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The Sims 3 Ambitions
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The Sims 3 Ambitions
Firefighter Super Hero Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Tom Thigpen

Firefighter is an exciting new Profession introduced with the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack, and this Lifetime Wish requires you to rescue 30 Sims from certain disaster. To accomplish this task I have called upon Toddy Gabin (tip o' the hat to Rescue Me). Let's see what Toddy has to offer!

Toddy's Traits:

Athletic is one of two skills that firefighters need to boost throughout their career. This will let Toddy advance faster.

Brave is natural for firefighters! A large portion of Toddy's emergencies will involve fires, and one bonus this trait is a natural inclination to extinguish said fires. This is great because sometimes the fires are in basements or other overlooked areas, and Toddy will find and extinguish them under his own free will.

This will allow Toddy to extinguish fires faster, which he will be encountering a lot of!

Camaraderie is a big part of being a firefighter and this trait will allow Toddy to befriend his crew quickly. His friendly social interactions are more likely to be accepted and will provide an increased boost to the relationship meter.

Handiness is the last skill required in this Profession and is valuable for upgrading the stations alarm, fire engine, station appliances, and even Toddy's own personal extinguisher!

Life at the Station

The first few days found Toddy working on his skills; he took a class in Athletic before his first shift and he learned Handiness from maintaining the station's engine and fire alarm. While in-between calls Toddy worked on conversing with co-workers and pumping iron in the station's gym.

A lot of the emergencies Toddy encountered happened during the initiation or completion of an action, so I recommend varying your activities at station.

As the week progressed Toddy found himself responding to many different emergencies; from kitchen fires, gas leaks, burglar scheme mishaps, angry garden gnomes, and even an electrical storm at the local hospital!

However, the gamble of this Lifetime Wish is that we must rescue fellow Sims, and depending on what calls Toddy runs that can take a very short or very long time. Not every emergency will require the firefighter to rescue someone and I averaged one call per day, with rescue missions having 1-4 Sims to help. In Toddy's 5-day workweek that means he has an average of 5 chances to maybe save 1-4 Sims, when looked at mathematically these odds are terrible but, alas, Toddy pushed on.

On week 2, day 3, Toddy reached level ten of the Firefighting Profession, and the mayor presented him with a special reward and ceremony outside City Hall. Toddy was also awarded his own personal engine and fire alarm, which means he can now effectively work from home. His new routine is: sleeping in until fully rested, maintaining his own engine and fire alarm, then heading to station to maintain the equipment there and increase his skills and crew relationships.

It's week 2, day 6 and Toddy is currently at 10/30 Sims saved and he hasn't ran a single call in three days. His Athletic and Handiness are maxed, so now Toddy is trying to get his crew promoted by raising their Athletic skill through training.

Week 4, day 1: Toddy has rescued 20/30 Sims for his Lifetime Wish. The only calls that give Toddy any Sims to save are Large Fires and Earthquakes. He's had five days in a row of one Small Fire per day. The crew is getting restless...

Week 5. day 6: 29/30 Sims saved. Toddy wakes up from his nap and heads downstairs to play some video games with his crew when all of the sudden the ground shakes violently beneath him. An earthquake! Finally Toddy can put his skills to use! He works overtime and responds to three emergencies in a row and rescues 9 Sims in six hours. It took Toddy 40 days to reach 96.6% of his Lifetime Wish goal, and on his last day he saved enough Sims to equal 30% of the 30 he required. That's the nature of the business though. On the plus side, Toddy had earned enough cash to completely convert his wooden shack into a second fire station for Twinbrook.

40 days is quite a long time to accomplish a Lifetime Wish, but firefighters today spend 25-30 years on the job before they retire so I guess Toddy can't complain. Depending on the kind of calls, I bet it would be possible to finish the wish before reaching level 10 of the the Profession.

Toddy's finished fire station is available for download here, it contains no mods but has content from WA, HELS, and AMB. Furnished price: 65,000.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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liz says...
Thank-you for posting this. I hope that my sim (who is verging on adulthood in normal setting) will manage it before elderhood.

Thanks again!!
15th July 2013 11:04am
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