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The Sims 3 Collecting Guide

Helping you Collect Riches

NanitesSpace RocksTransfigurationWorld Adventures Maps
Abby with the Reaper in the Sims 3 with a beautiful collection of gems rocks and butterflies in the background

Collecting is not your usual type of skill in the Sims 3. You won't gain levels in the skill, but you do have access to many challenges in the skill journal. Sims can make money from this skill without first investing in any objects or joining a career. That's what makes it unique. The developers have created a skill that really makes use of the new open world in the Sims 3. I recommend everyone try a collector at least once.

Players who've purchased the World Adventures expansion will find that it adds many new collectibles to the game. There are new types of insects, ores and gems to be found. There are even new gem cuts to employ. Low quality gems even find a use as a way to transform into special objects using the new display case your Sims can use to store their collectibles. We are making efforts to improve this guide with good locations to find rare collecting items in the travel destinations.

Collecting Traits

Without Supernatural there are no traits specific to collecting. I would recommend the loves the outdoors trait, however, as your Sim can be happier while they're out in the world collecting. It can help push your mood to a level of happiness that keeps the lifetime rewards points rolling upward. Supernatural gives players the Gatherer traid. This gives better results for smelting and cutting gems, and Sims will harvest more produce when Gardening.

Keep in mind in building your character, that if you really want them to be serious as a collector, an easy to achieve lifetime wish is advised. This will help your Sim to get to finish their lifetime wish much faster, helping them to more readily afford the collection helper.

The Collection Helper
The Collection Helper in the Sims 3 does exactly what its name says. Costing 40,000 lifetime happiness points, the collection helper puts an object in your inventory that looks like a butterfly. Clicking it lets you select one of five options: None, Rocks and Gems, Insects, Seeds, and Fish. When one of the four finding options is selected, collectibles of that type will glow and can be seen from afar. Additionally, icons will appear in the map view indicating the location of every item of that type. This item is highly valued as it will lead your Sim to great riches, very very easily.

Collecting Spots in the Sims 3

Getting Started Collecting

Like I said above, you don't have to do anything special to get started collecting. All you need to do is search the town for objects laying around, generally in places near buildings (with some exceptions). Look along roads, behind places like the science facility and within the graveyard to find some types. Locate areas like the stonehenge and mine in Sunset Valley. There are usually loads of collectibles there, many valuable, for Sims willing to depart from the beaten path.

You can see most collectibles from a decent distance away, so scanning a fairly large area isn't too challenging. Check the fields with trees between residential areas, as well. Sometimes the mansions in town can be nice spots to located some collectibles also. Lastly, look in and around the park for insects as there are usually a number of spawn points.

The items that can be collected (the collection helper finds them, but seeds are not exactly collectibles) are metal ores, gems, butterflies, meteorites (space rocks), and beetles. Gems can be sent to a jeweler to be cut, and ores can be sent away to be smelted. Both cost, and aren't always profitable.

It can be easy to get frustrated early on, but your eyes will get better at spotting the movement of insects, and the contrast between a piece of ore on the ground and the grass it's lying on.

Take note of where you find things, as later you will find that in that general area something will reload within a couple days. The respawning of items helps to ensure there is always something in the world for collectors in the Sims 3 to pick up.

NanitesSpace RocksTransfigurationWorld Adventures Maps
The Sims 3 Skills
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Cwallace says...
How do i use the collection helper for ps3 version i purchased it its in my sims inventory and i set it to rocks and gems but i dont see anythin on the town map
11th January 2014 7:31pm
Playalot says...
Zoom out so you can see the whole town, the sparkly lights on the ground will be whatever the collectable you have set the collection helper to.
15th January 2018 10:26pm
Calous says...
If I'm not mistaken, I remember there are lists of what we've collect so far in game right? But now I haven't see something like that. I have install all expansion n stuff n patch to 1.67
Is it only me or others too?
12th July 2014 8:42am
Playalot says...
Press 'J' and the skills journal will pop up. Use tabs along the top of the journal to navigate to the collections information
15th January 2018 10:38pm
Shanice says...
I want the collection if the Sims 2 an Sims 3
8th January 2014 7:39pm
Ana says...
So... what do i do with the things i collect? Just keep them in the inventory until collection is complete? I'm a bit confused with the collections...
14th July 2014 4:11pm
Calous says...
You can display or sell them. If money is not matter to you, then just display them in your home...
14th July 2014 8:54pm
Famulus says...
Collectibles also have other uses, depending on what expansions you have. with Supernatural, for example, most collectibles can be used to brew elixirs. Nanites (from ITF) can be used to make trait chips for plumbots. The list is really rather large when EPs are involved.
6th August 2015 11:39am
Sim Fan 099 says...
Been out collecting nanites and flowers.
Are birds as awful in the game? I have a beautiful red cardinal and a falcon my guy couldn't help himself with.
Will they eat each other? Falcons are hungry birds...
Animals, birds etc do not harm each other or anything else in TS3
2nd October 2020 8:45pm
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