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The Sims 3 Ambitions
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The Sims 3 Ambitions
Doctor Profession and World Renowned Surgeon Walkthrough

The Medical Career Gets a Shot in the Arm. Sort of.
By Tom Schlueter

The Doctor's jobs on the clock no longer cause the job performance meter to decline.

With the release of Ambitions the Medical Career received an overhaul, so I thought it would be fun to check out exactly what changes were made as well as share my thoughts on general strategy to assist all budding doctors.

Bumble Moneygrubber
Our protagonist comes from a long line of famous surgeons in Twinbook. Yes, the Moneygrubbers are the wealthiest family in Twinbrook and certainly live up to their name. But, these are caring physicians that have had the community's health as their primary mantra for nearly 60 years. Then, there's Bumble. Sometimes the apple falls a little too far from the tree. Bumble's father, Eliot III, has made it clear to him that he will be attending medical school in Twinbrook and eventually take over the family's medical practice. How in the world can Bumble live up to these enormous expectations? Thankfully, he was blessed with good genetics and fine traits to become the next great Moneygrubber physician. But, when it comes to people skills and basic common sense, well, Bumble has a long way to go. Let's cheer him on and hope for the best!

Bumble's Traits: Ambitious, Genius, Over-Emotional, Bookworm, and Friendly. Lifetime Wish: World-Renowned Surgeon.

The Sims 3 Doctor Profession

After materializing out of thin air at 36 Sweetwater Loop, Bumble exclaimed, "Where's my house?" He reached for the nearest newspaper and found a Tom Thigpen article on Home Building. "Sweet! This is just what the doctor ordered!" It's pretty much a carbon copy of Tom's Cheapskate layout with the difference being a better bed, shower, fridge, stove, and TV. All in all, Bumble's starter home is a mediocre place to live, but it's perfect for a single career-climbing Sim. And this particular lot is nice and close to the hospital too, so there's very little commute time. With only $726 left Bumble will be scraping by for a while. "C'mon, I need more money! Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Patience is a virtue, Bumble.

At press time, Twinbrook has a minor bug with the Community Library having no skill books. So, a quick Edit Town fix to throw in the Book Corral fixed that. Day 1 saw Bumble fulfilling a bunch of wishes - Learn Logic Skill, Read Logic Book (he actually read the entire first Logic book for 3 skill points (thank you, Bookworm and Genius traits), Go To Bookstore, and of course, Join Medical Career. However, en route to the hospital to join the career Bumble must have short-circuited...

The Sims 3 Doctor Profession

"Helloooooo, my fellow doctors and nurses! I can't wait to make truckloads of money in the medical career. So, who's my boss? Where's the ready room? Where do I start donating organs? Hello?"

After this brief mishap, Bumble did actually find the hospital right next door to the Community Pool and signed up. Whew. That was close! Day 1 ended with some yummy home-cooked mac and cheese and a Cooking skill level. Here's a quick tip I just discovered playing this character - the tier 3 stove (the Tri-Forge Stove that's pictured above) is better than the most expensive stove (Festus 44). You actually learn cooking faster and your very first batch of waffles or mac and cheese turn out Nice on the Tri-Forge compared to Normal on the Festus. Who'd a thunk it?

Typically, with any career Sim I play the default work tone is going to be Work Hard. That raises the performance bar much faster than Business as Usual. So, the Work Hard tone combined with a great mood and high Logic resulted in a promotion on Monday from Organ Donor to Bed Pan Cleaner, and another promotion on Tuesday to Paramedic. Instead of going straight home on Tuesday after work, Bumble decided to hit the Logic books at the library. Surprise, surprise - the first evidence of something new in the medical career came while Bumble was reading...

The Sims 3 Doctor Profession

Justin Kayes doubles over in pain. Justin: "I wish there was a doctor nearby to help me." Bumble: "You're in luck. And it's kind of weird you're actually thinking about me! Can I please have the 3-digit code on the back of your credit card for verification please and then we can get started."

The Sims 3 Doctor Profession

Justin: "What the...? You're planning to use a power drill with a sanding attachment on my body? That is SO not happening. Hey, I said no. NOOOO....aaaarrrggghhh!" And someone tell me what the heck is going on with Amy Bull? Is Twinbrook having open tryouts for a touring production of Alice in Wonderland?

