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The Sims 3 Guide to Dragon Valley

Baby Dragons, Town Locations, Residents, and Collectible Maps

by Ricalynn Switzer

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The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Guide to Townies, Baby Dragons, Collectibles

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Welcome to Dragon Valley, a land of myth and fantasy. It's been years since any adult dragons have terrorized this peaceful town but it's not yet time to rest. The elven Sims of Dragon Valley are working to ensure that their military is up to par, their citizens are prepared for disaster, and that the scientific techniques they've used to keep the dragonlings small stay intact. The skies may be clear for now, but beneath the surface a conflict is brewing between the Mithrilen and O'Connell families for control of town. It's tradition vs. progress; on which side will you stand? -- Sims 3 Store

Welcome to the Carl's Guide to Dragon Valley. This guide will include maps to show all of the rare collectibles such as palladium and special seeds, photos of all the good spots around town, and give you a chance to meet the locals.

Dragon Valley is the ninth world to be released from the Sims 3 Store team and the sixteenth available to players with all expansions. As of May 30th, the world is available for purchase through the Sims 3 Store as part of two separate Simpoint Bundles. Players can purchase the standard edition which includes access to the town, 100 Simpoints and the new premium content - Baby Dragons. If you purchase the gold edition, you will now own the town, 1900 more Simpoints, the dragons and the new Celtic Lands set which is only available with the gold edition of Dragon Valley. Simultaneously released alongside the world was a new venue that looks just right with the rest of the architecture. The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire can be purchased with the extra 1900 Simpoints you get with the gold version.

The world itself is said to be a hidden place full of elves and dragons. For generations, the locals fought against the large adult dragons as they ravaged their quiet homeland. Then suddenly all that changed when the ship of Captain O'Connell wrecked nearby. Captain O'Connell and his crew brought with them technology that had yet to make it's way to Dragon Valley. Among that technology was a scientific method that kept dragons as baby dragons. This tech alone has saved the town from losing any more lives.

Several generations after the O'Connells arrived, the town is doing it's best to meld the old ways with the new technology that has reached it's shores. The hospital doesn't have the best equipment and relies on the powers of it's healers. The science facility believes lore and myths still hold true facts. The stadium is for jousters and archers. Even some of the toilets are still chamber pots, but you'll find smart phones, refrigerators, automobiles, televisions and video games starting to spread to some of the houses. While most of the townsfolk still dress in the skins of slayed dragons, they will have no problem sending you a text to tell you to be at that party they're having in an hour. It's a good blend of old and new.

Baby Dragons

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Baby Dragons

Every world released from the Sims 3 Store since Hidden Springs has come with it's own personal premium content. Dragon Valley is no different in that it gives you access to Baby Dragons. And who hasn't wanted a baby dragon of their very own?

From a single egg found in buy mode comes three completely different types of dragonlings - red, green and purple. Players who bought the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire also have the chance at a fourth type of hatchling, the Armored Black Dragon. To start the hatching process, a Sim just needs to interact with the egg in some way - either by picking it up or talking to it. If you choose to have a conversation with the egg, there are eight different things you can talk to about - enemies, fire, your physical prowess, your job, friends, the weather, the egg paradox and existentialism. Depending on what you say to the egg and how often you say it can influence the color of the dragon inside. For example, talking about weather will improve the chance it is a green baby dragon. After six hours, the egg will roll around on the floor before hatching in a cloud of magic smoke to reveal itself to you.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: A Baby Dragon Hatches from an Egg

Once your dragon has hatched, there is plenty that you can do with them. However, the first thing every new dragon parent should do is name their baby dragon or townies will walk off with them. Each dragon type comes with their very own unique abilities that makes each one of them special. All four can be fed, carried and played with. They even have the ability to fly around your Sim if you have an area close by with enough room. To access these interactions, just click on your baby dragon either on the ground, on your arm or on the floor. Once a Sim interacts with a dragon, they will usually put it into their inventory.

