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The Sims 3 Egypt World Adventures Guide

All about Al Simhara, Explorable Tombs, and Adventures

The Glorious Abu Simbel from the Sims 3 World Adventures' Al Simhara, Egypt

Al Simhara, Egypt is a great place for tomb explorers. It features probably the largest tombs in the game, along with a wide selection to choose from. This is a great place to stop after you've visited China, but don't feel obligated - Egypt is great for first timers, too. Here you can learn snake charming, and purchase the best cameras in the game to pursue the photography skill.

Egypt's Contributions to the Sims 3 World Adventures

The Al Simhara, Egypt Marketplace

Egyptian Shops

  • Bookstore: Sells the New Egyptian Cooking Recipes for Falafel and Shawarma as well as regional novels. You can also find bait books for crocodiles and mummy fish.
  • General Goods: Sells an assortment of cameras. You can also buy a mummified teddy bear. The incense holder for sale here helps your Sim to retain fun, preventing stress. Great for writers!
  • Food Vendor: The food vendor will sell the Egyptian foods Falafel and Shawarma at the appropriate meal times. Additionally you can buy pomegranates and cherries for your Gardening, Cooking or Nectar Making purposes. Otherwise it's just a place to grab a snack. Useful for one of the quests in which you need to serve up some Shawarma.
  • Relic Vendor: Look for canopic jars here, but note the difference between a normal jar and one of the collectibles. You can sometimes find items to fill out your collections here, and some may even be more valuable than the purchase price. It's a bit of a gamble.

    Special Shop
    Marked in red on your map will be a special vendor who will sell items that require ancient coins and a set VISA level. The following items are sold in Egypt:

    Item NameAncient CoinsVisa LevelWhat it Does
    Pemmican101Better than dried food and gives a +moodlet when eaten.
    Potion of Liquid Courage401Cures the fear moodlet, potentially saving your Sim some time. Great after a mummy encounter.
    Mummy Snacks1001Your Sim will give these to a mummy, preventing the aforementioned mummy encounter entirely.
    Skeleton Keystone4002Unlocks "shape" doors, such as stars and crescents.
    Tear of Horus16002When activated from the inventory, displays the locations of dig sites and relics in map mode. Great for excavators. Tomb raiders may find hidden rooms with this artifact activated.
    Escape Dust752Stuck? In a hurry? This will teleport you to your current home (such as base camp)
    Sultan's Tabernacle25003Luxurious slumber on the road - a must have!
    Certificate of Partnership with Egypt12003+3 free days on any trip to Egypt
    Snake Charming in Al Simhara - Kissing the Cobra

    Snake Charming
    Snake charming is a hidden skill learned from the appropriately named snake charming basket. Buy them at the general goods store for a mere $325. This is a small price to pay for a really cool new way to earn tips. As your Sim gets better, they'll eventually be able to put a cobra into the basket, for $1,000 Simoleons) and possibly even grow skilled enough to kiss it on the top of the head, which gives a positive moodlet and can be used to heal the mummy's curse.

    New Fish
    Al Simhara brings the crocodile and mummy fish into the mix. Finding either shouldn't be hard, but if you want some fishing spots, check World Adventures fishing spots.

    Notable Egyptian Adventures

    There are of course dozens of Adventures in Al Simhara, but I want to highlight some of the ones you just don't want to miss. I won't go into all the minute details of the various steps in these adventure chains, but tell you what ones to take as soon as you see them available:

    Business Abroad
    This adventure, the first your Sim is likely to receive, is a long chain with many varying missions. You'll want to at least make it to the sixth step, Into the Fire, to allow your Sim access to the Tomb of the Burning Sands' adventure-only section, where you can get the Sigil. The eighth step will take you to the Ancient Library where you'll find an Ancient Library Sigil as well.

    This is a long one but will lead to many visa levels as you approach the varying tasks. A little charisma could help here and there when you're trying to befriend locals and talk to them to gather intel. When you reach Preparing the Bribe, stop and consider collecting more mummitomium while the spots are being highlighted through map view. You can make some great cash while you do other things and let the mummitomium respawn. Move on to wrap up the whole chain and by the time you're done you'll be at or near VISA level 3.

