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This Sims 3 FAQ was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Ask questions and help me build a huge Sims 3 FAQ.
Our Sims 3 FAQ is a work in progress. I need people to ask more questions to help it grow.

Welcome to my Sims 3 FAQ. Here you'll find answers to FAQs about getting around the interface (moving item stacks), where to find objects like aquariums, information about aging, and buying clothes. If you have a question for the Sims 3 FAQ, please contact us at our The Sims 3 Forum. If I can't answer your question, maybe another Simmer can!

Sims 3 System Performance and File FAQs

What are the Sims 3 System Requirements?

The Sims 3 Windows XP System Requirements

  • 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  • The latest version of DirectX 9.0c
  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games

    The Sims 3 Windows Vista System Requirements

  • 2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games

    The Sims 3 Mac OS X System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard or higher
  • Intel Core Duo Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • ATI X1600 or Nvidia 7300 GT with 128 MB of Video RAM, or Intel Integrated GMA X3100.
  • At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games
  • This game will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems, or the GMA 950 class of integrated video cards.

    What Graphics Cards Does the Sims 3 Support?
    This information comes from the Official Sims 3 Site. Keep in mind that if you are using a laptop, and your graphics are on board, you may not experience great results with the graphics if it barely makes the list.

    NVIDIA GeForce series:
    FX 5900, FX 5950 6200, 6500, 6600, 6800, 7200, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950, 8400, 8500, 8600, 8800, 9300, 9400, 9500, 9600, 9800, G100, GT 120, GT 130, GTS 150, GTS 250, GTX 260, GTX 280, GTX 285, GTX 295

    ATI Radeon™ series:
    9500, 9600, 9800, X300, X600, X700, X800, X850, X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950, 2400, 2600, 2900, 3450, 3650, 3850, 3870, 4850, 4870

    Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA):
    GMA 3-Series, GMA 4-Series

    So clearly, most newer mainstream graphics cards will work well with the game.

    The Sims 3 is slow, laggy and almost annoying to try to play. What can I do to increase the game performance and frame rate?
    While I can't know your system stats, I can advise you to try to tweak with the graphics settings. If you want to see what noticable impact each setting makes when you change it, open the cheat console using Control + Shift + C and type fps on. This will show you how many frames per second the game is running at, useful to see what settings are causing the biggest slowdown in framerate.

    Usually, the biggest impacts on frame rate can be made by ensuring that edge smoothing is off and the resolution is at the lowest setting you can tolerate. If you have a widescreen monitor and a poor pc, you might be out of luck as it takes a bit more muscle to run the game at 1680x1050 resolution. It goes without saying, but please make sure there aren't any programs running in the background. Antivirus scanners can cause a lot of trouble with system performance.

    If all else fails, an upgrade may be in order. Consult your local geek!

    Is the Sims 3 Multiplayer?
    In a word, no. You can't really interact with other players as it's a single player game. You can buy stuff from the store for real cash and share your Sims' experiences with friends. Overall, they've made it a bit more friendly to content sharing but that's about it.

    How do I transfer my saved games to another computer?
    Find your Sims 3 folder in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves. Copy them to your flash drive, or email them to yourself at the other machine and place them in the save folder in the same location.

    Where are the Sims 3 Screenshots stored?
    They're in the My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Screenshots folder along with the videos folder and the custom music folder where you can place your own mp3s to listen to on the radio in-game.

    My Saved Game is corrupted and no longer visible in the game launcher. How do I recover my Sims 3 save game files?
    I've written detailed instructions for resolving this corrupted game issue, and using the backup saved games files in this forum thread. You do not need to register to view these instructions.

    Sims 3 Interface and Menu FAQs

    How can I see the individual items in a stack?
    Click the triangle in the upper left corner of the image. This expands the view of each item. This is useful for queueing up multiple smelts of gold for a collector, or ensuring you are planting the best quality produce in your inventory.

    How do I sell multiple items to the Supermarket?
    This is a really useful tip for gardeners and fishermen, because they will often have massive stacks of food in their inventories. You can sell many of a single fruit, vegetable or fish type by adding one to the grocery list, then typing in the number you want to sell in the text box on the sell list, on the right side of the panel.