Red Dragons are the most aggressive and fearless of all the dragons. If you have enemies, this little guy is perfect for you as he's willing to "Shoot Fireballs" at anyone you please. For a good laugh, you can have him cast his ability "Fiery Torment" at another Sim's feet to watch them dance. These two abilities are not the best for making or keeping friends but they are entertaining. When there is no one else around to play with, your red dragon can talk about the Athletic skill with you for a quick but small skill boost. Playing with your red dragon isn't all about spitting fire and the athletic skill, though. Every time you pick up a red dragon and put him on your arm, you gain a moodlet called "Mark of the Red Dragon." While the moodlet is active, your Hygiene and Energy bars will fill to full and stay full for the duration.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Baby Purple DragonOnce everyone has left you for using the red dragon on them, you can pick up your Purple Dragon to "Summon Someone New". The person the dragon picks will instantly become your friend once they appear at your location. Now that you have a friend again, your purple dragon will be able to summon them anywhere you are. Every time they are summoned, your relationship will improve greatly. This isn't the only way that a purple dragon can help you gain friends. Purple dragons can teach Sims the charisma skill to help as well. Another of Spyro's special abilities is the ability to "Be the Life of the Party!" which instantly makes any party in town the best party ever. The purple dragon's ability to "Cast Rune Charm" on another Sim makes the other Sim happy with a +20 mood boost. Like his red brother, the purple dragon also gives a moodlet, "The Mark of the Purple Dragon", which raises the Fun and Social needs.

The Green Dragons are the gatherers of the dragon family. Not only do they have the ability to "Summon Treasure" once every hour, they can also grow and "Harvest" all the plants at your location. The harvested produce will automatically go into your Sim's inventory. Since he's so good at gardening himself, he won't mind teaching your Sim how it's done. The "Mark of the Green Dragon" is unique to this type of dragon and it correlates with the hunger and bladder needs so that your Sim won't have to eat or use the bathroom for as long as the moodlet is active.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Baby Black DragonThe last type of dragon is the Armored Black Dragon. This little dragon is associated with death and curses. Not only can they "Summon Death Flowers" whenever they want, they can also "Summon Ghosts" to haunt wherever you are. Being surrounded by death and mystery, the black dragon has learned a thing or two about logic that he is willing to share with your Sim. That's not the best part though. The best part is that a black dragon can put a "Phantasmal Curse" on other Sims. This curse can turn the target into a zombie if you have Supernatural or just curses them if you don't. Either way, that Sim is not having a good day. With such an awesome pet, who would really want to take a break to eat or sleep? Not you, the owner of the black dragon will receive "The Mark of the Black Dragon" which works with the hunger and energy needs to keep them full for as long as you are marked.

Can't decide which one you want? Have no fear because your Sim is allowed to have as many dragons as you want whether it's one of each color or fifty of each color to become the Crazy Dragon Lady. So what's the catch? While you can own as many dragons as you ever wanted, a Sim can only have four in their inventory at any one time. If you have a dragon of a certain color in your inventory, you won't be able to interact with another of that color.

Places in Dragon Valley

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Places in Town

One of the best things about Dragon Valley is it's wide open spaces. World builders made it so that lots from previous expansions will never auto place in town on lots that are too big or at angles that make your Sims run to the back to walk in. For those that do want to place a missing EP lot, there are 22 empty lots available around town to fit most of your needs. All of them can be found on the northern side of town.

A complete breakdown of what's available is :
4 - 64 x 64
3 - 40 x 40
1 - 40 x 30
6 - 30 x 30
5 - 30 x 20
1 - 25 x 25
2 - 20 x 20.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Map of Downtown Area

The center of Dragon Valley is where most of the important buildings, parks and rabbit holes can be found. While there are a few locations not in the center of town. Here is a map showing you where to find most of them. Just click on the image to bring up a bigger version of it.

1: Miser McCann's Restaurant (Bistro) -- 59 Ardmore Avenue
Don't expect much from Miser McCann's except a perfectly poured pint. The food isn't great and the service isn't much better, but it's the fanciest place in town!

2: Tome Traders (Bookstore) -- 57 Ardmore Avenue
Indulge your lifetime love of literature with a book from Tome Traders.

