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The Sims 3: Pangu's Axe

Finding the Legendary Axe of Pangu in China for World Adventures

Pangu's Axe is a vital tool for any Adventurer who seeks to go out exploring tombs in The Sims 3. Pangu's Axe is found in China and can only be accessed by completing an adventure chain there. Located within the Temple of Heaven, a rather large tomb, getting the Legendary Axe of Pangu is a great feat for any explorer.

The Sims 3 World Adventures: The Legendary Axe of Pangu

What it Does
Pangu's Axe clears rubble piles much faster than any Sim could do with other tools. It is also capable of smashing boulders. That's its greatest ability. Tombs in China, France and Egypt all feature boulders that cannot be surpassed without the Axe. It's for this reason more than any other that I recommend China as a first stop for any tomb raider. Getting this axe will save your Sim some backtracking and perhaps allow them to access great treasure much earlier.

What You'll Need

  • Dried Food
  • A Tent
  • The Skill to solve minor puzzles in World Adventures
  • A little Charisma could help save time when convincing locals

    How to Get the Quest
    Take a trip to China for as long as possible. You may need to come on multiple trips depending on your luck with the adventure board. Taking the prepared traveler reward helps with this as it can give you three extra days out of country. Look to the adventure board. Check the board repeatedly. There are usually four or five. If one named Confounded Boulder! isn't there, you will need to eliminate some. You may even need to do four or more, so that more slots are freed up when the board is replenished overnight.

    The first adventures, the Seeking Adventure and Treasure Hunter chain is a good start. If you see one you really don't like, such as one to start a martial arts chain, accept then delete that from your opportunities tab. This will free up a slot as well, giving you another opportunity to get the boulder quest.

    When you've finally got the Confounded Boulder quest, you'll begin a chain which features about five parts. First, you'll need to convince three locals, then convince one to give up the location of the axe. That Sim will require you to collect several gems to fund the city. Charisma can help as a time-saver with those tasks. You'll then need to retrieve the Axe from the Temple of Heaven. Lastly, acquire a relic from Hot Springs to claim ownership of the Axe.

    Taking Pangu's Axe from a wall in the Temple of Heaven in the Sims 3

    The Temple of Heaven
    Finding the entrance to this temple at first confused me. The door to get in is located in one of the two outside buildings. There's a stairwell inside. Most of this place is pretty straightforward. Once you get to the end of the long path and are met with two stairwells, the tomb provides its only really confusing moment. You may feel a little overwhelmed so I provided the maps below. Steps 1-7:

    The Sims 3 World Adventures: Temple of Heaven Pangu's Axe Map TopThe Sims 3 World Adventures: Temple of Heaven Pangu's Axe Map Bottom

    Once you've retrieved the axe, have your Sim make their way back out. There will be new traps to contend with along the way, and you'll need to do a bit of disarming and attempting to cross in order to make it out. Keep a sharp eye and you'll be able to avoid getting hit too much. Once you reach the first stairwell in the map, take the other for an exit route featuring some boulders to smash. There's some extra treasure to be had here as well. It will eventually take you straight back to the entrance of the tomb.

    You don't have to do the next part, as the Pangu Axe is already in your possession, but you should probably complete the chain you've spent all this time on to get a nice reward. Move on to the Hot Springs in the next step to get plenty of visa points and ancient coins to help fund your future efforts.

    The Hot Springs
    After you've turned in the last quest, your Sim will be sent to an adventure in the Hot Springs to recover a relic for the quest giver. Pangu's Axe will be needed to smash the boulder blocking the dive well at the entrance to the hot springs. The dungeon inside is rather small and features just a few puzzles. The only hard one involves fire. Push the statue onto the floor panels then step on the foot switches to gradually extinguish all the flames but the one blocking the door to the right. Once you've made it to the end, and recover the relic, Pangu's Axe will be yours upon speaking with the quest giver.

    You'll now be able to use Pangu's Axe to smash through boulders in many places in China, France, and Egypt, revealing new hidden treasures for your Sim to collect.