    This opportunity comes up after you've been cursed by a mummy. While it asks you to turn in a relic worth $150 or more, it allows you to turn your Sim's curse into an adventure where they can actually gain some VISA points through the course of unlocking access to the Soulpeace statue.

    Trapped at Home
    This is a decent single quest that allows access to a likewise decent tomb located at 7 Marketview Place, which is also mentioned in the Tombs section.

    Tomb Tours
    I really like this one for grabbing some fairly quick VISA points. Your Sim will get sent off to various landmarks in a certain order and will get 10 VISA for each of them. At the end, a nice additional +20 will be bestowed along with 1200 simoleons and 200 ancient coins. It's a little time consuming but requires 0 effort on your part and surpasses other adventures in terms of "visa per hour".

    In Search of Love
    This is one to watch for. It's the only way to access the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, where a practically guaranteed collectible along with the Sigil of Queen Hatshepsut can be found. I was able to complete the chain up to the point of entering Queen Hatshepsut's Hideout without leaving my view of the adventure board, so the first parts of this chain go fast.

    Pieces from the Sims 3 World Adventures Egyptian Relics collection. Includes canopic jars, gold figurines and Sigils from Tombs

    Al Simhara, Egypt Relic Collections

    Tombs of Egypt Relic Collection
    Sigil of the Den of Lost SoulsSigil of the Tomb of the Desert OceanSigil of Queen Hatshepsut
    Sigil of the Soulpeace ChambersSigil of the Bazaar BasementSigil of the Copper Quarry
    Sigil of the Tomb of the Burning SandsSigil of the Ancient LibrarySigil of the Tomb of the Rock
    Sigil of James Vaughan Command CenterSigil of the Criminal HeadquartersSigil of the Tomb of Discovery
    Sigil of the Sanctuary of Horus

    Egypt Canopic Jars Collection
    Canopic Jar of the CatCanopic Jar of the EagleLittle Pharaoh Canopic Jar
    Mummified Canopic JarWeeping Canopic Jar

    Egyptian Gold Figurines Relic Collection
    Seth of the DesertSultan of the SphinxStatue of the Cobra
    Horus of the Sky

    Egypt makes the following contributions to the international relic collections:
    Statue of Ammit and Statue of Anubis: Dangerous Creatures
    Dropa Stone of the Endless Sands and Dropa Stone of the Enlightened

    Tombs to Explore in Al Simhara

    Many of these tombs are explorable without doing any adventures associated with them. So, you can freelance as an explorer without following any path. However, if you want to make the most of it, you'd might as well do some of the adventures that are associated with these tombs to help raise your VISA level allowing you to stay in Egypt longer and purchase the powerful artifact Tears of Horus from the special vendor. Also, I note tombs that make some use of Pangu's Axe.

    Where to find a tiny space rock in Al Simhara, Egypt in the Sims 3 World Adventures
    A good spot to find a tiny space rock for entry into Abu Simbel

    Abu Simbel
    Entry into Abu Simbel requires an offering. You'll need a tiny space rock (see screenshot at right), along with a relic aged Ancient or older. Once each is placed, you'll be free to explore the tomb. When you reach the point with two paths, red and blue, and you must choose, note the track, statue and switch you can use with Zeneport to move the statue to the switch, revealing a hole in the wall. There you'll find the Sigil of the Sanctuary of Horus, which many have trouble finding. You'll need to make another offering down the line. Try to use something of which you have a duplicate. In order to claim the eyes of horus, which is the focus of this dungeon, you'll need to overcome greed. Donate two figurines to the pedestals in the two rooms that contain the eyes of horus before you take them. If you're stuck, use the teleport cheat.

    Further down there is a puzzle that will require you to use both eyes. Fire traps will spew from the ground when you pull a torch on the wall. Use the eyes to teleport so that you can step on either foot switch that appears. Afterward, leave one of the eyes on the ground and collect the other. This will allow your Sim to circumvent the floor traps that spring up when you take Horus' relics.

    With the eyes, you can also get the red and blue priest keys by teleporting from room to room after flipping the torches. Going out the doors will reset the wall holes that are revealed.

    Once you have the eyes, you can use them to solve the puzzle at the entrance to Al Simbel to get a treasure chest.