Persistence paid off, not to mention Bumble's complete disregard of a patient's request. In the end, Justin was appreciative. And get this - after Bumble successfully "treated" Justin, his performance meter for the Paramedic career level jumped a little bit. Score!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday all saw promotions, so Bumble sits 5 for 5 for Week 1. Wednesday he was promoted to Medical Intern and hit the Library again. The Library is clearly the place in Twinbrook where Sims go to spontaneously double over in pain. This time around it was Anna-Liza Riddle. Bumble's prescription this time was a big honkin' pill. Thursday he jumped to Resident and had acquired enough Lifetime Happiness points to cash in for Multi-Tasker. I can't say enough about that reward for career Sims. Get it asap. It's golden and will make the performance meter shoot up much faster (more on rewards later). Hitting Residency status also saw Bumble's first medical journal appear in his Inventory. Bookworm Sims can fly through those in no time. Friday saw Bumble bump up again to Trauma Surgeon. "Money, money, money. What can I buy? Where can I go?" Hmmm...good questions, Bumble.

Productivity is always at the forefront of my mind for Sims. I decided that raising Logic more should take priority over everything else. Bumble was looking at a 3-day vacation in China, plus a whole weekend at home. But, first I needed to buy the 3rd Logic book which wasn't cheap. Now, off to Shang Simla!

The brief 3-day trip to Shang Simla was a success. He pumped his Logic to a hair within level 9 and as soon as he got home got that 9th level and maxed the skill before his next shift started at the beginning of Week 2. I would have taken pictures of his vacation, but I made an executive decision to spare you the thrill of looking at Bumble sitting at base camp reading a Logic book. Maybe a picture of him swiping all of the books to sell later would have been funnier. Oops, did I say too much? Seriously, here's 5 words to live by: China books = plasma TV.

Week 2
Bumble continued to make nice strides towards his Lifetime Wish and ended up being promoted to Gene Therapist (lvl Cool after Friday's work shift. The 2nd work week was not quite as exciting with emergencies to tend to around town. But, that's mainly because Bumble had already maxed Logic and there was no need to go to the Library. So, he wasn't "around town" much. His beeper went off quite a few times in week 2 and pushed the performance meter higher to make easier promotions the following day. When this happens to your Sim, then make sure to not chose Work Hard the next day. There's no need to grind them into the ground when they're assured a promotion anyway if you can just kick them out the door with high logic and elated mood.

Now, it's time to rap about these vaccination clinics that are part of the new medical career content. Bumble did two of these during Week 2. First of all, these notices will only happen during work hours. You'll show up to the hospital, and in a very short time you'll receive a notice in the information panel. Here's the problem: there's a button to click if you want your doctor to do the available work. Click the button and the clinic action cue moves right behind your existing "At Work" cue. You'd think you could go perform the clinic after work hours, but that doesn't happen. The cue will cancel. It's a missed opportunity. You actually have to cancel your "At Work" cur and then perform the clinic. Me not likey. The obvious result is your performance meter takes a hit because you're then missing work. I can see that it would stop going up. That makes sense - I mean you're not at the hospital, so why should the meter continue to rise? But, I wish the meter would just freeze as if it were a day off from work. Then you could return to work after the clinic and the meter would rise again. For performance crazy players like me there's a bit of a disincentive to even explore these clinics if they sap the job meter.

The Sims 3 Doctor Profession

Okay, it's 9 PM, dark, so what's the natural thing to do? Give a vaccination clinic at the town park! Bumble breaks out the caulking gun and goes to work on Gala Ball. Bumble: "I will teach you the meaning of the word respect." The vaccination clinics are a copy of the Music career autograph sessions - your doc shows up wherever, and Sims materialize and need to be vaccinated asap. You have 4 hours just like the autograph session.

The clinics and all of the "emergencies" come to you via the revised notification system in the top right of the game screen. The thing is, if you're playing on autopilot as I often do and zip through large chunks of time, it's quite easy to be oblivious to whether or not something is available because it will be buried underneath other messages. There is the flashing icon when new information is presented but it's pretty faint. The good news - especially for the clinics - is you just need to be on your toes right after going to work because that's when the notices appear. And unless you temporarily go into a coma while playing, there's no chance of you mistaking a townie needing medical attention while you're out and about .

