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The Sims 3 University Life: PlantSim Guide

PlantSim Life State, Special Abilities, and Forbidden Fruit

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The Sims 3 University Life - A family of PlantSims showing their new clothing
PlantSims are the new Occult life state in The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack. This guide will teach you how to turn a Sim into a PlantSim, their unique features, and how to grow PlantSim babies from Forbidden Fruit.

Turning Sims into PlantSims and Harvesting PlantSim Babies
A Sim that eats a Forbidden Fruit will get the 4h Botanitis Minorus moodlet, which costs $3000 Simoleons to cure. When the moodlet wears off, the Sim will transform into a PlantSim. You can cure Sims after they transform, or with the Supernatural Expansion Pack, use Alchemy to make potent cure elixirs to reverse the transformation. Harvesting a fully grown Forbidden Fruit Plant will result in the Sim harvesting a baby PlantSim, which will look like the Sim that picked it. Use Tend Garden if you want guaranteed fruit to change an existing Sim, as Harvest always gives babies. There are no genetics to PlantSims, they simply produce Forbidden Fruit seeds whenever they Try For Baby. Any Sim that has the gardening skill can then plant/grow the seed and harvest a PlantSim baby that looks like their offspring.

Sims who submit themselves to be test subjects at the Science Facility have a 20% chance to be transformed into a PlantSim when the test is over.

The Sims 3 University Life - Harvesting a baby PlantSim

Getting Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit is produced by the new Science skill in UL. You can produce the seeds without even gaining a level so long as you have the Scientific Research Station available in Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Study > Hobbies & Skills. Any seed you find can be transformed into a Forbidden Fruit Seed using the Gene Splicing Experiment. This will attempt to mix Sim DNA with a seed.

Planting a Forbidden Fruit Seed requires level 7 Gardening, as it is a special seed. The game is currently buggy in how this works. When fully developed, a Forbidden Fruit Plant should have a 50/50 shot of giving you a PlantSim baby or Forbidden Fruit. Instead, choosing Harvest will result in a baby 100% of the time unless your Sim's household is full. Fear not - there are a couple of ways to avoid this and get a fruit to transform your current Sims instead.

First, you can get to 7 Gardening and choose the Tend Garden option - that will give a fruit 100% of the time. Harvest is the bugged option and always gives a baby if there is room in the household. The alternative, and faster method to getting fruit, is to analyze a Forbidden Fruit Seed and clone the sample. This requires level 9 science, but cloning the sample results in an edible Forbidden Fruit.

PlantSim Needs and Life Span
PlantSims live as long as regular Sims. They do not have the Hunger and Bladder needs, and the Hygiene Need is replaced with Water. PlantSims do not have to sleep in beds or take baths, as they're able to Photosynthesize when outside in the daytime (click the Sim). When Photosynthesizing, which lasts an hour, they gain both Energy and Water. If they get wet from one of Seasons' rain showers, this will fill the Water need. They can sleep in beds to recover energy and take baths to recover water, but neither is as fast or efficient as Photosynthesis. They do benefit from a good night's sleep moodlet from a bed; the squeaky clean moodlet from showering becomes well-hydrated.

PlantSim Special Abilities
Aside from the aforementioned Photosynthesis you can use as a PlantSim, they can also socialize with plants. They get two kinds of kiss interactions. Flower Kiss gives an 8h +15 Obsessed moodlet and is a flirty interaction. Poison Kiss is available to the Sim's enemies and gives a 3h -25 moodlet to the victim. Aside from these things, PlantSims leave a little trail of flowers when they walk. It's not a life state that dramatically changes how you play the game, but does give a few unique features to alter gameplay. PlantSims are unable to Try for Baby and produce a Forbidden Fruit seed instead.

Comments (96)

