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The Sims 3 Into the Future: Alternate Timelines

An Overview in Differences Between Utopia and Dystopia Oasis Landing

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The Sims 3 Into the Future: The Dystopian Future - lightning strikes and a meteorite
Lightning and Meteor Strikes in Into the Future's Oasis Landing Dystopian Future

The Sims 3 Into the Future's World of Oasis Landing can be altered to create either a Utopian or Dystopian Future. The two outcomes are extreme takes on a super-happy or depressed population, with either a beautiful or desolate landscape in which to live. After reaching level 1 in the Advanced Technology Skill, you can start the events by clicking the Almanac of Time in your Sim's inventory, or speaking to Emit Relevart the Time Traveler by summoning him through the Time Portal. Choosing to start one of the two events will either fill your present townies with joy, or cause them to care little about their environment, which consequently changes the future you're able to visit. Both of these worlds have their merits and drawbacks. This Guide will show you the major differences in the two worlds, should you wish to make one a permanent home or would like to see them before you buy the Expansion Pack.

Utopia Future

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Measure Cheerfulness of Sims to help the Time Traveler
The Time Traveler will give you an Opportunity to Create a Utopia

The Utopian Future Event

Emit will have your Sim Scan 3 Sims while the Laugh - Easy enough, just click Sims and 'Measure Cheerfulness'. Nothing complicated like telling a joke and finishing a scan before they're done laughing. Next, you'll test a Dew that makes Sims Cheerful (and a different color). After testing it on your Sim by clicking it in the inventory, you'll get another Opportunity to spread it to six Sims. Click the dew and begin throwing at Sims, which I chose to do at the town's main park. With six Sims covered, Emit the Time Traveler will have you deliver an aerosol form of the Dew to the Military Base in town, which they can disperse over the whole city with their jets, literally bombing the town with happiness. This causes a change in the Time Continuum that makes the future world beautiful with a prosperous society of Sims and Plumbots.

The Sims 3 Into the Future: A beautiful rainbow across the utopian future
Rainbow across Oasis Landing in the Utopian Future

The Utopian Future Outcome
Upon visiting, you'll notice that the Utopian Future is happy... creepy happy. Your Sims that get the Wonderland moodlet by being hit by Rainbow Dew, along with all the town's residents, will walk with an annoying, slow gait to show off just how happy they are and run like they're overcome with joy. At first worth a laugh, this gradually becomes a bit annoying when you want your Sims to go about their daily business. It'd be best to get a WindCarver to try to avoid this as much as possible once you're done exploring. Otherwise, the world is absolutely beautiful with colorful trees and a permanent rainbow across the sky during the day.

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Delightfully Oversized Flowers give you Dew in the Utopia
Collect Dew from Delightfully Oversized Flowers

One of the only major features aside from the scenery in Utopia is the new Dew, which comes from Delightfully Oversized Flowers. These can be shaken to produce dew (just keep shaking until Collect Dew comes up), and will give you a random set of dew in a variety of colors. You can stand at one flower and keep shaking it to collect as much Dew as you like. You can blow dew bubbles, which seems to do little, use Dew on your own Sim, or throw it at another Sim to spread the joy (and get a good moodlet for doing so). Regular Dews will simply change a Sim to that color and make them happy, while Black Dew is random. The two Dews of major interest are clear and rainbow-colored Dew. Being hit by Rainbow Dew will give your Sim a permanent (while visiting) Wonderland Moodlet, which will make them take up the silly-happy walk of the Utopian Future's residents, but also boost their mood by +40 points. It is also possible the dew can cause them to vomit rainbows, which while pretty and a little funny, is also a very unpleasant experience for them. Clear dew will take care of the colors and any dew effects - removing the Wonderland moodlet and the strange walk/run animations and clearing up their color. Clear Dew does not fix the sickness from Rainbow Dew.

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Vomit Rainbows
Sims May Vomit Rainbows from Bad Dew in the Utopian Future

If you take Rainbow Dew home with your Sim, you will find the Wonderland moodlet only lasts a few hours, so unfortunately its full effect can only be felt while in the Utopian Future. I found the Utopian Future to be a little counter-productive overall. The people are too happy, the Dew a little underwhelming and ultimately not providing my Sims enough reason to stay there. It's worth a visit and surely a good spot for a vacation, but I'd rather have my Sims live in a regular home in Normal Oasis Landing or take that Future Technology home with them to be the most efficient Sim in town.

