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The Sims 3 Skills Cheats

How to Use the Cheat Console to Raise Skills Fast

The Sims 3 doesn't actually offer cheats to raise skills directly. Instead, you have to use other commands to allow your Sim to focus their effort. Cheating will keep them from getting tired, hungry, or stressed out. This is done with the cheat console.

To open The Sims 3's Cheat Console, press Control + Shift + C. You'll now be able to type commands. For full information on the types of commands you can use, see the regular Cheats page and the testingcheatsenabled true pages.

For the purpose of raising skills, we need do only a couple commands. Open the cheat console and type testingcheatsenabled true. This enables the testing cheats, which are some very powerful commands you can issue by shift-clicking on objects.

The best thing you can do to learn skills is enable make needs static by shift-clicking the mailbox with the testing cheats on. Make needs static will max out all need bars and lock them in place. You can switch back by clicking make needs dynamic.

In the case of charisma, you can cheat to raise it as well by using the mailbox to 'make me friends'. This will give you some random friends. You can then use the charisma skill books at the library to read up on the skill.

You can use these cheats to raise the skills by reading books or performing actions, so it works for every skill from Ambitions and World Adventures. You can also use it to complete skill challenges. To give yourself an edge, you can even modify your Sim's traits. Use bookworm if they'll be reading in the library, along with other traits like Green Thumb that boost skill gains for specific skills.

Collecting is another animal entirely. If you want to cheat to complete collections, you'll need to open the cheat console with testing cheats on and type buydebug, then go to buy mode and sort by function. You can then place spawners of any type on your lot to help you gather rocks, gems, insects, and even meteorites. Fish spawners are available, too!

Best Ways to Raise Skills
Here you'll see a list of the trait that boosts skill gains for each skill in The Sims 3. With the cheat enabled, fast ways to raise the skills are:

  • Athletic: Athletic trait. Lift weights or run on a treadmill at home (gym bugged). Sim never gets fatigued
  • Charisma: Charismatic trait. Read skill books at the library and use make me friends at mailbox for requirements
  • Collecting: No traits. Make tons of spawners at home, as above with buydebug
  • Cooking: Natural Cook trait. I'd prepare the highest level meal available over and over to work toward challenges, skill books at library otherwise
  • Fishing: Angler trait.Fish for high level fish, like buy garlic to catch vampire fish. You'll gain more experience for each fish. See fishing maps.
  • Gardening: Green Thumb trait. I'd read skill books until level 7 then plant rare plants like garlic and special plants.
  • Guitar: Virtuoso trait. It doesn't get easier than this: play guitar in one spot. At some point throw in some playing for tips.
  • Handiness: Handy trait. Skill books or tinkering over and over.
  • Inventing: Eccentric trait. Use kaching money cheat and buy tons of scrap, unlock invention types.
  • Logic: Genius trait. Get computer whiz and play chess on the computer. Then you can later win chess tournaments.
  • Martial Arts: Disciplined trait. You'll never get fatigued, so work on block breaking.
  • Nectar Making: No traits. I'd brew tons of nectar, cheating to get fruit with buydebug.
  • Painting: Artistic trait. Paint tons of small paintings to simultaneously work on skill challenges.
  • Photography: Photographer's Eye trait. Take pictures over and over, and save capturing subjects for the first time at level 10 for max profit.
  • Sculpting: Savvy Sculptor trait. Just sculpt, over and over and unlock new types.
  • Writing: Artistic, Bookworm traits. Write tons of novels!
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The Sims 3 Skills
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Laser RhythmLogicMartial ArtsMixologyNectar MakingPaintingPhotography
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awesome kat says...
Well u must type in first testingcheatsenabled true to make any other cheats work. Your welcome =^-^=
Not all cheats require testingcheatsenabled.   The best way to find out which ones require it and which ones don't is to open the cheat panel and type in help.   It will change based on what if testingcheats is enabled or disabled

