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The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack Guide

A List of New Gameplay Features for ItF

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack
Time TravelerUtopia & DystopiaLegacy StatuesDescendantsAdvanced TechBot Building
Laser Rhythm-a-conPlumbotsTrait ChipsAstronomy CareerBot Arena CareerNanites
The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion
The Sims 3 Into the Future Splash Screen

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack introduces a new Futuristic World and Skills, Careers, Objects, Sim clothing and hairstyles to fit the experience. This summary of Expansion features will let you know what you'll get when you buy Into the Future and link you to in-depth strategy guides for the new gameplay elements. Into the Future is the last Expansion Pack, heralding The Sims 4 which is currently planned for release in Fall 2014. With some exploration, you will find little easter eggs and teasers for TS4. I'll feature plenty of screenshots on this page to show off this beautiful Expansion.

Oasis Landing, Future World of The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack
A View of the Future: Oasis Landing

The Future World of Oasis Landing
Oasis Landing is not a world you choose when creating a new game, but one that Sims can travel to (much like a travel destination in World Adventures or Attending Sim University. When first loading the game, a Time Traveler named Emit Relevart will appear and give you an Opportunity to help him. Once this easy task is completed, you are given an Almanac of Time and the ability to use the Time Portal to visit the Future. While a Sim (or Group of Sims) is in Oasis Landing, time will freeze back home while the Sims time traveling will continue to age and may gain skills, join careers, or simply have fun and enjoy Futuristic amenities.

If you are looking for a Time Portal, you can find them in Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Outdoors > Outdoor Activies. It's the Wellsian Time Portal for $725. The Portal that appears in your world can be Deactivated and then placed in your Sim's inventory, so you can choose where you place it. While the portal is active, click Travel to the Future (or Travel to the Future with..) to head on in.

Life in the Future

Time Portal
The Time Traveler, Emit Relevart, and the Time Portal

An Introduction to the Future
Most of the more complex mechanics are covered further in this guide, but there are some interesting things about Oasis Landing and the technology that developed over the years. First, there is no Ocean, but a Wasteland outside any of the Futures you visit. I'll leave reading the storyline and discovering why up to you. Advanced Technology reigns and Sim life fully revolves around it. Cars hover and Sims can get around on the ZEPHYR monorail system, pictured above. Elevators are engineered into tubes that move faster than usual and televisions are now projected like holograms in ultra high definition. The internet has been changed to a holoweb and the floating Orb computers can be used anywhere. Plumbots serve Sims in shops and out in town, while others are Sentient and free-thinking Robots. You are able to buy and upgrade these. Sims can get around on Windcarvers, which are like skateboards that hover. This can be used instead of walking when you click it in the inventory. Sims can also travel by Jet Pack, but you should be aware of the dangers of that activity and have plenty of Advanced Technology skill to use them, so see that section on this page. In fact, many of the new objects depend upon your Advanced Technology skill level to determine what will happen when you use them and the animations Sims use while performing those actions.

the ZEPHYR transportation system helps Sims get around in the Future
The ZEPHYR Monorail helps Sims get around Oasis Landing

Sims eat with Food Replicators instead of Stoves (which can't even be bought as far as I can tell), and have access to all-in-one bathrooms to take care of Hygiene and Bladder needs at once, or a Sonic Shower for a quick cleansing. You may fill your social need with the new holo disc, which is like a digital pet that can be shared with other Sims and even change forms, which you can collect. Overall, the Future provides Sims a much easier life and most everything is more efficient although I found transportation tracking to be a little lacking without owning an Automobile or having skill to safely use a Jet Pack.

If you really like the Future World and want to build a Home there, you can do so by using the Cell Phone. Most of the homes are expensive and so are lots, but that's just what happens... inflation, eh? The Future isn't very Child-friendly and you can't really raise them there, so treat it as a vacation for them and let them attend regular school in the Present. It doesn't mean they can't benefit from Future Tech, however.

