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70s, 80s, and 90s Stuff Pack Guide

A Review with Lists of Game Objects and Clothing

by Norma Blackburn (Twinmum)

Everything old is new again. Take a trip back in time with the 70's, 80's and 90's Stuff Pack. With this pack, your Sims can relive those days gone by with new furnishings, clothing and hairstyles.

With a selection of retro electronics including an arcade style game unit plus a foosball table, your Sims can relax like they did years ago.

Show off your moves on the new dance floor underneath your very own disco ball! Dress the part and everyday can be yesteryear.


1. ChocoSofa (sectional seat): (+20 Comfy): $225
2. Low Wider Lounger: (Environment 2, +30 Comfy): $775
3. Flowover Loveseat: (Environment 2, +20 Comfy): $855
4. Designer Distress Easy Chair: (Environment 2, +25 Comfy): $580
5. Bateman Swivel Chair: (Environment 2, +30 Comfy): $910

Dining Room

6. High Art Dining Table: (Environment 3): $560
7: Wild Wedge Dining Chair: (Environment 1, +15 Comfy): $340


8. ChocoSpacer: $149 9. Zzzzap CoffeeTable: (Environment 1): $255
10. Create-a-Table: (Environment 1): $295


11. Stereophonic Super Cabinet: (Fun 3, + Athletic, + Group Activity): $495
12. Have-It-All Entertainment Center: (Fun 3, + Athletic, + Group Activity): $950
13. Blips Vs. Pixel: (Fun 7) $1,450
14. Boomin' Box: (Fun 3, + Athletic, + Group Activity): $1,550
15. Zeemuth Television Set: (Fun 3, + Athletic, + Group Activity): $230


16. Lightsplosion: (Environment 4): $625
17. The Dance Floor: (Environment 2): $110
18. Starlight Party Ball: (Environment 2): $165
19. The Dance Wall:(Environment 2): $105


20. Vintage Poster: (Environment 2): $70
21. Hip Bunny Painting: (Environment 2): $95
22. JuxtaPlant: (Environment 3): $175
23. Suspended Plantorb: (Environment 2): $135
24. Rad Glamour: (Environment 7): $925


25. Trips Lamp: $130
26. So Very 80's: $145

Misc. Entertainment

27. Neonis Foosball Table: (Fun 9, + Group Activity): $6,225
28. El Grunge: (Fun 3, + Guitar Skill, + Portable): $885


29. IndustroShelf: (Environment 3,Fun 3, + Cooking, + Handiness, + Logic): $535

Build Objects

30. HoverFlame Floating Fireplace: (Environment 3,Fun 6, + Cooking): $940
31. Party Arch: $125

Female Clothing, Tops and Bottoms

Female Clothing, Outfits

Male Clothing, Tops and Bottoms

Male Clothing, Outfits



Hairstyles with Accessories

Facial Hair

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Bill says...
So with the new hair and facial hair you can make your male SIM into Ron Jeremy? Lmao
25th January 2014 4:00am
Mike says...
Boomboxes and Ripped Clothes....somehow those are becoming cool again yet VHS is still dead
3rd August 2014 9:16pm
Ariel says...
LOVE the David Bowie-inspired lightning bolt. I'm tempted to get this just for that.
18th October 2013 5:45pm
sherry says...
This is the best of all the stuff packs!
14th June 2013 5:53am
David says...
My favorite item in this set is the huge boom-box. Man, does that bring back some hilarious memories.
28th September 2013 2:53pm
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