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New Gameplay Features in the Supernatural Expansion Pack

The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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The Sims 3 Supernatural is focused on bringing new life states to the game, and establishes an appropriate setting for these creatures to live in one town with Moonlight Falls. This guide will cover the largest gameplay additions for owners of this Expansion Pack.

New Occult Life States

Modify supernatural types in create-a-simFirst, let me point out that the new Supernatural states can be selected in Create-a-Sim. So, you can start with Sims of any type save for Mummies, Simbots, Imaginary Friends or the Supernatural Zombie. This means that including those listed below, you can also make Ghosts and Genies in CAS.

Note the new option to customize the look of your Supernaturals. You can change a fairy's wings, give vampires fangs and tattoos and change your Werewolf's look when transformed. Check the links below for full information on each.

Fairies are tricksters that can project Auras that can be beneficial to Sims. They can also shrink down to interact with a few objects. They regain magical power while inside the Fairy House or the new Train Set. You can visit (or woohoo in) the Fairy Arboretum lot. Sims can look for fairies here and get fairy dust, or request to become a fairy themselves.

Werewolves here are the classic type, an ugly distorted face with a very hairy body. Their speciality is their ability to use their heightened senses to hunt insects, gems, and metals. They undergo a forced transformation at the full moon. While in werewolf form they can bite other Sims to curse them with Lycanthropy and make them change two days later.

Witches get a variety of spells to use to benefit themselves and other Sims, curse Sims by turning them into a Toad and can even turn one collectible like a seed into something else, like a gem or fish. They regenerate magical power by flying in the new Broom Arena. They can also magically upgrade objects. Upgrade a wardrobe to make it magical, which will work like the time machine or graveyards catacombs. Sims can also woohoo in a magical wardrobe.

Vampires are not new, they came with Late Night. They come with either expansion. They've been updated a bit to have their own Lifetime Wish, Turn the Town (drink from 20 Sims and convert 5 into vampires). They can wear sunscreen to minimize the effects of the sun, or take the new Immortal lifetime reward to avoid the Sun's effects permanently and stop aging. There are also a few new interactions available to vampires, and their fangs can be customized in CAS.

This new life state is quite Simple. Zombies are socially inept, move slowly, and exist only to annoy Sims with their moaning interactions and an attempt to bite them. If they succeed, the Sim will be transformed to a Zombie for two full days after suffering an apparent death. Protect your garden from these with fences and gates.

The Sims 3 Supernatural - Moonlight Falls by daytime

New Town - Moonlight Falls
Sims players can explore the new town of Moonlight Falls in Supernatural. It's populated with all the appropriate denizens, from Fairies, Vampires to Werewolves and features some nice spooky architecture. The town features the new way to get around, LLAMA (like TARDIS from Dr. Who) allow Sims to step into the phone booth and reappear in another location. This is every bit as good as Bridgeport's subways, and much cooler to use. Sadly, you won't be playing for tips in these booths.

The Sims 3 Supernatural - A Full Moon over Moonlight Falls

Lunar Cycle
The Sims 3 Supernatural features a new Lunar Cycle. This is a 6-day cycle (default, max 10) with multiple moon phases and of course a Full Moon. While the moon is full, Sims will get a big mood boost but may do lunatic actions and start fights, or simply hug other Sims. All Sims seem to benefit the same from this with a +40 mood boost for the entire night. Zombies will spawn during the full moon, and more ghosts will roam the neighborhood. You can stop the lunar cycle or lock it in a particular phase by going to the options menu.

New Skill - Alchemy
Alchemy is the skill to come with SN. Its only purpose is to make potions, although at level 10 they get an opportunity chain to make the Philosopher's Stone (which can also be bought as a LTR. Potion effects range from making a Sim vomit, curing disease, transforming them into Zombies temporarily or permanently, and even making a Sim a young adult again just like the super-expensive Young Again LTR. Another big feature of this is the ability to make potions that transform a Sim into the various Supernatural states at will.

New Career - Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller is a traditional rabbit hole career that works out of the new Gypsy Caravan lot. Upon reaching level 6 in the career, you'll get to choose between the Mystic and Scam Artist paths. Mystics are very good at giving Sims private readings, while Scam Artists can make big money hosting a Psychic Convention.

The Sims 3 Supernatural - Fairies with Bonehilda living quarters in the left

Bonehilda is the most horrific maid a Sim can hire. Purchase Bonehilda's Living Quarters from Buy Mode - Sort by Function - Entertainment - Misc for $3,999. Once purchased, she can be summoned and dismissed by clicking on the Living Quarters. While out and cleaning, she can also repair broken objects. However, squeamish Sims will run in terror from her.

One of the new recipe ingredients is Honey. Sims can buy Beekeeping boxes in the Outdoor - Outdoor activities tab. Use the smoke interaction before harvesting, cleaning or feeding the bees to avoid getting stung. Honey is harvestable in the morning and afternoon (3am and 2pm seem to be the times). There's about a 75% chance your Sim will also get a honeycomb with the honey, which is worth at least $35 but can be worth significantly more. Honey itself is $14.

The Sims 3 Supernatural - A Werewolf Walks through the Park

New Traits, LTRs and LTWs
There are nine total new Lifetime Wishes. All relate to either one of the Supernatural life states, Alchemy, or the new Fortune Teller career.

Supernatural Lifetime Rewards:
Alpha Dog
Flying Vacuum
King of the Fae
Magic Hands
Philosopher's Stone

Supernatural Traits:
Night Owl
Supernatural Fan
Supernatural Skeptic

New Collectibles and Recipes
There are three new gems available: bloodstone, moonstone and sunstone along with 3 cuts (sun, moon, gemdust). Three new fish: toads, fairy damsel fish and luminous salamanders. There are about a dozen new cooking recipes with Supernatural, and many new plants.


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