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Kay says...
Thanks for making this guide! It's been very helpful. I've been experiencing a glitch when my Sims become science test subjects. They get the Botanis Minorus moodlet, yet when the moodlet times out they don't turn into a PlantSim. They get stuck and I have to use "resetsim". I was wondering why that is and if anyone else is having the same problem. My Sims were at University every time this happened. I haven't tried eating a Forbidden Fruit yet. I will try that today. I'd appreciate any help or tips that anyone can offer. Thank you!
24th March 2013 4:39pm
Tash says...
Just a thought but if your Sim gets preggers in uni nothing happena until you are back at 'home'.... Maybe that is the problem??
27th March 2013 7:12am
Me says...
I think that's because nobody teen or younger can be at the university.
28th July 2013 1:25am
Rick says...
I've made a few plant sims from eating the forbidden fruit and I have experienced that too. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not but your sim will turn into a plant sim if you wait it out. It's probably because plant sims have different needs.
27th March 2013 2:35pm
Minkle says...
If you're pregnant nothing will happen. Mine had the moodlet and after the rewuired amount of time it turned into a plant sim.
8th April 2013 10:17pm
Gracefulclutz says...
I've noticed that this "delay" happens when changing into a supernatural. My sim finished her changed into a vampire at a jumkyard... just as she was in the middle of blowing up a junk pile. Needless to say, the delay got her singed. I think this also happens with other non-elixer induced transformations, like werewolf and maybe the fairy opportunity chain. Haven't tried with Mermaid yet....... I sense a personal test coming. :D
19th March 2014 11:27am
Samia Miller says...
I think this is really helpful or sims.
24th March 2014 12:31pm
Kay says...
I wrote the previous comment asking about the science test subject glitch I was encountering and I just noticed that you didn't mention test subject method for becoming a PlantSim. If you go to the Science building at the University you can volunteer to be a test subject (either medical or science). The science test subjects can randomly receive the Botanis Minorus moodlet. It doesn't happen often. I normally spam the action over and over and eventually my Sim gets the moodlet. Just wanted to let you know that there is another way to become a PlantSim. Thanks again!
24th March 2013 4:43pm
Carl says...
Thank you, Kay. I knew of that but forgot to mention it when I threw this guide together. Appreciate the reminder, I've edited it in.
25th March 2013 2:38am
Revenge says...
Actually, this is not a glitch. It takes a Sim anywhere from one to two hours to transform into a plant Sim. It seems very long, and the Sim seems frozen. At least in my game.
25th March 2013 4:28pm
Lala says...
That's probably the game loading the state's unique needs and interactions, as well as the outfits. Just leave it paused for a while.
4th June 2013 11:01pm
Manon says...
Thank you for this guide! Don't try to make a witch-plantsim though, unfortunately that doesn't work :( probably will be the same with fairies etc. Haven't tried that though.
26th March 2013 10:04am
Loli says...
I have a witch plant sim. Legit. Shes a plant sim and casts spells too.
12th May 2013 5:11am
Mia says...
How do you have a witch plantsim?
17th March 2014 11:06am
bklienhart says...
If you have a teenager harvest the fruit, they won't get a baby
26th March 2013 1:48pm
Kirlyfish says...
Can you give an example of a seed to make the Forbidden Fruit? Mandrake Root and Red Valerian Root cannot be used in the Gene Splicing Experiment because they are too big.
26th March 2013 2:06pm
Mia says...
I found that the apple seed works well. It should turn into a coffee bean first, have them redo the gene splicing until you see your Sim jump for joy and get the 6h eureka mod. And then plant and enjoy....
12th April 2013 3:16pm
moe says...
I really appreciate all the work you put into this guide thankyou Carl.
26th March 2013 9:22pm
RMW says...
Does this mean that this is another way that male sims can have offspring without females, like alien abduction? Can supernatural sims (like aliens for example) harvest/create plant sims, even if the plant sims have no supernatural properties, except the fact that they are plants?
27th March 2013 8:31am
Alex says...
I would like to know this too.

If a (supernatural) sim harvests a plantsim baby, will it look like the sim that harvested it? will it also retain the supernatural state? Someone in the comments above said that they had a witch+plantsim mutation.
A PlantSim is only ever a plantsim. They will look exactly like the person who picked it. but it cannot be another occult except maybe a ghost.   Mutations/hybrids are only available with mods to the game.
9th June 2013 4:22pm
Selena Gomez says...
Carl thank you very much for making this guide. This helped me get a PlantSim on my The Sims 3 game.
27th March 2013 2:19pm
sarah says...
i was able to make a plantsim by cloning one:) much easier then waiting for the fruit
29th March 2013 3:46pm
Andy says...
I can't find this information anywhere so I'll post a question here:
Has this been tested with the Meditative Trance Sleep LTR? Would it make any difference at all to the energy gain from Photosynthesis or just the regular gain from sleeping?
30th March 2013 1:47pm
Dawn says...
also if you have a alien sim harvest the plant the plant sim will also have alien dna
31st March 2013 1:57pm
Michael says...
Yes, because Alien is not a life state but a human iwth green skin and big eyes.
Alien is a lifestate/occult as they are completely different from humans genetically. Their voices, abilities and mannerisms mark them as something different.
8th July 2013 11:59am
payton says...
how would you get an alien sim? i havent been able to figure it out.
25th July 2013 11:39pm
Isabelle says...
It's part of seasons
19th April 2014 12:04am
Gilles says...
I seem to recall reading somewhere that plantsims were great gardeners. Have I dreamed that?
31st March 2013 6:07pm
Bayli says...
Yah plantsims act like green thumbs
24th July 2013 9:31pm
Charmscale says...
My sim ate a forbidden fruit but never got the moodlet. What's up with that?
2nd April 2013 4:01pm
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