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The Sims 3 University Life

Majors, Class, Degree Performance, and Graduation Benefits

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 University Life - A Student Asks a Question During a Professor's Lecture

This Guide covers attending Sims University in The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack. You'll learn about improving your school performance, the requirements for each Major, and University Services that you can use to help your Sim make the most of their college experience.

If you have not, first read Enrolling and the Aptitude Test to learn about Scholarships and Credits to go toward your degree that can only be earned by using the Sim University Aptitude Test.

The Sims 3 University Life -

Arriving: Claiming a Dorm or House
When your Sim first arrives, you get to choose to either rent a home, stay in dorms, or live with a sorority or fraternity. Dorms (map markers indicate co-ed, fraternity, or sorority apartments) are free, though you'll pay from $300 to $3500 to rent a home in town for your stay. If you've chosen to live in a Dorm, you should select a bed to claim and choose door lock options to keep other Sims out of your room.

University Performance
When classes start, you will have a performance bar on the Academics Simology tab. Unlike careers, you do not have to meet certain requirements to keep your academic performance up. Instead, doing any of the things listed will help your standing in class - though skipping classes, activities and lectures will hurt your performance.

The Sims 3 University Life - Course Schedule

Here are each of the academic performance metrics for Sim University:

  • Attend Class
    Class times fall into three time slots that fall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Classes can be from 8-10AM, 12-2PM, or 4-6PM. Fully booked, you will always have these three class times. If you took one or two classes, the class name and time slot are selected randomly from these three possibilities. Class names mean nothing and you will not have to schedule your classes. All students will have a lecture on Tuesday for two hours, class activity on thursday for two hours, depending on the degree. While in class you can choose the amount of effort to put into it, with sleeping restoring energy, sucking up building relations from the professor, and work hard giving the most direct boost to academic performance. During lectures you can also take notes or sleep.
  • Study
    You can use computers, the textbook you're given when you arrive, or your Sim's smartphone to study. Studying gradually raises the bar. Select form Study Group and your Sim can study with other Sims and raise their relationship with them.
  • Skills/Objects
    Raising Skills associated with your Major will give your Sim academic performance, as will using the skill object they're given by default.
  • Exams
    All Sims attending University have Exams on Friday at the usual class time. Your grade will be determined by your current performance. You can choose to cheat or beg for a better grade (if your Sim is friends with the Professor). Scoring well on an Exam will give your Sim a +10 moodlet for 4h for Passing with Flying Colors.
The Sims 3 University Life - Apply for Extra Funds at the Administration Center

Applying for Extra Funds
Once per 24h, your Sim can apply for extra funds from the University. This gives you $50 per point of academic performance, up to 100 (it starts in the middle, so 75% of the bar would be $2500). So, you can apply and when your performance goes up, get even more free money from the university administration building.

Dean's List
If your Sim gets their performance bar up, you'll earn a Dean's List +20 moodlet for so long as you keep it high. This is a great mood boost to make your Sim's life easier.

The Sims 3 University Life Graduation Robes

Graduation and Degree Benefits
At the end of your term, if you've acquired enough credit hours during your term (need 48) and have a passing grade (C or Above), your Sim will graduate. Graduation takes place Saturday at noon and will give your Sim a diploma. You'll also get an extra trait slot for your Sim, which gives you six with a max possible of seven with a social group trait. If you get another degree, it simply lets you switch the free trait. It's advisable to go to graduation as some have reported missing their free academics trait for skipping. Your Sims will go home on Saturday night around 9PM.

Out in the world, you'll get a bonus in careers associated with your Sim's major. A final 'C' grade would start you at career level 2, 'B' level 3, and 'A' students start at career level 4. The degree also gives you a permanent boost to your Sim's hourly wage. At level 4, it is about 2.5x the starting salary.

Sims University Majors, Performance, and Career Bonuses

There are six majors to choose from. This section will list the skills and objects that boost your Sim's performance in them.

