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The Sims 3 University Life: Social Networking

Blogging, Texting and the Relationship Transmogrifier

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The Sims 3 University Life Social Networking Skill

Social Networking is a skill built around the smartphones that come with The Sims 3 University Life. It's a very mobile skill that just about any Sim can do, though it is not a big moneymaker. It is intended to be more of a supporting skill that a Sim could live off, but that doesn't make it a great idea. The skill gives some unique abilities to your Sim should you max it, letting you meet Sims with certain traits, get a boost with relations to UL's three Social Groups, and manipulate other Sims' relationships with each other and your household's Sims.

Learning the Skill
Classes and skill books are available for Social Networking, and both are helpful here as the skill doesn't have a single means for you to practice it for hours without queuing loads of actions. Ultimately, the skill is carried out on the smart phone in your Sim's inventory (or click the Sim to access the smart phone menu).

Texting and Other Phone Functions
Texting is one way to get started, as each text you send will give your Sim a bit of experience. You can keep relations from decaying a bit with this, but it's mainly a way to level the skill and not going to build great relationships. Your Sim can get addicted to the smartphone when using it a lot, and will receive a 6h +40 phone junkie moodlet when they do. Withdrawals will occur when that moodlet goes away, so be sure to check the phone, stream a video and do some web browsing to satisfy that need. As you level, you can change the skin on your Sim's smartphone by going to the phone > phone settings.

Sim Finder App
At level 4 Social Networking, your Sim unlocks the Sim Finder App. Use this from the phone to look for Sims with certain favorites and traits. When you've found a Sim, they'll automatically be invited to your house so you can meet.

At level 1, you get the ability to start a personal blog. This is the means of making money with the Social Networking skill. At level 3, you can make a review blog, and level 5 news blogs. Each type allows you to make posts or take pictures to attempt to accumulate followers. As you increase your blog's star level, based on followers, you will unlock a few different perks. These give you faster influence gains with social groups, bigger tips from followers, and even give you higher starting job positions with a 4-5 star blog. You can switch your blog type, but you'll lose 30% of your followers when you do.

Blog Star Ranking:
Here are the number of followers you need to achieve each (star level) on your blog: 20 (0.5), 50 (1), 150 (1.5), 300 (2), 500 (2.5), 750 (3), 1000 (3.5), 1250 (4), 1500 (4.5), 2000 (5).

Selling Blogs and Donations
When your blog has 4 stars and higher, you can start getting decent offers to sell your blog. A 5-star blog can go for up to $7,000 simoleons - but it takes a long time to build up that high, so likely isn't worth selling. It's better to get high rank and ask followers for donations, as you could get up to 800 simoleons from a big donation. Asking for donations makes for a greater likelihood you get a donation the next day. You can do this once per day.

Losing Followers: Blogged Out
As you blog, you'll eventually get a blogged out moodlet. When you see this, stop blogging and wait for it to go away (or cheat it away with testingcheats). Any posts you make while blogged out will likely result in a loss of followers, while blogging in a good mood with fresh content ideas will let a Sim generally gain them.

Gaining Followers
Follower gains are based on random numbers, your Social Networking skill level, writing skill level, and traits. The following traits make you better at each type of blogging: Positives add +3 minimum followers each, negatives -3.

Personal Blog: Positive: Irresistible, Charismatic, Flirty, Friendly, PartyAnimal, HopelessRomantic, ComputerWhiz. Negatives: Loner and Mean Spirited.

Review Blog: Positive: Artistic, EasilyImpressed, AvantGarde, Perfectionist, Schmoozer, Frugal, ComputerWhiz. Negatives: Slob and Couch Potato.

News Blog: Positive: Bookworm, Brave, Daredevil, Genius, Lucky, Ambitious, ComputerWhiz. Couch Potato is the only negative.

Relationship Transmogrifier
At level 7 Social Networking, your Sim unlocks the Relationship Transmogrifier. This will allow you to set the relationship between any two Sims you know. At first, you can only set friends, acquaintances and disliked, but at level 8 can make Sims into a romantic interest, or even take away their relationship and make them strangers. Level 9 allows you to make Sims enemies or good friends, while tenth level allows Sims to be forced best friends or Partners (boyfriend/girlfriend). This allows for some very interesting social manipulation - other Sims will fear when your Sim whips out the smartphone at a party and starts making everyone hate each other.


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