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The Sims 3: Union Cove (Seasons Update)

Download A Full and Balanced Sims 3 World

by Carl and Pam's Sims 3 Forum

There are two versions of Union Cove available for Download. The older of the two (V2) requires the Pets Expansion Pack, while the new version corrects this issue and does not require any specific Expansions. The new World is updated to include content from The Sims 3 Supernatural and The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Packs.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Carl's Sims 3 Forum Top Secret Team proudly present to you, Union Cove:

Union Cove is a free Sims 3 world that is detailed and fully featured. Download this new town exclusively from Carl's Sims 3 Guide

"When a team of explorers discovered Union Cove, they knew it wasn't an ordinary place. Its beauty and mysteries attracted Sims from all the world, who live in peace and harmony through a set of laws, known as "The Rules". Considered home by many Sims, Union Cove is fully developed technologically and beyond, offering anything a citizen may need. The spirit of justice and friendship brought by the pioneers made this beautiful land the most attractive place to live in, while it's mysteries are still unsolved. Can one unveil all there is behind Union Cove?"

Discover a new Sims 3 WorldTechnical Details:
World name: Union Cove
Map size: Huge (2046x2046)
World type: Suburban
Content from the following Sims 3 Expansion and Stuff Packs were used:
- World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime;
- HighEnd Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living and Town Life;
- No Store content, no Custom content.

- Residential lots: 101
- Empty/inhabited lots: 47
- Community lots: 47
(Includes all lot types from Base game, Ambitions, Late Night and Pets)

Number of Habitants: 116 Sims and 25 Pets
Number of Households: 56
Total lot value: $7.438.698

Additional info:
- Contains EA-like balanced spawners;
- All brand-new community lots, created from scratch and never seen before;
- Uses residential lots and sims created by forum members, with permissions.
- With provided saved file, it is playable even with just base game. WA trees and objects are heavily used in landscape so world will look significantly different but all the lots and features will still be there.
- World was built on an average PC, 2.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo, 2GB RAM. It should be playable on the average PC.

Download Now!

Background Story

Before the start of TS3's story, shortly before the first simoid robot (SimBot) was invented. For references, Bella and Mortimer were to be born 4 years later.
Space:In the conference room of a science institute.

Brilliant Sims from all around the world gather to discuss what to do next, seeking technological advancement. During the main event, there's some sort of confusion at the lobby. Out of the mess, a man who calls himself Carl grabs the microphone and claims to have found a map to a secret island, not before known to Sims. He requests help to explore the mysteries of that island, filled with ambition and dreams.

--The Sail--
Time: The day after.
Space: The Royal Port, next to a fancy anchored ship.

A team of explorers is assembled. The brave Angela Buznik was the quartermaster, for her known experience. Adventure-seeking Panther Character and runaways Declan and Eliza Jade were the ABS and gunners. Carl, with his map, was the sailing master. Hansum Lee was the medic. They boarded the big blue-flagged ship, The Cobalt Cruiser, where they met the captain Steven Brustle and his wife, first-mate Nicole.

Once everything was packed and ready, the ship set sail to Carl's directions. The travel was easy, if not for some bad weather now and then. After some days, a strange formation appeared at the sky and a person came out of it, falling into water. Hansum Lee rushed to save the Sim, Mye Thyme, the newest member of the crew, a nice cook, and crucial to the success of the exploration.

Five years and many desert islands later, the team found what seemed to be the mysterious island they had sought for so long at night. They decided to wait until morning, to be safe, but during the night a violent thunderstorm struck and drove the ship to the shores, breaking it. All the crew survived, but they were stuck on the "island", which they later discovered to be a cove, part of a much bigger land.

--The Cove--
Time: A week after crashing in the cove.
Space: At the nicely improvised camp, in a forest clearing.

The team groups up to once more go exploring the island. So far they've found a waterfall, some ruins and a mysterious location across the river that seems to be an ancient nest of some kind. That day, they found yet another mystery, some sort of hidden passageway that lead to a small clearing, with some rocks, drawings on the floor and a weird tree. Upon touching the tree, Carl felt a pulse. Back at the mainland, the pulse reached Pam, and old friend of Carl's who was worried about his travel. She could hear his voice clearly say "We did it! Come find us!", and knew what to do.

