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The Sims 3: Occult Type List

Non-Human Life States in The Sims 3 and Expansion Packs

The Sims franchise is known to give Sims alternate life states, taking a normal Sim and giving them different motives, actions, and abilities. This Guide to Life States will list all those forms brought by Expansion Packs, with links to in-depth guides telling you how to get them and detailing the Occult's special powers. If you would like to have more options in this area, The Sims 3 Supernatural EP is right for you. It adds five new life states to the game, along with the town of Moonlight Falls, a proper setting for Occult life to live together. This Expansion also brings Alchemy, which can let Sims make potions to turn themselves and others into most of these Occult states.

Note that most of these will allow you to make a baby of that type - genie baby, ghost baby, etc. Only Sims that cannot reproduce with others such as Zombies, Mummies and the mechanical Simbot cannot make babies.

Here's the list of Occult Sims (and anything similar), in the order they were released!

The Sims 3 Ghost: a Sim's Death StateGhost (Base Game)
Hardly a Life State given the Sim is dead, but Ghosts deserve a listing here because they are playable. The Ghost of a Sim will vary in color based on how the victim died. Sims can be brought back to life in a variety of ways, including Ambrosia and the Science Facility. Ghost can be pulled into the active household if you have the Philosopher's Stone from Supernatural. It's also possible for a Ghost to father a child and produce Ghost Babies.

The Sims 3 World Adventures EP: Mummy Life StateMummy (Requires World Adventures Expansion)
Mummies are largely enemies you'll encounter while exploring tombs in World Adventures. They can be battled with the Martial Arts skill, which will let you avoid being cursed. The Mummy's curse can kill a Sim. It's possible for you to control your own mummy by assembling a Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings from Canopic Jars. Mummies have no energy or bladder need, so they can work all night without using a toilet. Be careful, fire is extra-deadly to Mummies.

The Sims 3 Ambitions EP: Simbot Life StateSimbot (Requires Ambitions Expansion)
This is a special type of Sim that you can add to your household. It's possible to both assemble them using the Inventing skill or by purchasing the My Best Friend LTR. Simbots can be shorted out in water and this will allow you to reprogram their Traits. They eat scrap and count that as a great meal. Simbot makes a wonderful utility Sim to aid your household with everyday chores.

The Sims 3 Late Night or Supernatural EP: Vampire Life StateVampire (Requires Late Night Expansion or Supernatural Expansion)
Vampires originally come with The Sims 3 Late Night, but players can also get them (along with some improvements to the life state) with Supernatural. Vampires live very long lives and need Plasma instead of fruit. They can feed on Sims or eat the new Plasma fruit to take care of this. Vamps can run extra fast and learn skills faster at night time. You can use your vampire to read minds and learn all of a Sim's traits as well. Becoming a Vampire involves making friends and asking the friendly vampire to turn your Sim.

The Sims 3 Generations EP: Imaginary Friend Life StateImaginary Friend (Requires Generations Expansion)
The process of getting an imaginary friend begins in Childhood. A Sim with the doll (received in the mail) can interact with it and gradually make it grow up along with the child Sim. Imaginary Friends who are nurtured toward adulthood can be made real, adding them as a household member. Imaginary Friends-turned Human will be just like normal Sims, although they can revert to doll form at will.

The Sims 3 Pets EP: Unicorn Pet Life StateUnicorn (Requires Pets Expansion)
This is the first Occult Pet. Sims nor horses can transform into this type of creature, they must instead be met and befriended in the wild. At night, Unicorns tend to spawn near water. You can see where they are by the Aurora that hovers over them. Befriending a Unicorn requires a Sim to make friendship with a Dog, Cat, and another Sim. Once you've got one, you'll find they are the fastest Horses in the land and can bless plants to cause them to grow.

The Sims 3 Showtime EP: Genie Life StateGenie (Requires Showtime Expansion)
Genies come from Dusty Old Lamps, which can be found while exploring the catacombs in the town's graveyard. They'll also sometimes come up when you use the PlaslmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor upgraded to Dimensional Gate (another rabbit hole adventure). The Genie Lamp can also be bought as a Lifetime Reward for 30,000 lifetime happiness. Genies grant wishes, three of them. If you use the third to free the genie, you'll add this magical creature to your household where they can use spells to clean the house or summon perfect meals for your Sims to eat. They also come with the ability to mind control (ensorcel) Sims.

