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The Sims 3 Seasons: Summer

Summertime Festival, Tickets, Tanning and Fun in the Sun

The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack
Diving into a pool in The Sims 3 Season's Summer
Relax in the Pool or Improve your Diving Skill

The Sims 3 Seasons brings Summertime for Sims, along with sweltering heat waves and numerous activities to keep cool. In this guide, we'll cover those new gameplay features as well as the ways you can prevent your Sim from overheating in the hot Sunshine.

Making a Snow Cone in The Sims 3 Seasons
Summertime Heat Calls for a Snow Cone

Summer Festival and Leisure Day Holiday
The Summer Festival takes place on a big lot somewhere in your town (Central Park for Sunset Valley). There you will find a number of special structures set up to help Sims celebrate Summertime. Make a holiday greeting card in the photo booth, have a snow cone to cool off or buy food and drink. All Sims will get the day off of work or school on Leisure Day, which is the last Friday of the season (or just the last day for short seasons). This is a free pass to have some fun at the Festival and maybe even earn some tickets to spend. All Sims get a +10 moodlet for the entire duration of Leisure Day.

Playing Soccer in The Sims 3 Seasons
Play Soccer Against other Sims to Win Festival Tickets

Summer Festival Tickets
There are a few ways Sims can earn Festival Prize Tickets, which can be spent at the concession stand at the festival (open 8am-9pm).

  • Soccer Shootout - 25 for winning, 5 for the loser. 10 each for a draw. Soccer is a hidden skill and Sims who get good at this will have no trouble earning tickets by beating out the competition.
  • Hot Dog Eating Contest - You'll win a week's worth of hot dogs which could spoil in your inventory, but also pick up 25 tickets for your Sim. There is a 5 ticket participation prize. Contests take an hour to complete, and the next contest begins 2 hours after the previous has finished.
  • Skating - Skate on the skating rink and your Sim will earn 5 tickets. This is a hidden skill, and Sims will grow better at skating over time.
  • Water Balloon Fights - Use the pair of walls you'll see on the festival lot to do this, and the winner will receive 25 tickets, the loser 5. Another hidden skill and potential ticket generator.
  • Get Face Painted - 5 tickets for doing this, costing $50 but is a means of infinite tickets if you have the Simoleons.
Hot Dog Eating Contest in Seasons
A Hot Dog Eating Contest - To the Winner Go 25 Tickets

Using these tickets, you can purchase items that range in value from 1 ticket for a firework to 50 tickets for a Soccer Field for your home lot. Tickets can be cashed in during any Season, and the prizes are all themed around seasonal activities.

Weather Forecast in The Sims 3 Seasons
Check the Newspaper, Computer, or Television to get a Weather Forecast.

Summertime Heat and Weather
Sims enjoy the sunshine up to a point, initially getting a nice warm moodlet. Too much time outside in the heat can cause Sims to overheat if they do not get shelter and seek one of the options to cool down.

As your Sim gets hotter, they will begin to get warm, then Sweating Profusely moodlets. At Sweating Profusely you need to seek something to cool the Sim off as you have a limited amount of time before they burst into flames and must run quickly to extinguish themselves. Spontaneous Combustion can kill a Sim.

Sims can die of the heat in Sims 3 Seasons
Get Your Sim Cooled Before This Happens

Either go inside a house (all homes are automatically cooled), eat a snow cone, take a swim, or use a sun parasol to combat the effects of heat and prevent an untimely Sim death. Sims with 10,000 lifetime happiness points to spare can purchase the Immune to Heat Lifetime Reward, which will prevent any negative effects of the sun while still getting a tan.

Sims will naturally dress in cooler clothing when they go out doors, and if they have a sun parasol in their inventory will automatically use it to prevent getting too hot.

Get a Spray on Tan - Just hope a Prankster Hasn't Used it First

Sun Tanning
Sims wearing swimwear outdoors can get a tan when they've been in the hot sun for a while. Don't push it - seek something cool or some shelter when the tan has developed. For a nice Suntan, they will get a +10 24 hour moodlet. A sunburn causes pain and gives a -10 12 hour moodlet. Sims can also get a tan in the Spray Tan booth for $90 at the Summer Festival, which has an 85% chance of success - unless it has been the target of a prank, in which case a Sim may look awful (and pretty hilarious) when they come out. You can also buy one of these for your home using Festival Prize Tickets from participating in activiites at a festival. Sun Tanning Booths can be found in Buy mode's Study > Indoor Activities tab for $2,000 Simoleons.

Seasons fireworks - a rainbow
Seasons fireworks - an extraveganza's grand finale
Fireworks are Beautiful when Viewed from Above

Fireworks can be bought at the concession stand or grocery store during Summer. There are a couple cheap kid-friendly types in Snakes and Sparklers, while older Sims can use bottle rockets and large fireworks. The Facemelter and Golden Dragon count as large fireworks. If you have three of them on hand you can have the Sim use the Perform Fireworks Extravaganza action, which will launch three of these randomly and give all observing Sims a +10 moodlet for 16 hours.

Swimming Improvements
With the patch that came with Seasons, all Simmers can now send their Sims to the Ocean and ponds to take a dip. It's a great way to cool off and get some exercise. In Build Mode, you can also find the new Diving Board, which functions as a hidden skill object. Sims will improve their diving ability with some practice. The Inflato Aqualounge can also be bought, which is a floating pool chair that can be used to sunbathe and relax or read a book.

Summer Skating
Skating is a new hidden skill in The Sims 3 Seasons. During the summertime, this is used with roller skates (ice skates in winter). Doing this at the Festival will earn you Prize Tickets.

A Water Balloon fight in The Sims 3 Seasons Summertime
A Water Balloon Fight - Shame it Won't Cool Sims Down.

Water Balloon Fights
Water Balloon fights raise a new hidden skill, which carries over to snowball fights in the winter. Find the new Water Balloon Arena in Buy Mode > Outdoors > Outdoor activities to have a war with walls to hide behind, otherwise Sims can practice in any open area.

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Mia says...
It always seems to rain in Summer on my game...
It's like it knows I live in the UK and has made the weather reflect this... /sigh
Btw I love this website: it's my go-to for all things Sims :)
14th September 2013 11:43am
Cat says...
I have trouble getting to do a Firework Extravaganza. I have five firework types in my inventory, at least 3 Facemelters and I only get the option to launch the facemelters individually or the other ones randomly, but no Extravaganza.
20th March 2014 12:33pm
foreversims says...
i wish i had this expansion... think i'll get it.. THANKS FOR THE INFO!!!!!!! ;)
22nd February 2014 11:03pm
Monice says...
Can you still build houses, have children like the regular Sims 3?
22nd May 2013 12:36pm
sara says...
How do I get everyone in town to go to the festival?
27th October 2015 7:25pm
tallulah says...
helloo everyone :)

I recently started a new town and it's making my leisure days be on the last Thursday of every month instead of Friday.. is there a way I can change it back to Friday?

thanks :)
8th March 2014 3:56pm
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