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The Sims 3: Hoarder/Living in the Lap of Luxury Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

In this The Sims 3 Character Walkthrough, I'll be pursuing the Living in the Lap of Luxury lifetime wish with a very greedy Sim. He'll do whatever it takes to make money, without actually taking up a trade. He will collect, mooch and steal his way to wealth. His biggest dream is to have a massive treasure room with all sorts of wonderful collected items he's hoarded. I don't recommend this method so much directly, but there is still information about raising total wealth to be learned from reading this walkthrough. It could be a challenge for players who are interested. My greedy Sim has the following traits:

It will help him make money early on. He can mooch money from friends and total strangers. It also fits his personality very well.

He's willing to steal to make his fortune, and he's going to be doing a lot of swiping.

This will help his ability to make friends and mooch from them. He's a fast talker, and can bum money pretty easily.

He loves to save money and hates spending too much of it. Because of this trait, and along with kleptomaniac, my Sim will get luxurious items but won't ever spend a dime.

Loves the Outdoors
He likes walking around and collecting in the great outdoors. This will help his lifetime happiness points to accumulate faster because it will improve his mood.

Lifetime Wish: Living in the Lap of Luxury
He wants to have a total net worth of $100,000 simoleons. This is calculated based on lot value (furnished) combined with cash on hand. He won't spend money on items, because they depreciate in value. Cash on hand is more valuable in this way.

From humble beginnings in the Sims 3, working toward a seat in the lap of luxuryMy Sim's house has only two rooms. The first, main room is a living area, sort of like a studio apartment. He starts with basic chairs and a television for entertainment. The bathroom and kitchen are in the same room, so the toilet and sinks need to stay clean. He will steal to upgrade these items, prefering it to buying them because he's frugal. In his second room, off to the side and built like a vault, is his treasure hoard. Here he'll keep items like gold bars, gems, butterflies and the like, which will beautify the room.

Because collecting items aren't available on the ground at first (they need to spawn in a couple days), my Sim heads to the Landgraab estate to befriend Nancy and Geoffrey. He manages to get invited inside their home, nearly befriend both of them and mooch a total of $23 Simoleons. He also steals a pair of nice, expensive chairs. One goes in front of his television, the other in the treasure room. After this first day, he's able to find a few collectibles here and there. They amount to nothing spectacular, bringing in a combined value of about $140 Simoleons. Mooching nets a small amount of money, and he steals a few mirrors which are sold for $200 each.

Stealing a sports car in the Sims 3My Sim's next day starts out bad, but gets good very quickly. The shower and toilet both break that morning, requiring him to repair them and take some time off from collecting. He manages to get some more butterflies, and again doesn't get much money. That night, he heads to the Landgraabs' home once again. This time, he's kicked out before he can steal anything (because of it being late) I see their lights outside, and think they could look good in the treasure room. He takes the two of them, and I'm wondering what he can steal next. I think I see something near their front door, and try to swipe that, but end up with something far better -- the Landgraabs' VFN Kompensator Sports Car!

The Kompensator actually increases his home value by only $3,000 Simoleons - however, it should help him get around town faster than the cab. This is important for collecting. That night, he steals another car, the Crumplebottoms' Bwan Speedster YL. It adds $6,000 to the home value. I sell the Kompensator. This car retails for $80,000. The resale value on cars is low, and I suppose for a reason after how easy this was.

Collecting rocks and gems in the Sims 3He's slowly building up a collection of cut gems. He doesn't care what they're worth so much, they're pretties to him. I try to steal the F-Series jet from outside the military base, but that's impossible. He does take both of their flag poles though. One of them goes to his yard, the other is sold. He's soon finding diamonds and gold on his collecting excursions.

I'm having fun making him steal cars. The Goths have a garage, so I need to get invited in. Cornelia obliges. I steal two Royal Francois End Tables for the treasure room, and a Yomoshoto Evasion from her garage. I'd really hoped the Goths would have a Margaret Vaguester for his collection. Oh well, the Yomoshoto is one more. The end tables look great in the treasure room. He makes one table for silver bars, and one for gold. He hasn't found the more precious metals yet.

My Klepto Mooch Collector starts doing better and better. He seems to find more precious metals as he goes along, eventually scoring some palladium. He adds this to his treasure room along with all the other finds. He's eventually stolen five cars, but still hasn't found a Margaret Vaguester. Now he focuses on finding more high priced furniture, statues, and works on stealing a nice television.

My Sim's collection of stolen cars in the Sims 3The television won't happen for a while - he constantly steals the blinds, lighting, and furniture from the Landgraabs' home theater. He finds a pink diamond, and adds it to his treasure room along with more plunder of lesser value. He starts hitting up the art gallery at night. The treasure room could use some paintings. Some at the museum are worth over $1,000 Simoleons, but again, he must steal the lights and things like that. It's entirely random what they steal.

He eventually gets his TV - a wall mounted plasma television that increases home value by over $1,000. Paintings begin to cover the walls as he steals more of those too. He is at $10,000 cash and $40,000 in home value at this point. Things begin to get better, as the more he collects the more often he seems to get rare gems, meteorites and butterflies. While there doesn't seem to be any direct correlation to number of collectibles found and the quality of collectibles picked up, getting them does free up the spot on the ground for another type to spawn. With that in mind, it's important to pick up every gem and rock your Sims find rather than just the good ones.

My Sim's treasure room in the Sims 3My Sim gets much more organized in his heists. He likes the tables from the landgraab and goth estate for his treasure room. They're nice to put gems on. He asks the Landgraabs to spend the night, steals three items before midnight, then after midnight steals three more. Taking six items at once is much more efficient, as he's able to get silly things like lights out of the way.

I start throwing catacombs runs into his daily routine. This pays off wonderfully. He finds a mysterious mister gnome, some plutonium and several high value books. I sell his cars, to bring bills down a bit. Sims pay bills based on their material assets rather than total wealth, so money on hand does not raise them.

Achieving the Living in the Lap of Luxury lifetime wish this way takes a long time. It would be done much faster by having a career and secondary skill to compliment it. It does look cool, and feel quite satisfying, having a full treasure room of gems and gold bars though, I must say.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Martin says...
How to fullfil this wish ridiculusly easy?
You need:
-The Sims 3 WA.
-The Sims 3 Ambitions.

1. Buy miner at consigment store.
2. Mine 2 tiberium.
3. Cut them and wait.
4. You have the missing ~70k. (You've mined different gems and metals too, right?)

It IS luck driven, but surprisingly easy.
19th February 2014 4:28pm
Martin says...
(Continueing from previous post...)

In fact it is TOO MUCH luck driven. However transfigurating (see Carl's page about it if you don't know what is it) gems and metals etc. into tiberium is a good, not so much luck driven idea. You can use miner (bought or invented)or collectors helper (I managed to get one just a day before I completed this wish) in order to get all required gems, metals etc.
20th February 2014 4:31pm
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