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Build and Edit in The Sims 3
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The Sims 3 Build and Edit Guide

List of Building and Editing Tutorials to Improve Houses, Towns and Lots

Building beautiful homes in The Sims 3
The Roaring Modern Mansion, a beautiful home by Gogowars on our Forum.

First, I want to say that none of the building guides on this site were written by me. If you want support from a good builder, you might try asking your question at our community. That said, these were all created by bright members there. I won't list who did what here on the index, but rest assured all builders get proper credit. These are people capable of making beautiful houses and towns, and I am thrilled to offer them a place to share these building skills.

The list of tutorials will go by list of how important I feel they are. The first are most obvious, learning to edit and build, period.

Beginner Home Building
The original guide that started this section, made by master builder TommyT who went to serve his country in the U.S. Coast Guard. Perhaps we should call this 'stop being a beginner' because when you read the simple tips in this guide, your homes will start to look more realistic. Practice and refine, and you'll eventually move up to intermediate!

Intermediate Design: Rooms
This Guide focuses on intermediate design. Those polishes you can put on a home to make it look expensive. Loads of room ideas are given to help you come up with your Sim's next money sink. Never know though, a home redesign could help your efficiency!

Edit Town
Learn about the various controls at your disposal in The Sims 3's Edit Town mode. You'll learn about lot types, the world editor, and placing lots. There is also an excellent visual representation of the edit mode interface.

Edit Town Part 2: Lots
This page focuses more on lots than the last. You will learn of all the various types of lot you can place in your neighborhood. You'll also find tips to modifying the community lots to suit your style.

Multiple Floor Homes and Basements
A great tutorial covering everything you need to know to make a multiple-story home in The Sims 3. Learn about friezes, foundations and advanced building techniques to make your home as beautiful and functional as possible.

Learn to make a basic pool, and when you've refined your skills create a more advanced Infinity Pool. Mastery of your skills as a pool builder will be put to the test with the Multi-Level Infinity Pool.

This handy article teaches you to make any house look better by giving it a non-default roof. The auto roof function is horrible. Tame it, and make the top end of your house as beautiful as the bottom. This guide is in three parts, so goes over everything you need to know about roofs!

This detailed tutorial teaches you everything you need to know about staircases and elevators in The Sims 3. Learn advanced techniques to make grand staircases, L-shaped stairs and square spiral staircases and more.

Slope Building
To make some unique land for your home, know that it is possible to build on a slope. Read this tutorial to find out how to make homes that nest atop slopes.

How to Move
Packing up, taking some of the house or all of it, this article will teach you about moving to another house, or moving your existing house.

Switching Neighborhoods
This Simple article will teach you how to perform the processes to move from one neighborhood in Sims 3 to another. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you should be fine!

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anashadjiali says...
love it
4th June 2014 12:07pm
jacob says...
I love it too!
11th July 2014 11:46am
Trey says...
Nevermind I kept working on it and I got it.
25th July 2014 7:10pm
Istiakur Rahman says...
I made my house duplex, but there was an specific area around the house where sims cannot go further. What maybe the cause of it?
It might be the terrain causing issues. Have you tried using the terrain tools and flattening the problem area or smoothing it?
5th July 2017 5:20am
lilly says...
No nobody will show me I wish I could help u but I have the same problem!!!!
11th July 2014 11:44am
Rakai says...
You can't build a hot tub, it is a bought item. Go into buy mode and have a search. I'm not sure exactly where it is, it may pay to look under the files.
16th July 2014 4:14am
Nelson says...
Its in outdoor activities.
24th July 2014 3:53pm
Trey says...
Okay, I know this may sound stupid but I'm trying to place the plumbob pictures backlot into my sunset valley town. The problem is that every time I try to "place copy" I can't seem to place it anywhere. Will someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
25th July 2014 7:03pm
MadalynnSims says...
Enter create a world and place down a lot that meets the measurements of the lot you are trying to place(this question is old but oh well!)
2nd August 2014 8:24pm
simstastic says...
thx so much im a starter and want cheats cause my sims just got a promotion and living BIG #simmers anyways were can i download diffrent sims if i didnt wnt to make them thx so much for your help
15th August 2014 1:28pm
Emma says...
Hi you have to delete one of the big mansions on top of the hill and change the lot type to the one you want then place to copy the building and well la :) it took me ages to sort at first its hard yo have everything you want in sunset neighbourhood because its so uneven :/
20th June 2017 6:46pm
TheEeveeLovers says...
Yes I like this guide
17th June 2017 8:21pm
jack says...
Does anybody know how to build a hot tub because nobody will show me :(
11th July 2014 11:42am
MadalynnSims says...
You must have either Island Paradise, or Late Night; as they both come with hot tubs... not sure if base game does because I simply haven't bothered to look(ha-ha). Anyways, once you've made sure you have an expansion pack with hot tubs, just go into buy mode and select outdoor activities; and there is your hot tub(: Hope this helped!!
2nd August 2014 8:21pm
simtasic says...
can u import the house like download it if u wanted it carl or anyone else
thx if u help
10th August 2014 9:50pm
simstastic says...
hi im wondering how do u edit the town
12th August 2014 12:28pm
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