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The Sims 3 Technical Help - Slow Game

How to Recover Your Game Speed

This article was written by RockinRobin on our Forum, who published it to the Technical Help board. I've put it here to give it more visibility to guide visitors. This info is really helpful if your Sims 3 game has slowed down since your last install, and most players who don't have large amounts of RAM will experience this. Cache files build up, and these can be safely deleted. Thank you RockinRobin for sharing this with everyone.

Over the last week or so, my game has gotten so sluggish that it was almost painful to play it. I had tried numerous things to try and speed it up and I finally found the correct answer so I thought I'd share it.

The first thing I did was go through my hard drive and delete any unnecessary files to free up some disk space, but that didn't seem to help. Then I tried Pam's suggestion and move all my screenshots to a different folder to try and free up some space in the game. That didn't seem to help either. I felt like there HAD to be something, somewhere that was slowing down my game, so I started looking in all the game files. I knew I had not installed any new CC or any mods so it couldn't be that.

I came across the folder called DCbackup located in My Documents--> Electronic Arts--> The Sims 3--> DCbackup. I looked at those files and realized that they were just a bunch of backup files of all the package files ever used in the game. I did some checking to make sure it was ok to delete those and found out that it was fine. Once any CC is installed, it's there in your game, so you really don't need backups of it. But if it will make you feel better, you can always move all of those files to another folder somewhere other than your Sims 3 folder. But the best thing to do is just to delete all of those files in the DCbackup folder - except for ccmerged.package if you have Premium Content installed. In fact, it's probably a good idea to clean it out weekly or monthly....depending on how often you play.

Once I deleted all of those files, I was amazed at how much better my game played! It's like brand new again! I think that folder basically acts as a cache to hold all the items that are used in the game for easier access. The problem is, just like with web browsing, once you get too much junk in there, it just slows everything down.

Edited to add the following from mtglady:

You can also delete your compositorCache file and your simCompositorCache file. Just delete them both as they will regenerate when you start a new game. They can be found in your 'Your Name' > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder. They are standalone files so if you sort the Sims 3 folder by name, they will appear toward the bottom.

And please do as Pam stated, restart your computer, close all unnecessary background files and try loading your game again. Hopefully this will cure your problem for awhile.

I delete these two files every evening when I am done playing and my DCBackup files monthly.

Note: For Windows Vista and Windows 7, look in Documents, not My Documents.

Automatically Clear Cache

Grimsoul has additional information that can help you to clear the cache every time you start The Sims 3:

I keep getting little bugs like the consignment shop not working, missing texture file on the drafting board and find that I have to delete the cache file regularly to to fix them. I've been doing it each time before I start the game and haven't had any problems this way.

So instead of trying to remember to do this each time I made a simple little batch file to take care of it for me and thought that others mid find it useful also.

Open notepad and copy and paste the following into it. You will have to change the directories path if they don't match where your files are. Like if you are using Late Night instead of Ambitions you will have to change that. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the path will be 'Documents' as opposed to 'My Documents'

Then go to File, Save as... and give it a name like Clean Sims.bat and under the drop down menu for Save as type: change it from Text Documents [*.txt] to All Files then save to the desktop or where ever you want.

When you click the batch file it will run and delete the four cache files then run the Sims.

@echo off
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\CASPartCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\scriptCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\compositorCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\simCompositorCache.package"
start /d "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Ambitions\Game\Bin" Sims3Launcher.exe