    How do I put multiple items in the refrigerator?
    This is simple, but easy to overlook. When you are selecting items in your Sim's inventory to drag to the fridge, click the blue arrow in the top corner instead of the actual portrait. If you do this, you'll drag the whole stack rather than one item at a time. Be sure to store food from your gardening and fishing endeavours so they don't spoil and you can later use them for cooking.

    Note that if you are making the perfect private aquarium, you'll need to have a room full of these small fish bowls to complete the lifetime wish.

    Where is a clothing store? How can my Sim get more clothes?
    There is no clothing store as of yet in the Sims 3. Instead, your Sims always have access to the full wardrobe the Sims 3 has to offer. To access the clothing, use a dresser or wardrobe. Click it, and select plan outfit. This will take you to build a sim mode, where you can modify each type of outfit your Sim will wear. I wish there could be more outfits!

    How do I sell my Sim's Rocks, Gems, Seeds, Books, Insects, Metal Ingots, or other stuff they find?
    This is an easily overlooked feature that will allow you to sell your Sim's collected items from their inventory, without going to town. To sell an item anywhere, click the item and drag it to the simoleon icon to the left of the inventory. The game will ask if you really want to sell the item. Do it, and you're done. As far as I know, this is the only way to sell items like space rocks, gems and seeds. You should donate insects, like butterflies and beetles to the Science Lab in town for more money.

    Sims 3 Gameplay FAQs

    What are, and How Many, Personality Traits are in the Game?
    A lot of people wonder this. I can understand, as the number of personality traits will lend a lot of replayability to the game. You shouldn't be disappointed, as there are a grand total of 63 distinct regular personality traits (click to see a full list) in vanilla Sims 3. There are also a number of hidden traits that can only be chosen by babies born under a Sim with a particular career.

    How many Skills are in the Sims 3?
    I consider there to be eleven skills in the Sims 3. Alphabetically: Athletic, Charisma, Collecting, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, Guitar, Handiness, Logic, Painting, and Writing. Collecting isn't like the other skills. You don't improve it like the others, but your Sims can complete skill challenges that give the skill bonuses. I suppose this makes sense, as you're only picking things up. Still, it is listed in the skill journal and features many challenges to unlock.

    What's the best way to make money in the Sims 3?
    In short, there is no one best way to earn money in the Sims 3, but there are a lot of good ways. Earning the upper promotions in any career path will provide a solid, steady salary that should be enough to sustain any Sim's lifestyle. All of them provide nice money, but some are far better than others. Look to my Sims 3 Career Guide for information on the differences between the uppermost career positions. I really feel that the self-employed skills are best, most powerful money-making tools.

    Painting and Writing can both earn hefty sums of money, although providing just enough profit to cover the bills at first. Authors and Artists can both be shut-ins with the hates the outdoors trait and never leave the house for anything. That doesn't sound like a very good life, but they can earn a lot of money by focusing on building wealth.

    Gardening has perhaps even more potential but requires more effort on the part of your Sim. A husband and wife team that could start tending the garden on opposite ends of a farm could make very good money. They'd be rich in no time with a nice automatic sprinkler system and the challenges completed that cut back on weeds.

    Playing guitar is hit and miss money-wise. I found that on some days there just weren't many people out in the town. You can of course alleviate this by pausing the game and having a look at the town to see where you can get at least 3-4 listeners. Even doing your best, you never know exactly how much money you'll make in a given day.

    To read more about the various ways to make money in the Sims 3 that doesn't involve being in a career, read my Sims 3 Money Making Guide

    I recommend any type of job where you are self-employed because you have control over the hours you work! You can also work longer hours, and thus earn even more money than the Sims stuck behind a desk.

    Help! My Sim isn't getting any opportunities
    If you're a work at home Sim, such as a gardener, you should know that you won't be getting career opportunities. Also, your Sim can only have one opportunity of each type at one time. With this in mind, have a look at your opportunties tab and see if an opportunity is already listed that needs to be completed (or deleted by right-clicking) before a new one will present itself.

    When will my Sim grow old and die?
    If you wonder how many days your Sim will still be alive, look in the Simology tab in the interface. There will be a bar between two Sim silhouettes. This is the aging bar, and it will say how many days it will take for your Sim to reach the age transition. Once they're an elder, the only age transition is death. Once a Sim reaches the maximum age, they will fall over dead at random, usually within a few days. Looking here, you can see how long it will be until a baby grows into a toddler, or a young adult into a mature adult.

