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The Sims 3 University Life

Jock Social Group, Influence, and Benefits

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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A Jock in The Sims 3 University doing a Juice Kegger stand

This Guide will teach you about the JockSocial Group in The Sims 3 University Life. You don't join the Jocks, you naturally gain influence with them as your Sim performs certain tasks. Everything you do on this list contributes a little more influence, while unlocking various benefits for being a Jock. Like the other two Social groups, if you reach level 8, you will unlock a social group trait slot for your Sim, allowing you to have an extra trait. With the academic trait slot for graduating University, you will have a total of seven traits on your Sim.

Jocks thrive on sports and parties. Their opportunities generally lie around gathering a lot of Sims and doing crazy things like Juice Keg Stands. One of the best ways to level this career is to Do Collegiate Sports at the stadium, where you can pick a sport to play. Each will raise your athletic skill and Jock social group standing simultaneously.

The Jock Social Group interface on the Smart PhoneGaining Jock Influence
Click your Sim to 'Check Social Groups' to see the following list of activities that Sims can do to increase their standing with their fellow Jocks. This will also show you other Sims that you can meet in the group, as making friends with other Jocks will help you:

  • Play collegiate sports in the stadium.
  • Tell stories or jokes to other Jocks.
  • Jocks love playing table tennis.
  • Prove yourself by mastering Juice-Pong.
  • Bowling will strike a chord with the Jocks!
  • Put a perfect spin on the flying disc.
  • Nothing builds influence with Jocks like a bonfire!
  • Gossip about roommates to Jocks.
  • Practice your pick-up lines on available Jocks.
  • Being at parties will build influence with the Jocks.
  • Chat, Gossip, and Goof Around with other Jocks.
  • Jocks love to be complimented!
  • Socialize with prominent Jocks.
  • Host a Bonfire Party!
  • Throw a Juice Kegger party!
  • Complete Opportunities for the Jocks.
  • Perform the school cheer!
  • Take a photo with a friend using the Smart Phone.
  • Take a self-portrait using the Smart Phone.
  • Impress other Jocks by doing Keg Stands!

Metrics: Number of Jock Friends, Number of Parties Thrown, Number of Keg Stands

Your influence with the Jock group will go down over time if you don't do any of these actions.

Jock Social Group Benefits
LevelRank NameUnlock
1PrepTell a Friend How Cool I am (friendly interaction)
2WannabeSchool Cheer, Opportunities may come up to Host Juice Kegger Party
3In Crowd Newbie
4WingmanSelf Portraits with Smart Phone, Opportunities may come up to Host Bonfire Parties.
5Party Sponge
6PopularRent a Party for Charity
7Hot Stuff
8DebutanteSocial Group Trait Slot
9Super Popular
10Big Sim on CampusSports Agent Career upon Graduation

Comments (28)

Yasmine says...
Can teens become jocks?
2nd April 2014 3:10pm
Sims lover says...
how do you get rid of social groups? i want my sim to be purely jock!
2nd April 2014 4:22pm
shea says...
how do you rent a party ?
22nd June 2013 7:37pm
Serah says...
You go to the place you want to rent and then you go to the maniger and rent it !! Duh
21st October 2013 9:33am
Despina says...
how do i leave a social group?ever since i joined my sim humiliates her boyfriend and i can't seem to stop it
18th March 2013 10:18am
Diana says...
Just stop hanging out with other Jocks and/or using their social interactions and naturally your influence with them will fall until you're unaffiliated. ;)
25th March 2013 11:43am
izzie says...
all you have to do is don't do the things it says and then the level starts to what group were you on because when I was on the reble I just didn't do any thing it said and then I just consontraited on the jock
30th March 2013 10:32am
Grace says...
What jock level do you have to be at to take selfies? Or is it the social networking skill?
4th April 2014 2:08am
Ecophobiatic says...
Level 4 I believe c:
16th August 2014 3:48am
Megan's question says...
Can I become a giRlfriend of a jock without B-ing a jock and how if I can ??
21st October 2013 9:22am
Megan says...
Yes !!
25th October 2013 3:50am
Elizabeth says...
When I get my Jock to throw a party the neighbors call the cops. I then always get a cop car permanently stuck in front of my house. Is there any way I can get rid of them as they are getting annoying and it is happening all the time? Thanks.
8th October 2013 10:06am
Megan says...
How do I come in a socail group and way must we, what must you do in sims 3 uni.(Most inportent things) ?? Pleas help me I'm very new in The Sims 3. Sims 3 uni. Is my first exansion pack and game and I don't know what to do !! Help
21st October 2013 9:30am
andrea says...
how do you go to parties? honestly I don't know
4th July 2013 12:57am
Leah Bacon x says...
My girl is a level 4 jock but recently when she was playing football she gained a rebel influence thing and now it shows up when i hover over her, what do i do to get rid of the rebel bit?
Just don't do anything rebel related and eventually the influence will decay away.
29th June 2013 6:36am
Leah Bacon x says...
29th June 2013 5:26pm
livi says...
How do you add a new trait for jocks?
Get to level 8 influence and you'll get the option to select a new trait.   You can only have one new trait for any social group.  So if you have level 8 jock and level 8 nerd - you still only get one trait.
10th June 2013 12:08pm
Ann says...
I got to level 8 in a social group and when I picked a new trait it replaced one of my existing traits? Also, what if I reach level 8 of another social group? Can I keep adding more traits? Any answers appreciated.
26th May 2013 7:55pm
Pandawuver says...
if you have level 8 in 1 social group and you reach level 8 in a diffrent social group the first trait you got from the 1 social group you hit level 8 on will be replaced by the last social group you hit level 8 on.Ps.any problems with spelling im say sorry in advanced.
You hit level 8 with the nerds and you choose the Genius trait.  Then you hit level 8 with the rebels, you can choose to keep Genius or you can trade it in for Artistic but you don't get to be both.
16th June 2013 12:28pm
Nicky900 says...
How do you rent a party?
21st May 2013 9:06pm
Tiffany says...
How do you do the rent a party for charity? I don't know if I'm just being really dumb.. :/
6th April 2013 5:55pm
Mali says...
How do you perform school cheer? I've practiced the cheer but don't know where to perform it?
31st March 2013 3:00pm
Flower1552 says...
You can practice it by clicking on your sim, and also you will have the option to do the school cheer with a jock friend in the friendly interactions. This (I believe) is just a Jock thing, and there is no where to perform it, and it is just for fun. Hope this helped,


6th April 2013 5:46pm
Ellie says...
To perform action comes as an option when you socialise with another sim, this sim doesn't have to be a jock
23rd June 2013 11:47am
izzie says...
thank you this was very useful but sadly I didn't understand the plantpeople bit. can you please adapt this
30th March 2013 10:20am
Ja says...
How do you move house in sims 3 uni?
I live in a dorm but i want to move...
27th March 2013 5:53pm
Elena says...
You use your cell phone or phone and move is an option
27th June 2013 4:25pm
Kaylene says...
I summoned a mascot through the bag of university freebies on my lot and interacted with her. I only have a few options like show videos, chat, ask to hang out etc and suddenly, another sim in my family was skinny dipping with her after chatting for 2 secs and they have 0 relationship with each other prior. How was the mascot suddenly be able to skinny dip in my pool? I even gained Jocks influence and yet I dont have any option about skinny dipping.
18th May 2014 11:49pm
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