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Me says...
Also going into my documents - electronic arts - sims 3- featured items and deleting all the stuff in there helps. It's just pictures honest.
I don't know how but I had 1,950 in there and it made sims 3 SO MUCH FASTER! It was like a dream come true!
29th June 2013 2:05pm
J. says...
Thank you SO much! I couldn't find a solution to this issue, despite going to numerous sites. You're awesome! Thanks for sharing!
23rd November 2015 8:51pm
AbbyHeartsSims3 says...
I have another tip for sims 3 players experiencing freezing, lag, and/or crashing! With the addition of the Sims 3 store, that takes up vaulable space in the game. If you go to Libraries/Docs/Electronic Arts/ FeaturedItems, you can delete all of the files in that folder! When i deleted them, there was 3248 files. They are PNG files, which stores store item photos. These are unneeded, just like DCBackup. The photos are stored in the game, so you don't need the backup copies. Hope i helped!
1st June 2013 8:54pm
Raider says...
Thanks man!
MY game use to take about 20 minutes to load and 10 minutes to save and close down, now it does it in like 2!
Can't say enough how happy I am that I found this saved my computer from a lot of angry frustration induced glares for a while!
29th April 2014 11:12pm
TheDoctor says...
Hey guys, here is an update to the batch file that will also nix your Backups folder to get it all cleaned out in one swing every time you fire up the sims. Copy the following to notepad and save as Sims 3 Launch&Clear.bat

@echo off
rmdir /s /q "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\DCBackup"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\CASPartCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\scriptCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\compositorCache.package"
del "C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\simCompositorCache.package"
start /d "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Ambitions\Game\Bin" Sims3Launcher.exe
Commands look good to any who might be weary - thanks good Doctor for the contribution!
29th August 2013 2:48pm
Mariaka says...
Hay I really need help I bought sims 3 with 6 expansion packs 2 days ago on steam my laptop has very good specs but the smos keeps freezing can u please help me on what to do I really want to play it.
2nd July 2019 6:14pm
Heather says...
and it took me forever to find it all and days. and i did what this page did and I LOST it all. was so upset still am. Not trusting this sorry wont do it again.
That's why it's advised to NOT delete the DCCache. Which seems to be what you lost.  Nothing that is advised above should have made you lose anything that you lost.
19th July 2013 3:17pm
Heather says...
Can i delete the backup cache just not the ddcache
You can delete DCBackup files (all but ccmerged). NEVER delete the DCCache.
21st July 2013 9:59pm
Jill says...
I deleted all the files mentioned and restarted my computer and now my saved games won't load. They stop loading around 1/5 of the way down the bar. I'm running Windows 8 on a fairy new Asus laptop with higher-than-average specs.
13th September 2013 3:45pm
Wolf says...
My game is soooo slow. It takes up to an hour to make one sim and in game it takes my town forever to load. I've done everything you and other people have suggested. The only games I have is the base game late night master loft ambitions pets and university. I do have cc but I deleted the mods and other stuff I don't need! Please help me! :(
1st June 2014 1:29pm
Ashley says...
I did what you said I deleted everything in the DCbackup file thing but there is still one thing in it that I cant delete, it is ccmerged file anyway no matter what I do it takes 2 hours for create a household to load even after 2 hours it does nothing.... I am starting to get really annoyed with this and am ready stop playing.. and I have one game that is ready to install but it says I have to update my game but when I try is says "cannot connect to origin" help me please!!!!!
When was the last time you updated Origin?  Do you pull up the program to see why it won't connect?  Have you restarted your computer?

