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Bruce Lee: Martial Arts Master Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

By Tom Schlueter

My goal for this character and walkthrough was to dial things down a bit for a change. So often I get into the challenge mindset and try to accomplish things very quickly without stopping and smelling the roses on the way. There's an absolute TON of stuff to enjoy with Sims 3, especially when you add in all the World Adventures content. So, I took a leisurely approach and had my character, Bruce Lee, accomplish many things in the game I had yet to explore. I also created Bruce's real-life widow, Linda, to assist with cooking, gardening, fixing things, etc.

Bruce Lee's Traits:

Adventurous: Adventurous Sims will have more wishes to travel, and Bruce will need to make frequent visits to China to compete in the ranked sparring matches necessary to complete his LTW.

Ambitious: The greatest Sim Fu practioner of all time is certainly going to be ambitious. Ambitious Sims are rewarded more Lifetime Happiness points when wishes are fulfilled, and there are a couple key Lifetime Happiness Rewards I wanted to give Bruce in a timely manner.

Disciplined: One of the new traits introduced with World Adventures, the Disciplined trait fires the Martial Arts Master LTW. And a nice side benefit of this trait is that Disciplined Sims actually get a boost to their fun meter by engaging in martial arts training. Plus, they learn the skill quicker.

Loves the Outdoors: Most of Bruce's martial arts training and sparring will take place outdoors, plus he'll learn the writing skill faster with this trait when he writes his many Sim Fu novels at the Lee's beautiful Sunset Valley beach front lot (477 Sunnyside Blvd).

Over-Emotional: This kind of seems at odds with the Disciplined trait, but the mood bonus is too nice to pass up for all of the skilling necessary for Bruce.

Linda Lee. When I first took a crack at the Martial Arts Master LTW I created a solo Bruce Lee thinking it would be easier. Going solo is easier in some aspects, but there are many benefits to having two Sims in a house. So I scrapped my first Bruce and created a new one along with Linda. The main drawbacks to soloing a character is the absence of a quick source of fun (Woo Hoo), the Social meter constantly dropping, and the time necessary to invest in things like cooking and repairing objects since there's no one else around. Keeping the theme for this particular project in wanting to explore many new things, I chose a Lifetime Wish for Linda that I had previously not achieved - The Perfect Garden. Linda's traits: Ambitious, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, and Over-Emotional.

Week 1. I needed to get Bruce writing immediately to start bringing in the money. It's tough waiting a full week for the first royalty checks. He first turned his attention to writing some non-fiction books with Hiya vs. HI-YAH!, The Gentle Side of Nunchucks, Insider's Guide to the Phoenix Academy, and Putting the Mojo in Dojo. Next on tap in Week 1 Bruce wrote 4 fiction novels: Can You Smell the Rainbow in My Mind? Growl Goes the Snail, Upgrading Perfect Lettuce to Unbreakable, and Wax On, Wax Off.

Before Bruce could write some Children's books he needed to get 4 skill levels in painting, so that took about a day of work. His 4 Children's Books were: Teaching Your Unborn Child Sim Fu, The Young Sim Fu Warrior's ABC Picture Book, Shadow Techniques for Toddlers, and finally, Master Lee's Self-Defense Course for Cowardly Children.

Linda's first week was much more varied as she went to town a few times to get groceries for gardening, worked on cooking, as well as her handiness skill, including the all-important Auto Water and Speaker Improvement upgrades. Linda's 2nd generation of plants were in the ground by the end of Week 1. Here's the happy couple after Bruce received his first royalty checks on Week 2, Day 1:

I probably could have had Bruce and Linda make their first trip to China at this point, but instead I opted to wait one more week for a key reason - both of them didn't have the necessary Happiness points for the Prepared Traveler reward. That's a biggie because it will double their time in China (6 days vs. 3 days) and will result in fewer trips for Bruce to complete his LTW.

Week 2. After finishing his 4th Children's book at the start of Week 2, Bruce moved to the Sci-Fi genre and cranked out The Alien One-Inch Punch, Invasion of the Simbots, Visiting Glargo Beckaboo, and Rocket Ride to Riverview. He finished up the week with 4 Trashy novels: Only She Fulfills My Chi, Hey GI...Me Spar with You Long Time! Triangle Choke of Love, and Gettin' Your Stir Fry On.