    To change your Sims' life spans, go to the options menu and the game options tab. There you can increase or reduce Sims' Life Spans, and disable aging all together. You needn't worry about your Sim having a random heart attack at old age. Their day of death is set in stone. The only thing you need fear are cases of preventable death, such as electrocution, fire, starvation and drowning. Having a single death flower in your Sim's inventory will help to save them from the reaper, as they can give it in exchange for their life.

    My Sim is already an elder! How can I make them younger?
    Unfortunately, you can't. Not even eating ambrosia will restore youth - it will push them back to the beginning of that life stage. Life fruit will also make Sims younger, by one day.

    How can I stop my Sims from having children, getting married, aging, and making crazy life choices while I'm playing another household in the same save game?
    If you want your Sim's household to stay the way you left it while you're playing a different family, go to the game options menu and uncheck enable story progression.

    How Many Skills Can a Sim Master in the Sims 3?
    You can master all of the skills in the game. This may or may not be possible depending on how the aging setting is configured in your game.

    How Can I change my Sim's Name in The Sims 3?
    You can change a Sim's name by clicking on the city hall building in Live Mode. Note that the change name option only appears in the day time.

    How do I Steal?
    If you wonder how to steal in the Sims 3, know that you're going to need the kleptomaniac trait. Then, you can steal at night time while on another lot. You can only steal something three times per night. This works on Sims' homes and public lots that are out in the open (sorry, no more art gallery heists). Target rich Sims for your theft, like the Landgraabs and Agnes Crumplebottom. Sims can even steal cars and furniture. After your Sim steals, they can click a mailbox to return the stolen item.

    Sims 3 Gameplay Troubleshooting FAQs

    I cannot assist you with hardware and other technical troubleshooting

    Where are the Aquariums in the Sims 3? I can't find them.
    Aquariums are found under the study tab in buy mode's sort by room. Click the easel, which is the skills and hobbies tab. The first item is an aquarium, which is small. I hope they will make a new aquarium for the game at some point, so we could have multiple fish. I suppose it would look silly for a Shark to swim next to a Minnow, but then again shrinking a 100kg swordfish to the size of a bowling ball is already a stretch of the imagination.

    What is up with this Unfinished Room?
    If you are having trouble getting rid of an unfinished room, look to make sure every tile in the room has a floor and wall covering of some kind. If your walls are down or cutaway, consider raising the walls because it can be hard to click the unfinished sections of walls near doors. Rotate the camera and make sure every spot on the wall is covered!

    Where is the fireplace in the Sims 3?
    The fireplaces are actually purchased in build mode. In build mode, look to the house model and click the chimney for fireplaces.

    Does the Sims 3 even have a Hot Tub? I can't find it!
    That's what I said! My Playboy Sim wants WooHoo in the hot yub. Sadly, the Sims 3 just doesn't have a hot tub yet. It appears that Electronic Arts is either going to offer it in the Sims Store, or release it with an expansion. I'm excited for the inevitable arrival of the hot tub, because most objects in the Sims 3 have many more actions tied to them than before. The hot tub is sure to have more romantic and relaxation actions once it's made available.

    Sims 3 Lifetime Wish, Reward and Happiness Point FAQs

    What are Lifetime Happiness points in the Sims 3 and how do I get them?
    Lifetime Happiness are points gained when Sims are happy. Every second they're happy, they'll get a point. If you complete wishes, you can get instant lifetime happiness points, which can be hundreds or thousands of points. Completing a lifetime wish will infuse your Sim with a large, usually over 30,000 point boost, to lifetime happiness points.

    What are Lifetime Rewards? How many Lifetime Rewards Can a Sim Buy?

    Lifetime rewards can be purchased with lifetime happiness points. There is no limit to how many lifetime rewards your Sim can buy. To view a list of all lifetime rewards, go to my Lifetime Reward Guide/List.

    What happens when my Sim completes their Lifetime Wish? Can I choose another wish?
    Sims can only have one lifetime wish. They can switch wishes using a lifetime reward, but once completed this option is gone. So, your Sim can only complete one lifetime wish, ever. Completing the wish will give your Sim a massive boost to lifetime happiness points, and give them a mood boost for a day or so. So, other than the points there's no real bonus.

