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Mixology Guide - Sims 3 Late Night

Skill Guide, Drink List, and Mixologist Tips & Help

The Sims 3 Late Night Mixologist
Want to know all Late Night brings to the Sims 3? Head to the Late Night Features Guide

Requires The Sims 3 Late Night ExpansionThe Sims 3 Late Night brings the Mixology Skill to the game. While this skill isn't a big money maker, it has many uses and benefits for Simmers who perfect it. This guide will give you an overview of the Mixology skill and provide tips and help to make your Mixologist a celebrated drink mixer. Note that the Mixology skill works well with The Sims 3's Gardening.

About Drinks
Drinks from Mixology are similar to Nectar from World Adventures. However, the offer several other moodlet bonuses, some of which are quite special. Normal drinks don't do much for Sims, but go great at parties. A nice perk to drinks is that they have a long life before going bad. You can stock up your Sim's party pad before the big bash so that Sims can enjoy. Be sure to serve a romantic mood drink to your Sim's love interest, as it may lead to a special night.

How to Learn Mixology
Mixology can be learned by attending a class at a restaurant. In Bridgeport, Steve's Business and Restaurant Complex hosts a classroom. You can learn the skill by practicing making drinks at the bar, but it's more likely you should spend the time making Mood Drinks once they become available. There are several Challenges related to Mixology, and you can work on a couple at once by focusing your efforts. Make Mood drinks and they'll add to both the Master of Mood and Poseidon Mixology skill challenges.

The Sims 3 Late Night Mixologist

Hitting the Night Club Scene
If you want to work up to partying at Late Night's hot spots like Bridgeport's Prosper Room, you'll need to climb the social ladder and make your Sim a celebrity You'll need to stick to the neighborhood bars and pubs before you can hit the fancy night clubs. Practice at home so that when your Sim serves a Celebrity they gain fame. Make Unique Drinks and name them after celebrities. Try to make sure the recipe is at least nice before doing this though. A couple levels of fame go a long way toward reducing the bribes you may need to pay bouncers in order to enter better locales. While at bars, it's wise to order drinks from time to time as your Sim may learn new recipes.

Practice Makes Perfect
When your Sim unlocks their first mood drinks, there's a chance one or more of the four drinks on a tray will be bad quality and turn off a customer. Similar to Cooking's Recipes, making more of a particular drink type will increase the chance your Drinks come out higher quality.

Making Money from Mixology

The Sims 3 Late Night Mixologist

Mixology isn't a money maker by any means, but it is a good way to gain fame and entry into popular night clubs. Moonlighting gives you one way to earn money as you learn the skill. Even when wiping down the bar and cleaning glasses in between orders, your Sim will gain a little experience. There are several things you can do to help your Sim make more money through tips, which I'll detail below.

Stock the Bar
Your Mixologist should stock the bar with fruits from their gardening efforts, or even the supermarket, to give Sims one more reason to lay on the dough when they tip. Through the interface, if you see a Celebrity coming, you can select the ingredients for the next drink. Ingredients like Life Fruit and Flame Fruit are the biggest winners, but quality is king. Hitting up high class places like The Prosper Room is likely to win you some decent money later down the road. Keep in mind when using ingredients that it's generally not worth using an $80 Life Fruit at a place like Waylon's Haunt or other small bar. The clientele just aren't going to tip enough to recover the cost. You can turn off automatic ingredient selection to prevent wasting valuable fruit on the average joe.

Challenges and Lifetime Rewards
Completing the Master Mixologist challenge will help raise tips. Also, you can buy the 15,000 Better Mixology Lifetime Reward, which will raise the quality of your Sim's end product. Either of these things will help to ensure customers are happy with your Sim's end product, increasing the amount of tips they receive.

