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The Sims 3 University Life

Rebel Social Group, Influence, and Benefits

The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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A Rebel at a protest in The Sims 3 University Life

This Guide will teach you about the Rebel Social Group in The Sims 3 University Life. You don't join the Rebels, you naturally gain influence with them as your Sim performs certain tasks. Everything you do on this list contributes a little more influence, while unlocking various benefits for being a Rebel. Like the other two Social groups, if you reach level 8, you will unlock a social group trait slot for your Sim, allowing you to have an extra trait. With the academic trait slot for graduating University, you will have a total of seven traits on your Sim.

Rebels can stage protests, which each have varying degrees of difficulty. Some of these protests can cause global benefits, like increases in academic performance or higher likelihood of finding collectibles in town. You can set up protests to be peaceful or rowdy, and the police may come break it up if things get out of hand.

The Rebel Social Group interface on the Smart PhoneGaining Rebel Influence
Click your Sim to 'Check Social Groups' to see the following list of activities that Sims can do to increase their standing with their fellow Rebels. This will also show you other Sims that you can meet in the group, as making friends with other Rebels will help you:

  • Organizing protests is for true Rebels!
  • Tell stories or jokes to other Rebels.
  • Speak your heart with an impassioned speech!
  • Rile the crowd at a rowdy protest!
  • Push societal boundaries by daring other Sims.
  • Add special herbs to food recipes.
  • Rebels love drinks from the barista bar.
  • Burning herbs in a fireplace is very Rebellious.
  • Step up to a podium and complain about the world.
  • Hand out protest fliers.
  • Gossip and Goof Around with other Rebels.
  • Rebels love to be complimented!
  • Socialize with prominent Rebels.
  • Complete Opportunities for the Rebels.
  • Gossip about roommates to Rebels.
  • Practice your pick-up lines on available Rebels.
  • Use a megaphone to proclaim your love!
  • Rebels get down and dirty when they dumpster dive.
  • Any real Rebel leaves tags or murals around the world.

Metrics: Herbs Eaten, Successful Protests,

Your influence with the Rebel group will go down over time if you don't do any of these actions.

Rebel Social Group Benefits
LevelRank NameUnlock
2Line CrosserStreet Art Bag, Megaphone, Sell Test Answers for Simoleons
4Free ThinkerCan use Podums to make Hunger Strike or Say What's Wrong with the World. Easier to get away with Cheating on Exams.
6AgitatorShow off New Gizmo (social interaction), Rowdy Protest Type, new Smart Phone skin
8MaverickSocial Group Trait Slot
9Cool Cat
10TrendsetterArt Appraiser Career upon Graduation

Comments (24)

Alexandra says...
Help!My sim is not gaining experience with social groups!
3rd February 2014 1:17pm
forestfox says...
Make sure your sim is a young adult. Also double check the mods you have installed. Do street art and what not a lot and never stop. If it still continues to glitch, see if you have any "illegal" store content installed - meaning you downloaded somewhere instead of purchasing from the store. I did that once, and my sim could not level up handiness from lvl 9. Once you remove the item, try again.
5th February 2014 4:42pm
Melanie Hoyle says...
Dumpster dive, create street art, organize a protest, make friends with other rebels, make drinks from a barista bar, add herbs to fires and bonfires. Also check out the day job board for jobs that are rebel related, this includes donating herbs/coffee beans, eating raw herbs, getting flirty with other sims (go for rebel sims), cheating on exams etc.
13th February 2014 11:16pm
Laurel says...
My level 10 rebel Sim chose to rant about Death, and the grim reaper appeared and temporarily turned him into a ghost. The ghost was green with ranting punctuation marks.

