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PlantSim Life State, Special Abilities, and Forbidden Fruit

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The Sims 3 University Life - A family of PlantSims showing their new clothing
PlantSims are the new Occult life state in The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack. This guide will teach you how to turn a Sim into a PlantSim, their unique features, and how to grow PlantSim babies from Forbidden Fruit.

Turning Sims into PlantSims and Harvesting PlantSim Babies
A Sim that eats a Forbidden Fruit will get the 4h Botanitis Minorus moodlet, which costs $3000 Simoleons to cure. When the moodlet wears off, the Sim will transform into a PlantSim. You can cure Sims after they transform, or with the Supernatural Expansion Pack, use Alchemy to make potent cure elixirs to reverse the transformation. Harvesting a fully grown Forbidden Fruit Plant will result in the Sim harvesting a baby PlantSim, which will look like the Sim that picked it. Use Tend Garden if you want guaranteed fruit to change an existing Sim, as Harvest always gives babies. There are no genetics to PlantSims, they simply produce Forbidden Fruit seeds whenever they Try For Baby. Any Sim that has the gardening skill can then plant/grow the seed and harvest a PlantSim baby that looks like their offspring.

Sims who submit themselves to be test subjects at the Science Facility have a 20% chance to be transformed into a PlantSim when the test is over.

The Sims 3 University Life - Harvesting a baby PlantSim

Getting Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit is produced by the new Science skill in UL. You can produce the seeds without even gaining a level so long as you have the Scientific Research Station available in Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Study > Hobbies & Skills. Any seed you find can be transformed into a Forbidden Fruit Seed using the Gene Splicing Experiment. This will attempt to mix Sim DNA with a seed.

Planting a Forbidden Fruit Seed requires level 7 Gardening, as it is a special seed. The game is currently buggy in how this works. When fully developed, a Forbidden Fruit Plant should have a 50/50 shot of giving you a PlantSim baby or Forbidden Fruit. Instead, choosing Harvest will result in a baby 100% of the time unless your Sim's household is full. Fear not - there are a couple of ways to avoid this and get a fruit to transform your current Sims instead.

First, you can get to 7 Gardening and choose the Tend Garden option - that will give a fruit 100% of the time. Harvest is the bugged option and always gives a baby if there is room in the household. The alternative, and faster method to getting fruit, is to analyze a Forbidden Fruit Seed and clone the sample. This requires level 9 science, but cloning the sample results in an edible Forbidden Fruit.

PlantSim Needs and Life Span
PlantSims live as long as regular Sims. They do not have the Hunger and Bladder needs, and the Hygiene Need is replaced with Water. PlantSims do not have to sleep in beds or take baths, as they're able to Photosynthesize when outside in the daytime (click the Sim). When Photosynthesizing, which lasts an hour, they gain both Energy and Water. If they get wet from one of Seasons' rain showers, this will fill the Water need. They can sleep in beds to recover energy and take baths to recover water, but neither is as fast or efficient as Photosynthesis. They do benefit from a good night's sleep moodlet from a bed; the squeaky clean moodlet from showering becomes well-hydrated.

PlantSim Special Abilities
Aside from the aforementioned Photosynthesis you can use as a PlantSim, they can also socialize with plants. They get two kinds of kiss interactions. Flower Kiss gives an 8h +15 Obsessed moodlet and is a flirty interaction. Poison Kiss is available to the Sim's enemies and gives a 3h -25 moodlet to the victim. Aside from these things, PlantSims leave a little trail of flowers when they walk. It's not a life state that dramatically changes how you play the game, but does give a few unique features to alter gameplay. PlantSims are unable to Try for Baby and produce a Forbidden Fruit seed instead.

Comments (109)

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Gen says...
These look wayyyy to much like the Sylvari race from Guild Wars 2. Honestly.
7th August 2013 5:40pm
Arianna says...
so true! except less detailed and closer to the body...
30th September 2013 11:14am
Sam says...
That's why i was a sylvari race
10th June 2014 2:56am
Emilie says...
Hello. I got a plantsim by the method of harvest. she grew up and when she was a teen I cured her so that she became a normal sim, and now she is a young adult, and she can't have kids, is it because she once were a plantsim?
PLEASE HELP i dont want to adopt...
8th June 2014 10:15am
Jadey says...
Carl. My sim is level 8 gardener and level 9 scientist and I have planted the seed and it says ready to harvest. But she wont...
22nd October 2013 5:28pm
Curious Questioner says...
Hello! I adore this post and it helps alot but I have a question.

I've got my sim's PlantSim baby in the ground and is almost ready to harvest.

Can you choose the PlantSim's traits?
21st February 2014 7:47pm
Simmylala says...
Yes, sometimes you can choose the traits, sometimes you can't, but all the times I've produced a PlantSim baby, I got to choose the traits. If you don't end up choosing the traits and get randomized by ones you're not happy with, age the PlantSim into a toddler, and on your keyboard, hold Shift, Control and C and type in testingcheatsenabled true and then hold shift and click on the Sim, and an option will come up to edit the Sim, click on it, and it will immediately send you into Create-A-Sim. From there you can change the PlantSim's appearance and traits! :)
16th July 2014 1:45am
ArschvomDienst says...
Another way to get Botanitis Minorus wasn't mentioned yet.
On the university black boards day jobs are offered. One of the jobs is to "test new salve made from unusual plants" for 1500$.
This job has a high (but NOT 100%) chance of inflicting Botanitis Minorus.

One can cycle through the day jobs by looking at and abandoning the unwanted jobs.
Thanks for sharing the tip with our other readers!