10th June 2013 4:35pm
Cookiestuff says...
DON'T forget that you have to type it exactly testingCheatsenabled true and you have to type it in townmode.
You can go to townmode when you playing with your sims and then click after you typed in the code back to game... i dont quite know what the english version says cuz i have the swedish but you dont have to save the changes after you typed in the code you can just click the dont save button i think it says... like i said i have another laungy and then you are back to your current game/family back to you game/family
19th June 2013 4:42am
kAleL PaNdorA says...
Do you have the Sims 3 or the Sims 2? Because in the Sims two you have to type it testingCheatsenabled and you have to be in the main menu, If i remember.
22nd September 2015 4:44pm
Deezells says...
No, you're not required to type the cheat in exactly like that because the code wasn't scripted to be case-sensitive. And no, you can bring up Console menu and type in testingcheats anywhere you are. I'm sorry but this myth that's been going around should and must really come to a close.
3rd November 2017 4:01am
Kayla says...
Okay. So.
This is very frustrating reading all of your hopeless comments.
Before you try the BuyDebug cheat, you must have 'testingcheatsenabled true.'
Now when you save, turn off The Sims 3, and "forget" to turn off the cheats, they are not there. They turn off when you leave the game. And Andrew, you are incorrect. That cheat works on all games.
And if debugging doesn't work, either update your game or make sure you've typed in 'testingcheatsenabled true.'
4th July 2014 1:01pm
L says...
Hi I was wondering if I was able to have my mermaid go under water and me have go under with her to have a clear view and scuba diving don't know if it's the wright place to ask, please reply.
the only places you can go underwater is at the dive spots but you do go under water with them.
10th August 2013 11:55pm
andrewl2 says...
Well I have found a way. But first you need Universty Expansion Pack which sucks if you dont have it. First do one or more money cheats. Then buy Cerebliezing Brain Machine 2.0 . I suggest you buying at least 10 for mastering skills. Then just spam Brain enchantin..(cant remember name) on all the machines. Reason why you need 10 is they got cooldown when you use them.You might want to get more than 10 becouse sometimes it fails and you get Singed. Keeping a shower might be useful. Or simply remove the Singed mood. It doesnt has every skill.(science , mixology etc.) but it is usefull. Hope this helps , Carl ^^
25th June 2014 10:33am
Kathy says...
Is there a Maximum amount of skills you can have? I have 13 and I'm not able to get any more! This sucks, please help!
Sims can have however many skills you have available to you with your EPs.
25th July 2013 1:04pm
Anthony says...
up so I am trying the athlete skill to never get fatigued but its not working my sim is always stopping cause of it help o:
With testingcheatsenabled true, make needs static from the mailbox, the Sim should never get fatigued, and if they did you could click the moodlet to remove it and allow them to continue to exercise.
26th August 2013 3:27am
Wanderer says...
from the family select screen use Ctrl+Shift+c to open dialog box, put in the console cheat testingcheatsenabled true. Chose your family and open cheat box again and enter buydebug true then go to buy mode. There will be a [?] box option that gives all non standard items.
26th June 2013 6:06pm
fel says...
if you have university life, you can also use the cerebralizing brain enhancement machine or whatever it's called to quickly raise skills. just buy a bunch of them, place them all over a lot (preferably an empty one, since they take up a lot of space). then keep clicking "brain enhancement" and pick the skill you want to raise. it has a small chance of giving your sim a little shock and the "singed" moodlet though

