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The Sims Astronomer Career: Astrophysicist & Space Explorer

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The Sims 3 Into the Future Astronomy Career: Space Explorer and Astrophysicist Astronomer Career Uniforms along with Paintings of Celestial Bodies found by an Astrophysicist
Space Explorer and Astrophysicist Astronomy Uniforms with Rare Paintings of Objects found by Astrophysicists

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion PackThe Astronomer Career Track is included with The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack. This Career allows Sims to make better use of searching the galaxy and allows them to choose in specializing in finding interstellar objects through the Astrophysicist branch, or focus on Space Travel with the Space Explorer Branch. I'll list the pay, job performance metrics, and benefits of this career and both branches in this Guide to being an Astronomer.

Joining the Astronomy Career in the Future
You must travel to the Future in order to get this new Skill or perhaps use Edit Town to plant an Observatory in your local neighborhood in order to access it. While back home, it will be as though this Career doesn't even exist and you can essentially vacation from work by going back to the Present. Both Careers benefit from Advanced Technology skill and Logic, so Logical Sims will do well at this Career as will Workaholics. Using the Time Remote Control Lifetime Reward, you can avoid losing this Career by changing the timeline to Normal, Utopian, or Dystopian. Resetting the Time Continuum should make you lose your job. I find it most pleasant to avoid the Dystopian Future for this Career unless you have Death Flowers, for a lot of Meteors will be raining down. That may be to your benefit financially, but will be more dangerous to your Sim, so carry a Death Flower to be safe.

The Sims 3 Into the Future Astronomy Career: You'll work as an Astronomer at the Observatory in Oasis Landing
Oasis Landing's Observatory. You should use the Research Celestial Bodies Work Tone Most of the Time

The Observatory: Search for Stellar Activity Finds and Zero-G
The Observatory in Future Oasis Landing is where you can join the career. Once you've joined, you'll get more use of a couple of the Observatory's special features. Search for Stellar Activity says it is available only to Sims with Logic Level 1 or Astrophysicists, but I found it available to any Sim who joined the Career. Based on your Logic and Career Levels, your Sim will find Objects as with using a Telescope, only a larger variety and more distant objects thanks to the Observatory's powerful telescope. Unlike using the Telescope, you will get Paintings of Objects you find. Any Sim with Logic can find/receive these Paintings, as can those Sims who have joined the Space Explorer Career Path at level 6, but Astrophysicists will be able to find the most distant and valuable objects. Experiment with Zero-G will raise Advanced Technology a little, while also giving you some job progress toward a Promotion. There are better ways to raise the skill, but you may make up for it with the Career Progress even if you are behind in Advanced Tech.

Starting Out in Astronomy

Working as an Astronomer: Benefits and Career Tips
You'll have access to the two mentioned actions at the Observatory, while also gaining a Social Interaction that will give Job Performance (Talk about Cosmos at Level 2). Level 3 will allow Star Guide Tour Opportunities to appear, which pay $500 and give career experience. You should do Zero-G and Searching for Stellar Activity in your Sim's off time and also go to Work 2 hours early (click the Building) to make Promotions come faster in the later levels. You'll also benefit from the paintings you receive from either Branch, to either decorate your Sim's home or sell for a profit (some much more than others). At level 4, you will get a Self-Click ability that lets you 'Check Alignment of Stars' which gives Career Performance, a little Logic, and has a 15% chance to call down a Meteor Strike near your Sim, making it easier to collet Space Rocks. You might have better luck if you use a Telescope for Logic to increase it much faster, particularly if you're going Astrophysicist. This will improve the quality of your finds when using the Observatory and help with that Branch's performance metrics.

The Sims 3 Into the Future Astronomy Career: The Observatory gives you Paintings when you find a new Celestial Body with its powerful Telescope
Searching for Stellar Activity at the Observatory will Yield Discoveries and Paintings

Anyone using the Observatory's Telescope has a rare chance at finding a Black Hole, which yields a cheap Painting, but gives an immediate 10-15k Simoleons for the Discovery. At level 5, Astronomers get a New Sprite for the Holo Disc named Astrid, which looks a bit like a Shooting Star or Comet. After this last Promotion, you'll choose between two Branches that get the same earnings and work the same hours - Astrophysicist or Space Explorer. Read on to see the benefits of choosing between the two options.

