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The Sims 3: Information & Miscellaneous Game Articles

Some of our info for the Sims 3 cannot be classified into any single guide section easily. This is a list of the miscellaneous pieces we've written for the game, with descriptions of what you'll find in that article. Additionally, you may like to check the Site Map for a listing of every article we've written for The Sims 3. Being a huge game, The Sims 3 offers many gameplay options. This is a vast amount of info about those mechanics, and is still growing although the game is years old.

Some of the guides here give an in-depth look at one part of a game feature. There is a piece meant only to inform you about maximizing guitar profit. Where there is a guitar guide, this specialized piece will help you to learn deeper strategies. Thus, while there is some repetition of certain info, these articles provide a look at that element from a different, more focused, perspective. Others may provide a fast summary on a topic that has a massive page here on the guide. These will be quickies for people who just want a quick rundown about how something works.

If you ever have trouble finding something, turn to our search function at the top of the page. It is google-powered and will search not only the guide, but our huge Sims 3 forum as well. This is a helpful way to get a look at all of the info from the many helpful posts on the forum.

Acronyms and Glossary of Terms
This is a list of all the terms and generally accepted acronyms you will see on the guide and forum. It's handy if you wonder what 'Vanilla' or 'nooboo' means. A handy info resource.

Aging and Life Span
A guide to Sims aging in The Sims 3. Gives info on how you can modify the life cycle and make your Sims younger or older.

Chess Grand Master
A small article that will help players of Logical Sims to become Chess Grand Master as quickly as possible.

A full guide to the free Create a Pattern tool for the Sims 3 offered by Electronic Arts. Bring your ideas to life with this informative article. Note that you must first install the tool. A link is provided.

Guide to the Sims 3's Create-a-Sim interface. Learn how to tweak just about every detail on the Sims you create.

Learn all about making custom patterns and colors for your Sim's clothing and household objects.

Create a World
Learn about this free tool released by Electronic Arts which allows Simmers to create their own worlds in which to play the Sims 3.

This article extensively covers the causes of death for Sims in The Sims 3 and its expansion packs. You may also find the info about preventing these deaths helpful.

Essential Moodlets
This list covers the most common moodlets that you should try to get your Sims to experience every day. This will keep them happy and help them to obtain valuable Lifetime Rewards.

Information about ghosts in the Sims 3 and the things you can do with them. Includes information on resurrection, ghost babies, tombs, urns and more.

Home Design Ideas Part 1: Beginner
Tom Thigpen wrote this great article detailing how to build a good home for your Sim. Great tips to making the most of starting cash and decorating a lot are included.

Home Design Ideas Part 2: Intermediate
Master builder Tom Thigpen gives even more tips. Here he'll give you a ton of tips for what to do with all that money once your Sim has reached the pinnacle of their career. Home designs here tend to be in the 70,000 range but you'll find tips to making some of the best unnecessary rooms that rich Sims can enjoy.

Home Design: Garages
Learn to build two types of garage, that will help you understand how others can be designed.

Households: Moving Sims In/Out and Changing Families
This guide focuses on the various options you have for moving Sims in and out of homes in the game. It also shows how to switch to another household so that you can control multiple families in the neighborhood.

How to Throw a Great Party
Tom Schlueter wrote this great article that offers tips to help your Sim throw a great party. This helps for birthdays, campaign fundraisers and casual get-togethers.

How to Move your Sims into a New House
This small article functions as a step-by-step guide to moving into a different house in the Sims 3.

How to get the Omni Plant, Steak, Burgers, Eggs and Cheese
Learn how to get the opportunity chain that unlocks these secret plants. Your Sim will benefit from the Omni Plant, which can be used to grow many types of objects and replicate them for profit.

Mastering Guitar and Maximizing Profit
Learn how to complete the guitar star challenge here. Additionally, the article provides a trick to raise the number of performances your Sim has completed to ensure they get amazing tips from the Guitar Skill.

Making Money with Gardening
A summary of the process new players must take in order to make money with the Gardening skill.

Making Money with Painting
A quick guide to making fast Simoleons with the Painting skill from the base game. Provides a few tips to completing the painting challenges faster and making higher quality paintings.