    The Copper Quarry in the Sims 3 World Adventures

    Copper Quarry
    Located on the island in the shot above. You are sent to this place on an adventure, but it's fully explorable as long as you have Pangu's axe and zeneport. Inside you'll find the Sigil of the Copper Quarry along with, of course, tons of copper and other metals and gems.

    The Great Pyramid in the Sims 3 World Adventures

    Great Pyramid
    The Great Pyramid is massive, and probably the largest tomb in World Adventures. It's however a bit easy to complete, and doesn't require any adventures to clear, but to fully explore it you'll need Pangu's Axe to smash a boulder. With that boulder gone, look for a hidden door along the wall to find an upper level with great treasure and a Sarcophagus of Kings that has a high likelihood of containing a mummy for you to deal with. You don't need Pangu's Axe to get the Sigil here however: The Sigil of the Den of Lost Souls is found toward the end. If you're having trouble finding the Death keystone, look in the patch of light on the ground near the tree where you use the Lodestone Keystone. In that same room, there is a rubble pile that's hard to get to: look for a torch on a wall in the nearby room which can be activated to allow passage.

    The Great Sphinx in the Sims 3 World Adventures. Showing the side where the second entrance resides.

    Great Sphinx
    You can choose to explore the Great Sphinx before you get cursed by a mummy and this will open up the cleansing ritual for you in the future. However, if you just got cursed and have no other adventure opportunities in Egypt, you'll get an adventure called "Cursed!" which leads you here. This is a great place to find treasure, especially valuable gems. I've found soulpeace and rainbow gems on several occasions. The only part that stumped me here was the location of the Sigil of the Soulpeace Chambers. It's off a hiddden room, then another hidden room beside the room with ten chairs and a coffee table.

    There is an alternate basement entrance to the Sphinx. Look near the stairs on the side for a foot switch. It'll reveal a staircase where you can find loads of good relics. It's rather small but I found gems valued at $2,000 Simoleons here along with a relic for one of my collections.

    Pyramid of the Burning Sands
    The First half of this pyramid is explorable without an adventure keystone. You can clear the first half to get the Sigil of the Tomb of the rock, then come back later. There's a rather nice treasure room in this pyramid, with 6 chests and a sarcophagus where I did encounter a mummy.

    The second part is accessible only after taking up the Into the Fire quest. This will give you the keystone of the Burning Sands which allows entry. The Sigil wasn't even hidden in this place, and found in a simple chest. There are a ton of flame fruit bushes here to harvest for the adventure, and it's a good place to go back to for some plantables later.

    The Egyptian Pyramid of the Sky in the Sims 3 World Adventures

    Pyramid of the Sky
    This place is fully explorable but not exploitable without Pangu's Axe s three boulders block doors in the pyramid. You'll first need to go to the right side and explore that area to find the Keystone to the Heart of the Water Temple. From there, it's easy to reach the final chamber. There's a harvestable life plant, death flower, money trees and a Sigil of the Tomb of the Desert Ocean to be found here. I've stumbled across a canopic jar here as well. Be sure to check for four hidden doors in the last chamber to find a shortcut out as well as some additional treasure.

    Pyramid of the Wind
    This is a small pyramid, and there's no more to it than there seems to be. There's a chest in the entry and three stairwells that lead to treasure. You could encounter a mummy here from the single sarcophagus.

    The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in the Sims 3 World Adventures

    The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
    This place is not even accessible without first reaching key stages in the In Search of Love adventure chain. You'll eventually get both keys. Unfortunately, the place doesn't have great treasure but is home to a sigil and perhaps other relics for your collection. The entrance can be hard to spot: it's on the left side when you're looking at the temple. You'll need to walk up the small staircase there to reveal the inside, which is very open save for two rooms with keystone holes. If you get stuck in the Servant's Quarters section, look for two hidden doors in the last two bedrooms of the long hall. Gives the Sigil of Queen Hatshepsut.

    Tomb of Discovery
    The Tomb of Discovery is the first place you'll go after accepting the Business Abroad quest line. I did find a canopic jar in here, as well as the Sigil of the Tomb of Discovery behind a hidden wall. It's overall a very easy place and a nice introductory tomb to learn about puzzles, just like in the other countries.