Dystopian Future

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Trash talking the Environment as requested by the Time Traveler
The Time Traveler will ask you to Trash Talk the Environment, leading to much litter

The Dystopian Future Event
First, you'll be told to use a gadget known as the Meteor Magnet 3 times. This will pull a Meteorite toward the planet each time. Next is a Doomsayer's meeting at City Hall. Opposite to the Utopian Event, you need to get the Town convinced that the World is coming to an end and get them to give up trying to have a nice world. Your next Opportunity will be to convince six Sims that the Sky is falling, getting them to further spread the dismay. The last step in the Opportunity Chain for a Dystopian Future is to Trash Talk the Environment to six Sims, which will make them start littering. Spreading doom-speak and getting Sims to give up on the Environment leads to an awful, grim future.

The Sims 3 Into the Future: A broad view of the Dystopian Future
A broad view of the Dystopian Future of Oasis Landing

The Dystopian Future Outcome
The Dystopian Future is hit by meteors constantly and there is trash everywhere. Smog fills the air, although Sims do not seem to be as impacted by the environment as they are in Utopia. They can go about their daily business, and even do so happily despite the stench. Stinky Sims in this Future get a +20 permanent moodlet from their acceptance of this filth, which you can surely get if your Sim embraces this new reality and takes part in all the wonderfully disgusting things to do in Dystopian Oasis Landing.

What really changes is their daily business. They will explore the trash piles and even eat bugs. Death is more commonplace because of all the Meteor Strikes. It's an act of evil to bring such wrath upon the Future, but there are plenty of fun things to do, and eating some bugs can turn out to be a positive thing. Keep trying, and your Sim will likely find some rare delicacies, but either way it's an easy way to fix hunger on the go if you're out and see some insects. Dystopian Oasis Landing is the place to be to find collectible Insects, thanks to the addition of the honey pot ant and pill bug, with many many insect spawners throughout the World.

The Sims 3 Into the Future: A meteorite strikes Dystopian Oasis Landing
Meteor Strikes are common in Dystopia. It's also a Space Rock collector's heaven.

Meteor Strikes
Meteors and lightning will strike the ground with great frequency in Dystopian Oasis Landing. You can turn on a Defense Grid by performing an opportunity at the Stellar Observatory, which will protect the town from being hit for 24 hours. If you have death flowers or an unlucky Sim that will be spared by Grim or are otherwise protected, stopping the Meteors may be a drawback to you. After all, there are valuable meteorites to be found if you go about collecting them. This opportunity also takes 3 gems and metals, which can be hard to find even with a collection helper, due to the number of meteorites around the town.

Since you get to keep the Meteor Magnet from the Opportunity to create Dystopia, you can make the problems in town even worse by continually using it, raining fire and rock down upon the world. This can lead to great profit when you're successful. While using the magnet, or when Sims are sleeping, do keep a lookout for meteorites in the sky from time to time to see where they've hit. Just don't be surprised if you see more visits from Grim than any World before in The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 Into the Future: Rummaging in a future Trash Pile in Dystopia
Rummaging in a Trash Pile in Dystopia may help you find Voltron Gnome Parts

Trash Piles
There are many trash piles in town that you can rummage through, have your inventor detonate, or even play in. Rummaging will often produce valuable objects that are placed in your Family Inventory that may be used back at home, unless you decide to purchase a lot to make your own home in this desolate world. You have a small chance when rummaging in these Future trash piles to find a piece to the Voltron Gnome that comes with Into the Future. Don't bother trying to pick up litter, for Sims will just keep tossing it. If you want to correct all this, you'll have to restore the Timeline to Normal.

Another interesting thing about Futuristic Trash Piles is that you may use a Nanite to help clean it up. When you do this, there is a good chance that the Nanite you get back will not be the same, but of a higher quality - meaning you could turn that uncommon Nanite into a Rare Uber Nanite!

There are holes in the ground that can be explored rabbit-hole style, which will give a variety of awards, particularly gems and metals but may also make your Sim a lightning magnet, which can be very dangerous. These are left by Meteors and may appear randomly around the town, so don't hesitate to go exploring, but do seek shelter or get rid of the Singed moodlet if you have a bad experience.

