship money. Real world people can go to college without taking an aptitude test or getting scholarships. They just have to pay their own way or get grants/student loans. I doubt EA will force our Sims to do any differently.
Yesterday 5:25pm
Simone23 says...
Could you explain more about the time breakdown of terms? How long is a term? If you take 2 terms is there a break in the middle where you switch classes, or does it just double the length of a single term? How does it work combined with Seasons (how does the game determine what season it is at school)?

Thanks for the guide!

14th March 2013 7:19am
Rae says...
Each term is one sim week long, and if you choose two terms it just doubles the length of the single term (no schedule changes). Each world has it's own weather, which means you can have all four seasons back at home and only some at the University world (or all or whatever you choose).
19th March 2013 12:31am
Tara says...
I sent two sims to college at the same time, one is going for communications which is what I want... the other one is going for business which I want communications for this sim as well... how do I correct this?
15th March 2013 11:00pm
izzie says...
you will just have to wait till the term ends {or 2 terms depends} then you simply just enrol again and put it right. but the degree and level will still be there + the social group will be the same where ever you go....
30th March 2013 10:47am
simension says...
I havily tested the score system myself and discovered that there are only bugs with manipulating skill levels with a mod. The test remembers skills that have been there once even if you resetted them to 0. The test just does not take into account that a skill can be dropped, because ingame they cannot be dropped.
The test also recognizes previous jobs incl. levels and takes them into account. Knowing this all tests gave the results expected from your fomula!
18th March 2013 12:32pm
sims999 says...
Seasons works the same. You start off in summer (or I did) and the season lasts however many day you have it set for. Also there's no break in semesters they last a week each (Monday-Friday)If you did 2 semesters you'll have a weekend to have your sins relax and party (or gain more skills)
21st March 2013 7:26pm
ladydemon101 says...
whenever I enroll, my sim will start moving, but then the screen says that "my travel plans have been unexpectedly interrupted." I can't seem to move to college. anyone else having this proble?
26th March 2013 3:25am
I says...
i moved in a house in university town and I have 1 roomate but i want to move houses with my roomate. How can i do this?
31st March 2013 12:13pm
simmer says...
You cannot move houses or dorms, these will stay with you until the term or 2 term(weeks) ends.
8th April 2013 11:23am
Bridie says...
When I was trying to rent the house at the start of the game the start button didn't work, I selected where I wanted to stay but it wouldn't let me start playing. Is there something else I have to do?? Cos I'm not very sure
2nd April 2013 10:37pm
pureawesomeness says...
you might not have had enough simmolians when you were trying to rent the house. the dorms are free, but the houses cost moolah!
19th July 2013 11:25pm
darkmelody says...
I have an interesting question, if my sims has an imaginary friend that hasn't turned real yet when he goes to university, does the imaginary friend go with him?
4th April 2013 3:21pm
Simone23 says...
It appears that after a Sim has gotten one degree, when they return for a second they get a bonus 12 credits already earned toward the second degree. My Sims that get a +18 on the aptitude for their second degree show a 30 out of 48 credits completed toward all other degrees.
5th April 2013 6:02pm
Maddy says...
How do you get a full ride scholarship?
6th April 2013 3:12pm
danni says...
ive just completed one term at uni and it says re enroll when you go back home, how do i go back home? heelllpppp
7th April 2013 1:01pm
Melissa says...
You go back automatically. I think on saturday at 9pm you leave to go home :) hope this helped!
There is a bug that if you get a phone call at the moment that you're supposed to leave it can cause you to not leave university.
11th June 2013 11:14am
Tay says...
it will take you back in a few days.
the game gives you time to take anything you have and put it in your family inventory.
5th October 2013 1:38pm
Heyllieghyjay says...
Are credit hours permanent? Or can you change them in the middle of a term?
9th April 2013 5:58pm
colbie says...
when do you get your reportcard (i don't know how to spell it cause i don't speak engish) because when i pass my exam nothing happens :/ is that normal?
14th April 2013 3:29pm
VVPeeps says...
That happened to me too! I have full credits but it just sends me home - I never graduate!
11th June 2013 7:07am
Bibi says...
I need some help i sent 2 sims to university they both passed their exams with flying colours, one sim finished with an "A" for her fine arts degree but she somehow got 40 out of 48 credits done so she didnt graduate ;( and she did everything she was meant to but for some reason didnt get the full credits she needed to graduate.....

Meanwhile her sis sim got a "B" for her communications degree got all her credits and graduated.....

14th April 2013 9:27pm
Elize says...
it doesn't matter what letter grade the sims get... it depends on how many credits they had gotten from the aptitude test. For example, a sim who got 18 credits from the aptitude test and needs 30 more to obtain their degree will finish before a sim who did not get any credits from the aptitude test. Even if the sim who had no credits has a higher grade.
15th May 2013 4:46pm
Alisha says...
I sent my sim to university with 18 credits for one term. my sim has been there for two weeks and wont go home, would this be a bug of some sort. also does the 18 credits get greater, if so how do i earn them ? thanks
15th April 2013 3:38pm
Jemma says...
i have the same problem as Alisha, but I have been at uni for 3 weeks and in my amplitude test I got 400 out of 400 and gained 18 credits. my credits havnt gone up and I havnt fineshed a term yet, but I should of!! I pass all the exams with flying colors, help, I don't know what to do
27th May 2013 5:14am
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