Track your Sim's Descendants with the Almanac of Time
The Almanac of Time will show your Sim's Descendants, Changing based on your Family Size and Wealth

One thing is consistent in either of the three Timelines. Your family will have persisted through the years and you'll have Descendents. Depending on your family net worth and family composition/size, you will have different Descendents in varying circumstances living in the Future. There may be many poor descendents living in a home or a lone wealthy Sim in a mansion, all depending on how wealthy your Sims are and how many children they've had. So, you will get different outcomes when you travel back and forth, earning more money, getting married, and having or adopting children. Moving in friends will also result in them having some Descendents, so your entire Household is checked. You will be told when you have changed the future through your gameplay in the present, and notified of the address of any future Descendents when you once again enter the Time Portal.

a Sim kissing a Plumbot
Sims and Plumbots can have Romance with the right Trait Chips Installed

New mechanical residents of the Future, Plumbots are a central feature of the last Expansion. You may use them as a servant or give them Sentience and make them more like Sims, capable of wishes and opportunities. Plumbots are pretty dumb without Trait Chips, but come with anywhere from 3-7 slots for you to customize their programming. There is a new Create-a-Plumbot interface Similar to that for making Pets and regular Sims that allows you to choose the gender (almost irrelevant) or design of your Plumbot. Gender is an Operating System in a Plumbot, so it may be changed along with the design at any time for $100 at a bot making Station. Read the guides to learn a lot about Plumbots and their Trait Chips, in addition to how to make them.

The Almanac of Time in The Sims 3 Into the Future
The Almanac of Time lets you Change the Future and view Descendants of your Sims

The Almanac of Time: Changing the Future to Utopia or Dystopia
With the Almanac of Time, accessible near the Cell Phone and Collection Journal in any Sim's Inventory, you are able to take part in one of two events (Opportunities from Emit) that will change Oasis Landing from Normal to a flourishing and beautiful Utopia or a trashy, desolate and scary Dystopian world. The Time Portal will even change color depending on which you'll be traveling to. You must have gained a level in Advanced Technology by visiting the Normal Timeline at least once in order to do this. Altering the Timeline can be done at any time from the Present after that. Both of the two alternate outcomes have a few different gameplay elements compared to the normal Timeline and I'll describe some of them below.

Note until Almanac Bug is Fixed: If you cannot use the Almanac of Time, then go to Edit Town while in the Present and Switch Active Households (click the 2 house icon on the left panel). You will lose any wishes you've promised, but switching back to your original Household will let you use the Almanac once more.

Oasis Landing's Utopian Future in The Sims 3 Into the Future
The Utopian Future in Oasis Landing is Beautiful

Utopian Future
In the Utopia Future, Sims are so happy they might vomit Rainbows. The world is lush with colorful trees and giant flowers you can use to collect Dew. This Dew will make Sims super happy, so it's worth harvesting. Visiting the Utopia is like the ultimate vacation destination. Sims are very happy in this world, and a beautiful rainbow can be seen above the town. It's really over the top lovely and nice, and definitely worth visiting for the views alone. You can earn a lot of Lifetime Happiness Points here because Sims are very easy to get into a good mood.

Dystopian Future in The Sims 3 Into the Future
The Dystopian Future is Grim; Meteors and Lightning Frequently Strike the Littered World

Dystopian Future
After triggering the Dystopian Future event, you will find the Future has changed to a world where Meteors fall from the sky, there are many lightning strikes, and Sims have chosen to give up on the environment because of your actions in causing them to litter. These trash piles can be eaten by Nanites (new Collectible mechanical insectoids) which may let you upgrade them. You might even find some good stuff in those bigger trash piles, but don't bother trying to clean up the town given litter will just respawn. Be careful exploring the time rifts for you may become a lightning magnet that causes a meteorite to crash nearby, but then again a lucky Sim just might make some cash from the crash.