    My Sim's Lifetime Wish is to Marry a Rich Sim. Who are the Rich Sims in Sunset Valley and Riverview?
    So, you elected to play the Gold Digger. I won't bother to list every rich Sim, as I'm not seeing a point for it. I can tell you one great tip for finding a rich Sim that's sure to work. You can simply go to the map view, and look for the mansions in the town. Since your Sims can get out in the world in this incarnation of the franchise, you can simply head to the houses and ring the doorbell. Do it at a respectable hour! Meet and greet the rich folks in the town and get to work schmoozing your target! Read about the Gold Digger lifetime wish, and how I completed it here

    Share Tips and FAQs (50)

    Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers.

    Jordan says...
    HELP! I had my computer wiped out and now I can not reinstall my Sims 3, I do not have the code anymore and I do not remember registering it on the site, is there anything I can do???
    10th February 2014 11:16pm
    Naomi Dark says...
    Hi my sims supernatural is annoying me, I don't want my sims to grow up fast and when I change it in the settings I can't save it because there's no tick to click on to save it because the screen is zoomed in and I don't know how to zoom it out please help me I've tried everything even game properties. Also it's annoying me that my favourite sims are one elders because I can't find a way to set the ageing without the tick at the bottom of the page I didn't zoom it in it just came like that and I'm really eager to have it done very very soon .
    1st January 2014 2:55pm
    Danielle says...
    I know everyone's moved on to the sims 4 but I prefer the sims 3,
    I have all o the expansion packs installed but I am missing interactions in my game. I noticed this while watching an LP.
    I'm missing interactions such as "ask about age" or "ask about gender preference" or something like that. I'm sure I'm missing more than those but that's all I can come up with for now. Is there an update I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
    19th October 2015 3:22am
    Danyzta says...
    I'm pretty sure those are mods... Because the game itself does not care about gender preference. A sim can romance both males and females.
    1st September 2018 6:18pm
    Gloria says...
    I lost my sims 3 box and can't download the base game to my computer without it. Is there a consequence to using a (valid) code I found on yahoo answers? It works and everything but could something happen to my computer?
    25th December 2013 4:14pm
    Robyn says...
    I have sims 3 with supernatural, ambition,pets and world adventure but I can't use any of the towns! This is a pain as I can't use the facilities for each expansion. Only one town will fully load. Please help !!
    19th February 2014 2:24pm
    Leya says...
    Hi there,

    Does anyone know how to get a wall to go next to, attach, to a foundation and how to make it flat so I can put a wall on top of the foundation and use a door on it?! I have put the wall next to the foundation using the CFE cheat then I used the flattening tool to make the wall the same height as the foundation but now when I put a wall up, the doors won't fit properly and the top half is blocked out because of the wall in top of the foundation. Really need to know so if anyone can help I'd be really grateful.

    Thanks :)
    23rd March 2014 7:42pm
    Lelanie Ras says...
    Please help,my sims3 freezes completely when I open the game,how can I fix this without having to re-install the game
    20th February 2014 12:29pm
    Emma says...
    How do you remove a negative moodlet? I tried clicking on it, and yes I typed in tetingcheatsenabled true in the main menu, but no matter how much I click on a negative moodlet it doesn't dissapear.
    Please help me!
    25th March 2014 2:31pm
    you're welcome says...
    testingcheatsenabled true, then control+click on the moodlet
    28th July 2014 5:31am
    Chrisi says...
    I just got married in the game and now I can't switch between my players. I have 7 people in one house but can only control one! Please help!
    12th April 2014 10:30pm
    Becky says...
    Question for Carl and other users please!

    If you install multiple expansion packs, would all of there individual unique items be accessible in the base game, and can you use all of them with one family??

    21st April 2014 7:53am
    Hamster Girl says...
    I installed my sims 3 game together with its expansion packs in my external hard drive, in order to save space for my pc. I launched the game using the Game Launcher in the Hard drive's Sims 3 folder and the CD.

    However, I noticed that the game automatically created an Electronic Arts folder in my pc's Documents, where all Saved games are located, instead of saving them in my hard drive. Therefore the result of saving the game every time eats my Drive C's memory space from 52 GB it has been reduced to 46 GB.

