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The Sims 3 Guitar Skill Guide

Learning Guitar, Challenges, Traits & Lifetime Wishes

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This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Guitar in the Sims 3
The Guitar skill in the Sims 3 can serve many roles. It can help make money by playing for tips. Your Sim can get a bit of fun out of playing, and others have fun listening. The skill doubles as a powerful social tool because Sims who listen to your guitar will gradually become friends. We all love those who bring joy to our lives, and for many music is a source of happiness so it flat makes sense that it works this way.

Setting up the Guitarist

Good Traits for Guitarists:

Party Animal: The Party Animal trait fits the rock star lifestyle, and helps the Sim to throw better parties. You can throw truly awesome parties and gain multiple friends by being good at guitar and inviting a large number of guests. Serve up some grub for the guests, then take your spot playing for the partygoers. Everyone should have a good time!

Artistic: It provides a natural boost to the rate you learn guitar, but doesn't do much more than that.

Virtuoso: Not only do you learn the guitar skill faster with this trait, you also get more in tip while playing.

Loves the Outdoors: This is the only one here that's not so obvious. Your Sim will likely go to a public place like the park to play guitar for tips, and will get a boost to mood for being outdoors.

Guitar-related lifetime wishes
Rock Star: This wish has the Sim desiring to be at the top of the rock musical career track.
Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers: A Sim with this lifetime wish seeks to gain level 10 in both The Sims 3's charisma and guitar skills, a quite easy feat to achieve.
Master of the Arts: Like above, but with Painting and Guitar
Hit Movie Composer: This Sim really wants to ascend to the top of the symphonic musical career track. Logic will also come into play here.

Learning Guitar

How to Get Started
To get started with guitar, all you need to do is buy one. They're found in the hobbies and skills category of the buy mode's study tab. You can take a class to learn the first level of guitar, which can speed up the process. Classes in guitar are taken at the theater in town. Afterward, you'll be able to practice and your guitarist will be able to learn new songs. Later, when they complete challenges they will learn master tracks that can really impress crowds. Shop at the bookstore to find sheet music that will allow your Sim to learn some new songs. There are several available to buy.

Toddlers and Guitar in The Sims 3
Toddlers can pursue the guitar skill up to level 3 by using the Xylophone toy.

Making Friends with Guitar
The Guitar skill in the Sims 3 is an amazing way to make friends. I think it may be the best I've found thus far. The relationship bar of Sims caught up in the music will gradually rise. You can befriend the entire populace if you spend enough time out in public playing. This works just fine when you're playing for tips as well, so you don't have to worry about turning it off -- you'll still make plenty of friends!

Mastering the Art of Sims 3 Guitar
Mastering Guitar is a cinch, it will eventually reach level 10. Additionally, you'll be happy to know that every book you need to master every song can be bought in the store. The others come with skill levels. Pursue opportunities that appear from time to time to make some nice cash in a short amount of time. The Guitar-playing Sim can make an awful lot of money, but it will take some regular work to get it.

Master Tracks
If your Sim is a Virtuoso, at level 10 they can learn one of three master tracks. The other two are learned by completing challenges.

Playing for Tips

How to Play for Tips:
Upon reaching level 5 in the guitar skill, Sims can begin playing for tips. Do this by putting the Sim's guitar in his or her inventory, then going to a public space such as the park. Look for a good spot where Sims pass by and go to the inventory screen. Select the guitar and choose 'play for tips'. Your Sim will start playing. He won't hook everyone's attention who passes by, but people who get enthralled by music will leave a tip.

The Sims who listen to your music don't usually leave only one tip either, you're like a regular Pied Piper as the Sims surrounding you are mesmerized and regularly drop money in the guitar case. I was impressed with how much money I could get with my master guitarist. It's easy and very common to make 1000 Simoleons a day. This is some serious money and enough to support an entire family.

The best part about playing for tips is that you get to choose your own schedule, but must generally play during the day time when plenty of people are around.

Tips are based on the number of performances your Sim has initiated. This means you can get massive tips by cancelling a performance over and over to raise your total. Unless this is fixed in a future patch it makes guitar the single highest mone-maker in the Sims 3.

If you own the Sims 3 Late Night expansion, you can take your guitar to Bridgeport's Subway (click it) to play for tips. Your Sim will go inside much like a rabbit hole, and the money will start coming in. This is the craziest place to play and seems broken in the amount of money a Sim can make.

Guitar Challenges

Guitar Star
The Guitar Star challenge is bugged. You can't throw parties and complete it. It's actually related to guitar skill opportunities. So, if you want to complete guitar star with any reliability you should make sure the Sim only uses the guitar skill, so other skills' opportunities don't come up. The reward for completing this challenge is an increase in Simoleons from playing for tips and doing performances! To read a bit more about guitar star, see the Sims 3 Guitar Star: Maximizing Profits from Tips page.

Master Guitarist
Master Guitarist is completed by learning every song other than the master tracks. So, get to level 10 in guitar and buy all the sheet music available at the book store and this one's in the bag. For doing it, your Sim will learn one of the three master tracks.

Money Maker
A not so difficult guitar skill challenge, money maker simply requires you to earn $25,000 through playing for tips and doing skill opportunities. Stay on top of those opportunities anyway, as they'll help you to complete Guitar Star. Be sure to read about Making More Money with Guitar.

Sims 3 Music-Related Guides: Guitar  |  Bass, Drums & Piano  |  Bands  |  Guitar Star  |  One Sim Band
The Sims 3 Skills
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SpiceRak2 says...
I am having difficulty getting my Sim to complete the Hit Movie Composer Lifetime Wish. She is currently at Level 10, Symphonic Branch, Hit Movie Composer Career with Maxed Mood, Guitar and Relationships with the Orchestra. She has also mastered Logic. What am I missing?
14th May 2013 1:49am
JEzzie says...
I think you have to master art as well. Just do your best to master most of the skills. Don't worry about cooking and fishing, though. Plus, if you work hard enough you can get mid-life crisis and get better traits (unless you use the cheat testingcheatsenabled true...)
23rd December 2013 9:43am
Katie says...
The problem I have with any of the instruments is that once I installed anything after pets, after I got five opportunities to reach the "star" level, no more opportunities would come. Is there a patch for this anywhere?
8th June 2014 8:17pm
Playalot says...
This may be one of the hardest challenge to complete as the description is very misleading. Sims can not become a Guitar Star just by having 10 house parties with friends and playing the guitar there. Instead the sim must succeed at 10 guitar skill opportunities. Music career opportunities do not count. The hardest part is getting the opportunity cards and only opportunities that reward money counts. Sometimes the only reliable way is to force cheat the opportunities to occur.
13th February 2018 7:08pm
Sorreah says...
I know this is probably old and everyone knows this, but I found this out the hard way. If you are a guitarist and become a celebrity, the tips basically stop coming in so much... You get way more tips as a non celebrity with a high performance rating.
26th October 2015 7:41pm
Peniokio says...
I just wanna know if I choose virtuoso and become level 10 at guitar does my sim also become very good at other musical instruments?..
20th April 2014 3:05pm
mink says...
No, even bass is a separate skill
16th May 2014 5:46pm
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