The Sims 3 Astronomy Career Metrics
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Metrics &
Work Promotion Factors
1Space JanitorMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$23/hr, $184/dayMood
2StargazerMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$29/hr, $232/dayMood
3Planetarium OperatorMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$38/hr, $304/dayMood, Co-Workers
4Star SpecialistMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$54/hr, $432/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (2)
5Amateur AstronomerMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$75/hr, $600/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (3)

Astronomy Career: Astrophysicist Branch

Astrophysicist Benefits
Choosing to be an Astrophysicist makes you more capable of finding more and rare distant celestial bodies. At level 10, you can find all of them while a Space Explorer can find a limited selection because of their specialization in Space Travel. Celestial Explorer, a Logic Skill Challenge, should come naturally to you and allow your Sim to discuss the stars with other Sims. A second Social Interaction that grants Career Performance comes at level 8 for Astrophysicists, 'Talk about Life on Other Planets', which will let you work in 2 conversation options to be a little less boring and earn more performance from the talk. There are several types of Celestial Bodies that only an Astrophysicist can find. Some yield more money on the initial discovery, while others yield more expensive paintings. I'll include these possible discoveries in the table:

The Sims 3 Astronomer Astrophysicist Career Branch
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Metrics &
Work Promotion Factors
Possible Discoveries
6Star CharterMon-Fri 1PM-7PM$167/hr, $1002/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (4), Logic (4)Gamma Ray Bursts
7Gamma Ray TechnicianMon-Fri 1PM-7PM$250/hr, $1500/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (5), Logic (5)Supernova (nearly 2k find)
8Quantum TheoristMon-Fri 3PM-7PM$438/hr, $1752/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (6), Logic (6)Event Horizon (5k Painting)
9ExobiologistMon-Fri 4PM-8PM$500/hr, $2000/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (6), Logic (6)Life on Another Planet (10k Painting)
10Phase 10 PhysicistMon-Fri 5PM-8PM$1000/hr, $3000/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (7), Logic (7)End of the Universe (10k Painting)

Astronomy Career: Space Explorer Branch

Space Explorers have potential to make more money although they do not get to make the cool Astronomical Discoveries of an Astrophysicist and can't find as many Galaxies and other Objects. Explorers will have to work harder for their career progress by training the Athletic Skill (which you should do at a Gym in your off time). The Space Explorer's main benefit comes at level 10, when they unlock the 'Travel to Simulon V' ability at the Observatory. This ability teleports the Sim to another planet in an attempt to extract some Star Dust or Dark Matter. Having the Future Sim Lifetime Reward and a High Advanced Technology Skill will help with these finds. They can get up to 5 Dark Matter (selling ~$1500 each) and 5 Star Dust (selling ~$2000 each). This ability can be used once every 4 hours, but definitely allows the Space Explorer to make more money than Astrophysicists, though with fewer rewards for decorating the home. A Max Find while Traveling to Simulon V can yield up to 17,500 Simoleons.

The Tesseract Opportunity gets mentioned when leveling as an Astrophysicist, but only Space Explorers will get it. Given it comes at level 10 when Dark Matter and Star Dust are available from Traveling to Simulon V, the only benefit is the fast money and career performance toward a permanent raise in pay.

The Sims 3 Into the Future Astronomy Career: Space Explorers can Find Star Dust and Dark Matter when Traveling to Simulon V at Level 10
Travel to Simulon V: Dark Matter, Star Dust, and Paintings Space Explorers Can Find

The Sims Astronomer Space Explorer Career Branch
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Metrics &
Work Promotion Factors
6Moon WalkerMon-Fri 1PM-7PM$167/hr, $1002/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (4), Athletic (4)
7Prober of PlanetsMon-Fri 1PM-7PM$250/hr, $1500/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (5), Athletic (5)
8Solar SailorMon-Fri 3PM-7PM$438/hr, $1752/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (6), Athletic (6)
9Galaxian GuruMon-Fri 4PM-8PM$500/hr, $2000/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (6), Athletic (6)
10Beam CommanderMon-Fri 5PM-8PM$1000/hr, $3000/dayMood, Co-Workers, Advanced Technology (7), Athletic (7)

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Caitlin says...
@ Caroline

While in Oasis Landing, click on the menu button on the very bottom left of the screen(where you would click to quit) and select "Edit Town". While in edit mode, click on the Stellar Observatory and save a copy of it to your library.
12th July 2014 3:55pm
Kirsty says...
Are either of the careers affected by university? E.g. Will doing a science degree get you higher in the career etc
26th December 2013 8:22am
Skyte says...
I don't believe so. Probably because what you could learn in University today would be completely useless X centuries from now. Although you would be an expert on a chapter of history...
25th January 2014 4:36am
Caroline says...
How can we install the Stellar Observatory in the home world? In Edit mode, I cannot find it to place it in the present.
14th February 2014 4:17pm
Miguel says...
You´ll have to bulldozer a big place, or place first a 60x60 lot.
16th August 2015 12:27pm
Miguel says...
Does anybody know if this counts as for LTW Scientific Specialist?
13th August 2015 7:22pm
Sarah Kuykendall says...
I didn't get it. I think I'll go back to the past and do a science career.
14th August 2015 3:32am
Miguel says...
Yup, thought might not, so just turn LTW into Jack of all trades. Thank you anyway!
16th August 2015 12:28pm
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