3: City Hall (City Hall) -- 55 Ardmore Avenue
This is the center of the town. Not much happens in this building, but everything happens around it.

4: Slainte chugat Harmony Hospital (Hospital) -- 53 Ardmore Avenue
This hospital doesn't use the "latest equipment" but finds its healing powers in the tough and experienced hands of the healers in town.

5: Practice Pit Gymnasium (Gym) -- 41 Elm Grove

6: Freedom Books (Library) -- 43 Elm Grove

7: Playful Park (Big Park) -- 83 Claddagh Court

8: City Cairn Memorial Lot (Graveyard) -- 84 Claddagh Court

9: Community Garden (Small Park) -- 51 Elm Grove

10: Myth, Legend, Lore, and Fact Facility (Science) -- 40 Elm Grove
The MLLFF is no stranger to lore, in fact they treat it as fact! There is a lot we can learn from lessons of the past and no lesson is too small.

11: Heart and History Art Gallery -- 42 Elm Grove

12: Garda Police and Military (Police Station & Military Base) -- 44 Elm Grove
The Police and Military serve less as crime prevention and more as attack preparation. Adult Dragons were a fierce competitor, and the townspeople need to be prepared.

13: Like Minded Individuals, Inc. (Business) -- 46 Elm Grove
This town is too small for greed. Everyone that works here knows that they have to better the life of the common man through good business practices and fair wages.

14: The Local Grocer (Grocery Store & Diner) -- 50 Elm Grove
Anytime a cook needs something in town they always tell folks to go to "the local grocer". This confusion led all of the other grocers in town to become personal farmers instead.

15: World's Theatre (Theatre) -- 13 Clover Drive
The World's Theatre has some of the best entertainment in, well, the world!

16: Swimmer's Safety Practice Pool (Pool) -- 11 Clover Drive

17: Ubiquitous Unity Day Spa (Spa) -- 10 Clover Drive
The "Spa" is where Sims go to feel one with the wisdom of the water and the earth.

18: McCafferty's Pub (Visitors Allowed) -- 72 Shillelagh Street

19: Feudal Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot) -- 7 MIthrilen Manor

Other places around town not shown in the picture

Tourney Tent of Novices (Stadium) -- 49 Aine Avenue
This tourney tent is a great place for novice competitors to train for the next level.
Location: Using the Downtown picture as a guide - follow the road going to the right.

Drake School of Life and Learning (School) -- 101 O'Connell Heights
Education is incredibly important in Dragon Valley. It is the only thing that will make sure future generations are protected from Dragons.
Location: Using the Downtown picture as a guide - Look to the hills just out of view in the top right. You can't miss the building.

Mithrilen's Madmen Hideaway (Criminal) -- 28 Clover Drive
There are some passionate folks in town that agree that the Mithrilen family should be in charge again. And they'll do what they can to make that happen. By any means necessary.
Location: Using the Downtown Picture as a guide - This building can be found south of the spa on the other side of the ridge. You have to follow the road leading west from the World's Theatre to get around to it.

Cladach Beach (Beach) -- 68 Oak Grove
Location: Follow the road leading to the west from Feudal Fishing Spot. The beach rests along the shore line just before you get to the island bridge.

Traigh Mhor Beach (Beach) -- 69 Oak Grove
Location: Along the north of the town is a set of cliffs, this beach can be found on the other side just northwest of Feudal Fishing Spot.

Dragon Tavern (No Visitors Allowed) -- 23 Clover Drive
Location: Follow the road going west from the World's Theatre and you'll come across this charming little spot.

Mol Beach (Beach) -- 25 Clover Drive
Location: Keep following the road past Dragon Tavern to curve around the edge of the cliff in town. This beach is south of the cliff edge ruins and right next to the destroyed pier.

