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The Sims 3 Lifetime Rewards

LTR List and Lifetime Reward Cheat

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Updated for The Sims 3 Into the FutureThis Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed. It has been updated extensively over time, adding in new content from the World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, and Showtime Expansion Packs all the way to the last two Expansions, Island Paradise and The Sims 3 Into the Future. The Sims 3 Pets adds many Lifetime Rewards that are for Sims, Dogs, Cats, and Horses. We have a full guide to all new Pet LTRs in the expansion.

Lifetime Reward Cheat
The Sims 3 Cheat Console allows you to use a cheat to raise your Lifetime Happiness Points to buy Lifetime Rewards, but you must start from the main menu Press Control + Shift + C and a console will come up. Type testingcheatsenabled true. Now, start a new game or load a saved game. Once in the game, you will not only have access to the regular testing cheats but also unlocked the ability to increase points.

Execute the Rewards Cheat by heading to the Lifetime Rewards tab of the interface. There you will see a treasure chest icon. Hold Control and Click in the blank space just to the right of the treasure chest. Move your mouse around while quickly clicking to find the sweet spot. Once you hit it, click like mad to increase your current Sim or Pet's Lifetime Points. Testingcheatsenabled true is a very powerful tool for people who like to cheat, and even build. Head to our cheats guide to learn more.

All About Lifetime Happiness Points, Rewards and Wishes

Lifetime Happiness Rewards (LTR) are a neat feature of the Sims 3. This system was around back in the Sims 2, in the form of lifetime aspiration rewards, where you could pick nice objects for your home like the money tree, love tub and elixir of life. This time around, your lifetime happiness points will keep adding up so long as your Sim is in a good mood. To get nice bumps to the total number of lifetime happiness points, accomplish your Sims' wishes. Lifetime rewards in the Sims 3 come in the form of gadgets like the teleporter, collection helper, or food replicator and even superhuman abilities, like steel bladder and hardly hungry.

Getting Happiness Points Quickly
A massive influx of lifetime happiness points can come from completing your Sim's lifetime wish. If you want an easier time getting any of these objects, it's then best to choose an easy wish. Some can be more challenging than others, such as super popular. Perfect mind, perfect body or The Tinkerer are fine examples of an easy lifetime wishes.

Managing all their Desires
Your Sim can have only four active wishes at one time. This means that you should continually stay on top of what they desire. That way, you can keep completing and adding new wishes. These wishes get harder and more rewarding at the same time, as you continue to knock them out. Sims may desire to catch a perfect fish of a given type, or even something simple like have a trip to the day spa.

The Importance of Mood
Try to maintain positive Moodlets for your Sim. Lifetime happiness points will continually roll in if the Sim's bar is at least to the first line. Even higher, and it seems to move a bit faster. Read the aforementioned moodlets guide for more information about the best, and most easily attainable moodlets to keep your Sims happy and rolling in Lifetime Happiness Reward Points.

Interest and Traits
As a Sim continues to do something, like fishing, they'll get an interest in that field and wishes about it will begin to appear for you to select. If you want your Sim to desire to fish, then keep going fishing. They'll want to catch multiple fish, find new types of fish and even head out before dawn on their fishing trip. This is just one example. Your Sim's traits also help determine their interest. Bookworms will want to spend more time at the library, and daredevils may occasionally desire to do something shocking or daring in front of another Sim.

Choose Your Wishes Wisely
Just because your Sim cooked a meal, and suddenly wants to learn a new recipe doesn't mean you should add that to your promised wishes list. Try to promise those that help them complete their other life objectives. Actions you were planning to make them take anyway. Always take wishes that are about to happen, even if you must ditch one. Why? Unfortunately your Sim won't receive happiness points and the desire will be gone.

On to the Lifetime Happiness Rewards List
There is a list of all lifetime happiness rewards available in the game, however many of the objects aren't explained with any detail. Thus, I decided I should describe each reward and give my personal opinion. Here I'll list what information I have on the lifetime rewards in the Sims 3. This is a full list - I haven't left anything out.

Lifetime Reward List (Updated for Into the Future)

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackAbove Reproach
Lifetime Happiness Points: 35,000
Your Sim can be naughty in public and it's less likely to impact their romantic reputation. To see your reputation, go to the Simology tab, select scrapbook, and go to the statistics page. If you're not already a cheating betrayer, then this can keep you from being known as one.

Acclaimed Author
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
This one is very straightforward. It boosts the royalty checks for every book your Sim writes. Very handy for professional authors and journalists who may occasionally put out a book. The boost here can be pretty hefty when your Sim writes a masterpiece.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackAge Freeze
Lifetime Happiness Points: 65,000
Stops aging on the Sim to drink it. This can't be crafted from Chemistry. This will produce a neat gameplay effect, where the Sim stays the same and all others age up around him.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackAll Weather Champion
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
All Weather Champion makes Sims better at the various activities in Seasons - snowball fights, water balloon fights, making snowmen, skating, ice skating, igloos and making snow angels. This makes them more likely to win. The primary use of this would be to get more festival tickets and, later in life, humiliate the grandkids.

Requires The Sims 3 SupernaturalAlpha Dog
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This reward is available only Werewolves who are at least Young Adult. Alpha Dog gives your Sim an irresistable bite interaction, so there will be no more failures when attempting to turn Sims. They'll also be much better at werewolf interactions like growling/howling. Last, the Sim will have a new interaction when you click them - Terrible Howl. Using this can frighten Sims so much that they faint!

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightAlways on the List
Lifetime Happiness Points: 17,500
Always on the List makes it so that your Sim doesn't need to worry about Celebrity level when trying to enter bars. This is helpful for people who have Late Night and would rather ignore that feature, but most Sims shouldn't need this. It's easy enough to get to celebrity level 3, and you can buy your way into any establishment at that point. Is the cost of this reward worth saving $100 simoleons every now and then? No.

