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Carl's The Sims 3 Fishing Guide: Fish List

Bait, Fish, and Catch for all Expansion Packs

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This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Fish List updated for The Sims 3 Island Paradise EPThis is a list of all fish in The Sims 3 base gameand the World Adventures, Late Night, Showtime, Supernatural, and Island Paradise Expansion Packs, all of which add new fish types to the game. Use this list as a reference to know the best bait for each fish. Once you've caught plenty of a certain type of fish in the Sims 3, you can use a neat feature.

Once you have ten of a certain type of fish, stock a pond with them. You could have a pond with angelfish, death fish (catchable at all hours) and alley catfish. You can even stock a pond you make in your yard with the fish you catch. Reportedly, stocking the pond multiple times increases the rate that you can catch fish. However, it will never become a highly active fishing spot. It's still the best way to catch death fish later in your Sim's career.

You'll note that the fish levels are not listed here. This is because they are largely irrelevent. If you are using the right bait, you can catch exotic fish early. Please consult my Riverview, Sunset Valley, and World Adventures fishing spots guides to learn where to specifically catch all of the fish in the Sims 3.

Many fish can be used in The Sims 3 Recipes, and is particularly helpful for creating the ultimate meal, Ambrosia.

Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii Fishing Spots
In the Console version's of the Sims 3, you can expect certain themes to stick around as far as where the fish will be located. For example, near the graveyard you can catch vampire fish, and at night between Midnight and 4am, the Death Fish, if your Sim has a high enough fishing skill.

The Sims 3 Base Game Fish List
Fish NamePerfect Value estimateBaitBait For
Alley Catfish$20CheeseAngelfish
Angelfish$50Alley CatfishDeath Fish
Black Goldfish$50Goldfish
Death Fish$1,000AngelfishTop Quality, used in Ambrosia, but never for fertilizer.
Goldfish$15LettuceBlack Goldfish
Piranha$40MinnowRobot Fish
Rainbow Trout$20Egg
Red Herring$5Links (raw hot dog)Shark
Robot Fish$250Piranha
Shark$100Red Herring
Siamese Catfish$35Bell PepperCrocodile
Tragic Clownfish$35Watermelon
Vampire Fish$200Garlic

Expansion Pack Fishing Additions

Here are lists of types of fish added by the various Expansion Packs for those looking to collect them all or find out what is new in ther EP. The lists provide each fish's bait, their rarity, and the max simoleons that is in the game which is a relative comparison of fish value as they increae with weight.

The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack RequiredThe Sims 3 World Adventures Fishing

World Adventures adds a variety of fish which can be caught easily in the various travel destinations. Each vacation spot is indicated and you'll find information to help you catch the various fish in the linked Expansion Guides.

The Sims 3 World Adventures Fish List
Fish NamePerfect Value estimateBaitNotes:
Doitsu Koi$15PomeloChina
Kawarimono Koi$30PlumChina
Ochiba Koi$80PomeloChina
Tancho Koi$80PlumChina
Dragon Fish$400Tancho KoiChina
Crocodile$50Siamese CatfishEgypt
Mummy Fish$250PomegranateEgypt
Frog$15Cherimola Blan GrapeFrance, Egypt
Snail$25Renoit GrapeFrance

The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack RequiredThe Sims 3 Late Night Fishing

Late Night adds a few fish, all of which are Common and will take their place in your usual fishing spots around town. None of these is particularly help and the 3 mediocre additions nothing to get excited about.

The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Fish List
Fish NameRarityPerfect Value estimateBait
Sea SludgeCommon22Hot Dogs
Kissing GouramiCommon52Goldfish
Sewer TrilobiteCommon75Minnow

The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack RequiredThe Sims 3 Showtime Fishing

Showtime adds several fish that will populate your usual fishing spots. The most impressive here is the silver starfish. Interestingly, all three of these fish prefer Tofu as bait. You can buy that at the supermarket in town.

The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Fish List
Fish NameRarityPerfect Value estimateBait
Orange StarfishCommon42Tofu
Purple StarfishUncommon76Tofu
Silver StarfishRare400Tofu

The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack RequiredThe Sims 3 Supernatural Fishing

Supernatural adds some interesting fish. First, the Fairy Damsel is a beautiful fish to collect and has a fairly easy bait to acquire. The Luminous Salamander is beautiful when mounted on a wall and provides a bit of light to the room when placed on a wall.

The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Fish List
Fish NameRarityPerfect Value estimateBait
ToadCommon20Red Toadstools
Luminous SalamanderUncommon90Mycenas
Fairy DamselRare300Glow Orbs

The Sims 3 Island Paradise RequiredThe Sims 3 Island Paradise Fishing

These fish are special, and none take bait. I do not believe you are able to catch them from normal fishin spots. Instead, these types of fish are found on the ocean floor where you can collect them with the Scuba Diving Skill. Due to the difficulty in acquiring them, they seem to have decent prices.