    Map showing Ancient Library, Vaughn's Command Center, Trapped at Home in the Sims 3 World Adventures

    A: 20 West Riverview Place - The Ancient Library
    It's in a home and can be accessed by searching the hole near the center of the house. Your Sim is directed here on step eight of the Business Abroad quest line. It's home to the Sigil of the Ancient Library. You can get inside before the quest by asking to be let in then doing as above. The Sigil is very easy to find as the tomb is small. You'll likely find another relic for your collection here as well.

    B: 7 Marketview Place
    This place is only fully explorable with Pangu's Axe, but there's nothing incredible here anyway. It's just yet another tomb to clear. You are directed here with the Trapped at Home adventure, which is probably the only time you'll visit it. Return with the Axe to search for goodies later.

    C: 1 Quarry View Place
    This is James Vaughn's Command Center, where you can find a Sigil of the same name. You'll be directed here through the continuation of the quest line that begins with Nefarious Intentions. The puzzles in this place can be confusing, but the solution is surprisingly simple. There are three codes to be found in the house: one in a bookcase, one from the toilet and another from the stereo. These will provide the passcodes to the floors below, which can be viewed like a telephone key pad, with the switches nearest the doors 1-3 et cetera.

    D: Criminal Headquarters
    This place is accessed far down the Business Abroad adventure chain. You can get the Sigil of the Criminal headquarters here, in a chest at the end of the tomb.

    The Sims 3 World Adventures
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    Comments (11)

    trae says...
    Does anyone know how to obtain the moonstone key to the bazaar basement in the marketplace? I dont know if it is through adventures or just somewhere to be found, but i have went through a ton of adventures an searched everywhere to no avail. Please help?
    24th March 2013 12:19am
    Amber says...
    going down to the basement on the opposite side of where you need to be do a meditation. If you wait long enough for your Sim to meditate you can ZenPort to that room. you can exit through the door after retrieving the relic.
    21st May 2013 10:47am
    moxie1779 says...
    There is a treasure chest tucked into the corner of the room with the hay bales that is located on the same level as the chamber that you need the Moonstone Key for. I believe that is where I found that keystone.
    30th May 2014 9:00pm
    alicia says...
    There is an island in the middle of Al Simhara and I can't get onto it! How do you get there.
    20th October 2013 12:34pm
    Anthi says...
    you either meditate and go there via zeneport or you use the teleport cheat( Ctrl+shift+C....testingCheatsenabled click on the spot you want to go while holding shift and you have the choice to teleport)
    25th December 2013 10:49am
    Lord Laitinen says...
    I wanted to let you know that there is another hidden tomb you guys missed. It is called the Ancient Trap Nexus, and it is located below the Rashid household. It contains many valuable treasures, including a valuable gem, a Gold Figurine, a Dangerous Creature, and several non-collectible relics. It is accessed in the adventure chain "Trapped at Home". Your description of the chain is going below the market, but that is incorrect.
    28th January 2014 6:50pm
    moxie1779 says...
    7 Marketview Place is the street address for the Rashid household, not the actual marketplace itself.
    30th May 2014 8:52pm
    Pramoc says...
    There used to be an option to purchase a vacation home in foreign lands. Was this taken out of the game? I can't find it under the new "real estate & travel" button. The closest is purchase additional home, which doesn't refer to World Adventures lands. I THOUGHT it was that partnership with Egypt deed, but it only does what it says it does.

    I did this in China a few years ago. I know it used to be possible.
    16th March 2014 11:11am
    Dalia says...
    You need visa level 3 to purchase a vacation home. Maybe it was different last time but I've never really explored this expansion pack until recently and I've only been able to buy vacation homes once I hit level 3. I have one in China and France.
    18th April 2014 9:07pm
    Simluvr says...
    Just a quick note about VISA points: If you grab the Opportunistic LTR you can actually double up on VISA points and complete LTWs faster, like the Seasoned Traveler.
    5th April 2014 11:31am
    Ivaaan says...
    What about the Queen Hatshepsut's Hidden Quarters under one of residental lots ( I haven't played WA in a while so I forgot what their surname was).
    28th July 2014 11:45am
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