Requires The Sims 3 PetsAnimal Expert
Lifetime Happiness Points: 25,000
Can't seem to ever get tired of your pets? This reward makes it so dogs, cats, and horses live much longer lives. Pets kept in a terrarium and birds are also less likely to die. The effect on an animal's life span seems to be about 50%. This reward isn't great, given you have great control over life spans in the game options menu, but it will give you a longer time frame in order to afford Lifetime Happiness points for pets, so that you can afford the Pet Young Again Lifetime Reward, which is the only way to keep them alive forever without disabling aging.

Reward Requires the Sims 3 AmbitionsArtisan Crafter
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
Artisan Crafter gives a huge boost to the final value of sculptures and inventions. This helps you achieve crazy-high profit with either of those skills. Between Artisan Crafter and Suave Seller, I'd choose this as my top pick, although it costs 5,000 more. With the Master Inventor skill challenge completed and Artisan Crafter, my Sim made widgets and gizmos double their original value.

Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
This lifetime reward is awesome for Sims that like to socialize. With it, your Sims will start at a higher relationship with other Sims. They're pretty, so people like them! Here's an idea: Spend a few days playing guitar on the corner in town until you've gathered up enough acquaintances to complete the celebrity charisma challenge. With that challenge reward, in combination with this lifetime reward, your Sims can start at friends with anyone they meet. This is great! In addition, the bar will rise faster for every Sim you know when trying to befriend them.

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightBetter Mixologist
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
This one's simple. It improves drink quality. That doesn't have much of a bearing on the moodlets your Sim gets from their drinks, but it's sure to impress Sims when your Mixologist is trying to get in with celebrities.

Body Sculptor
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
Your Sim can use this to make themselves fat, skinny, muscular or frail. Takes the need for exercise out of the game and Sims can eat to their hearts' content because any weight gain can be immediately fixed. This LTR is not all that useful in my opinion.

Bookshop Bargainer
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
I would only take this reward if I were going to be sure to keep a Sim and try to max all their skills. Otherwise, is it really worth it for a chef to take this book just to save $6,000 simoleons on the ambrosia recipe? I didn't think so!

Requires The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion PackBorn to Cook
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This boosts the quality of your Sim's recipes without you having to cook the same meal over and over to achieve that effect. Naturally, experience with a particular dish will still help -- this just cuts down on the time commitment required to be a great chef. It's a very welcome addition from Showtime for a very old skill.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresCarefree
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
Reduces the time it takes to have fun by 25%. This doesn't make your fun bar go down slower, it makes it go up faster. So you won't be having a blast longer than ever, but it will take less time to reach that point. It of course is a major help when your Sim is focusing on having fun to satisfy the need, like with playing a computer game. It can also help in the situation where your Sim is doing a lot of an activity that's only a little fun, like with painting. It'll help pick up the pace and ensure they are having a blast from that activity more often. I'd prefer meditative trance sleep over this.

Change Lifetime Wish
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
If you think your Sim's lifetime wish is too hard, or you picked something like the Perfect Private Aquarium and find you don' like fishing, consider using this reward to change the lifetime wish. EA doesn't want us to be able to complete multiple lifetime wishes on one Sim, so the option to take this reward will vanish once you've completed the original.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresChange of Taste
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Not the best of the new LTRs to come out with World Adventures. Its use would be very situational. One reason you might care is if you want them to listen to their favorite music all the time and are getting sick of a particular radio station yourelf.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackClean Slate
Lifetime Happiness Points: 25,000
Resets your Sim's romantic reputation. If they've cleaned up their life and are ready to settle down, this will make a spouse much easier to find. A very situational Lifetime Reward.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackClimatron Control Unit
Lifetime Happiness Points: 40,000
The Climatron Control unit allows your Sim to change the current weather, though not the season. If you want to change seasons, you can do this from the game options or by using testingcheatsenabled true.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackClone Voucher
Lifetime Happiness Points: 45,000
Gives your Sim a clone child when turned in at the Science Facility. Don't get weird, you can't marry yourself. This clone will count as a child of the maker, and starts in Childhood. It should look like the grown up did as a child.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackThe Cloud-inator 9000
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
Allows your Sim to pull a prank and nothing more. A rain or snow cloud can be shot over a Sim's head, which will chase them around as they try in vain to flee. If you want to be able to control the town's weather, look into the Climatron Control Unit for 40k LTHP.

Collection Helper
Lifetime Happiness Points: 40,000
This puts an item in your Sim's inventory that looks like a butterfly. When activated, it will allow Sims to choose a type of item to track, be it rocks and gems, insects, seeds, or fish. Once a type is selected, the map view will display icons with locations. In the normal town view, objects will glow brightly so they're also easy to spot there from a high altitude. It's extremely handy for finding obscure fishing spots, helping with gardening to find seeds, or making extreme cash finding gems from collecting. The collection helper lifetime reward is highly recommended to most Sims 3 families. The Collection Helper is updated to track minor animals with The Sims 3 Pets installed.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackCompetitive Eater
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Makes a Sim much better at the various eating contests in Seasons. This will help you earn more festival prize tickets.

Complimentary Entertainment
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
You really don't expect much for the 5,000 point lifetime rewards, but this one is a bit of a joke. It's one I'd save for when you've got the other, more valuable rewards. With this, you won't have to pay to go to the theater.

