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The Sims 3 Mummies

How to Get a Mummy in World Adventures

The Sims 3 World Adventures: A Sim being Cursed by a Mummy

Mummies are new to the Sims 3 through the World Adventures expansion pack. They are ancient kings preserved and wrapped in cloth, guarding their treasures from Adventurous tomb-raiding Sims. In this article, we'll learn all about the mummy life form and how you can avoid them, heal your Sim if they are cursed, or even get a mummy of your very own.

Mummies: Where Are They?
Mummies have been sighted in all three countries but are most commonly found in Al Simhara, Egypt as one might expect. The pyramids there all have a chance to spawn mummies. The great pyramid is fully explorable with Pangu's Axe and has so many sarcophagus you're likely to bump into at least one.

Found One! Now What!
They'll usually attack your Sim on sight. Thankfully, they're not fast so running from them is an option. You'll sometimes find fire traps nearby which can kill them as well (only non-player mummies are killed by fire traps). Mummy snacks, kept in the inventory, can act as a deterrent and give your Sim a chance to have a look inside the sarcophagus. If it does come to blows, there are three options: You win (martial artist, athletic), you lose (knocked out), you lose (Sims is hit with the Mummy's Curse).

The Sims 3 World Adventures: Dying from the Mummy's Curse

The Mummy's Curse
The Mummy's Curse will affect a Sim for 14 days. Two full weeks with a -25 moodlet is a bummer, but even worse is that once the clock has wound down, your Sim will die. With two full weeks, you have multiple options to consider for removal of the curse:

Sleep in a Blessed Sarcophagus of Kings
If you happen to have one, do it. This will remove the curse after sleeping in it for several hours. There is one to be found within the Sphinx, but if you're there you might as well visit the Soulpeace Statue.

Kiss a King Cobra
Buy a Snake Charming Basket from the general goods merchant in Al Simhara. Practice with the basket until the option to buy a cobra for $1,000 Simoleons comes up. Buy it, then keep practicing until your Sim is able to kiss the cobra. This will remove the curse and give your Sim a positive moodlet instead. Since the basket is portable, this is a great option.

Pleading to the Sphinx to remove the Mummy Curse in the Sims 3 World Adventures

The Great Sphinx
This is my favored way of removing the curse. Shortly after being cursed, if you have no other opportunities in Egypt, you'll get an adventure called Cursed!. While you don't have to do the adventure to gain entry to the Sphinx, you can turn it into a nice way to earn some extra VISA points. Not only are you treated to an impressive visual display by the Great Sphinx, you'll also unlock a good place to come back and collect tons of gems later.

Inside the Sphinx, the puzzles aren't too hard. You'll work your way down, through a lower level, then back up where you can ascend to the soulpeace chambers. Once there, you can have your Sim seek cleansing by clicking the statue. A little ritual will occur, where your Sim meditates and hovers in midair. Then, in a burst of energy and a transference of power from the Soulpeace, your Sim's curse is lifted.

The Sims 3 World Adventures: Getting Cleansed by the Soulpeace Statue inside the Great Sphinx of Al Simhara, Egypt

Be sure to check behind the Soulpeace Statue for a hidden room where you'll frequently find Soulpeace Gems.

Another option to remove the mummy's curse is to utilize cheats. Open the command console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C and type testingcheatsenabled true. This will allow you to control-click a moodlet to remove it instantly.

Moodlet Manager
Owners of the Moodlet Manager Lifetime Reward will note that it removes the mummy's curse, along with other ailments suffered while adventuring.

How to Get a Mummy: The Free Mummy Method
This way is the best, as it won't require your Sim transform at all. In fact, you'll get a free mummy that you can control. Here's how: assemble a collection of 5 canopic jars. Once you've got them all, you can place them into a Sarcophagus. They'll be transmuted into a mummy for your control.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to a 100% success rate. You'll need to hit up plenty of Egyptian Tombs to find the Canopic Jars, because they are found only there. Note that only the Canopic Jars that count toward a set will work. The regular jars you find are just loot to sell. You can check that you're using the right ones by noting that the jars are not in the stack with your other Egyptian loot.

The Sims 3 World Adventures: The Blessed and Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings along with a Mummy

Method Two: Turn Your Sim into a Mummy
This method requires you to assemble a Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings. Sleeping inside one of them will raise your Sim's athletic skill. The "drawback" here, is that your Sim will eventually be cursed and turn into a mummy. It takes about 16 hours of sleeping to cause this. The way to reverse this is to sleep in a Blessed Sarcophagus for 8 or more hours.