Mixology Skill Levels & Drink Types

The Sims 3 Late Night Mixology DrinkParty Drink (Level 3)
While Party Drinks don't deliver a positive moodlet like the other mood drinks, they serve to make parties better. The more party drinks are made at a party, the better that party's overall score. So, Sims like them and they're expected to be served at parties. To get a good moodlet, make one of the popular mixes in a party drink variety, as opposed to the generic unnamed Party Drink. It doesn't seem to give a moodlet. At this level, you'll need to switch to a professional bar in order to continue gaining skill levels in Mixology. Use either bars at the pubs and night clubs in town, or buy the Professional Bar Dive Edition ($1700) or Duke Professional Juice Bar ($2000).

Skill Booster Drink (Level 4)
Imbibers of the Skill Booster Drink will find skill gain rates improved for four hours. It also gives a +15 moodlet, which is helpful. This is a good one to make to increase your Mixologist's skill level. Of course, it will also help other Sims in the family to gain skills in other pursuits.

Romantic Drink (Level 5)
Grants a 2 hour In the Mood moodlet, giving +25 mood and increasing the success rate of romantic social interactions.

Create Unique Drinks (Level 6)
At level 6, your Sim gains the ability to make unique drinks, which can be made at the bar and may include mood bonuses. More helpful is the ability to name a drink after a Sim. This is a good way to help improve relations with celebrities.

Energy Drinks & Easier Entry to Night Clubs (Level 7)
Level 7 in Mixology makes it easier to get into night clubs. This may reduce the bribe for the bouncer or allow your Sim in outright. It also gives a 5 hour Wide Awake moodlet +10, which allows Sims to continue functioning even after extreme fatigue. The perfect thing to keep Sims partying late into the night.

Sorrow Annihilator (Level 8)
Gives a 2 hour +10 moodlet which wipes away sadness moodlets, like grieving and breaking up with another Sim.

Crazy Mood Drink (Level 9)
The +30 moodlet from the Crazy drink is the best for its mood boost, as it will also replenish the fun bar to full, making it even better.

Late Night Drinks List

This list will help you track down the various drinks your Sim will need to learn to complete the Professor of Drinks Mixology Challenge. Note that every bar has the Spline Reticulator drink, which is nothing special. Drinks like the Flaming Waylon offer special moodlets, such as the Waylon's +25 warm moodlet.

Late Night Drinks List
Bridgeport Sports ZoneWaylon's Haunt
Bad Cheerleader (Romantic)Big Mistake (Crazy)
Bad Referee (Regular)Kneecapper (Regular)
Flaming Waylon (Party)Llama Head (Party)
Hogan's Deep Fried Juice (Energy)Morcubus Molotov (Regular)
Winning Streak (Sorrow Annihilator)Sweet Hijinks (Energy)
Eugi'sBanzai Lounge
Cherry Casanova (Romantic)Feng Shui Fountain (Regular)
Party Popper (Party)Kozui Kooler (Regular)
Shillelagh - EnergyKyoto My Heart (Romantic)
Stomach Churner (Regular)Sakura Shoji Sweetness (Party)
Tombstone Topper (Regular)Sapphire Samurai (Regular)
 Zen Zinger (Energy)
The Grind
Alien Brain (Skill Gain)Glow Goo (Energy)
KTHXBYE (Crazy)Melted Snowman (Sorrow Annihilator)
Neon Breeze (Party)Spotlight Polish (Party)
The BrightmorePlasma 501
Band Slam (Energy)Black Mood (Regular)
Fan Fizz (Regular)Dark Energies (Energy)
Pink Bunny (Regular)Deathflower Drops (Crazy)
Purple Gnome (Regular)Deep Despair (Regular)
Rockin' Roller (Party)Ectoplasmic Residue (Regular)
 Falling Forever (Romantic)
AquariusThe Prosper Room
Woohoo on the Beach (Romantic)Aristocratic Gimlet (Party)
Flaming Flotsam (Party)Pomegranate Passion (Romantic)
Tropic Twister (Energy)Simoleon Sunrise (Sorrow Annihilator)
Barnacle Breeze (Regular)Simsmapolitan (Regular)
Caribbey Cooler (Regular)Starry Sea (Regular)
 Vera's Glass of Sass (Energy)
The Sims 3 Late Night Mixologist

Late Night Mixology Challenges

Master of Mood
After making 200 mood drinks, your Sim's drink moodlets will last 50% longer and have a +moodlet bonus boosted by 25%.