Dirt Defiant
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
What a nice reward. There are two reasons I say this. First, your Sim will save loads of time every week from not needing to shower as often, and requiring shorter showers when they do. Secondly, since the hygiene bar falls slower, your Sim can enjoy the squeaky clean moodlet for a longer period of time! 48 hours if they didn't exercise or garden and get all sweaty!

Discount Diner
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Like above, only you'll dine for free. I don't like the time that it takes to get a restaurant meal in the Sims 3. I prefer to just have my Sims cook. Eventually they can do even better than the chefs at the restaurant by raising the cooking skill and perfecting their meals.

Requires The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion PackDusty Old Lamp
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
Cleaning the lamp, which is placed in your Sim's inventory, will summon a genie. The genie can make all kinds of wishes come true, but needs about 12 hours of rest inside the lamp in between wishes. While the genie is outside, you can befriend him or her. Befriending them lets you use your third wish (or sooner) to free the genie and have them join your household. We'll add a page on genies soon!

Reward Requires the Sims 3 AmbitionsEfficient Inventor
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Reduces scrap costs of all your inventions. Very, very handy as collecting scrap takes time and you get much more bang for your buck. With Master Inventor many inventions can be made completely free, out of thin air, and still more for a single unit of scrap.

Requires The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion PackEngaging
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
This cheap Showtime Lifetime Happiness Reward boosts the reviews of your stage performances. This will give you a better shot at getting Steady Gigs, along with the That Was Deliberate LTR.

Reward Requires the Sims 3 AmbitionsEntrepreneurial Mindset
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
This will increase the rate your Sim gains profession experience. It's not as handy as you might think. Your points are probably better spent elsewhere, unless you want a Sim who will gradually cycle through multiple professions. After all, there is no shortage in job experience out in the world. Why not save up for something better instead?

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightExcellent Groupie
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Much as parties are rated in The Sims 3, so too are group outings. If you invite Sims out, they expect you to bring them along for a good time. This lifetime reward will improve their perception of the outing.

Extra Creative
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
If you want $5,000 simoleon masterpieces to come off of your artist's easel, take this lifetime reward. It boosts the quality and value of any paintings created by your Sims. A great reward for this specific profession and hobbyists.

Requires The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion PackExtraordinAIRe-Inator
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This Lifetime Reward given with Showtime gives you an item that is placed in the family inventory. Once you get it out and hang it on a wall inside the home, your Sims will get the opportunity to meditate in front of it. Doing so for 45 minutes results in a +10 moodlet that lasts 3 hours.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresEye Candy
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
This will give a small, +10 moodlet to any Sims nearby. The primary application will be for multi-Sim households as they can bestow this to other members of the family. It doesn't work for the Sim with the reward, so singles will find limited use. However, it should be helpful in social situations as Sims you're interacting with need to be in a receptive mood at times and this boost can help.

Fast Learner
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
Every skill your Sim pursues will improve faster. This is awesome for a Sim that you want to have in the neighborhood that has a mastery level in every skill. Best taken before you've gained too many skill levels.

Fast Metabolism
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Want your Sims to be buff and athletic? This will help them to achieve the desired shape faster. It doesn't help you to avoid gaining weight exactly, but your Sims can work out and get back into shape more swiftly if they do. My Sims never gain weight. They only eat when hungry!

Requires The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion PackFearless Voyager
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
Boosts the likelihood of a successful performance when your Sim leaves for a tour in Simport. Since this visit takes 12 hours of your Sim's time, making them perform better shows while away is wise if you are into using this feature.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackFestival Frequenter
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Makes your Sim earn double Festival Prize Tickets when they win a game in one of Season' festivals. It also gives a discount on activities like face painting and the tanning booth.

Fertility Treatment
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
If you want to have a huge family, insist on one of your adult Sims taking this lifetime reward. It will boost the odds that your female Sims get pregnant when using WooHoo. Additionally, your Sims will be more likely to have twins or triplets. So, if you want to experience two or three babies at once in the game, this is the easiest way to accomplish that.

Reward Requires the Sims 3 AmbitionsFireproof Homestead
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
It makes your entire lot fireproof. It could be helpful if you had a really high level inventor Sim, or a Sim who loved making metal sculptures, but for the high cost most others won't want it. May be good for legacies with beautiful mansions and forgetful or inept Sims burning food.

Requires The Sims 3 SupernaturalFlying Vacuum
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
This new reward is usable by all Sims, and will raise their hidden broom riding skill. It's second only to the Teleporter Pad for getting your Sims around town, providing nearly the speed of the most expensive cars. This is a smart early purchase if your Sim is traveling around a lot, as it'll get them there faster and save you time.

Food Replicator
Lifetime Happiness Points: 50,000
The food replicator is an awesome lifetime reward in the Sims 3. It gives you an appliance that can be placed somewhere in the home. How to use the Food Replicator: Have your Sim cook a meal, maybe even their favorite food. Perfect quality food is recommended. Place the meal on the replicator and then select the meal and choose 'store food'. This will place the meal in the replicator's memory. The quality of the meal is kept in memory, so perfect waffles will always replicate perfect waffles. Using the tinker option on the replicator can allow handy Sims to upgrade the memory of the replicator. With this upgrade, my Sim could store twenty group meals at once in the replicator. In conjunction with the Hardly Hungry lifetime reward, the replicator can very much help to reduce the time Sims spend preparing food.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion PackFriend of the Kraken
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
This Lifetime Reward is a little costly for what it does, although it does provide some entertainment in the power that it gives you. First, it removes the odds of Kraken attack, which are already quite low - only Sims that choose to fish in the Ocean will be likely to be attacked. The reason for this is that this is one of the only times a Sim's boat will be idle for a long time, which is the only time the Kraken has a chance to attack you. Any time your Sim's boat is idle 30 minutes the chance of a Kraken attack starts building up. In stormy seas, this gets worse, and Sims that are parked near hidden islands will find it increases as well. Being the Kraken's Friend also lets you unleash it upon any boats you see in the Ocean, which does not kill Sims, but merely trashes their boat. I would only recommend you get this Lifetime Reward if you are living in Isla Paradiso and using the sailbot or rowboat to fish, and doing so often. The Friend of the Kraken ability has a cooldown, thus you may only summon the Kraken once every 12 hours.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion PackFuture Sim
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
The Future Sim reward will transform your Sim's phone into a futuristic Holo-Phone. You need to go into the phone's settings to change the default to Holo Phone if you want to keep it that way. On release, this is a bit glitchy and sometimes reverts back to a normal phone for some users. This is a way to get your present-day Sim the new phone, while any Sims conceived while in the Future will be born with it as a hidden trait. Overall, most people find this phone to be lacking in features, so the reward is not really worth 10k LTHP.

Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
Using haggler can make expensive meals cheaper by making ingredients cost less. Books will be cheaper also. The benefit here is negligible despite this, because honestly, none of my Sims has had a hard time making so much money it just didn't matter any more.

Hardly Hungry
Lifetime Happiness Points: 25,000
Unlike the dirt defiant lifetime reward, hardly hungry does not boost the duration of the good meal moodlets. It will still save your Sim a lot of time, as they'll only need to eat about 25% as often as normal. This can save a lot of time, because every Sim needs to eat at least once a day.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion PackHotel Mogul
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
If you will be running a Resort in Island Paradise as your primary source of income, this is probably the first Lifetime Reward you should choose. It increases profit by a whopping 50%, so multiply any earnings by 1.5 and that's what you'll get out of this great and cheap LTR. This is an incredible boost, one of the best in the game, and will raise your passive income from resorts, potentially making your Sims filthy rich. You can read the linked Guide to learn all about managing resorts, from setting it up for guests, to hiring your employees. With this reward, you're almost guaranteed success. Remember, if you see few Sims it could be because your PC is slow - look to the actual revenue and visitor figures to see how many guests are staying. No one will ever see 120 Sims on the lot, but you can have many, many invisible Sims staying at one time at your Resort.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackHover Bed
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
A max energy bed that has a nice hovering moodlet +10 while sleeping, in addition to the luxurious comfort. This won't do any better at getting your Sim going than any high dollar bed, but it is the coolest looking by far. +10 mood is not a great bonus, but the unique look of this bed, and its anti-gravity floating will add an awesome touch to the bedroom.

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightThe Hustler
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
The Hustler makes your Sim great at winning games. Take this with the Lucky trait and they'll likely always win.

Requires The Sims 3 SupernaturalImmortal
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
The Immortal Lifetime Reward is available only to Vampires Young Adult or older. Purchasing it will prevent your Vampire from getting the heavy negative moodlets that come from being outside during the day. In addition to this permanent sunscreen, it also makes the Vampire glitter. As the name suggests, Vampires with this reward will stop aging entirely.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackImmune to Cold
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Sims can wear whatever they want outdoors in the winter without ever freezing or getting cold in the first place.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackImmune to Heat
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Allows Sims to be outdoors in any clothing without suffering the ill effects of heat. This will also let Sims get tans without getting sunburned.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresInappropriate But in a Good Way
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
This reward will let your Sim get by with being inappropriate without offending other Sims. It is a very situational reward for this reason, but isn't directly tied to the trait. It may help you get by with doing things like sleeping in another Sim's bed, or showering in their house. As such it may be useful for mooch-type Sims and Sims who are traveling. Additionally, the ability to use objects you couldn't otherwise without being rude in another Sim's house makes this reward good for the Architectural Design profession. When dealing with tight space in bedrooms and bathrooms, objects like showers, sinks and beds can be used to make sure that Sims can access them. Since it's so cheap, it's a good pick for that career. You can leave buy mode, test the objects, then tell the client about the renovation. Share your experiences with this reward at our Sims 3 Forum.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackInheritance
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
A long lost family member will die (no one your Sim knows) and leave some money upon choosing this reward. It seems to give around 30,000 each time of my five tries. So you get a simoleon per point, pretty much. A good, generic reward for people who just can't decide. This can upgrade your Sim's home with the very best furniture, although your Sim's rich uncle wasn't rich enough to get you a mansion.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresJetsetter
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
This saves money on each trip your Sim takes. If they'll do a lot of traveling, this is one you'll want to pick up early so it can save every last Simoleon you can milk from it. If your Sim is already rolling in cash, this is probably not the best choice. It takes $250 Simoleons off a three day trip and even more for longer stays. I'd recommend saving up for Prepared Traveler.

Requires The Sims 3 SupernaturalKing or Queen of the Fae
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
This reward's name depends on your Sim's gender and is available only to Fairies aged young adult or older. This reward allows you to summon any Fairy friends you've made, directly to your Sim. Calling 'subjects' isn't the only perk; it also allows you to customize your Fairy's wing color and shape by clicking the Sim.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresLearned Relic Hunter
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
This reward helps adventuring Sims to find better objects in their travels, either through excavation or tomb raiding. If your Sim will spend a lot of time in tombs, this will help a ton with income and perhaps even completing collections: In combination with the game mechanic that you're more likely to find objects you haven't yet seen, it's sure to help your Sim track down the rarest objects much faster.

Legendary Host
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Seems to make parties go easier. This would be very beneficial to Sims in the political career track, as they could do even better fundraisers. If your Sim likes to party, and wants to throw the best parties on the block, get this reward. It can only help with raising charisma, as making friends will be easier after Sims have attended one of your great parties.