Legacy Statues
There are five legacy statues that you can achieve by being first to do something in the past. You can take your future knowledge back, change the timeline, and be celebrated in the Future for doing so. Getting a Legacy Statue will give you a permanent moodlet while in the Future with some additional special abilities. For example, an honored Philanthropist can give other Sims money. Fashion innovators will see Sims nearby change into the clothing they're wearing because of their influence in appearance and Plumbot inventors will befriend Plumbots quickly, among other benefits. Each requires you to do something special, some of which are more challenging than others. Getting all 5 would give you +75 mood while in the Future, but it's a great boost to accomplish even one. I'll do a full page on these and link it here soon.

New Skills and Careers from Into the Future

The Community Living Center
Many Objects at the Community Living Center can help raise Advanced Technology Skill

Advanced Technology
The Advanced Technology Skill governs your Sim's ability to use many objects in the Future. Check the Guide to learn some of the mechanics of these. You'll be able to use Food Replicators better and improve them, resulting in better meals and earn more Sprites for the Holo Disc to change its appearance. One of my favorite aspects of this skill is the new Dream Pod. This lets you have a Dream of your choice, which may let your Sim wake up with a different (chosen or random) trait, or improved Skill gains. Simmers looking to improve this skill should check the guide to learn how to use all the advanced tech faster and see some screenshots of the game if you're deciding whether to buy Into the Future. Advanced Tech is a centerpiece Skill for this Expansion Pack, as is the next.

Bot Building and
Bot Building allows your Sim to build and upgrade Plumbots and the Trait Chips that you can install in them to personalize your robot. Plumbots can be bought, but nothing beats a fully customized Plumbot. They are amazing money-makers themselves and servants for the household, but you may also use this skill to earn gobs of money by building Plumbots and putting expensive Chips in them, to be sold at the Bot Shop in town. You'll learn to design Nanites as well, which can also be profitable.

Laser Rhythm-a-Con
A new Musical Instrument that Sims can learn to play. This thing looks awesome for party and you should be able to use them in a band. Just like the Guitar, you can take this portable instrument out into public areas and play for tips to earn money, as well. The color may be changed by clicking the instrument. It can be found in Study Room > Indoor Activities just as the Bot Making Workshop can.

New Careers
There are two new Careers available in Into the Future's Oasis Landing. While at home, it will be as if these Careers do not exist and you'll essentially be on vacation. Here's the list:

  • Astronomy Career - Allows new object discoveries with the Observatory's powerful Telescope. You can choose to be an Astrophysicist and specialize in finding these Celestial Objects, or elect to become a Space Explorer who can travel to another Planet and collect Star Dust and Dark Matter, which have high sell values.
  • Bot Arena Career - Joining the Bot Arena Career will let you choose between becoming a Mechanic or Arena Promoter. Mechanics can perform Professional Tune-Ups on Plumbots and earn extra money, but make even more when the Oversee Competition Productions. An Arena Official's job is to Promote Upcoming Competitions to other Sims and Plumbots, and at level 10 Scout Plumbot Prospects to see how they'd fare in Competitions, earning some extra cash in the process.

New Objects

Dream Pods in The Sims 3 Into the Future
Dream Pods let you choose a Dream for your Sims which have a variety of Moodlets

Aside from previously mentioned objects, these deserve a bit more detail. You don't have to travel to the future to enjoy these new features, just find them in Buy Mode. There are many more to be found, but most are futuristic versions of existing objects.

Dream Pods
Choose a Dream and your Sim will wake with a 12h Moodlet with a variety of effects. My Guide to Advanced Technology will let you know all the outcomes of these dreams. The number of available dreams depends on the Expansions you have installed. Sims can, of course, Woohoo in these awesome new beds.

Sims can use Jet Packs to Dance and even Woohoo
Sims can use Jet Packs to Dance and even Woohoo. Don't worry, he caught her.

