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The Sims 3 Martial Arts Guide

Learn about Sim Fu in the World Adventures Expansion

The Sims 3 World Adventures Martial Arts Guide - Learn Sim Fu. This shot shows my Sim meditating atop the Temple of Heaven

This guide to the Sims 3 World Adventures' Martial Arts will instruct you on getting your Sims started learning Sim Fu. We'll learn a lot about this skill and how it benefits Sims in many ways. Tips will be provided to help your Sim learn the skill more effectively and how to better utilize it to kick butt, win Martial Arts Tournaments, and use Zeneport and Tranquil Transference. This skill requires the Sims 3's World Adventures expansion pack to be learned, as it can only be started in Shang Simla, China, a travel destination.

Sim Fu is very useful for adventuring. High level Martial Arts allows them to teleport around Tombs with ease and even go toe to toe with mummies. I highly recommend China as an early adventurer's first stomping grounds so they can begin developing this highly useful skill. At only level 5 you can learn to Zeneport, which can get your Sim out of sticky situations and past nasty traps within tombs.

Martial Arts in The Sims 3 is tied very heavily to the Athletic skill for fighting and fatigue, so Sims with the Athletic trait will benefit greatly. Keep this in mind when designing your Sim.

Depending on your Sim's level, they'll wear one of eight martial arts uniforms (from the ten skill levels a couple are shared). It follows the belt color ranking system used by Karate and Kung Fu. Colors get darker and darker until the Sim is a black belt, and eventually wears a black Karate Gi with gold belt.

A beginner at Sim Fu in World Adventures

How to Learn Sim Fu in The Sims 3 - Getting Started
First know, that while athletic also aids in Martial Arts development, the disciplined trait will benefit their skill gains the most. To learn the Martial Arts skill, take a trip to Shang Simla, China. There you'll find numerous options for learning the skill for the first time. I don't recommend the skill book, which can be bought from the book dealer at the Chinese Market. The Phoenix Martial Arts Academy is the best place to start. After all, while learning the skill you could be making progress toward completing challenges rather than reading a book.

A sparring Session in the Sims 3 World Adventures

At the academy in Shang Fu, China, your Sim can start with the training dummies. Gain just a few levels and you'll be able to break boards and blocks. It's not a bad idea to switch to this after the training dummies, because there is no challenge for training dummies and the time they've been used isn't even in the skill journal. Sparring, available as an action against any Sim who knows the martial arts skill, is another option. If your Sim has learned the Charisma skill, they'll likely make a few friends out of sparring partners. Either way, you'll be sparring a lot or breaking tons of blocks to complete the challenges, so neither avenue is a waste of time.

Using a Training Dummy to raise the Martial Arts skill in the Sims 3 World Adventures

Training Your Sim's Martial Arts Back Home
You can purchase training dummies and blocks at the general store in the Market. Doing so will place the equipment in your Sim's family inventory, where you can then place it on your home lot. This opens up the ability to practice Sim Fu outside of China. Additionally, you can train Sims back home in Martial Arts once you're of sufficient level (requires training dummy). This is a great option for rich Sims who need something to do in between trips. Now get out there and school Molly French in Sim Fu.

Breaking Blocks in the Sims 3 World Adventures with Sim Fu

Block Breaking - Sim Fu Skill Profit
Breaking blocks is a great way to work on Martial Arts and eventually make money. There are lots of happiness points to be gained this way. Stick with a lower level block to ensure your training session isn't interrupted by an injured hand. That is, until your Sim starts getting good at it. If they can break five of one type of block or board, it's time to move up to the next one.

While working toward the Timber Terminator challenge, and subsequent wishes to break X amount of blocks, stick with the oak boards. Your Sim won't gain skill as quickly, but should be able to bust many more, upping their count. Higher numbers also seem to help the rate your Sim can break space rocks later.

With Timber Terminator, your Sim will likely see block breaking as a perfectly viable, if random way to make money. See the Martial Arts Challenges section.

Using Zeneport to zip to another location in the world is one of the cooler features of the Sims 3 World Adventures' Martial Arts Skill.

Meditation - How to Meditate in The Sims 3
Meditation is available as a training option at level 5 in the Martial Arts skill. If you wonder how, just click your Sim and pick meditate. It won't raise athletics, but don't let that stop you. Meditation can satisfy the fun need, and removes a number of negative moodlets. Once your Sim has meditated long enough, they will receive a Meditative Focus that increases skill gains and work quality in all other skills for up to four hours. Once they've maxed out, they'll start hovering in midair. Very cool stuff. It takes a little over 3 and 1/2 hours to reach this point.

Once your Sim has unlocked the meditation ability, they will be able to Zeneport once they've reached the hovering state of meditation. This will remove the Meditative Focus moodlet, but sends your Sim on a trip to any location that's visible to you. Use your imagination and this ability will serve you well. For example, you may get past some traps and even skip entire sections of a Tomb to reach the end without bothering with puzzles. It gets better -- read on to learn about The Master of Meditation Skill Challenge and Tranquil Transference.

Don't Forget Athletics
Athletics and Martial arts go hand in hand. As your Sim trains martial arts, they'll gradually raise Athletics as well. However, meditating can cause athletics to fall behind. Spend some time on the tradmill or weight bench to help the skill keep pace. The Athletics challenge for doing 60 hours of strength training is highly recommended. It will remove the fatigue your Sim experiences when board breaking. Being tougher is helpful overall for winning fights, as well.