Long Distance Friend
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This lifetime reward is great for keeping friendships. It will help your Sim to build up more friendships, because current friends won't need maintenance. Still, your Sims only need so many friends to get by in the game, so I don't very much like this reward.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion PackLungs of Steel
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
Allows Sims to Scuba Dive indefinitely, which makes things much easier when trying to explore underwater to find collectibles and treasure chests. Use this if your Sim will be a professional diver, using the Scuba Diving Skill. Sims with this LTR will also always win at the breath holding contest and need not fear drowning while in the pool, even with hunger and energy low.

Requires The Sims 3 SupernaturalMagic Hands
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This Supernatural-only Lifetime Reward is available to Witches of Young Adult age or higher. Magic Hands makes your Witch's spells never fail, just like the best wand. What is more, they also provide the magic efficiency of the best wand. So, take this reward to overcome the fact that you have to take a lower rating in some category with the Buy Mode wands.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion PackMaintenance Master
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
Maintenance Master may be only purchased by Plumbots. Buying this reward will eliminate the need for Maintenance on the Plumbot. The Plumbot doesn't have to be sentient, but it is easier to get Lifetime Happiness if it is. Once purchased, you could have a Plumbot that needs only Battery Power, fit it with Efficient and Solar Powered, and find that it hardly ever needs attention, especially when working outdoors in the daytime.

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightMap to the Stars
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
Kind of like a collection helper for Celebrities. TMZ would love to get their hands on one of these. It will give you the locations of celebrities in the game, and even allow you to sort them by star level!

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightMaster of Seduction
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
A very cool new reward, this will make your Sim's romantic attempts irresistible. That means it's a top-notch reward for Sims pursuing the Master Romancer lifetime wish. You can woohoo all over town!

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresMeditative Trance Sleep
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
This reward will let your Sim get by with 20% less sleep, as I've confirmed through testing. The time saved will help your Sim to get more done each day. It's perhaps more useful for self-employed Sims as they will be able to spend more time with their pursuits. Career-oriented Sims and parents will find it helpful too, there just might be better rewards to save up for.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion PackMermadic Kelp
Lifetime Happiness Points: 25,000
This LTR can save you from finding and befriending a Mermaid in order to turn your Sim into one instantly, which does save some time. Ultimately, it's a little costly for something that can be done fairly easily if you follow the Guide. There are better Lifetime Rewards out there. Once your Sim has befriended a Mermaid (70%), they need only ask about fish parts while underwater to get some free Kelp and accomplish the same.

Mid-Life Crisis
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
A way to legitimately change your Sim's traits (without cheating). This can be handy in conjunction with change lifetime wish. You can reset a Sim, but keep all their current skill levels. This can help if you put a lot of effort into a Sim's home, relationships and skills but want to change things up without starting a new Sim.

Moodlet Manager
Lifetime Happiness Points: 60,000
The moodlet manager places a device in your Sim's inventory. You can use the moodlet manager to cure your Sim's, or their friends' ailments. If your Sim has a negative hungry moodlet, the manager can cure that by raising the bar to full. Likewise with energy. Unfortunately, you won't get the 'had a good night's sleep' or 'excellent meal' moodlets from using this. I did seem to get the squeaky clean moodlet however. World Adventures owners will also note that the Moodlet Manager can cure the mummy's curse, along with other nasty ailments suffered while exploring tombs.

If the moodlet manager fails, it can immediately make your Sim exhausted. This is not a problem at all, as you can immediately use the cure option once more to fix that problem until it succeeds. With the moodlet manager, you may never again need to sleep or eat. Sims can stand at the riverbank fishing for 24 straight hours without breaking a sweat, as any time a need comes up it can immediately be fixed.

The Moodlet manager could ruin the game for you if you abuse it too much. If you take the reward, you're likely going to abuse it all too often so consider this before you take it. The second option on the device is zap, which will lower a random needs bar on the target Sim to 0.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackMotive Mobile
Lifetime Happiness Points: 45,000
The coolest car to come to the Sims 3 yet. The motive mobile will fill your Sim's needs as they drive around town. On a long trip, it pretty much ensures that you'll be maxed out in everything. They'll be peeing, showering, watching tv, sleeping, talking, and eating all at the same time. Cool trick, huh? A good thing about this is that your Sim's date will be treated with the same loving care by the Motive Mobile.

Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
This lifetime reward can be useful to teen Sims doing homework, while working a job, or adult Sims trying to advance in a career. Your Sims can do things more efficiently, meaning they get done with tasks faster and can get more done at work, causing them to get promotions faster. It does not seem to affect Ambitions professions.

Reward Requires the Sims 3 AmbitionsMy Best Friend
Lifetime Happiness Points: 40,000
This Ambitions reward will give you a male or female SimBot for the family. They can be really helpful. The only other way to get one of these is to make one with the Inventing skill. Here's a tip: send SimBot to play near a sprinkler, and it can short out. This will enable you to reprogram its traits.

Never Dull
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
A neat lifetime wish to take for your Sims, especially charismatic Sims or those wanting to make loads of friends. It helps you to avoid the penalty for talking about the same thing over and over (for example using chat, followed by three more chats). It can help Sims to learn other Sims' traits faster as well because the 'get to know' conversation choice can be used over and over without other Sims getting mad. Awesome for helping with the Personable charisma skill challenge if you have the points to spare.