Returning to Normal

Normal Oasis Landing is quite good after a visit to the Dystopian and Utopian Futures. You could go to the Dystopian Future to rummage many trash piles, get rich on Meteorites, or collect Insects, then restore the timeline to Normal once you've got wealthy off the suffering there. I find Dystopia to be the better Timeline of the two, because it's a more exciting and dangerous world. Storytellers will love it because of all the random things that might happen there, while others will enjoy the beauty of Utopia and the safety that can be found.

Restoring Utopian and Dystopian Oasis Landing to Normal
Emit will give you one of two minor events to undo the damage you did to the Timeline. Thankfully, it's a one-step event if you'd like to go back to normal and don't have a Time Remote Control or level 10 Advanced Technology to allow you to reset it easily. Ultimately, once you've explored all three Timelines and decided which you'd like to live in, you should become Best Friends with the Time Traveler so that you can get a free Time Remote Control and the Time Keeper Legacy Statue.

In Closing
This should help show you the various differences in the extreme timeline changes you can make to Oasis Landing. Share your experiences in the Utopian and Dystopian Futures with other readers using the comments form below.

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Bonnie says...
I wish to get my sims to change the future to Dystopia but Where can I find the meteor magnets? I am in the present. Thanks
12th December 2013 12:47am
Bonnie says...
I found it. It's in the backpack. The time traveler puts it in there once you hit ok. If others encounter this problem.
14th December 2013 3:13pm
Kylie says...
In the Utopia Future there are "Rainbow Atolls" that can be dug up. So far I have uncovered a variety of rainbow insects (beetles, butteries), the rainbow snail (new fish), and pots of gold. It also pops up as a Wish.

In the Dystopia future there are also hot springs in different ponds. They almost look like little fountains, or bubbling spots in the water. When you swim directly into them you get a small bonus. This can also pop us a Wish.
30th November 2013 1:13pm
readingpuppies says...
Thanks so much!! I always check out your guide to see what's good or not so good.
26th November 2013 3:48am
Dweiathecat says...
There is also a lot of valuable butterflies and bugs in utopia, mainly of the rainbow kind. You can also find piles of gold(that might not actually contain gold - I found a rainbow butterfly once) at the end of the rainbows you can find all over town. They are easiest to find ay night though as they glow.
22nd November 2013 3:27pm
Mordhain says...
First, thanks for this guide. I've taken my Sims to different futures a number of times, but I didn't know about the bug meals in the Dystopian future. One thing that might be noted is that if you change from dystopian to utopian without going to normal future in between, there is a good chance that meteors will be falling in the utopian future.
There was one other thing that I noticed wasn't in this guide as far as the different futures, and that was mention of the new fish. It may be in a different guide or something, but it bears mentioning that you can only get the three-eyed fish and the rainbow snails in the alternate futures.
22nd November 2013 11:59am
bklienhart says...
That's not it. I specifically changed to normal in-between Dystopia and Utopia and still got meteor strikes in Utopia, and when I changed it back to normal again.
23rd November 2013 3:09pm
Mordhain says...
That's what has always seemed to work for me. Then again it could be mod related. I'm running the game with a minimum of mods and haven't really had any issues with it since I started switching it back to normal before utopia.
23rd November 2013 3:17pm
Justice says...
Awesome thanks I always go to this website before I get a new expansion to see if it is worth it and it so is, awesome information and website love it
24th November 2013 4:18am
Indira says...
Thanks for this! Playing in all the futures and seeing all of the creepy happy Sims really brightened my day after scraping my elbow and having to fully bend it, because it gets squished and really hurts if I straighten it O.e
22nd April 2014 5:42pm
moorganmarieee says...
k so. I'm trying to get the Utopia outcome and it won't let me throw the dew on myself. I've done everything else and even tried restarting the opportunity. Any suggestions?
7th August 2014 11:16pm
Damiankesser says...
Is your sim trying the opportunity a special life state? I figured out that my alien sim couldn't use the dew but a regular sim can. You might need to have a different sim trigger the utopia.
9th August 2014 6:47pm
Scarlett says...
This was really usefull! Did you make a guide of Sims 4? I would use it like A LOT.
10th September 2015 7:01pm
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