--The Dreamweaver--
Time: Two days after.
Space: Back at the port, next to an enormous ship.

Captain Pam and her husband had their own ship, The Dreamweaver, but didn't have a crew. They found quite a lot people who were willing to help, including gunner Damon Farrier, known for his precise shooting, second-mate James Douglas, cook Hebe Smith, steward Thea Voice, lieutenant Elvis P., boatswain Dave Maroon and his wife Dr. Tara James. The ship was also filled by other sailors, friends and families of those onboard.

The travel was exciting and calm at the same time. They all arrived safely at the cove three years later. It was clear that the small camp wouldn't be enough to hold all those people. After some woodcutting and territorial settlements, the urbanization had started, and there were building sites everywhere. Moira Dernier-O'Connell, owner of "Modern-o'Co", was hired for being one of the most brilliant architectures. Among the people who financed everything, the biggest contributors were the Brustle family, Panther Character and Mye Thyme.

--Discoveries and Population--
Time: Five years before the start of TS3's story.
Space: In the island's science laboratory, next to the mysterious basin.

Having a base just by the tree's area, the scientists' discoveries were many. The magical tree was a source of knowledge and energy, and it's mysterious substance made it possible for SimBots to be invented, along with teleportation pads and time machines. They had changed the world as they knew it in a blink. Some scientists still study the ruins and the dragon nest, hoping for even more discoveries.

Throughout the next five years, the island attracted many sims worldwide. It was clear that it would be the most important city in the world for many generations, and everyone wanted to be a part of it. Seeing how sims from all the globe were responsible for building that new town, it was named Union Cove.

It includes Sims from known legacies and dynasties, and contest-winning houses, all with permissions from their creators. Come enjoy this beautiful place we created, as it is also your home, for Union Cove is a world dedicated to Carl's Sims 3 Forum's people. Consider it a Christmas present from the Top Secret Team to you. ;)

Naga for the initiative, several ideas about the world, it's landscape, features and functionality, and for a story behind it.
Carl for taking the initiative further, additional ideas and selfless support in everything and all the time!
Metro for being available, ready to answer all the questions and support us during the whole process. Special thanks for letting us play Official Immortal Dynasties in this world!
Pam for watching over us and supporting us whenever needed. And for the Dreamweavers!
Anushka for building the world in CAW, developing the ideas and finding solutions for them, and being a part of building team.
Joria, Ausette, Danefaith and Samoht who build this world, for being greatest team ever.
Samoht and Lilygirl for organizing contests in themes to fill in this world with unique buildings.
Moderators for their support and encouragement, and for agreeing to try and build their own dream mansions. Special thanks to Leto who was supporting and developing the idea from the start, and Ratchie and Schipperke for being active members of the team. Thanks to Saltypaws, MtGlady, Hosfac and Ariagirl too, for building their lots and sharing their Sims.
Finally, thanks to Lynley, Agneza, Katluvr, Zapkid, Caliban, Legendary Plunder, Twinmom, Gheez, Kiko, Gogowars, Micler, Chuckles, Dellena, Choccolatee, Sydney, SasySimmer, KJSinclair, Ballerina4life, Dimmy, MoonsAreBlue,WickedSimmer, Enchanted, TallStar and Seabody and Sportsfan for building and sharing fantastic lots with us.
And thanks to Alexandria, Esther, Juxtaposition, JeanaMarie, xFezIsAFreakx, SqueakyClean, kattiq, CSquared, Pallyndrome,MoonShadow, CreativeCrayolla, Summers and Flootiebeauty for sharing their households.

UC, like all populated worlds, is inhabited by Sims thanks to mods for world builders created by twallan. This is to save them in the world and doesn't install any mod on your machine. You can learn how this is done at the Sims Wiki: Populating CAW Worlds.

"In the name of The Top Secret Team and the community, I'd like to thank Carl Ratcliff for creating this forum and writing the awesome guide as we know it, Pam Marsden for being the strong foundation that holds this forum so greatly and being so helpful, and Tom Schlueter (aka Metropolis Man) for the great challenges and being such a nice sport." - Naga

Happy holidays, everyone! 8)

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