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The Sims 3 Supernatural: Fortune Teller

A Career Track Guide for Mystics and Scam Artists

The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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A Fortune Teller in The Sims 3 Supernatural gives a private reading.
Giving a Private Reading

Fortune Teller is a Career Track introduced in The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion. You can become a fortune teller by clicking the gypsy wagon in town or using the computer/newspaper to hunt for a job. This new career allows Sims to deliver fortunes and palm readings to Sims and earn money doing it. The Career veers into two paths, the Mystic and Scam Artist paths. Each have their own perks.

Rising in the Ranks
The Clientele metric kicks in early in this career. It stays a big deal if you're to be a Mystic, but disappears entirely if you choose the Scam Artist path (with good reason since they are not very nice to clients). The Clientele metric works just as it does with Staff in other careers. Get bumps in relationship status with Sims and the metric will gradually turn green. If you're going Mystic definitely meet all Clientele early using the Meet Clientele option. That way, you can start working on these relationships early.

At level two, Fortune Tellers can Perform Private Readings. The Private Readings metric looks at your total number of private readings performed, so if you begin doing them early it will count for the later levels. Choose early between Mystic and Scam Artist, and you can begin working on those associated skills early as well. Later in the career the hours are very short and it's hard to get a promotion within two days if these metrics are yellow. Of course, the Workaholic trait will help a lot as you can work at home from the computer.

Private readings are an OK money maker when you put your Sim in a highly trafficked area like a big park. Don't bother doing two readings on one Sim, as it will be rejected for the next 8 hours after one is completed. A level 4 Fortune teller has a 60% chance of a Terrible reading (base $15), 25% Passible ($35), 10% Good ($70), and 5% Great ($150).

The Sims 3 Fortune Teller Career
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Promotion Factors
1Horoscope ReaderM,W, F-Sun 1-5PM$17/hour, $68/day Mood
2Fortune GuesserM,W, F-Sun 1-6PM$24/hour, $120/dayMood, Clientele (1 Acquaintance*)
3Vague VisionaryM,W, F-Sun 1-7PM$30/hour, $180/day Mood, Clientele (1 Friend)
4Palm ReaderM, W, F-Sun 1-7PM$38/hour, $228/dayMood, Clientele (2 Friends), Private Readings Performed
5Metaphysical FabricatorM, W, F-Sun 1-7PM$48/hour, $288/dayMood, Clientele (2 Friends, 1 Acquaintance), Private Readings Performed

*These estimate the levels of friendship you'd need to maximize that metric. The metric goes up with each level of friendship, so 2 friends and 1 acquantance would be 5 levels. You can accomplish the same with a BFF and 1 acquaintance as that is also 5 levels of friendship.


The Master of Mysticism (uniform pictured) has a glowing blue aura. This is next to the gypsy cart where fortune tellers work.
A Mystic's Aura next to the Gypsy wagon.

Mystics are much better than Scam Artists at Private Readings. Sims are more likely to accept a reading, the success rate is higher and they receive a triple multiplier to any money earned. So, at level 10 a Mystic can earn a minimum of $450 for a perfect reading.

They require Alchemy, which can be learned easily at the Library. Naturally you can buy your own Alchemy station and take to making potions in your Sim's spare time. Use the Peer into the Unknown work tone to practice Alchemy while working.

Mystics get a 20% discount at the potion shop at level 7.

The Sims 3 Fortune Teller: Mystic Path
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Promotion Factors
6Conjurer of Cheap TricksM, W, F-Sun 1-6PM$63/hour, $378/dayMood, Clientele (Good Friend, Friend, Acquaintance), Private Readings Performed, Alchemy (6)
7Spiritual GuideW, F-Sun 1-6PM$80/hour, $400/dayMood, Clientele (3 Friends), Private Readings Performed, Alchemy (7)
8Traveler of Time and SpaceW, F-Sun 1-6PM$118/hour, $590/day Mood, Clientele (2 Friends, 1 Best Friend), Private Readings Performed, Alchemy (8)
9Dealer of DestiniesF-Sun 1-5PM$207/hour, $828/dayMood, Clientele (2 Best Friends, Friend), Private Readings Performed, Alchemy (10)
10Master of MysticismSat-Sun 1-5PM$450/hour, $1800/dayMood, Clientele (3 Good Friends), Private Readings Performed, Alchemy (10)

Celebrity Psychic

The Celebrity Psychic Uniform. They can perform Psychic Conventions.