Crios Pond (Fishing Spot) -- 40 Cian Road
Location: This little fishing spot is hidden on the eastern bank of the loch on the southern side of town. (South using downtown as the center as pictured above)

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Town Buildings Collage 1
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Town Buildings Collage 2
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Town Buildings Collage 3
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Town Buildings Collage 4
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Lighthouse
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Waterfall
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Whole Town Aerial View

Dragon Valley Beautiful Vista Lots

Lots with Beautiful Vista
BV BonusAddressLot Info
+20100 O'Connell HeightsOccupied House - O'Conell
+1758 Balor BendOccupied House - Eames
+1532 Lugh LaneEmpty Lot 64 x 64
+1410 Clover DriveThe Town's Day Spa
+1370 Oak GroveOccupied House - Grey
+1240 Cian RoadCrios Pond
+1091 Dagda DriveEmpty House - Cozy Cottage
+930 Clover DriveOccupied House - Lochlan
+835 Aibell AvenueEmpty Lot 30 x 30
+764 Oak GroveEmpty Lot 64 x 64
+720 Clover DriveDragon Tavern
+519 Clover DriveEmpty Lot 30 x 40
+517 Clover DriveEmpty Lot 30 x 30
+466 Oak GroveEmpty Lot 30 x 30
+221 Clover DriveEmpty House - Cozy & Content

Dragon Valley Collectible Locations

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Collectible Maps

The first thing everyone usually wants to know about a town is where to find all the good stuff. Gardeners need special seeds. Anglers need to know where the deathfish spawn. Inventors should probably collect the palladium and pink diamonds before they are needed. Below you'll find maps with color coded push pins showing you where all the rare items can be found in Dragon Valley. If an image is too small for you, just click on it to show a much larger version of the map. For those anglers who want to know more than just the Deathfish cycle, stop by our forums where pictures are posted showing every fishing spawner in Dragon Valley.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: special seeds, rare butterflies, palladium, pink diamonds, rainbow gem, alley catfish, angelfish and deathfish

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Eastern DV Collectible Map

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: DV Delta Collectible Map

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Central DV Collectible Map

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: DV Hills Collectible Map

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Western DV Collectible Map

Dragon Valley Residents

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Resident List, all Townies and Adresses

Dragon Valley starts with 23 playable families available to choose at the start of a new game. For the first time since they were released, the Store team took full advantage of all the new skin sliders to make this one colorful and unique looking town. With a history of being descended from elves, most of the townsfolk (townies) come with pointed ears and brightly colored eyes. In fact, out of all the houses, there are only three families that aren't on a color skin slider and only two that don't come with pointed ears. While for some this doesn't feel very important, there are those of us that think it's just pure awesome. Below you'll find a list of all the households and their starting funds. For more information about each of the household members, go to our forum and check out our Dragon Valley Townie List

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Burb Household

The Burb Household

John Burb & Jennifer Pleasant

Sweet Shelter - 34 Lugh Lane - $5,000

Jennifer and John tried to sail around the world as one last "hurrah" before their wedding day and somehow ended up here! The adventure for this couple is just beginning, but will they be able to find a way back home before their big day?

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Cromos Household

The Cromos Household

Riley & Zoe Cromos

Carrigbeg - 33 Lugh Lane - $800

Riley Cromos has been living the hard life raising his daughter alone. He loves her more than anything, but as a struggling baker it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet and find ways to relate to a soon-to-be teenage girl. Can they handle the growing pains or will this weakened family be over-powered?

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Delaney Household

The Delaney Household

Dorren & Emma Delaney

Sun Home - 92 Dagda Drive - $1,200

Emma loves her father and their eco-conscious lifestyle, but she yearns for a bit more freedom. What's the harm in eating out on disposable paper products every once in awhile or driving a modern automobile? She wants to teach her father that you can save the earth, and live in it too

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Dolan Household

The Dolan Household

Finn & Sarah Dolan; Wynn Byrne (not pictured)

Hefty Home - 24 Clover Drive - $4,000

Finn never imagined that he'd marry the girl that he rescued from a vicious wolf attack all of those years ago, but there he is living with an elderly grandmother and a beautiful wife with the affinity for red hoods. Now that they're expecting their first child, he wonders if it's time to increase his vigilant watch for danger or begin to let down his guard?