So, Week 2 ended up being huge for Bruce: he maxed the writing skill, he bagged 20 novels to claim the Prolific Writer challenge, and lastly, I gave him the Acclaimed Author reward to boost his royalty checks. I also gave him the Jetsetter reward to cut down on the cost of the upcoming trips to China.

Week 2 wasn't quite as grand for Linda simply because she plays a smaller role in this story. She did what was necessary to help Bruce along with his overidding goal. But, the 3rd generation of her garden plants were in the ground by the end of Week 2, several of them Perfect, so Linda is well on her way to accomplishing her LTW.

Since nearly all of Bruce's reward points went towards Acclaimed Author, I gave Linda the Prepared Traveler award (as well as Jetsetter). The Prepared Traveler reward is fantastic for Sim's pursuing this LTW or some of the other World Adventures LTW involving tomb exploring - 6 days in a location with a Visa Level of 0 is very hefty.

With plenty of simoleans now in their coffers at Week 3, Day 1, Bruce and Linda set their sights on Shang Simla for a 6-day trip. All eyes are on Bruce. It's time to get to the Phoenix Academy.

But, before Bruce hopped on his bike to make the trek to the Academy I scouted out the inside of the base camp and happened to notice a small portable stereo. Bruce quickly hijacked that item, plopped it in his Inventory, and set out for the Academy.

The only option to learn the martial arts skill at the outset is to use a training dummy. You can read a martial arts book too, but as Carl points out in his walkthrough - why do that when you can do other activities that move you closer to completing the martial arts challenges?

At level 2, Bruce got the wish to use the board breaker, so I fulfilled it and he promptly injured his hand. So much for that great idea! I didn't want to prolong Bruce's training by having him sidelined with an injury, so any further board breaking wishes were ignored. Surprisingly, he was able to continue on the training dummy with his injured hand.

I honestly didn't play Linda very much while the Lees were in China. There was no need to. She kept herself amused mainly around the base camp by reading many of the books available. Here's a little tidbit that surprised me: when the Lees returned home after the 6 days of their first China trip, Linda had put close to 10 books in her Inventory. Some of the books were worth serious money and were sold for over 1k simoloeans.

On day 2 as soon as Bruce hit martial arts lvl 4 and earned his green belt he got the wish to win a ranked sparring match, so he promptly made the call. Zhan Su was Bruce's first ranked opponent and was promptly defeated by our hero. But, one mistake I made over the next few days is having Bruce travel to the Academy to call for the sparring matches. For some reason I thought that was necessary and it definitely wasted a lot of time with the extra traveling.

Bruce and Linda recieved numerous wishes to visit the various landmarks in Shang Simla. They were also constantly hounded with phone calls to persuade them to try the various exploring Opportunities. I did have Bruce quickly visit a couple of sights for some easy Lifetime Happiness points, but the Opportunities were completely ignored. He had to focus on martial arts and sparring or his Lifetime Wish would have dragged out even longer.

Toward the end of his last day of trip #1 (Day 6), Bruce sparred with Lin Hua. Lin is shown here eating a specially prepared foot stir fry. The funny thing about this screenshot is that's Lin's daughter, Bebe, in the background. She looks genuinely concerned for her mother's safety!

So, overall, despite Bruce going to the Academy the first few days to call for matches and wasting time, he ended up beating 8 opponents and went back to Sunset Valley with a martial arts skill level of 7 and a tournament rank of 2. I'll definitely have a different strategy for Bruce for China trip #2. I really would like him to achieve his LTW with the next trip to China, but I'm not sure if that will be possible. So, Bruce and Linda said goodbye to Shang Simla and headed back to Sunset Valley so Bruce could get closer to writing his Masterpiece.