Jet Pack
The Jet Pack can cause your Sim to die if you use the Fly Around interaction too much. With Skill in Advanced Technology, death becomes less likely but I'd still want a death flower to be careful. Using the Jetpack to travel to other destinations in town is almost as fast as teleportation. With more skill, Sims can learn to Slow Dance, Kiss, and even Woohoo with the Jetpack. They'll fly high in the air, disappear, and a rain of flower petals will fall from the sky as they join the mile high club.

Sonic Shower
Sonic Showers get Sims clean in a blink, and may even prevent Hygiene Decay for a bit when upgraded, along with a better moodlet. It's the best way to get clean in The Sims 3 and the showers are not terribly expensive. Plus, Sims can use Sonic Showers with others around as they do not need to get undressed.

Food Replicator
Getting one of these at home can save you a lot of money on meals, but the food is not as satisfying as a home-cooked meal. At the moment, it seems bugged because only those with Natural Cook can use kick it up a notch to get a real food moodlet out of these meals. Given the fact you can upgrade food to always come out perfect quality, this seems to be something that needs fixing. It is still a fast and convenient way to satisfy a Sim's hunger, because their favorite food can be put out instantly. Lobster Thermidor anyone?

a Holo Disc Sprite and Wind Carver
A Holo Disc Sprite and WindCarver Board

The Windcarver lets Sims travel faster than on foot, much like a skateboard only faster. Using this new object also raises the Advanced Technology Skill. You can always find these along with Jet Packs for free at the Community Living Center.

Holo Disc & Sprites
Sprites are Digital Pets that you must clean and talk to in order to keep them happy. Sims who you befriend will share their sprite form from you, and you can go about learning new forms by meeting Sims and hoping for the best. There are 11 forms in all, with only four of them being unlocked through the Advanced Tech skill, so get collecting. Overall, they are not a major gameplay feature but an easy way to level the Advanced Tech skill is to clean them repeatedly.

New Activities & Rabbit Holes

A Digiblast Show at City Hall in The Sims 3
A DigiBlast Show can be Scheduled at City Hall

City Hall
City Hall is worth mentioning, although it's still the government building in town it has a couple other features. First you can check the Lottery Records then go back to the Present with a good chance to win a LOAD of Simoleons. Buy a ticket at the Grocery Store in the Present, you just might come out with a few hundred thousand or as much as 3 million. Second, you can schedule a Digiblast Show for $100. You set the time, and your Sims will have a good time watching the awesome futuristic fireworks shoot out of the building.

Here you can get some Advanced Tech skill experimenting with Zero-G, but even better take a class and learn a couple new self-interactions, such as the ability to float around as though without gravity and have fun anywhere you are. Career aside, it's also a great place to go and have some fun on a Date by viewing the stars. It's too bad we don't get a view through the futuristic telescope.

Bot Arena
Here, Sims can join the Bot Arena Career, but also tour the place for some fun or watch a Plumbot Competition. Plumbots themselves can earn some side money training other Plumbots here or enter into competitions themselves. Higher Quality Plumbots and those with skill in one of the three types of competitions will fare better, and may earn a load of prize money and a trophy for their victories.

A Futuristic Taxi Cab in The Sims 3
Even Taxis are Futuristic, but unfortunately not much faster.

New Collectibles

Crystal Plants
This new type of plant is pretty unique, and some of them are used in Plumbot Trait Chip creation. Found in the wild and easy to spot, they can be charged with emotion by Sims and are harvested in a variety of colors as a result. You will need to charge the plant with an emotion multiple times to get the full effect and harvest the type you need. You may sell them or plant them at home, just like any other Gardening Plant. Aesthetically, I think they are the most beautiful plant I've seen and think they would look lovely in a home garden. There is a 20 minute wait in between charges, so just fast forward time a moment. These will be on the list of Sims 3 Plants soon.

Nanites appear as mechanical butterflies and may be caught the same way. They can be hard to spot, but the linked Guide has a lot of rare spawn locations. You'll use Nanites in Trait Chip recipes and Reverse-Engineer them to get Small to Large Blank Processors to create Plumbot Trait Chips with Bot Making. They can also be stored in containers for display when placed on a surface in the home just like other insects. Catching all of them will make Nanites appear on your lot if it has a Bot Workshop.