    What should I do? I can't play for long because every save will just eat all the memory. It's useless installing the game in the external hard drive if the game will automatically save in the computer. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.
    25th May 2014 2:27am
    Someone says...
    Hi! I need answer on what the systen requirements is on windows 8.1 and on windows 7 home edition.
    And can you have one starterpack on more computers without having them syncronized? And for that matter, how.
    1st June 2014 3:04am
    Ginger says...
    Help! I am trying to unlock all of the uncharted islands in isla paradiso but I'm having problems with one! Refuge island is the only island I need but the "ask for adventure" option does not show up when I talk to the clerk at sparkling sands. I started a new game with my sim I used in an old game, and completed the received the island with no problem. Does anyone know why it's not showing up in my new game??
    24th April 2018 8:13pm
    Playalot says...
    Have you tried resetting the Hotel Clerk? Or going home and then re-booking in for another 2 nights?
    24th April 2018 9:32pm
    Vivi says...
    Can you use sims 3 expansion packs on the MacBook
    10th November 2015 9:17pm
    Kandy says...
    My Husband/father sim died while I was offline for a few days, left them sleeping, he was the sole bread winner, need him back. What happened and is there anyway to get him back
    10th November 2015 5:43pm
    Carlee says...
    Help! My Sims 3 is acting up! I recently downloaded mods/cc plus an update, and when I went in game and clicked on other Sims to interact, nothing came up! I know it isn't the mods, so please help me!!
    3rd November 2015 11:40am
    Connie Hayse says...
    I have played Sims1 and Sims2. I bought Sims3 and a bunch of expansion and stuff packs and 2 months after installing them I quit playing. No matter what I do all of my Sims families are aging and going on with their lives. Story Progression on or off makes no difference. Meaning I can never created and control a full community of Sims and I am literally distraught over this. I feel like I have been cheated by the developers of the game. They ruined it for me and I wasted over $130 in games.....crying in Florida.
    12th September 2015 1:29pm
    Emma says...
    Does anyone know how to get your sim pregnant from an alien?
    10th August 2014 3:11pm
    Lolly says...
    I have an opportunity that is called Excellence you can taste. I need to have 0/1 serving on any recipe. I have done the ...serve recipe and put it into my backpack but that did not work. I also tried just making the recipe and putting that into my backpack but that also did not work. How do I do this?
    24th July 2014 8:53pm
    carla adams says...
    If I buy the Sims 3 on Xbox 360 and then buy the Sims 3 pets will that be extension to my game or do you have to play them individually?
    7th July 2014 12:43pm
    Jasmine says...
    I can't login in to the sims community!! i have made a whole profile but it wont accept my password and when it does it says my profile isnt finished! I finished my profile 3 years ago and it still wont let me login!! EA support is not responding back and i am getting REALLY MAD! im about ready t stop playing this game and unintall everything!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
    7th October 2017 4:30pm
    Playalot says...
    Found this old thread that may be helpful:
    Have a read through and see if it is the same problem as you are having.

    The reason EA may not be responding to you is it may be outside their business hours.