The Sims 3 World Adventures Screenshot: Sparring another Sim to raise the Martial Arts Skill

The Benefit of Sparring and Tournaments
The primary purpose for Sparring, beyond helping your Sim to make friends and raise the Martial Arts skill, is to be able to defend yourself. This will most often come into play when raiding tombs in Al Simhara. If your Sim has been in plenty of sparring matches, and possibly even become a Grand Master, they'll do well against the mummies there. They can fight them hand to hand and avoid the trickery and cowardice other Sims need employ. The more practice sparring you have, the better you'll be.

While in Shang Simla, you can challenge other Sims using Call Sim from the cell phone. You'll fight a ranked tournament opponent. If you can clear twenty of them, your Sim will become a Grand Master. Do this while at the vacation home you've purchased or from the base camp. If your Sim is up to snuff, they can likely clear at least three or four opponents if they can dedicate a day to sparring.

If you're having trouble winning, despite being high level in Martial Arts, turn to sparring to improve your odds. Your Sim likely just needs more experience.

Sims 3 Martial Arts Challenges

Fight plenty of ranked matches in Shang Simla to become a Grand Master in Martial Arts.

Grand Master
This Challenge is completed after winning 20 ranked matches against sparring opponents. This will allow your Sim to train other Sims in Martial Arts at an accelerated rate.

Master of Meditation - Instant Teleportation
After Meditating for 150 hours, Sims learn to use Tranquil Transference, the replacement for Zeneport. This is instant site to site teleportation that does not expend the Meditative Focus moodlet. It does deplete it by about a half hour each time it's used, but you should be able to get multiple teleports out of a single meditation session. What's more, you don't need to max out your Meditative Focus in order to use this. It cuts the time from 3 and 1/2 hours to teleport all the way down to 1 and 1/2. You'd only get one teleport out of it, but sometimes that's all you need. Its uses are endless, and are mighty helpful for collecting. Not only that, but for dungeons as well. No need to mess with the puzzle to safely reach the treasure chest, you can teleport there if you can see it. This is probably the single coolest perk of the Martial Arts skill. Effectively, you're cheating without cheating.

You may still revert to using Zeneport if you need. I'm unsure what having a high number of hours spent meditating does for Sims. Nothing seems to break through that 3 and 1/2 hour time frame to max out except the Loner trait.

Also, meditating in Shang Simla's Scholar's Garden will reduce the time it takes to meditate, but will only be useful in that travel destination.

A sparring screenshot from the Sims 3 World Adventures

Sim Fu King
After 75 sparring matches, win or lose, your Sim will complete this challenge. It seemingly helps them to do better at sparring and fights in the game. No big suprise, as they have a lot of experience after 75 matches.

Timber Terminator
This challenge turns Martial Arts into a viable money-making skill. After breaking 150 blocks or boards, your Sim will be able to get gems from breaking space rocks. This is flat awesome, as the gem qualities are really random and you can end up with plenty of pink diamonds. Work on breaking oak boards to complete it faster. Breaking more and more boards, and the Athletics challenge to do 60 hours of strength training both aid your Sim's endurance. The Athletics challenge eliminates the fatigue from breaking entirely.

Not only can you get the regular gems from the Sims 3 and World Adventures by block breaking, you'll also likely find Ambitions' Palmstone. Unfortunately, Woohooim is harder to collect.

Sim Fighting a Mummy in the Sims 3 World Adventures
Sim Fighting a Mummy in the Sims 3 World Adventures
Sim Fighting a Mummy in the Sims 3 World Adventures
Sim Fighting a Mummy in the Sims 3 World Adventures

Master the art of Martial Arts and the Sims 3 World Adventures' Mummies will pose no threat to you!

The Sims 3 World Adventures
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Elisha says...
You can also get the training equipment through the buydebug cheat.
6th December 2013 12:46am
Emily says...
There is a board breaker and a training dummy in the museum in France. So, you can start martial arts in France as well.
4th August 2015 12:37pm
AdderTude says...
Sparring is kinda ridiculous because it never takes actual skill level into effect. This is most glaring when green belts can easily defeat my top-tier Sim 2-0. I just wish they actually took the actual Martial Arts skill level into account and not deciding every spar (and ranked fights) with a hidden coin toss. Almost every single Sim I've challenged in China has won the very first fight against my Skill 10 Sim. It's ridiculous.
30th April 2019 1:40am
Playalot says...
Agree, although having your sims hygiene levels topped up can help tip the odds in your sims favor to win, weird but true!
1st May 2019 2:11am
Rachel says...
Can children use the training dummies or the block breaker?
5th September 2015 9:59pm
Jamie says...
Sims as early as teenagers can use both.
10th September 2015 11:40pm
MadDoctor says...
Is sparring a hidden skill like chess. My sim is doing poorly in tournaments. She read the book, and practiced on the board breaker, but never with the training dummy. Could the training dummy improve her sparring skill?
31st December 2017 10:36pm
Playalot says...
It's not a hidden skill, you can see the progress and levels your sim is at. Keep sparring to raise skill level and eventually your sim will start winning.
10th January 2018 8:33pm
Berkulese says...
Is it possible to change a sim's sim-fu ranked tournament opponent (preferably without cheating/murdering them; I've avoided doing either yet in my current game)? Can't fight my current opponent: the option simply isn't there. Might be because I'm a celebrity and they're a paparazzi, not sure.
13th June 2018 10:14am
Berkulese says...
Okay, I found a fix. Went to China in Edit-Town mode, found the offending sim and deleted them. IDK, feels a little more humane than inviting them over and walling them up in the basement. Anyone thinks of a neater fix then I'm all ears
13th June 2018 2:50pm
Anonymous User says...
When two sims fight, do they have to wear the martial arts uniform? (I haven't played the expansion pack yet so I kinda want to know about that.)
17th December 2017 9:35pm
Berkulese says...
They change into it at the start of the fight. Unless they have the insane trait, then they could wear anything.
13th June 2018 10:16am
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