New Lifetime Rewards, Traits, and LTWs

Lifetime Rewards
There are a total of four new Lifetime Rewards to come with Into the Future:

  • Portal Immunity - Prevents sickness when traveling through the Time Portal, so you never arrive with a bad moodlet.
  • Future Sim - Upgrades your Sim's Cell Phone and makes them fit in better
  • Trait Chip Bundle - Get a bunch of random Trait Chips, with a good chance at a couple of high quality chips.
  • Time Remote Control - Use this in the Present to change the Timeline to Normal, Utopian, or Dystopian with the click of a button, which saves you from doing the Opportunities and gives you a lot of flexibility.

New Traits
There are only two new Traits. Bot Fans are able to learn the Bot Making skill faster and will make friends with Plumbots with ease. You can even click the Sim to turn on Robot mode, which will let you pretend to be a Plumbot and even take part in Bot Arena competitions as though you're the real deal. The second is Unstable, which may make the Sim experience some random and extreme moods that can make their Traits change permanently.

Lifetime Wishes
There is a Lifetime Wish to experience all Timelines, another to create a Sentient Plumbot and master the Bot Making Skill, and a last to own a number of Advanced Technology objects while also mastering that Skill.

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack
Time TravelerUtopia & DystopiaLegacy StatuesDescendantsAdvanced TechBot Building
Laser Rhythm-a-conPlumbotsTrait ChipsAstronomy CareerBot Arena CareerNanites