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightThe Next Big Thing
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Your Sim will earn a lot more tips when playing in a band with this Lifetime Reward. Combine it with the Virtuoso trait and the instrument of your choice. You'll be better off to specialize in one type of instrument. Unfortunately, the money made playing for tips at the subway makes this reward almost pointless. But hey, if you're playing in a band in Sunset Valley, Riverview, or Twinbrook, this could come in handy.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresNo Bills Ever
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
This reward was practically necessary with World Adventures. As your Sim collects valuable objects like relics, tiberium and other new finds, the bills just get higher and higher. Your Sim's income may not even go up that much over time if you try to keep all the cool stuff they find. This will stop that problem in its tracks, and for Sims in this situation it's a life-saver. I've had $7,000 bills before, myself. However, if you travel really often, you may not get bills too frequently because your Sims will be spending a minimal time at home. Weight the benefits yourself, as your need for this LTR will vary. It's very nice for the developers to make this an option now.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresNo Jealousy
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
This trait isn't for just any Sim. This is for those Sims who like to flirt with husbands and do other naughty things while they live a very chaotic love life. As the name implies, it eliminates jealousy all together. The question is, do you enjoy the drama when you make your Sim do all those devious things? This will eliminate that aspect that many evil players enjoy.

Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
If your Sim wants to learn to cook favorite meals, or learn to make sure Sims you want to befriend are listening to great music, take the observant reward. It will help your Sim to learn traits more quickly -- something that can usually be quite time consuming. Use the get to know conversation option to speed things along. This should also help when your Sim is chatting on the internet.

Office Hero
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
This reward will make it much more effective when you use the hang with co-workers option during work hours. Basically, your Sim will make friends with their co-workers faster. This is useful for many careers because co-workers is a stat that is factored into getting promotions. It also can't hurt any other Sim to have a few more friends at work.

Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
If your Sim intends to complete plenty of opportunities, take this lifetime reward. This boosts the rewards from completing opportunities. This means that any skill learning or money bonuses are improved greatly.

Requires The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion PackPerfect Host
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This reward boosts the reward you get when hosting a Sim through Simport with Showtime. You'll get more Simoleons and Lifetime Happiness for hosting them, making this a more beneficial activity.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion PackPermanent Mermaid
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
This LTR can only be purchased by Sims that are already Mermaids. It will remove the requirement that your Sim enter the water in order to avoid transforming back into a regular Sim. At such a low cost, it's a no-brainer buy for any Sim that you want to stay a Mermaid to avoid having to get another piece of Kelp.

Requires The Sims 3 SupernaturalPhilosopher's Stone
Lifetime Happiness Points: 40,000
The Philosopher's stone can be used to turn items into gold ingots. Simply place an object on the pedestal (something small like a seed or apple) and it will be turned into a bar. Be sensible when using this, as unless you simply want a massive collection of gold, transmuting anything valued over $50 or so will be a loss of money. Be warned! This is one of the causes of death to come with Supernatural and failing to transmute gold can kill your Sim. The second purpose of this is to bind ghosts to your household, permanently. Simply select it and any ghosts in the neighborhood can be added to your household.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion PackPortal Immunity
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
Although this Lifetime Reward is cheap, and Portal Sickness can kill your Sim if untreated, you can simply go to a hospital to have it cured and prevent their death. Know also that as you gain skill levels in Advanced Tech from Into the Future, the chance of getting portal sickness diminishes with each level. At level 10, this LTR is totally useless. Most players will skip this one due to that fact.

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresPrepared Traveler
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Give your Sim three free days in each travel destination with this reward. This is an excellent choice for any Sim that wants to get high VISA levels in all the destinations to practically live on the road. If you want to fully experience World Adventures, take this trait to give yourself more time on the road to savor all the content.

Professional Slacker
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
The professional slacker lifetime reward will let your Sims more easily get by with slacking off at work. This can make the promotion bar continue to rise at a normal rate even when your scientist is hanging out in the beaker closet all day.

Reward Requires the Sims 3 AmbitionsProfession Simoleon Booster
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Exists for Ambitions professions, giving them a nice boost to earnings from both jobs and stipends. The boost is about 20% for each. It's great for individual jobs because they tend to pay about half your Sim's stipend pay.

Requires The Sims 3 PetsRaised by Wolves
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
Gain more social fulfillment from interacting with pets. This will double the amount of social need filled by playing with pets. This doesn't apply to small animals, but the large ones like cats, dogs and horses.

Requires The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion PackSimmunity
Lifetime Happiness Points: 7,500
Prevents a Sim from getting sick, nauseous or suffering from seasonal allergies.

Speedy Cleaner
Lifetime Happiness Points: 5,000
If your place gets trashed all the time, by your Sims themselves or party-goers, take this reward to clean twice as quickly. This helps Sims to avoid using the maid service, as sometimes cleaning can take quite a bit of time out of the day. Not nearly as useful once you've upgraded your Sims' household appliances and plumbing with the self-cleaning upgrade.

Steel Bladder
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
This is the best lifetime reward at this price point. Your Sim will be able to hold it forever, and will never need to use a toilet again. Imagine how much time can be saved over a week if your Sim spent around 45 minutes to an hour using the toilet every day. Seven extra hours of productivity, baby!

Requires the Sims 3 World AdventuresStone Hearted
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
Want a Sim that's practically Spock when it comes to negative emotions? This one's for you. Sims won't feel sadness when those life changing events come along: lose a friend? not a prob. Death in the family? No big deal. It takes a lot to bring this Sim down. I wouldn't take this perk early on for any of my Sims, but this would be a nice addition later on in a game or for Sims who have large families with a lot of drama.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion PackStrong Stomach
Lifetime Happiness Points: 2,000
This will eliminate the seasickness and nausea negative moodlets, making your Sim much more capable at exploring around Isla Paradiso in a boat without feeling ill. If your Sim has the Sailor Trait, they will not necessarily need this, but there are other circumstances that cause Nausea - Pregnancy and consuming Herbs from University Life come to mind. It's a LTR to consider for a Sim that has purchased most others, to prevent them having negative moodlets from many circumstances if you have numerous Expansions installed.