hope this helped
x fel :)
25th June 2017 6:04pm
John Liptow says...
Why buy all those Cerebral Enhancing Machines? Just build a commercial lot in which the sims can go to and expand their skill sets.
3rd March 2019 3:42pm
Chris says...
I have a quick way of gaining lots of skills quick and easy.if you go to buy mode and look under hobbies and look for the brainscan chair 2.0,place about 10 of them in a room you can then click enhance brain and choose a skill after the scan completes you then gain a skill point for that skill you choose.then move to the next chair after that and repeate process till you max that skill out.and repeat for each skill set in the list till there all maxed avoid shock make sure not to usethe same chair till you have used all 10 chairs first then repeat back at the first chair you used to start with. Hope this helps and happy simming.
20th November 2015 7:42pm
Ayla says...
Thanx, this realy helps out my game, allot
I mean the other info and tips, this cheat i have learned a very long time ago!! :)
1st July 2013 11:15am
Kenya says...
This cheat is awesome it works
15th June 2013 1:17am
Stephanie says...
Hope this is the right place! but anyways! need help! my sims have stopped gaining skills. Both need 10 logic for promotion and are stuck at 9. I tell them to learn the skill-they will but I won't gain any points for it therefore their sitting there wasting time. I have tried this with other skills-same result and moved houses still with the same result. HELP PLEASE? I really don't want to loose everything
22nd October 2015 1:20am
Andrew says...
I have found why, for some people, BuyDebug doesn't work.

It's because the cheat was added to the game in TS3 World Adventures, so unless this or later expansion packs are installed, the cheat won't work.

So there.
2nd April 2014 11:18am
Claudia says...
Afraid that's incorrect. I only have the base game and if works perfectly for me.
11th April 2014 2:46pm
kAleL PaNdorA says...
I used buydebug on my game before i had any expansions installed. If I remember correctly (I would check but I'm on my laptop on a bullet train so I cant get on my pc) you have to type testingcheatsenabled true before you can use buydebug.
22nd September 2015 4:41pm
YandereWolfie says...
Wrong, I have the base game and late night only and it works. Lie somewhere else
19th October 2018 10:07pm
ferdy says...
I have a way to improve skills without mod.first you must have the supernatural sims 3 expansion pack later if got skill alchemy skill level 3,4,7,9 skills you can create a potent booster and booster skill level 7 Vial of Potent Enlightenment or buy The store .Then place elixir under floor.go to build buy menu and then use testingcheatsenabled true then click shift + ctrl to potent booster for a lot more skill then drink, note: you must have 1 skill used in order to increase skills
28th May 2014 9:55am
fernand says...
Thanks It Works
28th May 2014 9:57am
ciaa says...
If you make your sims a vampire they usually level up faster with skills, especially at night. teenagers and children also skill up much faster and i don’t know why, but most of my sims are vampires because i like how fast their skills go up. you can go to the science lab later and cure your sim of vampirism if you want to have a normal sim with the skills. for the cure i think you need supernatural but i’m not sure.
5th December 2019 11:45pm
Laura says...
buydebug isn't working in my game,when i enter the cheat in the cheat console it says that buydebug is unknown. what do i do?
8th September 2013 2:42pm
random says...
you have to have
"testingcheatsenabled true" on then do "buydebug"
1st August 2014 7:54pm
Ellianna says...
If I'm in Edit Town Mode and I'm adding Sims to my town, is there a way to give them careers?
5th February 2014 3:32pm
jornatz says...
hi hello
5th October 2015 6:32am
Sydney says...
Try typing it differently I cannot type it in all lower case I have to type mine in this manner : TestingCheatsEnabled true and I type my other in this manner :buyDebug and I do the testing cheats before I start my game in thus doing that I am able to get lifetime points at my own will and as many as I would like but in 500 point increments just put your cursor between the number of points and the treasure chest and then left click your mouse to your hearts content
28th May 2013 7:39pm
Sydney says...
I also forgot to mention there is a colon before my buy debug and that is not included into the code and also in order to get the points you need to. Hold control and left click in that spot
8th September 2013 6:29pm
diana says...
Ive got a problem I be wrong choosing an option and then I got my mailbox disappear how to fix that? I choose object.. delete how to restore? :'(
27th November 2015 9:11pm
Im Sad says...
I left and saved and forgot to turn it off and now it is on all my Sims. Any way to completely turn it off?
8th September 2013 2:53pm
YandereWolfie says...
It turns off automatically, my God.
20th October 2018 11:24am
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