Celebrity Psychics aren't as good at readings as Mystics, but do see better results than regular Fortune Tellers. This branch requires Charisma and Logic. Hopefully those first Clientele can help you to start raising Charisma early. Logic can be learned at work with the Study Body Language work tone, but the hours are so short you should probably be using the Really Sell it tone at all times to advance efficiently.

The Celebrity Psychic's special is the Hold Psychic Convention ability. You can hold a convention by clicking the theater in town. This can only be done once every three days, with conventions taking 6 Sim hours. A Sim can make as little as $750 doing this, or as much as $10000 Simoleons. The option will reappear after 72h.

As you can see above, the males wear a slick black suit.

The Sims 3 Fortune Teller: Scam Artist Track
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Promotion Factors
6Tarot Card SharkTues-Sat 1-6PM$75/hour, $375/dayMood, Private Readings Performed, Charisma (6)
7Keen Observer of Human BehaviorWed-Sat 1-6PM$130/hour, $650/day Mood, Private Readings Performed, Charisma (8), Logic (8)
8Pseudo PsychicThu-Sat 1-5PM$249/hour, $996/day Mood, Charisma (9), Logic (9)
9MetaphysicianThu-Sat 1-5PM$381/hour, $1524/day Mood, Charisma (10), Logic (10)
10Celebrity PsychicThu-Sat 1-4PM$768/hour, $2304/dayMood, Charisma (10), Logic (10)

The Sims 3 Careers
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Fortune TellerGhost HunterHorsemanInventorJournalismLaw Enforcement
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StylistTeacherVideo Game Developer

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CarlroksXD says...
I have the a glitch. I am level 10 in the fortune telling career and people keep on booing my everywhere I go. All my relationship bars are going down really fast and now my own kid is my enemy. I know this sounds really weird but I woke up one morning and a wife and teenager and kid and toddler disappeared. I don't know if they moved out or
if they are out somewhere but I have been waiting, like, 10 days for them to get back.
13th November 2013 2:17pm
scintilly says...
Sims is glitchy enough that i thought this was a bug before i found out it IS an EA mechanic:

sims with the Good, Friendly, or Family-Oriented traits OR science career will hate your LV 10 mystic sim (blue glow).

this is the same mechanic as the Emperor of Evil (red glow).

only way to fix it is change traits on other sims (cheat shift+click) or quit job.
25th October 2017 8:22pm
scintilly says...
Once you modify traits or quit the job, use a Jar of Potent Friendship to restore the relationships!

Dont know what to tell you about the vanishing household, though :(
25th October 2017 8:31pm
augustas says...
22nd November 2013 10:22am
TabbyCat says...
My gypsy wagons are all glitching. Regardless of me building new ones or replacing them, my game does not register the Fortune Teller career. No interactions are available with the wagon, and every new wagon I buy is the same. If I try and give my sim the lifetime wish relating to the career, when I go to play as the sim, it tells me that I need to select a lifetime wish for the sim, as it no longer has one, and the fortune teller one is no longer in the list. Why, and how can I fix it?
29th May 2013 6:39pm
Jasmin says...
How to call a fortune teller on sims 3 on computer ?
Go down to the Gypsy Caravan.
14th July 2013 7:08am
Laura Maloney says...
How do I find the fortune teller wagon
4th September 2018 12:56pm
Playalot says...
If you are not playing in Moonlight Falls you will have to place this lot yourself in build mode, edit world.
5th September 2018 5:22am
Leah says...
I am playing Riverview and can't find the gypsy wagon anywhere. Does anyone know where it is? If Riverview doesn't have one, can anyone tell me how to place one?
11th December 2013 10:45pm
Jeannita says...
you have add to spot where you wanted is how mine
1st August 2014 11:49pm
scintilly says...
i play my supernatural content in dragon valley, so i put my Gypsy Caravan in the backyard of a tavern. all the features work.

Gypsy Caravan object found in Edit Town Build Mode.
26th October 2017 3:19pm
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