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The Sims 3 Firefighter

Tips for Firefighting in the Ambitions Profession

By Diane Green and Carl Ratcliff

Firefighting is a profession that came with the Ambitions expansion for the Sims 3. In this guide, we'll learn about the Firefighter profession and how to rise in the ranks quickly.

Good Traits for Firefighters
First, the obvious: Handy and Athletic. These two are combined into a single job performance metric, and raising them faster can lead to earlier promotions. Next, the less obvious. Daredevil and Brave. Brave Sims have a natural inclination to extinguish fires, and under free will may spot and put out those that you have trouble finding. Daredevils also seem to put them out faster. The fifth recommended trait is either Friendly or Charismatic. You'll be spending a lot of time at the fire house and this will give you the opportunity to more easily fulfill the second of the three performance metrics, befriend coworkers. The last metric is aided by athletic and handiness as you must put out fires to advance.

The Sims 3 Firefighter - Water boy or girl

Getting Started in the Career
Join the Firefighter career by clicking on the fire house in map view. While you can also join from the newspaper or computer, this is the best and most direct route. At the beginning, your firefighter's hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday and the car pool will come to get your firefighter and take them to work. Hours change as your Sim progresses in the firefighting career. The first thing you need to do is read up on handiness and work out on the treadmill or weight machine to raise the athletic skill. You need to be able to upgrade the fire engine and fire alarm with handiness, and athletic comes in handy when you need to take an axe to rescue someone.

The Sims 3 Firefighter - Rescuing a Child

During work hours, your Sim can maintain the fire truck, socialize with other firefighters, play video games and basically can live at the fire house. In all, you'll need to be at the fire house during work hours to stay prepared to go on the job at a moment's notice. There are plenty of opportunities to raise your career performance at the fire house even when not on call, saving you money on exercise equipment.

Downtime at the Fire House

You will receive a weekly stipend every Sunday at noon. Each time you finish a call you will get a bonus that is the same amount of your weekly salary, when your salary goes up, your bonus will go up also. The Profession Simoleon Booster Lifetime Reward will increase your pay rate.

Firefighter Career Levels
Job TitleStipendHours*Rewards
Water Boy/Girl$2769AM to 5PMFirefighter Social
Soot Stripper$3409AM to 5PM
Fire Safety Instructor$4009AM to 5PM
Hose Handler$5209AM to 5PMFireman Axe Wall Decor
Fireman$64010AM to 6PMUpgrade Personal Extinguisher
Fire Sergeant$84010AM to 6PMFireman Uniform Wall Sculpture
Fire Captain$113211AM to 5PM
Backdraft Specialist$148011AM to 5PM
Assistant Fire Chief$184012PM to 5PMImmune to Fire
Fire Chief$248012PM to 5PMPersonal Fire Engine/Wall Alarm

* All work days are Monday through Friday.

Throughout your tenure as a Firefighter, you will put out small house fires, large house fires, and find angry gnomes.

A Gnome Invasion

There are also different emergencies that spawn different rewards. The Gnome Invasion will get you a Firefighter's Trophy of Valor. The Racetime Rift emergency event that is at the Science Facility will get you a Firefighter's Trophy of Heroism.

Racetime Rift at the Science Lab

When you are at the fire house and the alarm goes off, there is a buzz of activity of other firefighters on the phone, looking at maps and some look like they are in a state of panic. Your Sim will be the only one that goes on these calls and he has a lot of responsibility to put out these fires. This is one of the rabbit hole emergencies that you cannot follow your sim into.

Getting the Call A Dining Room Engulfed in Flame in The Sims 3

There is also one at the hospital, criminal warehouse, day spa and theater. There may be others that my firefighter did not encounter as of yet.

You will also get graded on the amount of time it takes to put out the fire. If the fire is further out of town and your fire truck is not maintained, it will be very slow to respond and could end up giving you a lower score. Upgrading the horsepower with the handiness skill will help improve response time. Here's a breakdown of scores:

A - 3 hours
B - 4 hours
C - 6 hours
D - 7 hours
F - Missing work before a job is complete.

A tip that is worth mentioning that has been proven by myself and a few others is do not attempt to get maxed handiness or athletic skill before you start this profession. You will reach level 10 very quickly. In fact almost in one weekend if you read the handy book and use exercise equipment. Space out your skill points and alternate with upkeep on your firestation equipment. As you hone in on your skills, the progression bar in the career tab will turn green as you progress.

Level 10 Fire Chief in the Sims 3's Firefighter Profession

After your firefighter has reached level 10, he can continue working from home with his new fire truck and alarm and go on calls from there. You need to have plenty of room for your new fire truck, as it takes the long parking place in buy mode.