He returned to life with the moodlet "There and Back Again" and the note that he had gotten on the grim reaper's watch list.
19th September 2013 6:16am
Howdy says...
1st October 2013 9:40pm
Laura says...
I played with a vampire family today and noticed that with my vampire teen, when she started with skilling in science and street art she also gained influence in the nerd and rebel social groups SUPER fast. By the time she had max skills in both she was also LV 10 in the social groups. I will test it again (my game died during saving, so I have to), and if it changes I'll post again and also say if something makes her a jock fast as well.
23rd March 2013 8:02pm
Alan says...
Vampires get bonuses to skilling speed at night as part of their "vampiric vigour." Was the vampire Simmie skilling her science at night?
25th March 2013 11:21pm
Holly says...
Wow, my female sim is in love with her vampire boyfriend. Maybe I should change her into one so she can speed through Univ.
11th May 2013 9:42pm
Swirl Girl says...
Laura, for the Jock influence, I'd try Social Networking or Athletics
30th March 2013 10:26am
Gracefulclutz says...
DO NOT RANT ABOUT DEATH AT THE GRAVEYARD!!!!!! Funny interaction with the Reaper, scared my sim to death... pun intended. Not worth it in the long run. I'll stick to dumpster diving to increase rebel influence... ^^'
22nd February 2014 12:19am
Blessie says...
In fact, DON'T EVEN RANT ABOUT DEATH ANYWHERE. My Sim just "dramatically" collapsed after ranting in the dorm, or so I thought and then I couldn't click on him anymore and then the grim reaper appeared like holy moly. Good thing I didn't save.
14th June 2014 3:15am
Kayla Ford says...
I -always- make my Sims learn the Charisma skill (talking in the mirror) and every time they interact with another Sim they will continue to learn it. The easiest way I've found of gaining Rebel influence (or any influence for that matter) is to eventually learn how to do the "Charming introduction" it will automatically make any Sim a Friend. Make sure to get "Long Distance Friend" from your life points too! Easy peasy.
4th November 2013 7:06pm
Katniss Everdeen says...
How/where do you get/find herbs?
28th September 2013 8:34pm
Urbanliner says...
You can obtain herbs on a small garden found on somewhere (forgot where it is) on the U. And, your sims can obtain it from the supermarket too.
25th November 2013 2:36am
kyle says...
u must do the stuff on the list above and u will go up lvls but if u do not do it for a while your bar will start to drop
19th July 2013 12:43pm
Lili says...
ok so i got sims 3 university life yesterday, so i dont really know howthe uni life works, my sim is at university i want her to be a rebel which she is lvl 2 and i wat her to get a degree in art, it sounds easy but im not sure how to do it...PLEASE help me to lvl up in my rebel skill cos i dont know how to???? (if you can, can u help me with the art degree to please) Thankyou s so soooo much! =)
The get an art degree - you have to have signed up for the art degree at home before coming to Uni.  Go to classes, do some studying and that will get you your degree after one to three visits to University.   For tips on how to become a higher level rebel - do some of the things that are bulleted above.
9th June 2013 8:55pm
Becca says...
How do I find/get the forbidden fruit?
1st June 2013 4:42pm
Jae says...
Try going out and looking for seeds. The rarer they are, the better. Then you'll need to use one of those science experiment stations that your sim can buy to perform a gene splicing experiment on the seed. Eventually you'll get a seed that has turned into a forbidden fruit seed. Plant that for Forbidden Fruit :)
22nd July 2013 2:47pm
Oisin says...
How do you get reid of the nerd influence?!?! please awnser!
15th April 2013 2:41pm
annabeth says...
You just wait and don't do anything nerdy or nerd related at all! It'll go down by itself if you don't put the effort in to advance in that socail group.
25th April 2013 7:45pm
Marra says...
You can't get rid of influences but if you don't do anything to increase them they decrease.
25th April 2013 11:23pm
Michael says...
I want to become a rebel but when I do the things on the list my rebel level doesn't go up. I can't even get to level one because no matter what rebellious things I do it doesn't improve. Please help if you know what the issue is. Oh, I can't even use the street art bag. There is only one option- "give gift" and when its on the floor its just "put in inventory"
14th April 2013 5:52pm
Mary says...
The Megaphone...And Death. If you rant about death the grim reaper pops up and turns your sim into a ghost for a brief period. And may kill off other sims.
27th March 2013 3:09am
Geoleo says...
Ok my sim decided to rant about death and then died,turned into a ghost, than the Grimm reaper came resurrected him and said he heard what my Sim was saying didn't like it and not to do it again.Has this happened to anyone else?
5th April 2014 1:32am
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