The Sims 3 Supernatural EP: Fairy Life StateFairies (Requires Supernatural Expansion)
Fairies are tricksters, kind of like an adult who never quite gave up the thrill of pranking as a teen. Their magic allows them to make plants bloom, or even revive them. All Fairies have the Green Thumb Trait (hidden) so are excellent gardeners. They can run auras to benefit themselves and other nearby Sims, and shrink down to enter a fairy house or take a train ride to regenerate their magical powers. Making your Sim a Fairy involves many trips to the Arboretum to meet them, or usage of the Elixir from Alchemy to transform them.

The Sims 3 Supernatural EP: Werewolf Life StateWerewolf (Requires Supernatural Expansion)
Normal Sims can be turned to Werewolves with a Cursed Bite, much like Vampires. The Full Moon will cause them to go from Sim to Werewolf form, although that is the only time they do this involuntarily - they can transform to and from Werewolf form at any other time. They have excellent senses and speed, thus excel at hunting down collectibles in the game world. They can even team up and hunt in packs to speed up the process.

The Sims 3 Supernatural EP: Witch Life StateWitch (Requires Supernatural Expansion)
Witches can gradually fill up their spell lists by casting charms and curses on other Sims to raise their hidden spellcasting skill. Witches need wands to be effective, unless they take the Magic Hands LTR. Better wands lead to greater success rates with spells and lower magic power costs. A Witch can regenerate magic power by flying around the broom arena.

The Sims 3 Supernatural EP: Zombie Life StateZombie (Requires Supernatural Expansion)
Zombies are less of a life state and more of a negative moodlet unless you use an Elixir to make a Sim a Zombie permanently. Their strange attack socials regenerate their Needs, though they are very slow-walking creatures. Zombies appear en-masse during a Full Moon and can be kept out of your garden using Fences, and it's highly recommended as their late-night snacking on your produce is a highly annoying event.

The Sims 3 Seasons EP: Alien Life StateAlien (Requires Seasons Expansion)
Aliens come with telepathic powers that allow them to transmute metals and gems into higher quality versions, increasing their value or bumping them up to the next most expensive item of its kind. Getting an Alien to visit involves using the telescope and collecting Space Rocks, which they love to eat to restore their Brain Power motive. Aliens can also abduct Sims, and males (not females) can get pregnant from going through their mysterious experiments. This results in an Alien baby, which will eventually have the powers of a regular Alien. They can also be invited into your household if your Sim has managed to befriend one.

The Sims 3 University Life EP: PlantSim Life StatePlantSim (Requires University Life)
PlantSims are created by transforming a Sim by eating Forbidden Fruit, or growing a Forbidden Fruit Plant to harvest a PlantSim Baby. These new Sims do not need to eat or use the toilet, and get to photosynthesize to recover their energy and water needs. They can talk to plants and leave a flower trail when walking.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise EP: Mermaid Life StateMermaid (Requires Island Paradise)
Mermaids can be found around the world with Story Progression, but mostly in the Diving Spots of Isla Paradiso. Mermaids are the ultimate Scuba Divers, starting at level 10 in the Skill, requiring no air, and swimming much faster than a normal Sim. Their scales and fin change to legs when they leave the water, much as you'd expect, but they must maintain their Hydration Motive, as opposed to the usual Hygiene. Mermaids need to get wet once in a while to stay healthy, and if they never Swim, they'll eventually return to normal and lose their Mermaid powers.

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack: PlumbotsPlumbots (Requires Into the Future Expansion)
Plumbots are not necessarily a Life State for Sims. The only way a Sim can become a Plumbot is to dress up like one with the Bot Fan Trait, which does give them some of the benefits of being a Plumbot. For the sake of completion, this is the special life form we get with the ItF EP and deserved to be listed here just like Unicorns. Plumbots make great servants and are programmable through many Trait Chips that can be installed to modify their behavior. Your Bot Making Skill will let you upgrade Plumbots' quality and craft new trait chips, while making use of the new Collectible, Nanites.

Share your tips and helpful information on Life States in The Sims 3 and its Expansion Packs here to aid your fellow Simmers in getting them. This Guide may be particularly helpful for those players who participate in our Life States Dynasty Challenge.