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Eames Household

The Eames Household

Martin, Maeve, Liam & Unborn Baby Eames

Wisteria House - 58 Balor Bend - $2,300

Maeve lived her life on a ship. Her father was the captain of a ship and her youth was spent pillaging towns with her best friend, Martin. Now married and in their adulthood, Maeve and Martin are having a hard time getting used to the parent life with their young son Liam. With another little one on the way, the question is will they settle or will they sail?

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Finnigan Household

The Finnigan Household

Aaron Finnigan

Limerick House - 82 Claddagh Court - $5,000

Aaron never believed this gold at the end of a rainbow business, but he can't help but notice that good things have a habit of coming his way. Successful in business and a serious relationship with the beautiful Siobahn Murphy? Maybe he is lucky....

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Flanagan Household

The Flanagan Household

Quinn Flanagan

Sturdy Home - 15 Clover Drive - $2,000

Playing the fool is simple when you have an ulterior motive. Quinn uses his charm and humor to get close to Sims for their secrets! He's the town's gossip columnist and gossip comes easy when you make people laugh.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Grey Household

The Grey Household

Hugh Grey

Vantage Point - 70 Oak Grove - $900

Hugh Grey lives in quiet isolation and he likes it that way. Out at his lighthouse he can spend his days writing novels, maintaining his garden, and keeping the waters safe. He likes the peach of his lonely life, but will a new romance with Nessie Lochlan spark some color in all of the grey?

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Hooley Household

The Hooley Household

Robin & Marian Hooley

Dara Cottage - 26 Clover Drive - $700

Robin loves the common man and will do anything he can to help, illegal or not. He and his wife Marian have little money and few posessions because he keeps giving them away! He has good intentions, but Marian hopes to teach him that stealing isn't the way to go.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Kelly Household

The Kelly Household

Ava & Sean Kelly

Glenbeg - 54 Brighid Bend - $1,500

Ava Kelly is young, fierce, and wanting to make a name for herself in town. That name is Kelly; Ava Kelly. Sean loves his driven wife and he'll do anything to help her get ahead. Even if that means making a name for himself just to stay at her side.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Lochlan Household

The Lochlan Household

Nessie Lochlan

Loch House - 30 Clover Drive - $1,000

The Loch Ness Monster is real! Or is it? Nessie is an aspiring journalist and her star is rising! All she needs to do is keep taking pictures of this mysterious "monster" in the water and her job will promote itself! With her career underway she's hoping to get her romantic life in order with the mysterious lighthouse keeper, Mr. Grey.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: MacAnna Household

The MacAnna Household

Shannon & Teagan MacAnna

Solidly Built Home - 76 Shillelagh Street - $1,500

Teagan is the exact opposite of her sweet, innocent sister, Shannon. Dark and Devious to the bone, she does whatever she wants with reckless abandon and no consideration for others. Who cares if there is no "I" in Team? There is an "I" in Mine and that's all that matters.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: MacGrath Household

The MacGrath Household

Bradan MacGrath

The Cottage - 77 Shillelagh Street - $5,000

Bradan is the ultimate champion and the one that everyone pays to see. He can vanquish any foe and conquer any competitor with ease. He's number one and always will be. It's probably best not to get in his way.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: McCann Household

The McCann Household

Lorna McCann

Landing Place - 37 Aibell Avenue - $4,000

Lorna is the source of all that is good in Dragon Valley. No one knows her true age and it's almost as if she's lived forever. She's loving, kind, and always knows how to cure what ails you. Her healing isn't just homeopathic or scientific, it's practically magic.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Mithrilen Household

The Mithrilen Household

Fintan, Aine, Riordan & Unborn Baby Mithrilen

Secure Stronghold - 1 Mithrilen Manor - $8,000

Fintan still holds bitterness in his heart over the Mithrilen family being unseated as leaders in town. He still can't believe how quickly everyone took to the foreign O'Connell family and he believes that they should have stayed on guard rather than letting little dragons into their lives. He will protest his town no matter what, but will his anger and obsession hurt his family in the long run?

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Murphy Household

The Murphy Household

Siobahn Murphy

Small Steady Home - 74 Shillelagh Street - $1,000

Siobahn is beautiful, talented, and a virtuoso when plucking strings. Her songs bring joy and laughter to everyone who listens, almost as if they're in a trance. She spends most of her time perfecting her music because you never know when you'll need a good entrancing song...

