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Carl's The Sims 3 Gardening Guide: How and Where to Find Seeds

Path to the Perfect Garden

How to GardenFind SeedsFertilizer
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This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

In this section of my Sims 3 Gardening Guide, I'll be give some help in finding all the seeds in the Sims 3. If you've read this far, you know that you can grow plants from multiple sources. I'll list the sources here, just to be thorough. Some plants in the Sims 3 do have a level requirement before you can plant them. For example, uncommon plants can't be grown until level 5. So start with some basic cooking ingredients to help you out in the kitchen! Other plants, like the omni plant and cheese plants require opportunities to be completed in order to make them available. Look to the gardening opportunities page for a rundown of the opportunities you need to knock out in order to access the most bizarre plants in the Sims 3.

About Seeds in the Sims 3
People ask about where to find certain seeds for gardening in the Sims 3. The truth is, you've just got to get out there and look. No one can really tell you where to find a specific seed. The good thing is, you can usually see seeds and other collectible items (such as ores, which can be quite valuable) from a high altitude of view.

The special seeds in the Sims 3 are random, so when you find one, you'll never know what it is until you've planted it. So, when you find a special seed spawn point, keep checking back there to find more special seeds, which can be any of the four types.

A screenshot of my hobbyist gardener's work. Here she has planted life fruit, flame flower bushes. My Money trees are in the foreground. I'm sure she'll eventually have a huge farm of nothing but money trees and life fruit.Rare and uncommon seeds aren't anything to get excited about, as they're usually bell peppers and things like that. The real perk here is that you can sometimes find perfect or outstanding quality seeds that can really get your garden booming, and your bank account stuffed with simoleons.

This means you can get your Sim out in the town and scan the ground for seeds in many locations. Using this tactic, your Sim will even take a cab if they need to, to get to seeds you discover that are far from their current location. Additionally, once you have a seed and make a successful adult plant, you will usually be able to make more of that plant without finding more seeds.

Head over to the plant list for information about special seeds, and other strange things you can grow with gardening in the Sims 3.

Help with Unknown Special Seeds

The only plants that you can't grow with gardening from a store-bought variety are the death flower, life fruit, flame fruit, omni plant and money tree. They can be planted with level 7 gardening.

If you find uncommon or rare seeds, don't get excited unless they are high quality. There's hardly anything rare or special about bell peppers and garlic seeds, as you'll quickly learn from the list.

All seeds you find on the ground can be useful if you are working toward the Perfect Garden lifetime wish. You may find excellent, outstanding or even Perfect seeds just laying around. The only way to know for sure is to look!

Finding Special Seeds in Sunset Valley
Finding all the Seeds in Sunset Valley is a cinch with my map found on the Sunset Valley Tour.

Finding Special Seeds in Riverview
I've included a screenshot for this one, because I found a decent spot. The graveyard in Riverview doesn't seem to have any, and most people know to check the stonehenge on a small island in the river. The other location is here:

Sims 3 Riverview Seed Map
Point A: McDermott Farm
Point B: Stonehenge

Point A: The Carpenter-Rhodes house. These old hippies have a great garden, and I frequently find at least 1 special seed here.
Point B: Cyprus Villa. Special seeds frequently spawn here, as well as many gems/metals up by the boulders.
Point C: Lost Willow Park. Not only a great fishing spot, but almost always spawns special seeds under the pines there.

Point D: The Gazebo. This is hit or miss, but worth checking. Finding a special seed around the tip of the island is not surprising at all.
Point E: Hill near Hunter Cottoneye's compound (I just can't call it a house). Like D, about a 50/50 chance of finding a special seed here.

Finding Special Seeds in Moonlight Bay
After weeks of waiting, I finally received the tip I was looking for to help people playing the ps3/xbox/wii versions of The Sims 3 find the special (and other) seeds in Moonlight Bay. Thanks, Ami!

Directions listed are facing toward the main building from the street.

Special/Rare and tomato seeds to the right of the culinary building
Special and rare seeds under tree to the left of the fishing hole
Unknown and grape seeds under trees next to Leary household
Unknown seeds (rare and uncommon) near fence corner (and rubies) by green playset in playground
Unknown seed along second fence toward aragon's house
Unknown uncommon seed in trees behind empty starter home (the one next to the Idaho's)
Four or five uncommon special seeds under the trees just outside of fairytale park (area to the left of the fire hydrant)

Omni Plant
Although you'll find unknown special seeds pretty commonly, you're unlikely to find an omni plant seed until you've completed the Omnificent Plant Opportunity at level 10. This is a chain, which requires you to plant multiple types of high quality plants to complete. It's well worth it because the Omni plant is amazing and you can readily order its seeds through the mail.

See below for information on obtaining this awesome gardening reward.

About identifying death flower plants, flame fruit bushes, money trees and life fruit plants just after they've sprouted:
Once an unknown special seed has been planted, there are several ways to tell which is which early on. First, the most obvious. Once a sprout has come up, if you mouse over a money tree, you'll be able to tell it's a tree. Likewise, the flame fruit bush will appear as a bush. The last two gardening special plants, the death flower and life fruit plant can be hard to tell apart. They both grow on stakes. The big diference here is that the life fruit plant will require much more water.

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Lily says...
Is it possible to find out where the seeds in Isla Paradiso are?
5th October 2013 1:32am
Cheating Is Good says...
Or... you can cheat. Buydebug can get you spawners, so just do "testingcheatsenabled true" no quotes in the cheat thing (access with ctrl+shift+c)press enter. Pull the box up again, this time type "buydebug on" no quotes and enter. In buy mode, with the categories you'll find a question mark one that has some normally hard to access things in it. In the plant section you'll find spawners from common to special if I remember correctly.
17th April 2014 8:34pm
Cat says...
Where do I find special seeds in Dragon Valley? :/
18th February 2014 9:29pm
yolor says...
the spawners take forever :(
26th June 2014 7:00pm
Jennifer Watkins says...
I at level 7 and it will only let me pick up special seeds on ps3 help!!
1st September 2015 4:19pm
Holiday says...
Where can I find a death flower?
17th August 2013 8:07pm
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