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Tiffany Riggs says...
I just wanted to take a quick minute and thank you for these guides. I've looked at these a lot in the the past few years. Hope to see you all with Sims 4. Thank You all again!
23rd March 2014 8:33pm
Melody says...
Carl, I'd like to thank you and everyone else who works so hard to create and update the game guides and run this website. This site has the best and most thorough game guides that I have run across online. You guys are doing a great job. I look forward to referencing your guides for The Sims 4 when it is finally released.
25th April 2014 4:17pm
Gargoyle says...
Food Replicators were already in the game, as a highly expensive lifetime reward.
4th November 2013 4:05am
Jennifer says...
If you have a sim who is "forever young", and a vampire who is immortal. do/can they show up in the future?
2nd November 2013 1:33pm
addisoncat says...
I was able to save the community lots from Lunar Lakes (they seemed to fit best) such as the school and grocery store. Once installed in oasis landing they operated as normal and my sims' kids were able to go to school.
31st October 2013 5:48pm
KittyCat says...
You did? How? Would it work with a school from Sunset Valley or Appaloosa Plains? Because those are my only towns.
9th November 2013 8:09pm
Ajer Qureshi says...
They should, only I don't think they fit the futuristic style of Oasis Landing. I think the school featured in town life is more modern futuresque, just saying.
10th November 2013 2:50pm
Amy says...
If you go to one of your other towns, whether it's Riverdale or Appaloosa Plains or what have you, and you click on the school in edit town mode, there is a folder icon that pops up in the description which allows you to copy the school to your own library - where you can get your community lots in edit town mode - but there are no lot types for schools in the future, so the closest one that will fit and allow you to place the school is the Visitors Allowed lot type.
16th July 2014 4:26pm
Miranda says...
In town Edit Mode you could maybe make it look more futuristic by customizing the walls and floors!
10th October 2015 7:05pm
Bonnie says...
Thanks for this one, I was getting annoyed at my kids not going to school in the future. Now they do, yeeaa
4th January 2014 12:27pm
erueru says...
i actually have a problem where my sims won't show up int the future. anyone else have that problem?
11th November 2013 1:49pm
RubyBlue says...
Yes, I am having a problem similar to that. When sending my sims from Oasis Landing back to the present, three of them are missing! I cannot seem to figure out how to get them back to the present in one group!
21st March 2014 4:08pm
Me says...
Maybe they got lost in time!?
Hahaha :D
2nd July 2014 7:24pm
Tylene says...
Yes! Me too, and its getting very annoying :s
16th April 2014 7:28pm
Scarlet says...
I have into the future but I can't seem to find the traits in CAS.... It's very confusing. Does anyone have any advice?
27th December 2013 8:40pm
Earth not what you think it is says...
you have to buy a trait maker. looks like an egg or goto the future and goto bots bits or what it called store i forgot.
11th July 2014 6:31pm
jazzlucy says...
There are a number of new community types. Can anyone tell me how they differ from the old ones? For instance, how is a business park different from another kind of park?
6th January 2014 12:20pm
Polar Bear says...
It says that one of my sims is unfit for time travel when I try to go back home! I have things from oasis landing in my inventory, how do I fix this issue and get back home?
16th March 2014 3:18pm
Maddie says...
your sim might be pregnant
28th January 2019 4:56pm
Lexmechanic says...
"Bot Making" is actually referred to as Bot Building in-game, I believe. Also, something happened to your Plumbots link there and it assimilated half the paragraph.
You're right on both, oops!
31st October 2013 12:43pm
Scarlett says...
I went to the future with my family, two parents (Katelyn & John) and their teen daughter (Maia). There, Maia made a plumbot and the parents made 2 babies, Scarlett and Paige. Maia aged up into a Young Adult and married a guy called Jack. I had Maia and Jack Try For A Baby. I started wanting to go back to the present, so I got into the time portal with all the family. In the present, there were just Katelyn and Maia. I tried going back to the future, but they weren't there. I NEED HELP!
10th September 2015 7:39pm
Scarlett says...
Someone Answer Please!
10th September 2015 7:42pm
Simisimmer says...
I love into the future and all, but is there a way i can stop the portal from coming to my house every time a create a sim?
27th December 2013 10:46pm
hailey says...
There is no way, that i know of, to not have him come. You can sell the portal though.
4th January 2014 8:40pm
Jamie says...
Plumbots with the Competent Cleaner chip make great assistants to chefs and alchemists since gathering honey/beeswax is incredibly easy for them; this is due to the fact that I've never seen a Plumbot get stung while interacting with a beeskeeper box.
16th October 2015 4:22pm
Anon says...
Is anybody else getting a crash whenever they try to put in one of the elevators in build mode
11th July 2014 4:02am
Ellie Kandemir says...
I love it! It's so amazing! But I am so sad that it is over for TS3! I have already pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition for Sims 4 though! So it won't be that long x
1st November 2013 12:40pm
Refal Bakedo says...
Hey, my problem is weird, I downloaded the sims3 already and 3 expansion packs (late night),(pets),(ambitions)and it works great!

but today I downloaded the expansion pack (into the future), and so when I click play, suddenly everything vanished, like the screen is there but i can't choose the town, or my old saves or options, the icon is there but the is no text! and i can't click it, and there is no pictures in the boxes! like i can't do anything, so please i hope u can help me

email me if u have the answer please
22nd June 2014 7:53pm
Refal Bakedo says...
and i'll take a screenshot to the screen and show it to the admin or to the someone who will help me

just email me and i'll directly send a photo to you
22nd June 2014 8:13pm
Vaida says...
There are actually 13 Mood Sprites :D
Thanks for sharing! I hope you provided your real email as I sent you a request for extra info :)