    The Sims 3 World Adventures
    ChinaEgyptFranceMartial ArtsNectar Making
    PhotographyMummiesPangu's AxeTomb Raiding TipsTomb Building

    Comments (16)

    Hilda.F says...
    Thanks for this wonderful article. One other thing is that many digital cameras are available equipped with the zoom lens so that more or less of that scene to generally be included through 'zooming' in and out. These changes in focus length are usually reflected inside viewfinder and on massive display screen right at the back of any camera. Great!
    10th November 2012 11:27am
    Rebekah says...
    How come after I got Pangu's Axe it still says "Search For Axe" on my quest panel. I can't turn in to get to the next part :'(
    14th September 2012 12:40am
    Mrs Tragic Clown says...
    use testingcheatsenabled true then buydebug on and get the Axe again. Make sure you report this glitch to EA so they can fix this bug.
    14th January 2013 1:56pm
    Tiffany says...
    I didn't think it would let me but it did let me use the teleport here option. Made things easier. Yeah I probably missed out on a bunch of relics and stuff but I got the axe much easier.
    16th July 2014 1:48am
    Rick says...
    the Axe is right where it's suppose to be !
    on the wall, after reading sims works, I can now enter edit mode, and sure enuf, it's right where it's suppose to be but it's not getable, most likely due to something that was installed and broke how the trigger works. If I can go and see this, you know the morons that work on Sims can, why don't they fix it for God's sake ? It can't be that hard !!!
    2nd October 2013 5:14pm
    Frogsnack says...
    You can also find the axe in buydebug mode.

    To use the cheat (hold control + C), type 'testingcheatsenabled true' hit enter.

    After that open the cheat window again and type 'buydebug on'

    Then you'll be able to purchase it under the '?' tab that appears when you're in buy mode.
    2nd March 2014 5:29pm
    Emmi says...
    I have the axe, now I am at the hotspring. I smashed the boulder and took the dive well. The guide says to pull the statue onto the floor switch, however I see no statue to pull and when I stood on the floor switch, the fire turned off and the water trap turned on. Now I am clueless as to how to get the relic from that tomb, if I can't turn the water trap off. Any ideas?
    23rd September 2013 7:36pm
    Ashton says...
    I had the same problem Emmi. Probably too late to help or maybe you figured it out, but for anyone else that has this problem what worked for me was clicking on the door to the next room and selecting "Go Through Door" and my sim walked through the water streams that put out the fire. Had to do it other places too.
    29th January 2014 10:12pm
    Saraa says...
    i can't find the axe. when i check it with 'buy on this lot' cheats, it's appear but when i turn it to live mode again, it's dissapear. what should I do?
    17th March 2013 11:49pm
    brittany says...
    Saraa im having the same problem. It disappears when I go back into live mode. :/
    21st March 2014 8:30pm
    hidden says...
    i cant find axe on the wall bcoz axe isnt on the wall.i have finished the tomb 2 times still no axe.i stuced at the "Pangu's Axe" quest cant complete it and this prevents my visa level improvment.any idea to fix it will be awesome thanks in advance.(i have axe from buydebug and i can see unvisible version axe on wall but i cant take it.)
    11th March 2013 1:19pm
    Ana says...
    Have you tried turning off moveobjects? Do moveobjects off then try again. This time, try placing the axe on the wall of your house or somewhere else but the tomb... it should work. :)
    14th March 2013 8:48am
    Petra says...
    Sometimes when the axe disappears from your inventory it goes into your household inventory in Build/Buy mode.
    It happens randomly to me when I havent been on an adventure in a while.
    3rd November 2012 3:04pm
    home2day says...
    Lost my Ax, just disappeared from my sim's inventroy. How do I get it back.
    28th September 2012 10:48pm
    Yaccu says...
    My axe desappears after these quests. :( Can't find it anywhere and I'm sure I didn't sell it.
    28th September 2012 5:41pm
    Melissaa says...
    Well. I found the axe with another household earlier, now that i made a new household with only one sim, all the thombs in china are already explored, so no axe at all. How is this possible while my sim has never been in this tomb? It looks like it didnt reset but how do i fix this?
    16th August 2014 7:48am
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