Motives - A Guide to Needs
Teaches new players about the six needs of all Sims: Hunger, Bladder, Hygiene, Fun, Energy, and Social.

Moving Households from One Town to Another
This article was originally written to help players in one of our Sims 3 Challenges, but offers info for anyone who would like to move from Sunset Valley to Riverview or vice versa.

Newbie Guide - How to Play
I wrote this article for newbie Simmers. It offers info on some of the basic game concepts and provides tips to keeping Sims happy and leading productive lives.

Newbie Guide - All about Sims
This article details all the properties of Sims and gives plenty of tips for helping them to live a full and happy life.

Occult Life States (Non-Human Sims)
Learn all about the various types of Sims in The Sims 3 and its Expansion Packs - from Mummies to Aliens.

Sliders: Breast Size, Chest Hair, Skin Tone
A look at the range of possiblities for Sim customization. Create-a-Sim has expanded along with the rest of Sims 3, providing more opportunity for diverse looking Sims.

Sims 3 Faq
Frequently asked questions about Sims 3 gameplay, system requirements, and other miscellanea.

The Sims 3 Review
Carl's review of The Sims 3. Read about the strengths of this new incarnation of the franchise and buy it for yourself or a friend.

Sims 3 Tips
General gameplay tips for the Sims 3 newbie.

The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay Review
A review of the pirate-themed town purchasable through the Sims 3 Store with information on what's included with purchase.

The Sims 3 Mobile Review
Leto85 of our Sims 3 forum gives his review of the Sims 3 mobile, with little tips and tricks to help players.

The Sims 3 Manual
Want a handy electronic copy of the official Sims 3 manual? Grab one here!

World Adventures-Specific Articles

World Adventures Guide
A guide offering information on what's new in the World Adventures expansion pack. Read this article for a summary of the biggest new features.

Learn all about the Mummies present in the World Adventures travel destination. Includes curing the mummy's curse, where you might run into them and how you can get your own mummy!

Where to Find Pangu's Axe
World Adventures owners will appreciate this piece on finding Pangu's Axe and its importance in traveling other countries. You'll see why I recommend Sims start their adventurer careers in China.

Tomb Raiding Tips
Little tips and tricks to getting the most out of tomb exploration. Feel free to submit more in the corrections board of our Sims 3 Forum.

Tomb Building Tips
Box3d from our Sims 3 forum wrote this article to help newbie tomb builders get their feet wet. Learn about placing traps, triggers and other basic concepts to help you get started making your own tombs to share with the Sims 3 community.

House of Skulls
A reader-submitted piece about collecting skull cut gems. This is a nice summary of getting gems, cutting them, and getting the result you want.

Ambitions-Specific Articles

Ambitions Guide
An article detailing the new features offered with the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion. You'll likely find our summary of features helpful for making a decision whether to buy the game or not. Doubles as a gateway to all things Ambitions found on the Guide.

Bake Sales
Children in the Sims 3 can now hold bake sales to sell cupcakes. Learn how to set up your child's stand so they can help the family to earn extra money.

This article provides information on the new Consignment Store brought with the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack. The shop is the best place to sell your Sim's paintings, sculptures, and other valuables.

An article that offers tons of helpful info on this friendly robot that can join your Sim's family. Learn how to make one through inventing, or buy one with the My Best Friend Lifetime Reward.

Late Night-Specific Articles

Bands in Late Night, A How-To
This article gives an overview of how to form a band and make money playing gigs in the Late Night expansion.

Celebrities - How to Make a Star
This guide to the Sims 3 Late Night's Celebrity Star system will help you to rise the social ladder to gain entry to the hottest night spots, and earn special Celebrity perks.

Unsupported but Relevant Challenge Articles

When we first started doing challenges around here, we thought it a clever idea to write how we completed them. This practice has now been abolished due to the Sims 3 Challenge Tournament we have now. These articles may still prove useful to players who would like to pursue some of the challenges we created in the past, which are now found in the graveyard section of the forum.

Baby Boomer

Centurian's Couples

Centurian's Solo

Maximum Moodlets

Renaissance Smackdown

You're Hired! The Trump Challenge


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