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Outdoor Living Stuff Pack Guide

A Review with Lists of Game Objects and Clothing

by Norma Blackburn (Twinmum)

This is a great stuff pack if you (and your Sims) enjoy the outdoors. Whether it's a quick family bbq or a full blown summer pool party, Outdoor Living Stuff has all you need to create a perfect outdoor space. From everything you need to build the ultimate patio kitchen to a variety of hot tubs to relax in after the meal, plus decorative items and lights to set the mood.

There are a few items of clothing included plus a couple of hairstyles, but the majority of this pack is Buy Mode items. Also included is a new fence and gate to enclose your new entertainment area.

Create the perfect outdoor entertainment area


1. Continental Vision Counter Island: (Environment 2) $795
2. Petite Breeze: (Environment 2) $795
3. Continental Vision Counter: (Hunger 6) $750
4. The Hydrogenator: (Hygiene 4) $315
5. Landgraab Industries MaxBTU Cooktop: (Hunger 9, +Cooking) $1,450
6. The Original Griller Entertainment Series Barbeque: (Hunger 5, + Cooking) $1,300


7. The Poet's Respite: (Environment 1, +10 Comfy) $335
8. Class-E Dining Table: (Environment 5) $1,285
9. Throne d'Elegance: (+20 Comfy) $553
10. Outdoorsy Life Bar: (Environment 5, Fun 6) $1,500


11. The Outdoor Napper: (Environment 3, +20 Comfy) $820
12. Organica Life Chair: (Environment 2, +20 Comfy) $600
13. The Llama Stand End Table: (Environment 2) $315
14. Astenbury Retreat Loveseat: (Environment 1, +10 Comfy) $400


15. Rock 'n' Rock Stereo: (Fun 3, + Athletic, + Group Activity, + Portable) $175
16. The Imperial Viewing Screen: (+ Cooking, + Athletic, + Gardening, + Fishing) $4,700

Entertainment / Hobbies & Skills

17. Morrigan's Star Gazer: (Fun 2, Environment 3, +Logic) $820
18. Ricardo Richard's Easel: (Fun, + Painting) $375

Entertainment / Miscellaneous

19. Blaze by Bleys: (Fun 4, Hunger 3, + Group Activity, + Portable) $375
20. Patio Pyre: (Fun 4, Hunger 3, + Group Activity, + Portable) $375


21. Quaintessential Spark: $150
22. The Rustique Table Lantern: $110
23. The Rustique Waall Lantern: $110
24. Caged Candle: $110
25. Monolithic Lumens: (Environment 3) $510


26. Kinematic Parasol: $380
27. Deluxe Cozy Terrarium: (Environment 3) $195
28. Hanging Plant of Simolón: (Environment 2) $50
29. Splendiferous Brand Serving Dish: (Environment 1) $75
30. Whimiscal Water Falls: (Environment 8) $3,500

31. Cozy Tabletop Terrarium: (Environment 5) $225
32. The Entree Appetizer Dish: (Environment 1) $70
33. Agave Yougave: (Environment 2) $65
34. The Lemonade Baron: (Environment 1) $25
35. Persnickety Puddlework: (Fun 2, Environment 1) $35
36. Instruments of BBQ: $65
37. Fitz-Yinter Serving Cart: (Environment 1) $425

Hot Tubs

38. The Aqueous Garden Hot Tub: (Fun 5, Environment 4, Stress Relief 4, +30 Bubbles) $12,000
39. The Water Course Hot Tub: (Fun 5, Environment 4, Stress Relief 4, +30 Bubbles) $12,000
40. The Modern Rustic Hot Tub: (Fun 4, Environment 3, Stress Relief 3, +15 Bubbles) $6,500
41. The Resplendence Hot Tub: (Fun 4, Environment 3, Stress Relief 3, +15 Bubbles) $6,500
42. The Empress Hot Tub: (Fun 4, Environment 4, Stress Relief 4, +30 Bubbles) $9,500

Build Objects/ Fireplaces

43. The Veranda Furnace: (Fun 6, Environment 6) $3,800
44. Courtyard Coals: (Fun 6, Environment 3) $900

Build Objects/ Fences & Gates

45. Gate of Farmington: $200
46. Fence of Farmington: $25 per piece

Female Clothing, Tops and Bottoms

Female Clothing, Outfits

Female Clothing, Shoes

Male Clothing, Tops and Bottoms

Male Clothing, Shoes


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Amy says...
i think it is a complete waste of money it comes with hardly anything
7th November 2013 3:07am
Simmylala says...
Yeah, I'm not a Stuff Pack person, I'm more of an Expansion Pack person, since it's basically upgrading what you've already got with the EPs to make it look better. Sometimes I just get stuff for the clothes and hair, that's all that matters to me :)
15th July 2014 11:25pm
Tiffany says...
I just bought this stuff pack on sale for $5.00 from Origin, for their Black Friday sale! :)
29th November 2013 1:28am
Avery says...
I love the clothes for it! Thx a lot!
12th September 2013 10:03pm
Josi says...
I love the clothes two and hair now my sims can have style!!!
20th September 2013 2:15pm
Makayla says...
I just wish there was kid's clothes
27th July 2014 8:01pm
sara chehade says...
the sims 3 on my laptop is not opening, please help guys!!!
7th February 2014 5:25am
Simmylala says...
Has it done this before? Try shutting down the laptop and then re-booting it again. If this doesn't work, then re-install the Sims. If this doesn't work then the Sims must've downloaded wrong, because it has never happened to me before. Hopefully this helps :)
15th July 2014 11:27pm
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