23rd September 2013 8:49am
Megan says...
I don't understand what I'm supost 2 do to become a plantsims and is there an easyer way 2 become a plantsims ( in details please ) that even a dum blond like me kan do ?? Please help
25th October 2013 8:59am
Steve says...
Not sure if this has been said already but if you analyze the forbidden fruit seed and then clone from sample, you get a full grown Forbidden Fruit.
2nd September 2013 12:59pm
Maddie says...
If you read the entire thing it states exactly what you just said :)
8th August 2014 8:34pm
Brianna says...
I really need help of turning my Sim Nikia into a PlantSim and want PlantSims family together so how could I turn Nikia my sim to a PlantSim and make a PlantSims family...please? need help with all your support...
6th November 2013 9:58pm
Maddie says...
All the information is in the article, if you read carefully you should figure something out :)
8th August 2014 8:35pm
Cameron says...
I grew the plant in my garden but it won't let me harvest it. Does anyone know how to?
Can't harvest a plant that's not in the harvest plant stage. Is it possible it got stuck at an earlier stage? There are several gardening issues out there that can cause a plant to stop progressing. At that point you can only really get rid of the plant and try again.
6th August 2013 8:52am
Lorpax says...
So yeah... scientists made me into a plantsim... Before I turned my sim had the Green Thumb trait. It still has now but... is it useless? Do PlantSim come with Green Thumb included? Can I replace that trait with something else or do I still need to benefit from the trait's bonusses.. Cause a plantsim kinda has green finger... and hands... and face.. Thanks ^^
24th July 2014 6:52pm
Lydia says...
I want to get a PlantSim baby. My sim has level 7 gardening skill and level 10 science. I have some special seeds and rare seeds in my sim's inventory, as well as some DNA samples. But every time I select Gene Splicing Experiment, I always end up with some sort of bean seed etc... I've tried multiple times, but I never get a Forbidden Fruit seed. Do I need to keep trying or am I doing it wrong?
Just keep trying.
29th July 2013 6:50pm
Leroy Jenkins says...
halp sim keeps turning into plantsim even after getting cured
1st November 2013 8:07pm
Jaski says...
I am trying to get current sims platsimiffied and when I select tend to garden he does but the forbidden fruit dies (he was a level 8 gardening) so I have him pick the fruit and i get a baby.

Now seed 2 and he can't figure out what the seed is when I say analyze
The plant only allows for one picking so it is going to die. Place the seed on the ground with nothing near it to see if that will get him to analyze it using the science skill. Do this a couple of times then just clone the seed into full fledged fruit.
6th July 2013 10:34am
U.V says...
Can I return my plantsims to be human?
Yes - you can get cured by the Science facility, by using all spice made with the science skill or a potent cure elixer.
11th July 2013 4:42pm
Alp says...
Hey Guys! I wanna ask you something. I have a sim (sophia) who has a forbidden fruit. If the fruit will transformed to a plantsim this plantsim baby will child of Sophia? In family tree what i will see?? and if a normal sim marry with a plantsim, they couldn't have a child?? i cant understand ? can you give me a screenshot of family tree of a plantsim and normal sim family :DD????
3rd September 2013 3:11pm
Adrianne says...
I found some seeds aroun town anz have my own DNA test, but when i click on the Gene splicing expirment, it wont splice with the DNA test.And i am in lever 10 in sciense and i havent got the "forbidden fruit" yet! My level in gardining is 9, it would have been really helpfull if you hade some answars.
Do you mean with the science research station? Using it won't allow you to gene splice? It's not a guaranteed result every time. Just have to keep trying it.
12th July 2013 6:17am
Keenly says...
I planted the forbidden fruit and when it was ready I picked it but it never was a plant baby or sim it was jut another seed so I ternd my nerd sim into a plant sim hope this information helps anyone
Did you harvest the forbidden fruit or did you pick the forbidden fruit?   Using the harvest option on a garden will only ever give you the fruit.  You need to specifically pick the fruit to get the baby.
5th June 2013 4:42am
Keely says...
My sims smart phone won't stop ringing . I have tried reset sim and it didn't stop the phone from ringing it doesn't need to be answers how do I make the glich stop please someone help :(
5th June 2013 10:13am
Artesia says...
I've been waiting, but I don't know if I can harvest the fruit yet. When I view the plant, it says it's mature, yet I can't harvest it. And what does it mean by "analyze harvest"?
Analyze harvest is the Science skill. You will be able to harvest it when it reaches the "harvest" stage.
26th July 2013 2:52am
Sherry says...
In a paragraph above I found 'The game is currently buggy in how this works'. When is exact time of the currently? is it mean even now (July twentieth) it's still buggy? or just at the time this university guide made?
I wanna get a plant sims, that's why I'm asking this. thx :)
It can still be a little buggy even now. But all bugs seem to be random on whether you get them.
29th July 2013 7:12am
Biborka says...
How do i make a supernatural sim a normal sim? (I want to make her a plantsim)
26th July 2014 5:31pm
Maddie says...
What sort of supernatural is the sim? I think the Potent Cure Elixir should do it :)
8th August 2014 8:40pm
Steve says...
As with Fairies, do plantsims have the greenthumb trait? Is there any benefit to choosing green thumb with a plant sim?
18th November 2013 12:26pm
Shona says...
When you use the Gene Splicing does it 100% of the time give you Forbidden Fruit?
Sorry to be awkward but I'm new to the Expansion Pack and I just really want to be a PlantSim...
7th July 2014 3:32pm
mikki says...
It doesn't 100% of the time. You're more likely to get other seeds but keep on trying!
12th July 2014 1:59am
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