You might get more help if you join the forum and post there.  We also have a lot of topics that could help you.
16th June 2013 6:35pm
Kimberly says...
Thanks so much for this fix! I had over 6,000 files in the folder; nearly 4 gigs! My hero :)
15th July 2013 1:38am
Jennifer says...
I was wondering about the Featured Items folder. I've heard that you can delete it safely from your game as it happens to slow your download time and the time from switching from playing your sims and going into build/buy mode. BUT, I have heard that it regenerates all the thumbnails back into the folder every time your start your game up. Is there a way we can permanently delete the folder for good?
22nd July 2014 11:44am
Adisya says...
I tried it and it worked! well.. for once after you did this and restart your computer then playing the sims. After that my sims started to lagging again:( I tried to delete the files in DCBackup but there's no file to delete except the ccmerged that musn't be deleted. So what should I do to get my sims to be smoothly normal again?:((
6th July 2014 2:14am
Schout says...
Aww, Thx dude, you save my day man
12th July 2014 1:29am
Lawlietismine says...
Holy *****! I am not very computer savvy on my own, but I follow instructions well. Anyway, I never mess around with files on my own because I fear messing it up beyond repair. I emptied out the DCBackup folder, and I have forgotten that my game had ever run this fast! I have never emptied that folder out before, so it had 211 items in it dating back 2 years ago. Wow. Thanks so much for the help. I would be so lost without this website.
21st July 2013 2:58pm
Grant Wolf says...
When I installed the town life expansion pack it deleted other expansions that I had and the little icons for those expansions don't even show up on the login screen to begin play. Please help.
2nd April 2014 7:46pm
Nataruma says...
I was looking this up and found out from other sources that deleting files in the DCbackup folder would affect your ability to package and share builds, so that objects would be missing in the final packaged file. Is this true?
7th August 2013 12:40am
Ifechi Onubogu says...
I mean, they could just regenerate themselves at times, also they said you can just move them out of the Sims 3 destination if you are worried
3rd June 2019 2:29am
anna says...
I have a problem, because i dont have the Dbackup files anywhere in my sims :P
DCBackup should be under the Sims 3 folder. It becomes present the first time you play the game.
28th June 2013 7:26am
Liv says...
Hi! Thanks for putting time into this to help some Simmers, as it probably worked for some. It didn't work for me though. I did everything you said :(
24th June 2014 1:20am
mado says...
man this is no a solution ever .. the problem is last patch of the game .. reinstall the game and never ever install any patch ..
22nd July 2014 2:51am
Lyssa says...
If you use the manual incremental patches that EA in their Sims 3 subforums, the 1.67 patch is the one that won't bug out your game. The 1.69 patch is what breaks your game.
19th March 2018 2:10pm
Keyy says...
Don't Delete Those Files , I Followed What They Said And It Screwed My Game Up . Don't Listen To What People Say . You'll Mess It Up .
19th December 2013 5:00am
HMMW says...
I have finished all the steps but it doesn't work...Before I install expansion pack, I can enjoy the game without problem.But now I have to wait for a long time for the loading screen. I have to wait about 5 minutes to get into the game and play..:( any suggestions? Thanks....
14th June 2013 2:16pm
jade says...
I am experiencing serious freezimg issues during gameplay. Every few seconds it freezes for a few seconds. It's kind of maddening. I have deleted the files mentioned. I have uninstalled the game and all expansions and reinstalled using origin rather than the discs and still the problem persists. Any other suggestions?!
Is it in every save file or just one?   Did you try using "ResetSim *" on the whole town?
12th June 2013 6:30pm
Savvy says...
is it okay to delete the DeviceConfig. file and the Options file at the bottom with the ComputerCache files?
9th February 2014 7:58pm
Ifechi Onubogu says...
Maybe DeviceConfig - but I don't think Options is a good idea
3rd June 2019 2:31am
cara says...
*QUESTION please, from someone who knows first hand; to you also delete the "socialCache.package" folder?first off; find this site more helpful than other sites including Sims 3 forums. SO thank you but could also be everything is much easier to find and more concise. so thank you
23rd November 2013 12:31am
Carl says...
Yes, it's safe to delete. That file is related to the social features that were added with a patch to the game, which is the notifications, interactions, etc. with your Sims friends. It's just a cache, so nuke it if you ever think it'll help solve a problem.
