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The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack

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The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 University Life Game Logo and Splash Screen

The Sims 3 University Life is the ninth Expansion Pack for The Sims 3. The Expansion adds social groups, new career options, three new skills and a fully-featured University campus Sims will travel to in order to seek their degrees in one of six majors. This guide will cover all the new additions that the EP brings to TS3, which may aid your decision to buy University Life or inform you of new features when you've just purchased it.

Sim University
Most of the new content in The Sims 3 University Life is centered on the new University Campus town. When a Sim enrolls in University, they'll be whisked away World Adventures-style to the new location while time freezes back at home. The campus features buildings like administration, a lecture hall, sports arena and hangouts for the three new social groups. Learn more about enrolling in the University in our Enrollment and Aptitude Test Guide.

The Sims 3 University Life - Sim University Campus at Night

Sims may select one of five Majors to earn their degree. Each of them are similarly structured, requiring Sims to attend class, lectures, and hands-on learning activities. Sims will need to keep their progress up by studying, attending class and learning skills that benefit their Major. When you have earned enough credits by passing classes, your Sim graduates and gets the degree, and a boost in careers related to their degree. This raises their starting career level and lets them earn more money. Learn more about the various majors in the guide to Majors and Getting a Degree.

New Skills
There are three new skills in The Sims 3 University Life:

  • Science - The Science skill allows Sims to clone themselves, other Sims, and collectible objects. Most of the skill revolves around collectibles and this cloning. They are also able to get access to the new life state in The Sims 3 University Life - PlantSims.
  • Social Networking - Social Networking allows your Sims to make money as a blogger and manipulate the relationships of other Sims around them.
  • Street Art - Street Art lets Sims make graffiti around town. It doesn't have to be vandalism, as these skills are highly desirable by the city looking for skilled artists to decorate the town.
  • Photography - University Life gives Simmers the Photography skill from World Adventures.
The Sims 3 University Life - A Sim enjoys the beautiful landscaping of the University campus

Social Groups and Special Careers
University Life features three new social groups that all have an associated career that can only be accessed by climbing to the top of that group. The system operates much like the celebrity system in Late Night, though with a larger set of options to advance your status with the groups.

  • Jock Social Group (unlocks Sports Agent Career) - The Jocks ar socialites and love throwing parties. They're active in sports and growing in standing with them can be accomplished easily by taking part in Collegiate sports at the University's Sports Stadium.
  • Nerd Social Group (unlocks Video Game Developer Career) - Nerds love comic books and Science. Gaining influence with the group can be done by playing video games, reading comic books, and interacting with other nerds in nerdy ways.
  • Rebel Social Group (unlocks Art Appraiser Career) - Rebels are inclined to protest and use the new Street Art skill like vandals. Doing either of those things will build rep with this artsy and rebellious group.
The Sims 3 University Life - The University Campus birds-eye view

Smart Phones
The cell phone from vanilla Sims 3 gets replaced with the Smart Phone in UL. This lets you use the new Social Networking skill, as blogging can only be done with the phone. These allow Sims to study for class and browse the web, among all the normal features the cell provided.

Extra Trait Slots
A great new feature of University Life are the new trait additions. With the EP installed, you are able to get a total of seven traits for a Sim. Graduating University will give you one extra slot, while the other is attained by reaching level 8 with the first social group. Repeating these accomplishments simply gives you the opportunity to change the extra trait.

New Objects and Interactions
There are several new objects, most are related to attending University like the podium (rebels can give speeches), whiteboard (allowing practice of Street Art) and the backpack (purely decorative inventory item). There are several new ways for Sims to have fun at the U. There are juice kegs for throwing parties, soccer balls to raise athletic and give sims some recreation, and table tennis which can be used competitively in its expected way or to play Juice Pong. Sims are able to streak, give lectures, and play frisbee with the Flying Disc. Overall the new objects and activities give the campus a nice feel appropriate for its setting.

New Lifetime Wishes and Traits
There are three new traits with the Expansion, and six new Lifetime Wishes. LTWs are focused on attending/graduating the University and new skill additions. The only Lifetime Rewards included are three to raise influence with the Social Groups and one to get an Honorary Degree from the University.

