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I was very excited for Oct. 26, 2010 to roll around for one big reason. My guide, which was 200 pages large and chock full of info for the Sims 3, was about to be introduced to an entirely new audience. A full game guide, and walkthroughs we've invested hundreds of hours into would now be used by PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers. Here I hope to provide help and information links to relevant sections of the Guide, and offer up the PS3/Xbox Cheats.

If you're the type of gamer that cares about achievements and trophies, you'll love our guide as many of the skills, careers, and other features we cover will give these gamer awards.

Many people play a game like The Sims 3 as one of their first games. It's just that accessible. Everyone from children to senior citizens enjoy this game. If you're new to The Sims, or open-ended gaming in general, have a look at my How to Play Sims 3 guide for insights into the types of things you can do in the game, and tips to help you get started playing. Remember, The Sims is what you make of it. You can live dozens of different types of lives alongside your Sims. Experiment, make more goals, and try new things to get the most out of your Simming experience.

Are Late Night, Ambitions, or World Adventures Features on Xbox 360 or PS3?
No, and some subjects on this guide could be potentially confusing for console owners. One thing you need to realize is that there are many skills, lifetime wishes, and other gameplay features that aren't in the Xbox or PS3 versions of the game. These are expansion packs that were released for the PC version of The Sims 3. You can tell if a feature requires a Sims 3 expansion pack by its logo being nearby.

Due to the size of The Sims 3 to begin with, EA couldn't stuff all the content it's added to TS3 into a single release for the console. So, World Adventures, Ambitions, and Late Night features are not in the consoles. The upcoming Wii Edition looks to be further stripped down, so enjoy your fortune at having one of the more powerful consoles.

What are the Infinite Money, Rewards, or Karma Cheats for PS3/Xbox 360?
Cheating in the console version is easy. To do so, simply pause The Sims 3, then press all four shoulder buttons on your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller, and hold them. A box will pop up asking if you want to cheat. If you do so, it will disable Xbox 360 achievements and PS3 trophies for the current Sims 3 save game. If you really don't care about achievements and trophies, cheat your heart out.

After enabling cheats, you must head to buy mode and Decor > Misc. Decor, and purchase Spoot the Llama. Interacting with spoot is the method for PS3/Xbox gamers to cheat in their version of the game, as opposed to the powerful cheat console for PC.

Strategy Guides for Xbox 360 and PS3 Console Versions of The Sims 3

Traits List/Guide
Traits are a major part of The Sims 3. At our Traits List, you'll find information on what every trait in the game does for Sims, or even harms them. You'll find numbers here that show you just how valuable that over-emotional trait is, and how many extra lifetime happiness points your Sim gets from Ambitious.

Sims 3 Tips and FAQs
Some of the questions in our FAQ, and a few of the Tips are for the PC and Mac versions of The Sims 3, but PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will find a lot of helpful information within. Feel free to email me your tips and suggestions!

Lifetime Wishes List
Lifetime Wishes offer the greatest amount of lifetime reward points. If you'd like a way to compare them, and see what traits could be good for them, head to our List of Lifetime Wishes. The Ambitions, World Adventures, and Late Night wishes are denoted with that expansion's symbol. These are unavailable to you. Follow the links on the list for lifetime wish walkthroughs.

Lifetime Rewards Guide
There are some truly awesome Lifetime Rewards in The Sims 3. Steel Bladder stops the bladder need. Opportunistic doubles the reward from all opportunities. Read our strategy guide. It will help you from blowing your happiness points on a Reward you don't need.

Death and Ghosts
We have great articles on How Sims Die/Preventing Death and Ghosts. These are helpful for keeping your Sims, well, alive! The primary causes of death from vanilla Sims 3 were: age, fire, drowning, electrocution, and starvation. These do apply to you console gamers.

If Your Sim's House is Ugly, Here You'll Find Home Building Tips
We have a nice section here at the guide on home building, by our own TommyT that can help Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console owners. While some topics and concepts only apply to the pc version of the game, such as those that require the cheat console, a lot of the beauty and organization applies to console. Check out the Home Building, Design & Ideas Guide. You'll find information on layouts, landscaping, and making a house look more like a home. There are beginner and intermediate guides available.

What Skills are in the Xbox 360 and PS3 Sims 3?
The basic skills that shipped with the original Sims 3. They are:
Athletic Increase your Sim's fitness and possibly their life span
Charisma Charismatic Sims are masters of conversation and can win many friends
Cooking Cooking works even better with the natural cook trait. Kick it up a notch, baby!
Fishing Catch fish for fun in the great outdoors. Then eat them, use them as bait, or sell for profit
Gardening Grow amazing plants like the life fruit, money tree, flame fruit, and death blossom.
Guitar An awesome way to make money. You can even play for tips. Goes great with the music career track! Grab that Virtuoso trait!
Handiness repairing objects around the house is great. Upgrading all your appliances, computer, and plumbing is the best!
Logic Grow brilliant, rock chess and become the grand master, and even learn to teach other Sims.
Painting An amazing money making skill. You can even decorate your Sim's home with them.
Writing Your Sims can write books, and rake in the royalties. Get great, write masterpieces, and specialize in a single book type for amazing money

PS3 and Xbox 360 Jobs List
I'll save you some time and show a list of careers that came with the original version of The Sims 3. If you're not into careers, check out other ways to make money. On with the jobs list:
Business Career Track a straightforward career track. The power broker job can make tons of money holding meetings.
Criminal Career Track You can become either a master thief or the emperor of evil
Culinary (Cooking) Career Track A way to develop the cooking skill and make a ton of cash, plus a cool fridge!
Journalism Career Track Become a star news anchor and report the news. Relies on writing ability and charisma
Law Enforcement Career Track (featuring jobs in forensics or becoming a special agent
Medical Career Track You'll save lives and eventually gain the ability to predict a baby's gender
Military Career Track Get tough and maybe someday your Sim can become an astronaut
Music Career Track This career offers either the laid back symphonic career so you can be a conductor, or the hard and fast rock star branch
Political Career Track Become a master in politics and make many friends along the way
Professional Sports Career Track Work out hard, and come to your games prepared and your Sim is sure to win!
Science Career Track Ahh. One day this Sim can be a mad scientist and perform experiments all over the house!

Also see the Career Tips and Career Traits for information on rising up a career ladder quickly.

Keep in mind little details may have changed, for example in the Plants list, there is the death flower, which consoles know as the death blossom.

I will add more to this FAQ/directory as time goes on. If you have a suggestion for it, please send an email to [email protected]

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