    We also have an EA/Origin Tips page that may have what you need:
    7th October 2017 10:27pm
    Amba says...
    why aren't all of my expansion packs combining, it was working then i put two more stuff packs on and now i get no packs in my game.
    16th February 2014 3:25am
    Kim says...
    I just bought Sims 3 for the ps3 and I don't have enough space I need 1243 mb of space I am trying to use a 8 gb flash drive to install it, and I have no clue how to do it. Please help.
    14th February 2014 10:49am
    Christy says...
    I am trying to pick a different expansion pack to play and unpick another one but when I open the game it says that I cant use the family without the other expansion pack but they slow my game down and even clitch if I pick more then two packs. What do I do?
    29th June 2017 8:21pm
    Christy says...
    Oh and this is on PC sims 3
    29th June 2017 8:22pm
    Playalot says...
    Have you tried saving this family to your sims library and then starting a brand new game with them?
    30th June 2017 10:06pm
    Jenn says...
    (Sims 3) my sim is a gold digger and she wants to know if a sim is rich or not. How do i go about finding this information out? I'm playing on a PC.
    26th June 2017 10:47am
    Playalot says...
    This guide here might help you:
    Also you can learn about the various townies in this forum thread
    26th June 2017 8:06pm
    Bella says...
    Hey! Do you have any ways to fix this glitch where my sims won't complete their actions? Soon after I tell them to do a action, the little que thingy just disappears. It doesn't even X out, it just goes away and they don't do the action. They won't eat, sleep, go to work etc. Please answer! Thanks :)
    26th May 2013 10:22pm
    allycatbentley says...
    Hi! Have you tried resetting your sim. This has happened to mine quiet a bit. press shift+ctrl+c at the same time and a box will appear on the top of the screen. Type in the box- restsim firstname lastname
    Example- resetsim carter schwan. (that was the sim I was playing with when this first happened to me) Hope this helps!
    29th July 2014 12:15pm
    victoria says...
    I wanted a large front door but couldnt find one i like so i decided to use two single doors instead but wondered if there was a way to turn the door round so that both door handles were in the middle rather than both being on the same side
    Yes.  When placing the door just move your mouse like you do with windows or other items to change the direction of the green placement arrow.
    12th June 2013 6:13pm
    Lee says...
    My hard drive broke, and I had a bunch of sims 3 games installed. Can I reinstall the same games even though the serial codes have already been used on my previous hard drive???
    What matters is if you registered them on the website only once.  Yes you can reinstall them.  I've installed my Sims games on a PC & a Mac.
    22nd July 2013 5:41pm
    KeetheKeeper says...
    My Mac stopped reading sims so we are moving it to my moms PC (Also its a laptop) Will all my sims previous memory be there? (From the Mac)
    You would need to move your save games and other files after you install it if you want to keep playing the same games as before.  All Sims, downloads and saves are saved on the computer in the "The Sims 3" folder.
    23rd July 2013 5:21pm
    liz says...
    my laptop just came back from having the hardrive replaced, and it wasn't backed up. will I be able to reinstall sims 3 and hidden springs on it? i downloaded origin and sims didn't even show up on there....
    6th August 2013 9:58pm
    Frost says...
    Help! My sim suddenly turned pure black (except for her hair) and when I tried to make her go on a date with her boyfriend, the 'Choose Destination' window was really messed up. She just had her birthday from teen to young adult, and her younger brother is having similar problems. I used cheats to change her looks, and that's when the problems started.
    14th August 2013 4:05pm
    Sariah says...
    I love playing sims but after a while of playing it my screen will flash saying "auto adjust" and the brightness with change after a couple times of my screen doing that then it will make the action bar as if its not there so i cant change time or buy things or even save and quit. Please help.
    18th August 2013 7:18pm
    Becki says...
    i really need some help i am building a house with 3 levels but it wont allow me to put doors on walls that are on platforms. is there a way round this or have i done something wrong??
    6th September 2013 1:53pm
    allycatbentley says...
    Hi! I've had troubles with that too. Did you check the roof? Sometimes it puts an automatic roof on. Just go to the place that you find the roof in build mode and hit turn auto roof off. Hope this helps
    29th July 2014 11:57am
    medina says...
    when I was in the game I entered the serial code in to many times and now it wont let me entered it in anymore. it says to go to a website but the website is useless what do I do
    2nd October 2013 4:31am
    emma says...
    how do you uninstall an expansion pack sims 3 but not completely eradicate it from your computer???
    23rd November 2013 4:14am
    Amelia says...
    Ok so I have sims 3 downloaded on my computer, but sadly it broke... Can I install the games I have on my new one?
    25th November 2013 7:49pm
    janelle says...
    I have only installed the sims 3 life stories so far on my pc. if i purchase the sims generation expansion pack will it work??

    im always confused on what games need to be installed before i play other specific sim games.
    22nd December 2013 12:34pm
    Emma says...
    Can I install the base game on two computers at the same time? Will one uninstall if the other is updated?
    26th December 2013 9:23pm
    Allycatbentley says...
    Hi!I have my base game installed onto 3 computers and they all work. So yours should too. :)
    29th July 2014 12:09pm
    Cheryl Anderson says...
    Can I install the sims3 on a different computer?? Can I over ride the serial number so I can install the game on a different computer??
    27th December 2013 6:12pm
    Kat says...
    HELP!!!I made a beautiful horse ranch I used the cheat to move objects and stuff it turned out really well. but after I added a family to it things started going off. first my mailbox went missing but i managed to recover it. but after that pieces started disappearing my veggie garden,flowers,decorations and stuff. i tried evicting my fam moving the lot and back again as well as deleting it and replacing it. nothing works! i know the items are still there just hiding! any advice on how to fix this?!!
    9th September 2019 5:13pm
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