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The Sims 3 Tomb Creation Guide

How to Build a Tomb in World Adventures

This guide was authored by box3d from our Sims 3 Forum. Kudos to him for all his hard work.

How to Use the Building Tool: Cheat!
In order for Simmers to get the option to place tomb objects on a lot, they'll need to activate two different cheats ( ctrl+shift+c opens up the cheat box.) testingcheatsenabled true and buydebug. This enables a new buy mode tab that holds tomb objects, fish/bug/gem spawners, and extra objects like cameras, nectar makers, plants, etc.

Basic Tomb Objects
Let's look at some of the basic objects you can use in build mode to bring your tombs to life:

Dive Well: This object is a well used for stashing treasure, can be used as a portal which connects two wells together, or can be used as a hidden switch. You can also have your Sim soak themselves in the well to get past fire traps.

Rubble Pile: A pile of rubble (go figure) that your Sim needs to break in order to collect treasure hidden underneath. This is also a good place to hide switches.

Giant Boulder: Like the pile of rubble, this is used to hide treasure, switches, and even block tunnels. It cannot be cleared like a normal rubble pile -- your Sim needs the Legendary Axe of Pangu to break it. (This axe can be found in China, or in the hidden buy tab that is unlocked by the buydebug cheat.)

Keystone Panel: A panel that requires a specific keystone. Once a keystone is placed in this panel it acts as a switch.

Small Hole (Wall/Floor): A small hole in the floor/wall that holds treasure. Can also be used as a switch.

Tomb Room Maker: The Single Most Important Tomb Building Object This hidden ball specifies that a certain room is a tomb. It can also fog the room until a Sim opens a door to that room or walks into it, which makes tomb exploring a lot more fun. There would be no pleasure in discovering hidden doors if they could be seen by players. This object is also used to set the last tomb room, which is a must for your Sims that need to explore six tombs fully for their lifetime wish.

Floor Switch: A switch you step on. Used to trigger an event you specify.

Trap (Wall/Floor): Traps can be set to either fire, water, steam, shock or dart types, and you can set the rate at which the trap fires, and whether or not it can be disabled.

Hidden Trigger Panel: A hidden trigger on the floor that your Sim needs to walk across (you can't hide, or reveal it either so it really is hidden.)

Sarcophagus: Used to spawn mummies and hide treasure. Note that you can set the chance (%) a mummy will spawn when a Sim opens it.

Torch Lever: A torch that can act as a lever after you enable the torch switch.

Pushable Statue: Can act as a trap disabler, or a switch once moved atop a floor switch. You can also set the statue to hidden, visable, etc. When hidden, it looks like those statues in tombs that are broken and can't be moved. You can also make the statues unmovable.

Treasure Chests: A chest that holds ...treasure! You can set them to require a certain type of keystone.

Spawnable Treasure: The object looks like a little carpet when in buy mode, but isn't visible in live mode. You can set how often the treasure occurs, what the treasure is, or how rare the treasure is. This helps to add some random variaton to your tombs.

Hidden Door: For some reason EA put it in the doors section in build mode, so it cannot be found in the tomb objects section. This door can either be hidden, or unhidden, can be set to open once unhidden, or require examination before opening. You can also set the athletic skill level required to open it, and it can act as a trigger once opened.

Stairs: Found in build mode again, stairs can be used to descend lower into tombs, and can also be hidden.

Link Triggers & Activated Behaviours: These two interactions used to set up switches and actions within two objects. To open these interactions, while in buy mode, hold down Ctrl+Shift then left click on the tomb object. While every tomb object has a different switch and behavior, each interaction is fairly Similar.

Step-by-Step Example:
Using A Torch Lever as a Switch To Reveal a Hidden Door

This will help those wanting to get started with tomb creation to understand how link triggers and activated behaviors can be used. Once you've got a basic understanding of these concepts, you can begin getting more creative with your tombs.

To start off easy we are going to use a torch lever and a hidden door. The torch lever being the trigger, and the door being the behavior (we want to pull the lever to show the hidden door). First, enabling the lever on the torch is a must, this allows a Sim to have the interaction "pull lever" upon clicking the torch, instead of just enable/disable auto lights. Remember ctrl+shift then left click.

The Sims 3 World Adventures tomb building step-by-step help

Next click on the door and press allow triggers and activated behaviors. This option is only on doors and stairs. Just like it says, it allows the object to use triggers and behaviors. Click it again, and there should be an option that says "activated behaviors". After clicking on that option, there will be several other options such as unhide, hide, open, close, lock, unlock, etc. We want to unhide the door, so click unhide, and then activate. The door will then unhide itself if hidden, so make sure to hide the door again afterward so it's hidden when you visit the tomb.