The Sims 3 University Life - Hands-on Learning with a Class Activity for a Technology Major
Sims Universty Majors' Performance and Career Bonuses
MajorSkillsObjectsCareer Bonuses
BusinessCharisma, Social NetworkingBusiness PlannerBusiness, Criminal
CommunicationsWriting, Photography*Mobile Radio StationJournalism, Politics, Fortune Teller
Fine ArtsStreet Art, Painting, Cooking, GuitarSketchbookCulinary, Music, Film
Physical EducationAthleticAnatomy SkeletonProfessional Sports
Science and MedicineScience, Gardening, FishingAnatomy SkeletonMedical, Science
TechnologyHandiness, LogicBrain Enhancement MachineLaw Enforcement, Military

* - The Sims 3 University Life gives players the World Adventures Photography Skill.

Comments (145)

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Ushio says...
Taking aptitude test from that green basket(Forgot it's name) that you got it from the start you move into a lot that a random Mascot gave you. It will gives you extra credits at a max amount of 18 depends on the calculation that showed in the guide. Plus 2 weeks with max credits set up. We should able to get a degree with 1 go. Just try your best to take care of your performance inside University town to get A if you're a perfectionist in real life ^^
17th June 2013 2:33pm
kittenalive says...
I was able to get the grim reaper to come to my sim's graduation since I made them best friends <3
I found it pretty cool to see him there just chiling in the crowd lol
23rd July 2013 7:00pm
Crazy sam10 says...
When it comes to graduation it's best to stack up a load of "Go to graduation" as sometimes a large group of Sims block the entrance and your Sim will eventually stop trying to get in due to a block.
13th April 2013 7:49am
Mike says...
Is there a way to return to the main hometown my sim left behind when he finishes a term at the University?
11th May 2014 4:14am
Milli says...
I sent three if my sims to uni at the same time, and the boy started the term with 42 credits and I made it so he would finish with 48 only at the end of the term, nothing had happened to any of my sims and they all went home with exactly the same amount of credits they started off with. I don't know what happened, they passed their tests with flying colours and got grades C -A
15th September 2013 9:41am
Ben says...
I am confused on how this is all integrated into the game. Like, there is no map just for this. I am new to the game, so I suppose, you can play on any map and a teenager and then apply for university, no matter the map? Sorry for my ignorance, thanks.
Yeah University is like travelling on vacation. You live in your own town and then when it's time for your Sim to go to university as a young adult then you apply for credits, enroll and then you go into a load screen where you actually go to University.
25th July 2013 11:43pm
Darrah says...
I think it just started very recently, but now the Business degree helps gives a boost in the Education career. Idk if it's just some kind of weird bug, because it didn't come with the latest update.
12th July 2013 11:45pm
Laras says...
I have this problem too? How can I fix this bug?
12th July 2013 5:29pm
Rainy says...
See that makes sense, except my Overall GPA is always an F, even when they were doing everything right, on the deans list since day 2, all of it, but the Term GPA is an A how does that work??? I believe my Sims have the degree, but I've never been to graduation, is it mandatory, or do I have to look out for it?
Graduation is mandatory to get your extra trait that comes from getting a degree.    Low GPAs may not get graduation or a degree.  The best way to check if you have a degree is to look in the inventory for the certificate or check your career panel under education.
17th June 2013 1:35am
Howdy says...
Can we bring pets to the university?
26th September 2013 10:15pm
cheddar98 says...
No you can't. Someone looks after your pet while you are gone.
Today 12:42am
Laura says...
Do you HAVE to have 48 credits in order to graduate because my sim only got 42 credits?
The game says you have to have 48 credits to graduate.  You can see this on the enroll guide page.
12th June 2013 9:38am
Lucious says...
If I already have a buissnes job (level 2) , when I get my diploma will I move up in position or will I have to quit then reapply to get my raise and promotions
23rd July 2014 3:11pm
Katherine says...
So when you make your sim and all that and find a house, get the welcome kit, do you click on it or does it pop up randomly. Or do you have to go to the university like you do when going to France or Egypt. Sorry I don't have it, I will get it soon though. Just wanted to make sure so I don't get stuck .
31st May 2013 4:41pm
emoswwa says...
The Welcome Kit is brought by the School Mascot. If it's not there, check your family inventory (in Buy Mode). But you don't need the welcome kit to enroll. Just use the phone or laptop
9th July 2014 5:53am
esdertytg says...
Can someone please explain what crews it's are?
3rd May 2013 4:20am
Kenna says...
