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The Sims 3 Athletic Skill Guide: Make Your Sim an Athlete

My Sim running on a treadmill to raise his athletic skill in the Sims 3

This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

In The Sims 3, with the Athletic skill, your Sims can enjoy longer, healthier lives. The longevity boost afforded by the skill is not necessarily useful if you are using aging, but for realism's sake, the fittest Sims will outlive the average Sims. Your characters can learn to train others, and help them to learn the Athletic skill faster. The skill is also used in the professional sports, military, and criminal career tracks. It certainly isn't the most useful skill in the Sims 3, but your Sims do have a chance to earn some money here and there by completing the opportunities that come their way.

Players with the World Adventures expansion will find that the athletic skill has new purpose for them. It's now helpful along with the Martial Arts skill to determine your Sim's likelihood of winning a fight with a mummy or another Sim. There is also a lot of open space where your Sim would normally have to walk, and may get there faster by taking a jog. Lastly, World Adventures' dungeons feature hidden doors which can only be opened by Sims with a high enough Athletic skill.

Ways to Raise The Sims 3 Athletic Skill

Golf Driving Range in Showtime
This new object, found under outdoor activities, gives Sims yet another way to raise their Athletic skill.

An early morning jog is a great way for Sims to start the day in the Sims 3.A bug affecting the gym since day 1 has been fixed as of June 2013. Working out at the athletic center and getting the gym buff now properly increases your skill gains in athletics, as opposed to actually decreasing them. So head on to the gym to get your Sims the best workout!

Take an Athletic Class
You can take Athletic Classes at the gym in town. This is the best way to gain the first level, as going from level 0 to 1 in any skill in the Sims 3 takes a bit longer. The Athletic class will get you that first level very quickly.

Swimming Free at the pools in your neighborhood, Swimming raises athletics. I love it in real life, but don't like it in the game because there is reportedly a slim chance of drowning.

Aerobics with Televisions or Stereos: I tested both of the cheapest models of television and stereo. They both allow you to use workout. Unfortunately, they're grouped here because the workouts you do with each are the same. Sims will do jumping jacks, squats and stretch side to side. I don't recommend doing the cardio challenge this way, because it doesn't add to the marathon runner challenge's stat tracker like treadmills and jogging do.

Run on Treadmills: Buy them from the Study tab, indoor activities. There are also free treadmills at the gym. Treadmills add to both Marathon Runner and Fitness Nut challenge stats, I believe, so it is a great way to train unlike the television.

Working out with a TV or stereo really isn't the best way.Workout Machines: These machines can be found in the gym, or under the indoor activities section of build mode. I never actually purchased one, as my Sim enjoyed the bonus to skill learning offered by visiting the Gym. Using these machines, Sims lift weights and work toward the Body Builder challenge.

Jogging around Town: Available once you've learned the first level of athletics skill, this will allow Sims to jog around the neighborhood. A great and sometimes visually pleasing way for your Sims to exercise. Works for both Marathon Runner and Fitness Nut challenges.

Abilities Gained Through Athletics

The athletics skill can provide several perks. Here's a list of the abilities, not training styles, that the athletic skill in Sims 3 has to offer:

Jog: Again, your Sims get this upon learning the skill. This is a nice, free, way to get in a workout with your Sims without going to the gym. I actually enjoy it, because the graphics in the Sims 3 look good enough that I love watching the terrain and sky as my Sim left to jog just before dawn. This will give your Sims progress toward the fitness nut and marathon runner athletics challenges.

Pumped!: As a level 3 athlete, Sims can gain the pumped moodlet after exercising for a while. This will inhibit the sleepy, tired, and exhausted moodlets allowing your Sim to get just a little more done before crashing.

Run Faster: That training has paid off. At level 5, Sims will run faster.

Athletic Sims can train others to give them a better workoutTrain Others: Help your Sims' friends and family to get fit by using training. Invite them out to the gym and click a piece of exercise equipment to give them a training session.

Athletics Styles Sims Use While Exercising

Higher levels in athletics unlock new styles of training that your Sims can use while exercising. These actions can be used to train longer, harder, or faster. Certain actions are good for certain types of wishes once your Sim has developed an interest in Athletics. Here is a rundown of the athletics training styles in the game, by level. To exercise in a different way, select the drop down box with the exercise in your Sim's action queue.

Don't Break a Sweat: Gained once your Sim has learned the athletic skill. Used to prevent Sims from getting sweaty while exercising. Useful for getting in Sims' workouts, and progressing toward challenge goals without getting all messy before work.

Good Pace: If your Sims have a nice, long day to devote to a workout, use this to allow them to endure longer without getting fatigued. This should get the most out of a day's workout before fatigue sets in. The ability is gained at level 3.

Push Yourself: Gained at level 5. If you want to complete the work out for 10 hours wish that will eventually come up for your Sim, you'll want to use this style of exercise. It will let your Sim train for a much longer period of time, and even see a boost to the athletic skill's growth rate. The drawback? It does make the Sim more sore, but if you really want them to get a phenomenal workout, this is the style to use!