The 2nd method can be completed with cheats by doing the following:

  1. Ctrl+shift+C
  2. type testingcheatsenabled true
  3. type buydebug
  4. Find the two sarcophagus types in sort by function - buy debug - miscellaneous objects
  5. turn up your sim's other needs by clicking and dragging the needs bar
  6. fully deplete energy
  7. sleep in the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings
  8. repeat 6 and 7

Taking Care of Your Mummy
Mummies have steel bladders and never need to use the toilet. Additionally, they get infinite energy, so they can work all night taking breaks only to eat. They also age slowly, thus leading longer lives. After all, they're undead. The drawback to being a mummy is that they can't have children, and are killed instantly by fire, such as from cooking and fireplaces. They're safe from fire traps in adventure tombs, so they can be safely used to explore.

The Sims 3 World Adventures
ChinaEgyptFranceMartial ArtsNectar Making
PhotographyMummiesPangu's AxeTomb Raiding TipsTomb Building

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Thomas Morris says...
I even tried to give Carl here another tip (which seemingly was ignored)If you have the Vampire Bite potion you can just use that to turn into a vampire at which point you can either have it cured at the science lab or just use another potion to change into another "SuperNatural" Sim.
I definitely don't mean to ignore any tips I get, we simply get a lot of comments and emails about intricacies in the gameplay. Adding them to the comments section gets tips across to players who read them. I try to filter out bad comments so that the good stuff makes it closer to the front where it can be seen. 
21st May 2013 1:33pm
Keyoke says...
Interesting note: If you have the mummy's curse but run out of time in your vacation before you cure it, you DO NOT gain the "Visited Egypt" buff that prevents travel. I guess the designers didn't want someone to get stuck without a possible cure.
26th November 2015 11:37pm
Martin says...
When summoning a mummy remove duplicate jars BEFORE you do this. I.e have only one type of each jar.

Duplicates cause the game to glitch out, no mummy and 5 of the jars are 'greyed out' and locked. You'd have to reload from before you did this. I thought it was just me but many people on the forums are having the same problem.
2nd July 2014 2:14pm
Sandy says...
Unfortunately, I was requested to get scorched, soaked and cursed after completing going through four of the pyramids. I don't have a mummy to curse me and it seems that I have to do these before I am requested to enter the Sphinx. How can I be cursed now?
21st June 2013 4:22pm
jess says...
I had woohoo inside of the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings and had twins while i was cursed, then i slept in it too long causing the mummy curse so i brought the enlighting fairy potion and it took the curse away, no longer a mummy and i wont scare my babies anymore when i feed them
6th August 2014 1:09am
Paul says...
Hi there. I have not tested this, but the Wiki says that there are 2 more ways to cure the Mummy's Curse.

1st one is to make your Sim levitate. After few hours the curse will be lifted.

2nd is to make your Sim travel to the past (through the Time Machine). There's a chance that this happens "<Sim> was deep in the past and accdientally got the inventor in trouble with the pharaoh of Egypt! He was fired and mummies were never invented. <Sim> is cured!"

I'm assuming that this information is
truthful, given that it was on the actual Game's wiki.
3rd August 2013 4:48pm
Gracefulclutz says...
I find that last one hilarious. Just saying. Oh, and I realized that there are no ways to start a fight with a mummy. A Sim just has to loaf around a bit and wait for it to attack first. I just beat the mummy guy in China. I never even got to Egypt yet, and I already beat up three mummies. Kinda sad, though. One was a female and just before they fought, the little attractive-sim moodlet came up.
18th February 2014 12:33pm
uhhh sup says...
I think if you have the brave trait you can pick fights with them - just like with the burglars. I think at least. I think I remember having one of my Sims walk up to them to fight but it's been awhile :P
27th May 2014 3:41am
Cat says...
Carl, I did find another way to becoming a mummy where it doesnt kill your sim. You should add that in here (The bottled Mummy Curse potion) I also made a video about it here:
5th April 2014 10:34pm
prisci says...
Would a mummy die from swimming in a pool or the ocean?
28th March 2014 9:15pm
TheTashieSims says...
How do you stop mummies coming cause I love the pack but do they have to put mummies in it?? All jokes aside I also get kinda scared of them I want to be able to get level 3 visa on all 3 places but don't want to run into mummies. Is there a way to get rid if them without using mods????
4th March 2014 12:22am
Stax says...
My fairy was cursed, by setting "cure" on myself it fanished instantly. Playing in testingcheatsenabled true mode. Let's see what happens. Maybe it helps to mod your Sim and adjust your Sim to fairy. Hope you can use this option.
21st May 2013 11:47am
Ninnu says...
How can i get the curse if i fighted every mummy in the Egypt (they either knock me down or i defeat them)? I know that if martial arts and sports are max points, its more likely to defeat them than get the curse.. but nicely designed game that you can demolish every single mummy without getting cursed, max points or not!
17th August 2013 12:11pm
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