Every timer i try to go to the university it doesn't let me take my chick.. Do i have to create another person everyone i go to the university? And how do i go home... I feel as tho I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what...
7th September 2013 1:19am
olivia says...
What system can you play the sims 3 University on?
PC/Mac. The only 'Expansion' for the Consoles is The Sims 3 Pets which basically gives a new town with cats and dogs.
29th August 2013 3:34pm
Mimi says...
Is there any way to increase a skill really fast? I don't have Late Night or Supernatural, and I don't plan on getting them.
You'd just use testingcheatsenabled true and let a Sim use a skill object without sleeping. If you get the Master Controller Mod from Nraas, you can set a Sim's skill level and automatically level them, but that's the only way to do that type of cheat.
23rd December 2013 12:44pm
Ashleigh says...
Great guide! Just want to point out that increasing your Piano skill if you have Late Night will also boost your class performance in the Fine Arts program. I have a Virtuoso Sim in the Fine Arts program who has the Can't Stand Art trait, so naturally, she isn't inclined to sketch much in her sketchbook and prefers playing instruments.
5th May 2013 7:26pm
Emma says...
Whenever my sim isn't in classes/lectures her performance meter goes down rather then staying still making it impossible to keep it high :/ ... Is this normal or a glitch??
9th May 2013 12:48pm
Louise says...
sorry i have one last question do you know if i can move 5 different families into my apartment? so i have 1 of the 5 family's in each apartment on the same lot?? really want to do this please help if you can
You can only have one active family on a lot at a time.   Roommates allow you to invite people over but you are still held to the household size restriction.  So at the most you can only have 8 sims living on a single lot.
12th June 2013 8:18pm
Louise says...
again thank you so much for your help with all the questions and replying so quickly i love your site so much so helpful just glad you can do this for us thank you.
15th June 2013 2:50pm
Marissa says...
I cannot figure out how to get credits I enrolled for two terms and 48 credits to
grad. but my credits are still at 18. Also I passed first term exams with flying colors dose anyone know what to do???still know credits
16th June 2013 5:00pm
treaa says...
Need help!! My sim graduated with a science degree but it didn't let me pick another trait for her and for some odd reason her degree isn't in her bag??
Did she go to graduation?
7th July 2013 2:05pm
tresa says...
She went inside then came outside like a seconded later then I tried going back inside but it wouldn't let me
There is only a specific time frame in which it can happen. It sounds like you may have missed that time frame. Do you have a save from before the graduation?
12th July 2013 5:29pm
Rhiannon says...
I went to University to do Science and Medicine and got 42/48 credits and the 'Complete degree' wish didn't go away when I retured home and I waited a week as the message when I left uni said 'Don't forger to enroll next term' so I was waiting to be notified about when 'next term' was and got impatient and went back to uni, clicked to chose my old dorm room which was now strangley in my name and with my funds and I then lose complete control of the Sim, I can't build or buy, click on ANYTHING other that camera, my sim operates without me and when I reset her she disappears and I'm just stuck outside my house watching other smelly uni students talking to themselves on my doorstep

-_____- Glitch?
Sounds like a glitch. You should try to go back to a save from before you left for Uni to see if the problem replicates.
27th June 2013 7:05pm
Eleanor says...
If you have Late Nights installed, will other instrument skills count to Fine Arts?
27th May 2013 6:19pm
Louise says...
my sims went to uni and first was doing 48 credits i then dropped out becasue was taking too long. I then went back so i only do 6 credits but it says i still need 24 credits to graduate and it is not letting me do the 6 credits instead can someone please help??? tell me what i can do
You can do 6 credits and go to Uni and then you have to come back to get the remaining 24.  When you enroll in University, all you should need to do is select the amount of credits for the degree you want and how many weeks you want to do.  Then just hit the check mark as explained on the enrolling guide.
10th June 2013 8:10pm
Louise says...
yeah i did that but it wont let me start fresh with just doing 6 credits i need to finish all 48 before i can graduate even though i dropped out and then enrolled again just for 6. at first i found it fun now its just kinda boring so i want it to finish quick.
You always have to have all 48 to graduate.  There are no options to go for less.  If you choose to go for 6 credits, that means you'll have to return for more classes. 

Or you can always skip the schooking and just buy a degree for 50,000 LTHP.
11th June 2013 8:23pm
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