Catching these fish does not grant you fishing nor Scuba Diving experience, but they do count toward your fishing totals for the purpose of completing skill challenges.
The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Fish List
Fish NameRarityPerfect Value estimate
Sea UrchinCommon19
Sea PolypCommon63
Hermit CrabUncommon188

How to FishBaitTraitsTipsFish List
AquariumsChallenges/OppsRiverview SpotsSunset Valley SpotsWorld Adventures
The Sims 3 Skills
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Sam says...
One of my goals is to catch a Alleycatfish and I've already used 5 cheese and still can't catch one help please!
Are you choosing the cheese as bait and fishing in places where alley catfish spawn?
25th July 2013 6:28pm
sian says...
Where or how can I get links (raw hot dog) to catch red herring?
They're sold at the grocery store in town.
30th August 2013 1:14pm
Pie says...
Is there a fishing spot list for aurora skies? I'm looking for blowfish but I don't know where to fish.
15th April 2014 11:02pm
Lisa says...
I love this list its so useful! Has anyone found a seahorse yet in Island Paradise??? It's the only one I can't find!
I have a couple times while clearing out pearl's deep of fish. I think I saw one at Mermaid Grotto too
4th July 2013 4:39pm
Julie says...
where is the mermaid?
23rd January 2014 7:50pm
Anna Renee says...
i am unable to catch the luminous salamander and fairy damsel in sunset valley. are they even in this neighborhood and where? or are they only available in moonlight falls?
16th September 2013 8:55pm
TJ says...
Probably only in Moonlight Falls, never seen elsewhere.
10th August 2017 9:49am
Simmering says...
My sim caught some luminous salamanders in the university town (Where they go when you do "enroll in university") at Llama beach, other than that I don't know if they are spotted in other towns..
3rd September 2017 3:58pm
Lisa says...
I have caught a lot of both in Riverview.
27th September 2018 9:01pm
kerrie says...
Any one see where eel is, I need to catch 2 of them but haven't found them yet diving
I've found eels in all of the dive spots.
25th July 2013 12:25pm
suzieduck says...
Hey. I have found the eels, floating around the sea weeds. They are long-ish, and are very hard to find. Just keep watching and you will eventually see them. Happy simming!
31st October 2017 12:46pm
Susan says...
The croc is world ep right? Cause none of the reg spawners seem to have them.
Crocodile is Egypt
17th July 2013 3:41pm
Lisa says...
Where do you find rainbow snails in Into the Future EP? Utopian future, but where and how exactly? Thank you!
27th September 2018 9:03pm
Playalot says...
In any fishing spot in Utopia that has jumping fish in the water. So just send your sim fishing.
29th September 2018 4:10pm
Jasmin S. says...
Does this apply to Moonlight Bay for Sims 3 on the PS3 console?
3rd August 2013 12:31am
Liz Alred says...
Has anyone else seen a sting ray in the sand? I saw one underwater but it was out of reach. I couldn't click it :/
I haven't seen a sting ray and as far as I know there aren't any but there are squid.
19th July 2013 1:38pm
Frugalpig says...
Do you need to be in the specific towns to catch all the fishes? I know you have to be in the other country for some.
5th May 2018 1:48pm
Playalot says...
Some of the World Adventure fish can be caught in home worlds but other than that if you have all the expansion installed then all the fish will be available in the world your sims lives in.
5th May 2018 9:34pm
Jade says...
what is the bait for octopus.
my lifetime happiness comes up with find bait for octopus
3rd August 2018 10:31am
Playalot says...
There isn't really a bait for octopus as your sim catches them with their hands while scuba-diving. Maybe if your sim catches one this will fulfill the requirement.
4th August 2018 8:24pm
Siris says...
I have a question about starfish. On this page there are orange, purple, and silver. There is no mention of sea bat or linckia, both of which I have caught, or ninja, which I have heard about. Am I missing something? Are they the same things. They all seem to come from Showtime. I'm very confused
22nd September 2018 8:39pm
Playalot says...
The star fish are a decorative object and I've never heard of the other fish types you've mentioned.
23rd September 2018 6:32pm
MonoChaos says...
The "orange" starfish is the Sea Bat Starfish, the "purple" is the Linckia and the "silver" is the Ninja. The author of this page probably got those names from the game files, but in game they are called Sea Bat, Linckia and Ninja.

Also they are not a decorative object they are fish you can catch. The decorative starfish come with Island Paradise and/or Sunlit Tides.
16th October 2018 7:20am
eka says...
can we just dump all of our fishes to our pond and fish them there in the future?
17th October 2018 3:32pm
Dina Caliente says...
Yes you can. Once you have ten of a specific fish in your inventory you can go to a pond and stock it with them. You can then fish from that pond whenever you like. Hope that helps!
2nd January 2019 3:33am
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