11th November 2013 10:49pm
Ayu says...
My sims travel to the future, but when its gets to the utopia my sims disappear and I cant play anything, I can only open the menu button, please help me :(
11th April 2014 11:14pm
RblDiver says...
I look forward to a guide on the Laser Rythm-a-Con. At present, I've gotten to level 10 with it, but it seems that my present-day Sims refuse to listen to it! That'll make getting the legacy statue a bit tricky ><
3rd November 2013 10:32pm
Khalil says...
HELP!!!!! I'm not getting the "travel back home" option. I only see it when my sim transforms into a werewolf, but it's grayed. He's the only sim in my household.
16th August 2014 8:09pm
bklienhart says...
If you plant a crystal that is already charged with an emotion, it will start growing already charged. When your sim does a Tend Garden interaction, they will also charge the crystals automatically.
A Plumbot with the Sentient trait chip can also charge the plants while tending the garden.
8th November 2013 12:19am
Cassie says...
I love the crystal plants. I use them on my Sims as a quick boost all the time. I didn't know they could be used in Bot building. I'm going to try that out.
3rd January 2014 1:15pm
Camilla says...
I just installed Into the Future and i already have a family, i placed a time portal and have one of my sims inspect it but nothing happens, he is just doing it for hours? And Emit never apears? help me please
14th March 2014 6:00pm
mawada says...
mmkn el3ba please :(
12th February 2014 7:52am
callycat says...
Legacy statues - I've tried to trigger a second wish after completing one of them but it hasn't worked. Has anyone managed to do this?
31st October 2013 5:12am
Roger says...
When my sim travels from the present to the future, he is able to go by himself but when traveling from the future back to the present the entire household has to go with him. Anybody know how to fix this?
27th December 2013 10:19pm
Jamie says...
I purchased the Time Remote Control reward but when i ask the time traveler to change to Utopian future he keeps asking me to do the opportunity challenge??
10th November 2013 11:16pm
Jessica says...
If you use the Time Remote Control to change the future timelines you won't have to do the opportunities. But if you use the Time Almanac, even with the Remote in your inventory, Emit will still give you opportunities to complete first.
29th December 2013 10:53am
bklienhart says...
If you are doing the opportunity where you "Trash Talk the Environment", don't try it with sims that are Neat, Eco-Friendly, or Love the Outdoors. They just get annoyed at your sim.
6th November 2013 7:11pm
callycat says...
You can also store nanites using the Add Insects option on the insect display stand that came with Supernatural.

Crystal plants seem to be charged up when using a plumbot with the RoBotany chip even though if you click on a plant directly when controlling the bot it only gives the option to neutralise.
31st October 2013 6:56am
hyena says...
Is it possible to get a toddler up a tube elevator no one seems to want to carry her up.
4th March 2019 5:34pm
Talissia says...
Can anyone help me? The future sim with the portal opportunity NEVER appears for me at all. I've never been to the future and ive had the game for over 2 months. :(
15th October 2018 3:02am
Maddie says...
actually its an item in build mode just buy it it's under the vehicles category
28th January 2019 7:21pm
RoaringSoap says...
Isn't there a holo gram feature?
27th May 2018 3:26pm
snarlfresh says...
I was able to buy and use a stove while in Oasis Landing on my home lot.
31st October 2013 2:34pm
kelly says...
theres a LTR for plumbbots as maintenance master for 15k points
15th November 2013 5:03pm
Callisto says...
Love the future world. I know you mentioned not to raise children in Oasis Landing and just use it as a holiday. But honestly think the Utopian version is the best town in the whole game to have kids. Have currently raised four babies to adults and they all did really well. Also they can use the time machine at any point to travel back in time if they find modern life hard lol.
19th May 2019 1:34pm
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Further Details on The Sims 4 Realm of Magic

  • Sims 4 Guide Development

I'm now working on my site for The Sims 4. Here are some of the Packs available:
Get to Work
Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Dine Out
Kids Room Stuff
Retail (GTW/Open for Business)
The Sims 4 Cheats

Other Guides
Carl's Guides
Civ 5
Stardew Valley

  • Sims 3 Expansion Packs

Our site has loads of information on Expansion Packs for Sims 3. You can learn about features, read strategy guides, and maybe even decide if they are right for you:
Sims 3 Ambitions
Sims 3 Generations
Sims 3 Into the Future
Sims 3 Island Paradise
Sims 3 Late Night
Sims 3 Pets
Sims 3 Seasons
Sims 3 Showtime
Sims 3 Supernatural
Sims 3 University Life
Sims 3 World Adventures

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