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: O'Connell Household

The O'Connell Household

Seamus, Shauna, Morida, Aiden & Brien O'Connell

The Big House - 100 O'Connell Heights - $10,000

The O'Connell family has been leading the town since their great-great-grandfather Captain O'Connell landed her and helped the town tame the dragons. They love caring for the town, but they are starting to wonder if democracy isn't more the way.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: O'Reilly Household

The O'Reilly Household

Conor, Chloe, Morrigan, Fiona & Unborn Baby O'Reilly

Home for the Gentry - 61 Ardmore Avenue - $2,500

Women! Women! Women! They're all that Conor sees. He opens his eyes to his youngest daughter vying for his attention and closes his eyes to his harried wife hoping for some rest, with a sprinkle of teenage daughter rolling her eyes at him in between. What a life! He's overwhelmed, but he wouldn't change a minute of it.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: O'Shea Household

The O'Shea Household

Breandan & Kearney O'Shea

The Gables - 85 Deidre Drive - $2,000

Kearney and Breandan are always jousting to be the best. When Breandan got muscles, Kearney got bigger muscles. When Kearney got a girlfriend, Breandan got a prettier girlfriend! When Breandan joined law enforcement, Kearney joined the Military! Kearney thinks he's the best brother, but then again so does Breandan! When will they learn that they're really quite the same?

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Ordhen Household

The Ordhen Household

Daric Ordhen

Humble House - 90 Dagda Drive - $700

Daric loves his garden. There's nothing more he loves than his garden. He would spend all of his time in his garden if he could, but eating, sleeping and other human "necessities" get in the way. If only be could be a statue, then he could stay in his garden forever.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Prendergast Household

The Prendergast Household

Cassidy Predergast; Orion, Nora & Dillon Lawless; Sophie & Corren Dwyer; Cara Gallgher

The Orphange - 6 Mithrilen Manor - $1,200

Cassidy was never able to have children of her own, but it didn't matter. There were always children in town without a parent. Parents lost to Dragon Fires, house fires, fire fires... Times are tough and orphans need love too.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Sackholme Household

The Sackholme Household

Susie & Mason Sackholme

Defended Domicile - 75 Shillelagh Street - $1,200

Lots of things always seem to happen to Susie and Mason. Though well-intentioned, they usually fall prey to some scheme or attack and danger seems to follow them wherever they go. That doesn't keep the men and women in town from being hopelessly attracted to them, however. Some think it's because there may have been fairy in their blood line.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World: Walsh Household

The Walsh Household

Aislinn Walsh

Thatched Cottage - 45 Brea Bend - $2,000

Aislinn Walsh makes some of the best food in town, but isn't the most stable person around. Everyone knows how productive the farms are in their secluded town, so where did Aislin get all of this meat?

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17th June 2014 9:15pm
Brittany says...
Where and how do i make my dragon fly...always says there is not enough space ..and i even went to the open field...still nothing
7th April 2014 10:32pm
PaulD says...
Great source of info, Man!
Having trouble placing lots and new venues in all edit town functions. When I try to place a copy, there is no lots showing for me to place the lots/venues on. What's up, please?
28th March 2014 8:34am
Irene says...
After reading this guide I just had to have Dragon Valley, I'm playing it now and it is great! I bought it through EA Origin, I didn't have any problem installing it, it runs nice with the other EP and the dragons are a lot of fun! Thank you very much!
26th February 2014 3:48pm
Regina says...
How do I get a dragon egg? Just bought Dragon Valley.
24th February 2014 3:42pm
Willow says...
If you have the sims 3 pets, go to baby room then pet essentials and buy the dragon egg. If you don't have The sims 3 pets, it should be found somewhere in the store.
22nd June 2014 6:13pm
Zoe says...
i cannot find a single mineral or butterfly in the entire town of Dragon Valley. WTH. help?
21st February 2014 10:13pm
Brianna says...
Do I need the disc to play the EP?
24th January 2014 2:36pm
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