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shanna says...
Is there any cheat or way to make the university town like a normal town? I want to live in it!
5th September 2013 4:28pm
Simmylala says...
That is impossible. Sims go to University for 1-2 Sim weeks and then return to their home town. You cannot live at University forever.
16th July 2014 1:39am
sims 3 helper says...
yeah you can you just have to move to a different city.
17th July 2014 8:16pm
Sim bot says...
well just when you go back the your starting town just apply again
24th July 2014 9:31am
BostonPolar says...
My sims DO live in the Sims University town, which I call Simville. There was some glich when 2 of my sims were; the walked away when the car to take them "home" came and it left without them. My sims stay at the University. Over time and with a lot of mods, I played in "Simville" for several years. There were things missing, like a City Hall and a Police Department I had to add. A unicorn turn up in my sims' back yard at one of the early homes they (now 3)lived in; the unicorn stayed. I added new homes for other sims and added one of the dreadful oversights of the SU pack -- a Chinese restaurant! More coffee shops and with a mod I made 3/4s of the town gay and men able to get pregnant. More time (and mods) I ended up with a family of 17 sims, 14 sims and 3 pets. With a pack of werewolves, mersims, and other supernaturals as well. Black, white, Asian, and pink (a fairy). All male. I push the game to the limits of what it could do -- and it was unable to save my games. *sigh*
18th February 2018 1:07am
Thats actually so epic.
28th May 2018 11:15am
random says...
I lit some fireworks at a bonfire party in my dorm and then one by one all of the sims caught fire and died then were reborn and just keep dying. I keep having to extinguish my sims and the other sims in the dorm are driving me crazy! How do I stop my roommates dropping dead. Please help it's like a fire plague has struck. How many times can a person die???
22nd April 2014 5:04pm
Mikayla says...
Hi Carl,

I have triplet. Can I sent all of them to university at the same time or one after the other?
Multiple Sims can go to the University at once :)
30th August 2013 7:24pm
Nicki says...
Hey, Mikayla, i am quite nw to the sim 3 on pc, although i have ds- i would like to know what you did to get triplets and i dont really want to go trhough as much hassle as getting treatment and all. Also, do you think when you have triplets/twins does your stomach grow anybigger?
Please reply,
Thanks, Nicki
12th June 2014 5:13pm
Maddi says...
Hey Nicki, the best way 2 get triplets is to use ur life reward points and buy the fertility treatments, it's like10,000 points. It's not a definite but it does increase ur chances of having twins and triplets. Buy them for both ur guy and girl sims if u wanna REALLY increase ur chances. Good luck!
21st June 2014 11:21pm
Billie says...
Nicki, have your mothers listen to kids music all through their pregnancy (wire the house with speakers through an upgrade, or get the wall speakers, then make them stay home- You can even put the wall speakers outside) and if possible, make them watch kids TV as well. That, plus the fertility treatments, will all but guarantee twins, and probably triplets.
12th July 2014 11:59pm
hannah says...
Hey, nicki you don't always have to use fertility treatments in the sims! If you have a radio have your pregnant female sim dance to it when you first find she is pregnant and until she gives birth! When she does give birth you should have at least 2-4 babies!
25th November 2015 10:06pm
josim says...
Am crazy of this game sims ,too the extent of ,everyday am in your website, I ve read all the expansion guides . I stay in Enugu,Nigeria. I ve checked the whole Enugu ,i couldn't find it,when I travelled to lagos,I was so happy to find one(world.adventures expansion pack) it came with two disc,disc1 and disc 2.when I came back to Enugu where I tried installing it but to no like the sims game wasn't inside it. How do I really get this game?I need like 4 of the expansions ,but definitely I hope just the sims3 is there. I have gone crazy of this game. Pls reply me. Or people from Nigeria don't play sims? Pls tell me ways on which to get this game.
3rd May 2014 10:32am
help for you says...
You can get the game without going to a store by downloading Origin on to your computer. Once it is downloaded you can go to the store and click on any of the Sims 3 expansion packs you want. Keep in mind you have to install the base game first, or else it won't work. You probably didn't get the Sims 3 (original) before World Adventures. World Adventures will remain installed as you download the Sims 3 base game and any other pack.
13th July 2014 7:19pm
Beth says...
I'm onto my second generation and I've decided to put 3 of my sims into Uni. I've tried this twice, all are young adults but once the loading screen finishes loading and the campus comes into view, my 3 sims are gone and I only have options to create new sims, move in a household or choose a household. Help please?
6th April 2014 9:09am
Jalen says...
I got my university life and it's on origin, but it will always tell me to update my sims game even though I already have the most recent version. HOW DO I STOP THIS????????
1st September 2013 7:40am
Atika says...
I had the same problem I tried to update it again I stopped the update when it 10% then started up sims 3 then I saw he homescreen of university life hope this helped
23rd September 2015 12:14am
ErikFairplay says...
Did anyone notice at every end of term when your sim is about to go home, 1 roommate is going to die? I experienced this twice. very weird..
29th September 2013 7:51am
priscilla says...
I think that is just with you because that hasn't happened me.
6th June 2014 9:27pm
Avion says...
I experienced the same thing, basically as my sim was about to go back home like 4 of my dorm mates died one after another, and the grim reaper told one of my roommates that her bad luck amuses him... it was super creepy, and Im glad i was the only one experiencing this.
24th June 2014 7:10pm
priscilla says...
I usually just kill the roommates off because they get annoying.
25th June 2014 7:17pm
Ana says...
Hi there, I have triplets (from the island p. Game) that I have enrolled to the university, excited packed and ready to go...they arrive in the new town...I pick a house to live in and click on the check mark to start playing and nothing happens(4th attempt) I tried choosing a different house and
still nothing. I had to shut down my lab
top to restart the game, never happened with any of my other families.
Does the checkmark gray out?  This is actually a common issue since University came out. I've had it happen more since Island Paradise come out. My suggestion would be to try again after clearing your cache files to see if it happens again.