At 500 mixed drinks total, your Sim will never again make a foul drink.

Cool Creator
After developing 25 unique drinks, your Sim will make better quality custom drinks. Great for making friends with celebrities, giving them an outstanding or better product with practice.

Master Mixologist
After serving 60 drinks to Sims while Moonlighting at a bar or night club, your Sim will earn better tips.

Professor of Drinks
After learning 42 popular drinks from bars, your Sim can serve special custom drinks. You'll need to hit up almost every bar, pub, and night club in Bridgeport to finish this challenge. Note that sometimes it takes a couple orders before your Sim can figure out the recipe to a popular mix.

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Sweet Cats says...
I got my Sim a bar. (Built it myself) But I can't be making drinks there all the time! How do I get a mixologist to work for me?
4th July 2014 11:42pm
Jasmine says...
Hi, how do you own a bar?
2nd April 2014 8:00pm
Playalot says...
They can be bought in the Buy menu. Sort By Rooms>Dining>Bar
13th February 2018 7:52pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
I have been making drink for a long time now. I started out as a teen and completed all the challenges. It seams like it takes forever to go up in the quality of each drink. For example I've made plasma punch over ten times now and it's still only at excellent. It also takes forever to serve people in the bars. Very few sims come!??? :( Any one else experience this? Right now I'm in Bridgeport. But playing in other towns no matter how much I upgrade the lot the drinks still stay the same boring ones? And most of the bars in Bridgeport are too huge to add them all to other towns. How do we get better drinks in bars we self create???
28th April 2014 8:12am
Playalot says...
Stocking the bar with perfect produce helps.
13th February 2018 7:53pm
Liyaah says...
When i go to the bar, i take over and become the mixologist. When i'm finished they tell me how much tips I got but I don't get the amount. Is this a glitch?
15th August 2014 1:08pm
Playalot says...
Sounds like it! Your sims should get paid (tips) for moonlighting. Try all the usual things, restarting your PC, resetting your sims and so on
13th February 2018 7:54pm
ava says...
can you blog in the sims 3 late night if you don't have the sims 3 university life?
This is a question i have been trying to figure out looking all over the internet to find answers but i can't find anything.
If you know please help me.
21st May 2014 2:10pm
baka says...
no. blogging was introduced in university life, as was the smart phone.
the reason you can't find anything on the internet about your question is because no one else would ask a question like that.
6th July 2014 9:49pm
madeleine says...
Well other sims are at other places at different times plus if you own property click upgrade requirements and look at them and upgrade the property by the furniture and also your bar cant have every drink its at other places and try mastering mixology first
1st May 2014 2:57am
Lauren says...
Can we make the "Professor of Drinks" challenge if our sims aren't living in the bridgeport town ?
28th January 2014 4:57pm
Madigari says...
You can add venues to any city by editing the lots. You can also put Professional Juice Bars on a few different lots, like gyms, art museums, pools, parks, etc. and they will have their own types of drinks available.
8th February 2014 10:48am
Bri says...
I need to stop being a creepy sim lover and stop posting the same thing twice!
10th July 2013 10:42pm
TheMysticalPegasusSimmer says...
There are also the vamp-excluive drinks, called Plasma Punch, Red Water, Sanguine Slush, (All solely Plasma 101) and the Hemoglobin Shooter drink that vampires can find at any bar!
18th September 2017 3:05pm
Trousle Undrhil says...
Do Plumbots have a special drink they can order from a Mixologist? I know they can order something special from one of the bars in Oasis Landing.
9th February 2014 1:09pm
Jen says...
Is it possible to get the mixology skill without havin Late Night?
10th July 2014 7:58pm
sickwithsin says...
11th July 2014 6:54pm
Filby says...
How exactly do you "turn off automatic ingredient selection"? I looked in options and can't find it!

Thanks for the guide!
19th July 2013 3:32am
Bee says...
It's not in the options menu. You should be able to find it on the bar, otherwise you're menus are broken. Hope I helped!
13th January 2014 11:40pm
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