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The Sims 3: Painter/Writer / Illustrious Author Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

Today, I'll be writing about how to make a Sim who completes the Sims 3's Illustrious Author Lifetime Wish quickly. In this walkthrough, you'll learn good traits for finishing the lifetime wish, with tips on how to do so efficiently. Here are the traits I chose for my Illustrious Author:

The artistic trait will increase the speed at which she learns the painting skill. It'll also help to some degree with writing's learning pace as well.

The bookworm trait lends a big boost to the writing skill. Books will be written faster, and be written at a higher quality. It also helps the rate at which the Sim will read books. This unlocks plenty of normal wishes for earning reward points, and more books read improves the quality of books written.

Couch Potato
She'll be on her rump a lot while writing. This will give a mood boost, by doubling the comfort she receives from chairs. It'll also help when comfortable while sleeping.

The over emotional trait will give an increase to all positive moodlets. Since she's going to have a lot of mood boosters, the percent increase it affords will set her mood bar through the roof.

Hopeless Romantic
She's going to specialize in romance novels, and this will make writing them available earlier. It will boost the quality of all romance novels she writes.

Lifetime Wish: Illustrious Author
Her lifetime wish is to master both the painting and writing skills. This will be easy and go by very quickly.

Painting a picture in the Sims 3 at a low level of painting.I decided her house should be very small. She's going to practically be a shut in, and should have high quality furnishings. I purchase the best desk, the best single bed and so on. The only thing to do in the house is use the toilet, sleep, eat or play on the computer. She'll buy an easel soon after her first book is published.

I keep her extremely happy. She chats to fill the social need, and plays computer games for fun. The room gets a decorated bonus, and couch potato increases her comfort in the $900 desk chair. Both of these, along with having a blast and other moodlets, are enhanced by the over-emotional Writing a novel in the Sims 3She eventually wants some paintings. Her mood is always full-on elated now, because of over emotional bringing up so many bonus mood points. Writing rises faster than painting, because some books take so much longer to write. When writing reaches level 10, she shifts focus to painting. Taking a class around level 5, when she had just gained a level, helps to boost it some.

The focus on raising the painting skill brings it up very quickly. She gets the steel bladder, dirt defiant and hardly hungry lifetime rewards, and she can paint from morning to night. It is not long before she has mastered both arts and completes her lifetime wish. This one was very easy to accomplish. It would be great for a stay at home parent, too.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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