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Law says...
why is there is no one working in the fire station in sunset valley>
12th June 2014 5:22pm
thomas mamonyane says...
I need to do Fire Safety Instructor so I wnt to know the price and acommodation .and if u have learnership you can tel me please get back to me please
13th May 2013 9:34am
Aquiem says...
I'm having a problem with maintaining the alarm at the firestation, each time i go to try my sim walks over to the front near it then complains it cannot be reached even though there is a clear area all around it.
14th January 2014 7:58pm
Aidan says...
Can u become a firefighter on the xbox 360 version of sims 3
5th July 2014 11:48pm
sickwithsin says...
A bonus for Sims with the daredevil trait: fire can't kill them.
12th July 2014 9:11pm
Cnre says...
I had a Large House Fire, but when i extinguished all the flames on the windows and ground, it wouldn't let me inside the house. (Note: My Sim did go off the lot to extinguish the flames) My Sim would ring the bell, and everyone inside the house was just freaking out.
Leave the lot and come back to see if that helps. Otherwise you may be experiencing a really horrific bug.
8th July 2013 3:10pm
tiffany says...
My handiness is currently at level 6 and it won't let me upgrade the fire engine. It says that the handiness skill is required. Anybody know why it isn't reading my handiness skill?
It may be telling you that you need more handiness skill.  The upgrades for the fire engine come at Level 4, Level 7 and Level 10.
13th June 2013 1:51am
Taylor says...
If you really wanna be level 10 in the career quickly, type testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat window and drag your profession bar to the right. I levelled to Fire Chief in about 2 real time minutes. Or shift click on buildings and select a certain disaster.
4th July 2014 11:32pm
Dayz says...
my sim won't get promoted or anything, i stupidly maxed the skills needed before he joined the profession. does it really matter that much?
1st December 2013 5:59am
Lulu says...
My firefighter has had no problem fighting fires until he came back from a free vacation. He went to a lot that had a fire, no problems there. But there is someone trapped and I can't get inside the house. Idk if I am glitching or if I am not in acting a right control -.-
Can you see inside the house? It may require you to step away from the lot and come back. Sometimes that fixes it.
7th July 2013 7:12pm
Jake says...
Has anyone ever made a witch to be a firefighter? I've been meaning to for ages but I keep getting caught up in my other saves. But I always figured with ice blast and a fast broom they'd make wonderful firefighters.
6th June 2014 12:07am
Kuro says...
You can, but extinguishing fires with ice blast does NOT actually count as extinguishing them!

However, if you start a fire with your fire spells, and then extinguish them regularly... that DOES count.
2nd July 2014 1:07am
Mollrat says...
Actually, Ice Blast definitely counts as extinguishing flames! It won't work on window flames, but anything on fire on the ground can be put out with an Ice Blast. I've had my witch as a firefighter and I always have him use his magic when available. Good way to put out a fire and level up your magic!
13th August 2017 5:45pm
SkywardAngelEyes says...
So just did my first emergency and it's at the business/journalism office in Moonlight Falls, the Air conditioning is broken and everything's icing over. you don't get anything from it, just wanted to let you know.
29th July 2017 11:38pm
Garth says...
When I retire from the fire fighter career do I lose the truck or no
10th December 2017 1:20am
Playalot says...
You should. Save your game before making any changes, that way you can quit without saving if you don't like the result.
10th December 2017 1:49pm
Liana says...
I can't find the firehouse.I've been looking in the newspaper and on the pc but this job or the hairstylist don't appear to me.Why does this happen?
3rd January 2014 10:45am
WaytoomanyUIDs says...
Which world are you playing on? On pre Ambitions world the Ambitions lots sometimes have to be placed in Edit Town Mode.

Although the first time you loaded your save after installing Ambitions it should have popped up a window saying there were new lots (Stylist, Fire Station & Consignment store) and asking if you wanted to it place them for you. Although it chooses pretty bad locations in Sunset Valley IMHO.
22nd January 2014 7:05am
Cnre says...
Might be overclear but did you click "Look for Profession"? Because looking for jobs gives the regular jobs. Also the best way to enter the profession jobs is directly via the buildings.
22nd January 2014 8:36am
Hannah says...
Hello, I have an issue with the firefighter career. I only recently got it and i've read all the lessons so many i'm just being a little stupid.

My Sim is Level 3 in the fire fighter career and her job experience bar is full, She hasn't got a promotion in a while, My athletic and handiness skills are all on 10/10.

I tried "testingcheatsenabled true" in the cheat bar, And i tried to set her career to rank 10 using the mailbox, But i noticed that there is no firefighter option to modify..

maybe my game is glitchy, But i just cant figure it out?..
26th August 2013 11:45am
Sim Fan 099 says...
Sorry, no idea. I got ambitions and installed it about a week ago, no problems yet.
My 'boy' got to lvl 10 in Appy Falls...Now he's shifted to Island Paradiso, has had his family with Mick (his hubby boy) and I'm gonna move the family to a more convenient spot so he can work, Mick can do his scuba diving stuff and the kids don't have to use 3hrs travelling to and from school daily.
6th January 2021 10:39am
Smexysimming says...
Where do I find the fire extinguisher in the sims 3 PC?
18th July 2014 12:46am
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