Week 3. Bruce's goal for Week 3 is to finish 3 humor novels and 2 satires. That would be 25 total books and then the Masterpiece option will open up. So, Bruce knocked out 3 humor novels as soon as he got back to Sunset Valley: 1001 Sim Fu Knock Knock Jokes, Chuck Norris is a Big Fat Idiot, and Grandmaster Quan's Adult Diapers: Funny Academy Memories. He wrapped up the 3rd week with 2 Satires: 3 Cheers for Geisha Girls! and Addressing His Imperial Majesty: "Whaassuuppp."

Bruce's Lifetime Happiness points got to 30k in the middle of Week 3, so the most sensible reward seemed to be Meditative Trance Sleep. If he sleeps less then he can write more. I really wanted him to get that 25th novel written to unlock the Masterpiece. The writing output definitely picked up with that reward, so I ended up having Bruce write one final novel before his next royalty checks were due, a romance novel called "Bruce and Linda Sittin' in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." That paid really well and then Bruce and Linda were off to China again.

There's not much to report on China trip #2. It was simply 6 long days of constant sparring. One thing I enjoyed watching as Bruce's tournament rank rose and he faced better opponents was how the fight animations became more elaborate. Sparring became much more detailed with jumps in the air, a lot more ducking and spinning, etc. Great stuff.

But, allow me to make one other observation on the base camp sparring matches from trip #2 - a bathroom is the ideal location? What!? Bruce would greet his opponents at the front door of the base camp and after the challenge was made several of his opponents immediately walked into the bathroom. Ridiculous. Here's Biyu Shen showing Bruce some nice acrobatics. Given the location I had serious concerns that a pupu platter was going to be hurled at Bruce's head...

I was hoping Bruce could achieve his LTW by the end of the 2nd trip, but it as the saying goes, "Close but no cigar." He just fell short: his martials arts level reached a little more than 9 1/2 and as he packed his bags for Sunset Valley he had cleared 17 sparring opponents.

Week 4. So, with a 3rd trip to China still looming in the near-future, Bruce turned all of his effort to finally completing his Masterpiece, Jeet Kune Do Re Me. It took a whopping 6 days to write, and that's even including a Mid Life Crisis where I dropped his Ambitious trait in favor of the Bookworm trait to boost his writing speed. But, he finally cranked it out. It was kind of fun for me as well since I had never taken a writer that far before.

After constantly being on the computer for days on end, Bruce's fun bar needed some serious attention. "Oh, me in the Sleep-Slave Double Bed for some serious Sim Fu Woo Hoo." Morgana Wolff trys her best not to notice the incredibly loud harp sounds that suddenly surround her.

With Bruce's life work now documented in Jeet Kune Do Re Me, it was off to China for a final trip. I knew that 6 days was not close to being necessary given he only needed 3 more wins and a small amount of skill gain for the mastery requirement.

Bruce quickly cleared two more sparring partners his first day of trip #3. He and Linda took the rest of the day off and enjoyed a visit to the Temple of Heaven.

Day 2. This was for all the marbles. Call me a Hopeless Romantic, but when a Sim achieves their Lifetime Wish, it's a big friggin' deal. You don't want them to be all alone with no other loved ones around to celebrate the moment. And I certainly did not want Bruce to achieve his Martial Arts Master Lifetime Wish in a bathroom. So, I decided for screenshot purposes and for sentimental reasons to stage the 20th match at the Academy's elevated sparring platform. Liang Yat Sen was Bruce's final opponent. The matches began in early afternoon with plenty of light. But, Master Sen was a true warrior and would not yield victory easily. Bruce lost 2 matches in a row. Finally, in the 3rd match with light quickly fading Bruce defeated his worthy adversary.

When I knew the match was close to being over I directed Linda to sit on the bench on the sidelines. I know, I know....Hopeless Romantic Metro. But, he achieved a monumental accomplishment and I wanted her right there to give him a big hug...

I'm a big Bruce Lee fan (the satirical novel titles are nothing short of deep admiration) and really enjoy the old martial arts movies as well as the newer crop of movie heros - Jason Statham, Steven Seagal, etc. And of course, I'm all over the Ultimate Fighting Championships craze. So, I want to thank Carl and Pam for this opportunity. It was really a lot of fun.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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