Perks for Your Doc
I want to touch on Lifetime Happiness Rewards. Multitasker is the one already mentioned. Grab that with your very first 10k points. But, as far as what else to get later? To be honest, for career Sims a lot of LTH rewards are not worth their cost. You really don't need many rewards. Steel Bladder, Hardly Hungry, Dirt Defiant, Meditative Trance Sleep. These are all great rewards if your Sim is self-employed and works around the clock. It's just natural that self-employed Sims grab those rewards to take advantage of their open schedule. But, career Sims are not on the clock nearly as much and have more time to do mundane things like eating and going to the bathroom. Of course, once your medical Sim gets his/her LTW and you're staring at a flood of LTH points, by all means, spend away!

The only other LTH reward Bumble grabbed was Observant. This is a decent one because it will assist you in targeting socials to build relationships quicker. You want those 2-plus sign results after a social, not just 1-plus sign. And this leads me to my final info on new medical career stuff - Give Experimental Treatment. This is a social that's available to even your doc's Acquaintances. However, don't do it on Acquaintances. The chances of an Acquaintance being receptive to this is really low. Wait until your target is a Good Friend. Then, the chances are much better.

Good Friend Terry A. Keyes drops by to discuss some male "problems" with Bumble. Bumble cues up Perform Experimental Treatment on Terry and presents the Guinness Book of World Record for largest pill ever administered.Terry chokes down the monstrous pill.Despite Terry's nasty reaction he followed it up with a fist-pumping animation and a relationship boost with Bumble to Best Friend. Bumble: "Terry, if results last more than 4 hours, call me and we can laugh about it and high five over the phone. Oh, snap!"
The Sims 3 Doctor Profession

Week 3
Bumble achieved his Lifetime Wish of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon on Week 3, Day 3. I've done it faster with previous doctors, but this wasn't a race. The day after Bumble got his LTW he actually got a wish to Perform a Vaccination Clinic for 850 happiness points. Kind of interesting and different and adds a regular source of happiness points for someone wanting to keep playing a doctor long-term after hitting the career cap.

So, your doc hits the cap. Now what? Well, you can just keep playing him and go crazy with the money. Doctors have one of the highest base hourly rates of any career available, so depending on how long you pursue this, a World Renowned Surgeon has the potential to rival some self-employment figures after a few additional weeks of continuous $48/hour raises. But, don't expect your performance meter to completely hit the top every work day from only 5 hours of work. If you begin the day with the meter at 0, then you won't hit the top. But, it will rise enough that for your next day your tone can simply be Watch TV in the Ready Room. The number of hours is part of the problem and the other part of the equation is that only two of your metrics have a chance to be Outstanding - Mood and Logic. The Research Metric is difficult to raise past Great. You've got to do it every day or you may never see Outstanding. Rereading the same medical journal has no impact.

Another option for you once your World Renowned Surgeon hits the cap and your happy with the accomplishments is to have him get a makeover and pursue new challenges. For example, have him put all of that hard earned logic to use and become a Private Investigator. Or he can go rogue after a total Mid-Life Crisis and rise to the top of the Criminal career. Be creative!

The Sims 3 Doctor Profession

We leave our trusted doctor just as he encountered yet another emergency right in his own home. This time Molly Coddle, his boss since the get-go, needed mouth to mouth resuscitation after she had blacked out from eating Bumble's waffles. Quick thinking, Bumble! Well done. And it's clear that Bumble's people skills are vastly improving too.

So, what's my final diagnosis of the revamped medical career? It's pretty good. I've always liked the medical career anyway and the new around town emergencies and clinics that you can perform add some interesting new content. There are new career opportunities as well that I chose not to delve into for this article, but some of them have significant performance boosts and logic gains, so they're worth your while. A couple a multi-chain events similar to World Adventure chains where you bounce around town to accomplish an end goal. Fun stuff.

Would I have liked a little more content added to really put the career into "revamp" status? Of course. And I've already explained some issues I have with how some things have been implemented. But, the bottom line is there's plenty more for you to explore and the animations are amusing (at first), so I definitely recommend you giving it go.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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