The Sims 3 World Adventures tomb building step-by-step help

Now we need to do the exact same thing with the torch, only the option we are clicking is "link triggers," then "pull lever."

The Sims 3 World Adventures tomb building step-by-step help
The Sims 3 World Adventures tomb building step-by-step help

Next, we need to go back to the door and an option labeled "link activated behaviors" will show. Click on that, then "unhide."

The Sims 3 World Adventures tomb building step-by-step help

Your two objects should be attached now, but to make sure it's working put your mouse over one of the objects and a colored line will be drawn from one to the other.

The Sims 3 World Adventures tomb building step-by-step help

It sounds like a complex process, but once you've played around with it for a couple of minutes or so, it becomes easy, although each object takes some time to get used to because of different interactions. Every object has the same two options: link triggers and activated behaviors. The only things that change are the triggers themselves. All that really needs to be known is how to connect two objects together, which is the confusing part. Once you understand the link triggers and activated behaviors tomb creation becomes a lot easier.

Tomb Creation Tips

  • When connecting two dive wells together as a portal when there are only two in the tomb, you only have to allow them both be portals. When there are more than two name each portal, and then make them uber portals. You will then have to type in the name of the desired portal. You can also connect portals this way when on different lots.
  • Each object can have several link triggers and activated behaviors so experiment with different objects (such as the divewell which can be a portal, hidden switch, and can hold treasure.)
  • Two objects can connect together when in completely different rooms.
  • After clicking link triggers on an object you will not get the option on another object to link triggers, this way you have complete control over which two objects connect. To start out, try placing two tomb objects at a time instead of creating the whole tomb. This will cause less confusion.
  • The only door that can be hidden is the Hidden Door. The others can only lock and unlock.
  • In order to use the torch as a switch, you must use the torch that is under the tomb objects/debug catalog in buy mode.
  • Keystones that are placed onto the lot can be turned into different shapes, and keystone panels can also do the same, instead of always using the default crescent shape.
  • Tombs can be created in a residential lot as well as a community lot.
  • The Tomb Room Maker allows you to change the tomb type which adds better effect.
  • You can set treasure chests to hold specific artifacts like keystones and rare gems.
The Sims 3 World Adventures
ChinaEgyptFranceMartial ArtsNectar Making
PhotographyMummiesPangu's AxeTomb Raiding TipsTomb Building

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Nenna says...
Hey, I tried to invite strangers into my basement tomb, and kill them with traps, but the traps seem unable to activate, any tips?
2nd March 2014 12:31pm
Silas Renner says...
Somebody help me!!! I Had activated both codes, and with Ctrl+Shift and Left Click it only show the Object option to delete. WHat i'm doing wrong? Note: I Have NRaas mods installed: MasterController and DebugEnabler
3rd December 2015 5:42pm
Silas Renner says...
I Want make a locked chest first for testing, but I can't
3rd December 2015 5:44pm
Couleur says...
I like to add the "Puddle/Burnt Tile Marker Object" in BuyDebug / Tomb Objects for that extra level of "authenticity" (and for fun). Place, then like all the other Tomb Objects, Ctrl + Shift + Click to either "Add Puddle" or "Add Burnt Tile."
27th November 2013 7:07am
defrinsulfide says...
Is there a page for an advanced tutorial on tomb making?
e.g.: how do I use the processor?
3rd August 2013 7:26am
Minakie says...
I'd like to have hidden stairs to my attic, appearing only when a trigger was pulled. Is it the same process?
19th August 2013 6:42am
mrDB1 says...
I have a question about the subject of insect spawners (tomb types)

because I made a complete egyptic tomb room with the complete set of stuff from the area and the only insects I get are the F***ing ladybugs normal moths and monarchs

is there a way to set the spawners to egypt mode only so I get the scarab, crypt moth and the cleopatra from those?
3rd June 2014 1:52pm
Leanah says...
Try using the "Filters" option on the right side of the box where the spawners are, then choose "World Adventures." That should help.
7th July 2014 4:46pm
mrDB1 says...
that's not what I mean Leanah
the scarab and crypt moth spawners
are the only ones in the room

filtering out the buy mode does not change what they do I'm afraid
8th July 2014 2:50am
Leanah says...
When I'm trying to create a tomb, the option "Link Triggers" Isn't coming up on the torch lever. I've tried to remake the tomb, but the same thing happens. Help?
7th July 2014 4:44pm
mrDB1 says...
did you enable the lever first?
8th July 2014 2:54am
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