Reward Requires the Sims 3 AmbitionsSuave Seller
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
Suave Seller will enable your Sim to sell stuff for about 25% more at the consignment shop. Very good if your Sim is into crafting of any kind, such as sculpting, painting, or inventing.

Super Green Thumb
Lifetime Happiness Points: 20,000
This makes it easy to get perfect plants. If you can get a seed to excellent or outstanding, this lifetime reward alone can be enough to boost the quality upon planting. I'm not sure that this reward actually makes death flowers revivable, as the normal green thumb can do that. This might boost the success rate however. With the green thumb trait, your Sim can revive a death flower one time (other plants can be revived more). This is the only really easy way to duplicate the plants.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackSuper Nanny
Lifetime Happiness Points: 25,000
Excellent for handling larger numbers of children in the Day Care profession. This is geared directly to that job. It may also help parents at home, but would be limited use compared to the amount of interacting with children you'd do in Day Care.

Teleportation Pad
Lifetime Happiness Points: 75,000
The most expensive LTR in the Sims 3 is not all that hot. Sure, you can teleport to work and the favorite fishing spot, but it's not going to save too much travel time unless your Sim is really busy. With the moodlet manager, Sims can stand around all day and night doing anything without ever needing to go home, so it's probably the better bargain.

The teleporter may occasionally fail, but you can upgrade it to have perfect teleportation. It can sometimes break and need repair. Weight the benefits and choose whichever upgrade you'd find more convenient.

Requires The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion PackThat Was Deliberate
Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
This Reward makes the audience less likely to notice your Sim's goofs on stage, leading to better reviews. It should theoretically help you to land gigs in the first place, as well. This along with the Engaging reward will make it much easier to get those coveted Steady Gigs at Large Venues.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion PackTime Remote Control
Lifetime Happiness Points: 30,000
This will let you change the Future to Utopia or Dystopia without doing the Opportunities from the Time Traveler, which can save you a lot of time. However, if you are willing to do those and befriend the Time Traveler, you can get the Time Keeper Legacy Statue which features a positive moodlet while in the Future, along with a free Time Remote Control. You may even end up with more than one of these as other Sims travel to and fro if they befriend Emit, because the Legacy Statue holder can change from Sim to Sim, and each time this happens the Sim gets an extra Time Remote. Unfortunately, they are worth $0.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion PackTrait Chip Bundle
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
This will give your Sim a random selection of Trait Chips for your family Plumbot. Ultimately, you can learn to design all Trait Chips, and they only take some time out of your day to gather Nanites and level your Bot Building Skill. Given the linked Nanite Guide has locations to find rare Nanites, you may never want to buy this LTR. Many Trait Chips can be caught on sale at the Bot Shop in Oasis Landing, anyway.

Lifetime Reward Requires The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion PackUncharted Island Map
Lifetime Happiness Points: 25,000
If you are having trouble collecting map fragments from messages in bottles, this expensive Reward may be for you. It unlocks Plunder Cove, which must be found after assembling four map fragements that are somewhat tedious to find. If you'd rather cheat to unlock all the uncharted islands, you can simply use the cheat console, type testingcheatsenabled true, then discoverallunchartedislands.

Lifetime Happiness Points: 15,000
I have come to very much dislike this LTR. It gives you random days off, not like what you'd expect from such an expensive reward. I was hoping my Sim would get to skip work when he wanted without taking a performance hit. The simple fact is, all that it does is make your Sim miss work occasionally, and this can be more often than you'd like. You aren't even notified of what day you're going to have off, so you get ready for work to find the carpool doesn't show up. Great.

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightWatering Hole Regular
Lifetime Happiness Points: 7,500
Your Sim gets a great discount at clubs and bars, on all food and drink sales. Combined with celebrity perks, many services will cost next to nothing.

Requires The Sims 3 Generations Expansion PackYoung Again
Lifetime Happiness Points: 70,000
This can take any Sim above Young Adult, back to day one of Young Adulthood. This is more powerful than Ambrosia, because it cannot fully reset aging. The existence of this potion as a 70,000 point lifetime reward is stupid. You can make unlimited Young Again potions at $5,000 each by using Chemistry. Get an inheritance, learn chemistry, and get six of these for 30,000 points.

Share Tips and FAQs (32)