Do you use mods or CC?
15th July 2013 9:28pm
Atherley says...
Sign out of your Sims account. I had this issue of the longest time and I finally figured out that it had something to do with being signed in.
29th July 2014 3:50am
Scorpyluv says...
Most glitches in the game are somehow related to being logged in.
Log off of online, then close the game, restart and do not log back in unless there is a download from the sims store, your game will load faster and most of your problems will disappear.
9th August 2018 6:20pm
Heather C. says...
I just tried to put two sims into University at the same time and it went but once they got there and I chose a house for them to rent, the check button you click to put them in it didn't turn blue... Is there anything I should do to fix this or am I just stuck with it?
19th September 2013 5:01am
Ray says...
So I recently moved from my old town to hidden springs, but I don't see any of the sims in this town belonging to any social groups.. Is this supposed to happen? Is there any way I can change this?
26th November 2013 12:45am
Tammy says...
I don't know if this is a product of the attraction system but ever since I installed university life my sims are hooking up randomly with other sims i.e. cuddling/kissing and this is regardless of whether they are married or not male or female! and it's very annoying and this is with story progression turned off... so until it's fixed I have uninstalled university life!
2nd October 2013 12:17am
Jo says...
Do you have freewill on? If so, that can cause it. Is it on multiple families? Try and turn story progression on. It could also be the townie/NPC initiating the action....try and prevent this. The new irresistible trait could also be doing this...
1st January 2014 8:26pm
Softie says...
I installed the sims 3 university expansion, and I sent some of my sims to college, and now I can't find them! Where are they?? Help!!
15th May 2014 2:50pm
Simsoft says...
This happens often try hitting the small find my sim button and if that doesn't work try turning off without saving and restart
1st November 2015 10:01am
Simsoft says...
This happens often try hitting the small find my sim button and if that doesn't work try turning off without saving and restart
3rd November 2015 6:06pm
Shae says...
So my Sims is like really REALLY laggy. I am not sure why, it only does this in university. Like I will send my students to class, but they will just stand out there for like 3 hours trying to get inside of the stupid door. Then by the time they are inside class is over. What do I do??
The lag is everyone having issues getting into the building.  I would suggest sending your Sims to class early.
22nd July 2013 5:59pm
Jenna says...
Is this expansion worth buying? I have 4 other expansions and I just needed to know if I should buy it.
21st October 2013 1:34pm
CookieCrumble says...
It is worth buying because, you get A LOT of new stuff and objects. Also you can live the university life! I have it and it is really fun!
Hope this helped,
24th July 2014 11:15am
Simsoft says...
Yes this expansion is amazing except for the minor bugs in it but other than that so worth buying!
1st November 2015 10:06am
help me. says...
I want a sim in my house but how
6th January 2014 4:03pm
Morgan says...
Is it worth the money or do u think i should get another one
23rd July 2013 7:48pm
Scarlet says...
Umm, admin what will happen to my sims 3 main game character if i install university life . will my old character be gone? and create a new one? please answer
29th April 2014 1:35pm
priscilla says...
No you get to keep them but you do get a new phone.
6th June 2014 9:40pm
Taylor says...
I JUST GOT ROBBED IN THE UNIVERSITY WORLD!!! Did anyone know this could happen?
23rd May 2013 10:11am
Jess says...
This website helps me alot follow me on instagram simstagram_xo i just got the game today an super excited any tips??
15th March 2014 9:40am
shalee says...
where do you get the expansion pack do you have to buy it.
All expansion packs have to be purchased from Origin or a retailer.
12th June 2013 5:45pm
Dibdemi says...
i currently have the ambitions,supernatural and nightlife expansion packs and i really want to get university life but is there one you would suggest getting first ????
30th July 2013 12:51pm
Simsoft says...
No it really doesn't mater but I would say maybe generations
3rd November 2015 6:08pm
pan says...
witch city is for university life ?
because i have 21 sims & i don't know witch city is for university life
20th September 2013 3:07am
Jamie says...
When you enter a city, it doesn't matter which one, you go on your phone to enroll in university. The university is a different town that you can only get into once you have created a household in a general city/town
5th July 2014 7:27pm
Kaitlyn says...
So with being able to ask friends to be roommates, when you decide you don't need a roommate anymore, how do you disable the roommate capability? Simply dismissing the roommate just brings another one the next day... please help, I keep having random strangers in my house! I even tried moving houses!
25th December 2013 3:16am
priscilla says...
Click on our new phone and select Real Estate and Travel Services then there will be options click on Roommate Services then select Disable Roommate Services.
6th June 2014 9:34pm
help for you says...
You need to use your smartphone and call to disable roommate services. Moving houses DOES NOT help.
13th July 2014 7:22pm
Ajer Qureshi says...
Question. Is it possible to have sims enroll in University in the future? I was thinking of having my family live in the future, but was unsure if I had to return to the past to have sims attend University.
13th February 2014 11:13am
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