24th November 2013 10:34pm
Lee says...
PLEASE HELP. I deleted all my backup files and my saved games are just gone! All my progress is gone.
6th November 2013 7:13pm
seaofsims says...
When I tried to run this though, it says that it couldn't find the sims3launcher.exe so now I'm confused..? I copied, pasted, edited it to were it's documents instead of my documents and this pc instead of my computer (i have windows 10) and saved it to my desktop, did i do something wrong?
26th November 2015 12:56pm
Ifechi Onubogu says...
Try putting the Sims3Launcher part in the quotes, or opening the TS3(EP# if it applies) part
3rd June 2019 2:32am
Evelyn S. says...
HELP! PLEASE! Whenever I go into my Sims 3 game, as soon as I click the check-mark-thing, the game just...goes really slow! I click, nothing happens. I tried clearing my cache by doing the steps, but nothing worked! HELP!! PLEASE!!!
8th June 2014 8:39pm
Mike456 says...
You can also disable the cache files completely by setting permissions on them to be inaccessible to you. Then the game will not be able to write to them at all. In my tests, this has solved the freezing problems entirely. The simCompositorCache in particular would grow to hundreds of megabytes in size, which certainly explained the totally unreasonable slowness of the game coupled with a very low GPU and CPU loads.
19th May 2013 11:57am
Ali Cat says...
Thank you so much. I had about 4500 items in that folder. Here's hoping that it fixes my alarmingly slow game. I don't want to have to uninstall and then get all of my cc again. It takes SO long.
3rd June 2013 4:34pm
Makayla says...
When I try to run the cache file, a message pops up saying " Windows could not find Sims3Launcher.exe " Any advice? I have windows 8 btw
10th December 2013 6:21pm
LissaKaye97 says...
So I'm not good with the computer. Is there a way to delete all these files in the DC BACKUP at once?
6th July 2017 12:54am
Playalot says...
I just highlight them all (except the ccmerged.package if you have Premium Content installed) and drag them to the recycle bin.
9th July 2017 11:14pm
Mike W says...
The DCBackup keeps coming back as soon as i run the game. WHY???
13th October 2015 1:42pm
Ifechi Onubogu says...
Because it has to write to somewhere
3rd June 2019 2:34am
paige says...
i just deleted all those files and waiting for the comp restart on my other laptop(waiting)
ok now it has restarted so i will tell u if it works once my game loads(waiting)i also use razor game booster i higly recomend it for sim players(: it also has a defrag option in which i love, it seems to of loaded up reasonanly fast(considering all the cc, mods and eps i have) tho it did take awhile to load up hopefully the game now runs smooth(: (checking)didnt help ):
13th May 2013 8:45pm
Shawndelle says...
I've done everything here and it's still solo slow and keeps freezing
27th August 2017 11:07pm
Playalot says...
This link: (Click) Takes you to out TS3 tips guide. There are how-to's on doing a factory reset which might be your next step. But loads of other good tips for helping a game to run faster/smoother etc.
You can also still post questions on our TS3 boards as they are still active:
28th August 2017 10:49pm
Drensik says...
In The Sims 3>Download file, I've got a few files with names like "dynamicchallenge_dcd1586feaea40b494b40fdf2d6eb03d" The description says it's custom content, each file is about 50kb...I've never downloaded any custom content, would these be safe to delete?
You can delete them if you want.  I think they have something to do with the game achievements but they should be fine to get rid of.
20th July 2013 11:33pm
LunaWhiteraven says...
it doesnt seem to work for me. it says it didnt work on the notepad thing... and also for some reason it doesnt want to install my world adventures, keeps saying that it failed. any tips on that?
2nd June 2013 8:52pm
dawn.b says...
thankyou very much
18th November 2013 7:37pm
Julia says...
It actually works for everything , except for sims creating..
Help ?
19th May 2013 2:06pm
Wolf says...
My game is soooo slow. It takes up to an hour to make one sim and in game it takes my town forever to load. I've done everything you and other people have suggested. The only games I have is the base game late night master loft ambitions pets and university. I do have cc but I deleted the mods and other stuff I don't need! Please help me! :(
1st June 2014 1:27pm
Primela says...
hello, so I've seen that many people delete their files from DCBackup but when I do it all my custom content that I downloaded and installed disappears, so I have to install everything all over again, any thoughts on the matter? (could it be because I bought my sims 3 from Origin online?)
6th November 2017 11:29am
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