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The Sims 3 International Super Spy
Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Pam Marsden

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A Jack Bauer Sim in the Sims 3Meet Jack Bauer. His Lifetime Wish is to be an International Super Spy, which means he will have to reach level 10 in the Law Enforcement career track, in the Special Agent branch. Jack has these traits:

Athletic - Jack will need to be physically fit to chase after all the criminals. The athletic trait will increase the rate he learns the athletic skill, which is vital in the law enforcement career track.

Genius - A great deal of logic skill is required to solve cases and bring criminals to justice. Specific to the Super Spy job, the genius trat will help to raise logic, which is required in the upper levels of the spy track.

Charismatic - Jack will have to interview people in town and write reports during his career and it will be much easier to get people talking if he's got lots of charisma. This will boost the rate he learns the charisma skill and give him extra social interactions.

Brave - This one isn't really required for the International Super Spy, but I can hardly imagine one being a coward. Brave Sims rise faster in the law enforcement career track, regardless.

Daredevil - Again, this one isn't required for the job, but it seemed to go with the others nicely to give him a well rounded personality for the world of international intrigue.

Jack has a wife named Jill, who has the domestic traits of Natural Cook, Neat, Handy, Green Thumb, and Angler. Jill isn't key to achieving his Lifetime Wish, but she can make his life easier by tending to the house, cooking good meals for him, and raising any children. All of this will help keep Jack's mood high, which will allow him to progress quickly to his goal.

The Police Department for the Law Enforcement Career Track in the Sims 3 Jack's first day in town found him checking the newspaper to find a job in the Law Enforcement career as a Snitch paying $40 per hour. He spent some time at the library reading a logic book and then met Jill at the park for a picnic. Later, he did a workout in front of the stereo to get his Athletic skill started. He received a promotion to Desk Jockey within a couple of days and found himself behind in his Logic skill. Another trip to the library for some reading helped bring him up to speed. By the end of his first week, Jack had received two promotions and was earning $55 per hour. He still has 12 days before he ages to Adult. Jack's wife gave birth to twins that weekend, so it was a happy and exciting couple of days for him. Back to work on Monday and he received yet another promotion! Jack is now a Traffic Cop, level 4. At this level, Jack has a partner and he needs to remain on good terms with him/her. One of the options while Jack is at work is to chat with his partner. Use this option to keep the relationship high and Jack's performance will increase. He still has to keep up his Logic and Athletic skills, too.

A Sim loses bladder control in the Sims 3 During Jack's second week on the job, he received a promotion to level 5 Patrol Officer. He now gets to bring the squad car home for his personal use. This is a big bonus for him and his family as they didn't have a car at all up until now. Jack also has to question people and write reports now as part of his job performance. This is where the Charisma skill comes in. Before anyone will answer questions for Jack, he needs to have a bit of progress on the relationship bar. Otherwise, they will flat refuse and Jack doesn't get to do his report. After chatting with them a bit and getting to know them, Jack then asks to question the person. If the answer is yes, he starts taking notes for his report. The more progress you have on the relationship bar, the better the report will be. However, there are some people who refuse to be questioned no matter how much Jack softens them up. Vita Alto even wet herself because she was so upset! Once Jack is finished with the questioning, he goes to a computer to write his report. It doesn't require writing skill at all, but the option for reports is under the writing section on the computer. Jack has fallen behind on his reports by Friday and plans to spend the weekend catching up and hopefully increasing his Logic and Athletic skills, as well. Jack wrote a report over the weekend and went to the Bistro for dinner with his wife. Life isn't all work, you know. He enjoyed the time away from the kids and work.

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