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Jodie says...
Something cool that I discovered: My sim (Ethan) received an imaginary friend after his birth and when he aged up, she did too. He turned her into a Sim with the rainbow gem opportunity and they eventually got married. Here is the cool part... their first pregnancy ended with three beautiful additions to the family: Carmen, Wren, and Isabella. Isabella was born as an imaginary friend! Although she looks like a sim she was born with the ability to 'turn into toy form'. Eventually she grew up and got married too. Two out of her three children were also born as imaginary friends. Not sure if this happened to anyone else but I thought I'd share. (:
9th March 2014 11:51pm
Amya says...
That's cool! happens to me!
29th September 2019 9:46pm
Sydney says...
Actually, they forgot about grim reapers, on my game I have one because I befriended them and then selected the option 'ask to movi in' now I have reaper babies!! It's sooo cool, they are like itch black and have white pupils!!!!
9th July 2014 12:34am
Lexmechanic says...
It may be worth noting that mermaids must swim in salt water, specifically. Swimming in a pool or pond won't suffice.
21st October 2013 7:18pm
carol says...
Is it just me or the does the Plasma Fruit come only with Late Night? Because I installed Supernatural, and I could only feed my vampire Sim by biting or Orange plasma juice, as there wasn't any Plasma Fruit to buy. And then when I installed Late Night, there was Plasma Fruit at the Market.
19th February 2014 12:15pm
Caramel says...
I believe that it only does come with late night.
27th May 2018 1:40pm
Simmylala says...
Hi Carl,
With Seasons EP, you mentioned that Aliens can abduct Sims, but not female ones.
My Sim is a female and she was abducted by an Alien. Was it some sort of glitch?
9th July 2014 12:54am
lanibgoode says...
It actually says, "Aliens can also abduct Sims, and males (not females) can get pregnant"
Female sims can be abducted, too, but only male sims have the potential to be impregnated by alien sims.
12th August 2014 8:27pm
lilygreen says...
Im at a lost with my game. I try to presue a romantic relationship with a Sim. I have even wen so far as to move the Sim into the house with me as my roommate and I cant control him. What to do I want my Sim and the Sim I moved in to fall in love get married and have kids you the big thing. Oh and did I mention their both vampires. What to do?
8th May 2013 4:04pm
Lala says...
You can only control people moved into house by marriage or "ask to move in" or created as part of the household. Just go ahead with the marriage option and he'll be part of your household as soon as you tie the knot!
26th May 2013 1:13am
Justin says...
Is there a list of hybrid life states on this guide? If not could someone post some?
Occults can't be hybrids.  Ghosts are an overlay of other occults but those are the only two that can be combined.
7th July 2013 9:59am
Shadow says...
there are a number of mods that allow hybrids; the most common being NRAAS MC and NRAAS hybrid module
5th February 2019 2:15am
Manu says...
I didn't find if you made it, but I'd like to know what kind of occults can be what kind of ghosts. For exemple, I know that mummies can be burned(they don't leave anything after them), simbot(?) and vampires can't normaly be cursed(they always win).
I'm thinkin about doing an occult graveyard, so it would help a lot!
This answer may not be as simple as that. My suggestion would be to make a post on the forum and see what our members have to say.
1st July 2013 9:38pm
Geoleo says...
Ok I have a problem when I use the cheat testingCheatsenable true than shift-click my mailbox and choose make needs static my witch Sims magic meter goes completely empty. Can anyone help me please.
27th March 2014 7:09pm
dora says...
it should not make a difference to their ability to preform spells my witch could cast spells indefinitely after testingcheatsenabled true
16th June 2014 8:25pm
Alex says...
You forgot dogs and cats
18th April 2014 7:53am
Human says...
They are not occults, they are pets. There are no dog or cat type occults.
29th June 2020 6:37am
Moop says...
I got a grim reaper to move in and now I have triplets i don't know if there grim reaper s or not but I think I'll know soon
28th May 2018 10:22am
Sydney says...
*move *pitch
9th July 2014 12:36am
Simsluver says...
Finally, I made a randomised Sim (hate it) I bought a lot and had him look through the telescope at 2:35am abducted! Heck yeah! I have been trying for ages on my good account but no luck :(
19th January 2014 5:50am
tip says...
vampires can be immortal by maxing the athletic challenge in middle
5th August 2013 1:17am
Matt Leary says...
Not sure if it's worth changing in the description of Vampires, but what about Plasma Orange Juice? I don't have Late Night, so it may be an improvement that came with Supernatural, like the Plasma Fruit. But the Plasma OJ is a quick, easy, consistently available way to satisfy a vamp's Thirst. Especially if they are a Vegetarian like Tristan Van Gould (Moonlight Falls) and get nauseous from the carnivorous behavior of biting and drinking from Sims. It is found under the menu "Have Quick Meal..." from any fridge.
14th January 2014 8:47pm
Pixel says...
I was pretty sure what occult meant in sims 3 but I looked it up because I just had my sims woohoo with her husband (he's a ghost) and she's a celebrity and now rumors are floating around :C
The fame system treats celebrities a little strangely, apparently it IS rumor worthy of a celeb woohooing with any life state, despite them being married.
17th October 2019 9:42am
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