Quick Burst: Use this if you don't mind that your Sim will get very nasty and sweaty in a short period of time. Provides a very fast boost to the athletic skill, although at the cost of a shorter workout. Available at level 7 athletics.

Athletic Skill Challenges

Body Builder
After working out with weights for 60 hours, Athletic Sims will no longer grow fatigued from strength workouts. This does include Martial Arts' block breaking, so it's a great challenge to complete for owners of World Adventures who want their Sims to be able to collect gems all day.

Fitness Nut
Have your Sim do cardio workouts for 75 hours and they'll no longer be fatigued by these kinds of activities. It can be useful when on adventures, when your Sim is sometimes forced to walk.

Marathon Runner
Run a distance of 500 kilometers to allow your Sims a longer lifespan. This only works through the treadmill and jogging. Note that you can knock out this challenge along with fitness nut by doing either of these options, so it's usually the best option to complete the challenges quickly.

Athletics Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities for athletes in the Sims 3. Most involve a trainer tasking you with having a certain type of workout, or even using quick burst for a set period of time. None are challenging to complete, and you'll level up the skill in the process. Nothing challenging at all indeed, not like cooking! Some will deliver a cash reward, which is good for Sims to make a little side money with athletics, but others simply give you a boost to the skill. Still, you can improve the skill more quickly by completing them.

The Sims 3 Skills
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Sam says...
I'd just like to note that, from my experience of playing god with my sims, the state of drowning is triggered by swimming while fatigued or with low energy. Even high levels can quite easily drown should their exhaustion catch up with them but if you keep an eye on their moodlets, you have half an hour at the least before the drowning moodlet and about two hours before the sim can actually die from it. Hope this helps clear up a couple things.
1st January 2014 1:44pm
Lucy says...
I am just curious... My sim is in the sports career and he always loses the games he plays... He is very high in the athletic skill and is best friends with all his team members, and gets there on time in a good mood. Is it because the other team members suck at the athletic skill? Please get back to me.
Does he prepare for the game?
28th July 2013 5:16pm
G says...
Mine is the same; full athletic skill, top of Sports career, best friends with whole team AND prepares for the game every working day that isn't a game, but he still loses.
He's currently on 13 losses and no wins :(
I'm beginning to think it's a bug and/or the performance is based on the rest of the npc's in his 'team' that are in the Sports career too.
19th August 2014 8:27pm
Michaile says...
Probably just because your sim needs to improve its athletic skill. At first, they all fall off.
23rd November 2015 2:44pm
Michaile says...
wasn't the thread I was replying to...
23rd November 2015 2:45pm
The Fitness Nut says...
With the sims 3 University Life, the Soccer Ball and Frisbe also level up athletics. You can also up it within the Brain Enhanckng Machine I think.
23rd February 2014 1:16pm
Chant says...
The kicky bag levels Athletic as well.
26th July 2014 1:05am
Nael says...
My sim is apparently bugging and gaining athletic skills all the time. Just now he's been asleep for a few hours and boom athletic skill increased!

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but really strange nevertheless :D Do you know anything to fix this?
25th February 2014 12:15pm
Kristen says...
What is the top career level in being an athlet?
24th May 2014 1:05pm
Playalot says...
Do you mean Sports Agent? Team owner. Guide here:
15th January 2018 10:22pm
Sam says...
So i moved in rei metsuri from Island Paradise and she is now constantly gaining athletic skill. No matter what she is doing. I might have her eating or talking or even working on a different skill and she gains athletic. Is this part of the mermaid life state? (I made her one after i moved her in) or is it just a glitch?
5th July 2014 10:55am
Playalot says...
Glitch for sure. Try resetting her.
15th January 2018 10:22pm
Kat says...
I have three child sims in my house, they are vampires like their mum, and the two girls are able to get pumped and use "don't break a sweat" while working out, but the boy works out like other children. I don't understand why this is, since children shouldn't be able to learn athletic skill but it seems the girls have. Possibly more odd is that their brother hasn't, despite that they usually all play, study, and exercise together. Is there a way to teach the boy how to do this and avoid showers after ballet lessons or are my girls just glitching?
21st January 2014 3:48am
Cristal says...
I have a question and I am hopeing someone can answer it I'm wondering why my sims keeps falling off the treadmill? and how do I improve her from doing it? Please help
9th October 2015 12:51pm
Michaile says...
Probably just because your sim needs to improve its athletic skill. At first, they all fall off. Just keep her working out on the threadmill or other places...
23rd November 2015 2:47pm
Michaile says...
When your sim is fatigued, you can take a mud bath. Probably other things too, I haven't tried massage or hydrotherapy, but they could work too. But anyway, mud baths remove the fatigued moodlet.
23rd November 2015 2:43pm
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