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Shelby says...
This isn't working for me. :( I cant find that "hotspot" on mine. I'm trying to get the No Bills Ever reward because they get stuck in my inventory. Is there any easier way to get them? Ive tried in between the chest and points but i get nothing. Ive tried clicking everywhere but i havent found it.
12th January 2014 8:52pm
ThatSanity says...
YEAH ME TOO! Someone please help us!
28th November 2015 2:45pm
ThatSanity says...
I've found out that you have to do the testingcheatsenabled true on the main menu, BEFORE loading in to do this.
28th November 2015 2:56pm
Katherine Mayer says...
You have to be on your main menu use shift+Ctrl+C type in testingcheatsenabled true select your house hold click the sim you want the life points for hold Ctrl and click to the right of the chest
4th July 2018 10:05am
Billy Hartman says...
you have to hold down the ctrl button and go just a little to the right and start clicking you'll know when you when you found it when you're lifetime reward points start going up
13th February 2020 9:08pm
Anon says...
The "Honorary Degree" Lifetime reward came with University Life for 50,000 Lifetime Happiness Points. It apparently "gives you all the benefits of a degree without attending university"...
I think that means you are able to gain an extra trait slot, and start your related career at level 3 (as opposed to level 4 with the actual degree earned from courses taken while at the uni).
7th December 2013 3:38am
SkywardAngelEyes says...
Not able to get the trait, but you do get the career benefits
6th April 2018 11:35am
Lisa says...
I have gotten the extra trait but never with the highest grade, only second highest. It might effect the professional benefits from the degree.
2nd September 2018 5:40pm
Marcus says...
What about island paradise the rewards are not there
We're still updating the guide. These will be available very shortly.
3rd July 2013 2:10am
Fartknocker says...
Still not there... lazy people
19th June 2014 3:03pm
Carl says...
Actually, they are...
20th June 2014 6:30pm
Ghastina says...
I just wanted to say that Above Reproach and Clean slate LTRs come with the base game, as I can choose them and I don't have Generations.
29th July 2013 7:23am
Carl says...
I suppose it's because of the reputation system making it into the vanilla patch and since those affect it, they are included with regular Sims 3 now. Some other features have gone this way, particularly with building options.
6th November 2013 7:05pm
PlumbotSim says...
trait chip bundle isn't completely useless if you just want the basic chips quickly rather than spending a good amount of time building or finding nanites and reverse engineering them... of course you kind of have to find the rare nanites in the wild and do that with them to get the medium and large processors to build the advanced chips, but even that takes more time than i want to spend which is why i have the nrass mod cheat xD
5th March 2014 6:34pm
Dylan says...
I wanted to point out on a point for point basis don't purchase inheritance purchase the Dusty old lamp and just wish for fortune 3 times for 300000 instead of 30000
20th May 2013 12:40am
simlicious85 says...
Great site I can acess it from my android. I can't never see the actual sim site on my cel. GREAT JOB!!!
2nd August 2014 12:55am
Zoey says...
I have a question: I've been playing with the sims 3 supernatural for a while. I have one sim in my current household, a witch. She has the magic hands LTR, but what if i temporarily change her into a fairy, vampire or a werewolf? Will she keep her LTR?
4th May 2014 6:28pm
Zoey says...
Also, if you use the clone voucher, will the clone have the same skills, LTRs and the same LTW?
5th May 2014 4:58am
Rose says...
My Long Distance Friend reward doesn't work. :( Its description says friends won't become distant friends, yet I just had 3 - 4 friends just have pop ups & are now distant friends. Ummmm what was the point...?
28th August 2013 7:47pm
douglas says...
for those that want a quick 50,000simoleons get a sim(sacrafice)and use the Philosopher's Stone until that sim dies sell the gold statue for 50,000simoleons or have your maincharacter have the unlucky trait and interact with the Philosopher's Stone until he/she dies and your sim WILL be resurrected because unlucky sims are immune to deaths except drowning while scuba diving or old age other than that the grim reaper will just say [first name] your constant misfortune amuses me and those around you . It would be a shame to take that priceless entertainment from them. I'll take you some other day. that is what he WILL say
15th August 2013 2:06am
Jess says...
Hi, I was wondering if someone could please tell me how I could make my lot fireproof? Thanks.
17th September 2015 7:57pm
Millie says...
FYI:I have a deep suspicion that some of you are clicking on the TAB ICON. Or next to the tab icon. That is NOT the right location. After clicking on the tresure chest, CLICK BETWEEN THE TRESURE CHEST AND THE NUMBER OF YOUR ACTUAL LTR POINTS(this number is in a box that blinks in an outline of white). Hope this helps.
20th February 2019 12:21am
Mint says...
Hi, I love your site, one of the tips isn't very clear though. It says

"Always take wishes that are about to happen, even if you must ditch one. Why? Unfortunately your Sim won't receive happiness points and the desire will be gone."

You should add 'if the wish isn't locked-in' to the end to make what you mean clear to new players.
13th October 2020 5:46pm
namshal says...
I will sell it. I've not sold anything in the game before, well, I've sold my caught fish. Would I go about with it and chat up sims hoping someone will buy it? I will check out options via the phone and computer and will I'll check back here in case I'm missing something.
Thank you for you time! It's appreciated.
19th January 2018 6:51pm
Playalot says...
Take it to the Bot Emporium. Read how in this guide:
20th January 2018 3:42pm
Axel says...
Vacationeer "It gives you random days off [...] I was hoping my Sim would get to skip work when he wanted without taking a performance hit" For me it works like you hoped it would(doesn't negate the penality but greatly reduces it), and has always been. That makes it one of the best reward of the game IMO, for children and teens it's even better than fast learner. Maybe it has been nerfed by an expansion? Which one? (I only run Pets)
3rd May 2020 1:09am
Hannah Krenek says...
anyone been able to get the life points one to work, i cant
20th June 2018 8:00pm
Justin says...
How do you have the baby?
19th February 2018 7:48pm
Playalot says...
In regard to what? idk really what you are asking so here's a link to romantic relationships
19th February 2018 8:17pm
namshal says...
How can I get rid of or kill the 'My Best Friend' LTR? There's no way to clean it up, it stays oily. This is true, I think, in spite of your tip - Here's a tip: send SimBot to play near a sprinkler, and it can short out. This will enable you to reprogram its traits. - I haven't sent a text yet which would cause it to come to the lot/home. As it's listed as a member of the family, I don't want my sim to invite it. I just want it gone. Can you help? Thank you for you consideration.
19th January 2018 3:57pm
Playalot says...
You can't remove LTR once purchased but I think you mean you want to sell the plumbot you added to your household? The guide here:
will help you. Also you can sell the plumbots which is better for your game than deleting using cheats.
19th January 2018 4:04pm
Sim Fan 099 says...
Why doesn't my Collection Helper help me with finding stuff like mushroom finding anymore? It did help me for a bit when I first got it and I have supernatural for the potions, but it doesn't show the mushrooms and roots option anymore.
26th January 2021 3:46am
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