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The Sims 3 Into the Future: Bot Building

Creating Plumbots, Skill Level Unlocks, Nanite Designs, and Trait Chips

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Making a Plumbot in The Sims 3 Into the Future
Making a Plumbot with the Bot Building Skill in The Sims 3 Into the Future

The Sims 3 Into the Future is RequiredThis Guide to the Bot Building Skill in The Sims 3 Into the Future will teach you about the various features and abilities you can access using the skill. This page will focus on making and discovering how to build nanites and Trait Chips for Plumbots, selling Plumbots, and provide tips to help you get the most of the Skill. You can learn more about Plumbots themselves here, and the Trait Chips that can be installed in them here.

Bot Fans are better at the Plumbot Making skill and interacting with Bots in The Sims 3 Into the FutureThe Bot Fan Trait
The Bot Fan Trait is incredibly helpful if you want to take up the Bot Building skill. Making Bots comes much more naturally to these Sims, and they will learn the Skill 15% faster than other Sims. They will also gain relationship 50% faster with Bots, while also having the ability to use Bot Mode (click your Sim) to act as a Plumbot and even use the disguise to enter Bot Arena competitions, posing as Plumbots and competing against them in Battles of Athletics (Battle), Charisma (Acting), or the Bot Making Competitions, which they will naturally excel at when you level up the skill.

The Bot Emporium in Oasis Landing in The Sims 3 Into the Future
The Bot Emporium has a Free Bot Workshop your Sims can use

Getting Started
Head to the Future or go to Buy Mode > Study > Hobbies and Skills > and buy Reventlov's Bot Workship for $1750. You can also use the Bot Making Station free of charge at the Bot Shop in Oasis Landing (the Future World). Given you sell Bots in the future unless you place the Bot Shop in your present world with Edit Town, the Future is the best place to do it. Nanites will not appear in the Present unless you have a Skill Challenge completed, and only then in limited quantities.

You can of course learn Bot Making from a Skill Book and of course take a Class at the Bot Arena in Oasis Landing, but as is usually the case, real experience is better for this skill in order to let your Sim complete the Challenges faster.

You should also join the Bot Making Self Employment Career as you will get a 35% bump in sale value of any Plumbots you design and fit with Trait Chips. You can do this at City Hall when you have gained level 1 in the Skill.

Leveling Bot Building Efficiently
Once you have your Bot Making station, you'll be able to start gaining levels. Doing anything but Customizing Bots seems to give decent Skill experience, and it doesn't take too long to level. Your best bet is to use Discover Trait Chip designs (to work on a Skill Challenge) as soon as it's available, then switch to Creating and Selling Nanites through the inventory when you have discovered all Trait Chip designs up to your current level. I'll list when each Trait Chip becomes available below.

Bot Making Skill Unlocks
LevelSkill UnlocksLearnable Trait Chip Recipes
0Design Nanites, Create Nanites, Tune Up Plumbot, Adjust Trait ChipsNone
1Design Trait ChipsCompetent Cleaner
2Create PlumbotHandibot, A.I. Angler
3Reverse Engineer NanitesSteel Chef, Fear of Humans
4Earn more Tuning Up non-Household Plumbots, Chance of Increase in Quality when Sim does Tune-UpRoboNanny, Friendly Functions
5May use Upgrade Trait Chip Slots on Plumbots and all Plumbots now start with 4 Trait Chip SlotsSinister Circuits, Sense of Humor
6Chance of better improvement in Quality with Tune Ups.Office Drone, Musical Machine, Mood Adjuster,
7Plumbots may be upgraded to/start with 5 Trait Chip SlotsSolar Powered, Capacity to Love, RoBotany Gardner
8NothingLimitless Learning, Simulated Emotions, Algorithmic Artist
9Plumbots may be upgraded to/start with 6 Trait Chip SlotsHolo Projector, Efficient
10Plumbots may be upgraded to/start with 7 Trait Chip SlotsSentience - required for Lifetime Wish but may be bought/stolen from a Plumbot as well.

The Create Nanites interface
Creating Nanites costs you, but the profit is huge when you sell them in high Quality Plumbots

Design Nanites (Level 0)
Design Nanites is the first productive thing you can do to level the skill, and it's done from the Bot Workshop. This will unlock random Nanite designs for your Sim, with common finds being more likely. You cannot unlock the Rare Nanites without finding them in the wild and Reverse Engineering them. More on that later.

Create Nanites (Level 0)
Create Nanites from designs your Sim has created themselves, or from Nanites found in the wild and Reverse Engineered. The price of each Nanite varies based on rarity. You use Nanites in Trait Chip recipes, along with the Processors you get when Reverse Engineering them. This is actually profitable, given Nanites will be worth a little more when sold through the inventory after your Sim has gained some levels in Bot Making and makes higher quality Nanites. It's even better to Sell them at the Bot Shop with Consignment, but you'll have to wait on your money to return.

Tuning Up a Plumbot in The Sims 3 Into the Future
Tuning up a Plumbot can raise its Quality

Tune Up Plumbot (Level 0)
Click a Plumbot to Tune it Up and give it a +10 2h moodlet and raise the Maintenance Need that Plumbots have, while also giving a chance that it will be bumped up 1-2 Quality levels (after Skill level 4, and only up to your level), raising its value. You can do this until the Plumbot's Quality level is as high as your Bot Maker's Skill Level - you just have to keep trying until it succeeds. This interaction won't go over well with Plumbots out of your Household until you've got some experience in the skill. After that, Tune-Ups will give you a tip from the Plumbot that only goes to a few hundred Simoleons at max level even when you bump the quality of a Plumbot, and some Plumbots will still reject your attempt to Tune them Up and cause a relationship hit.

Sims that take on the Bot Arena Career can Perform Professional Tune-Ups that give a 9H +30 Moodlet, helping the Plumbot perform better in competitions while also giving the Well-Tuned Moodlet and bumping Plumbot Quality to the user's Bot Making Skill Level's maximum. Of course, this also gives Bot Making Skill.

Adjust Trait Chips (Level 0)
Clicking a Plumbot allows you to swap out a Plumbot's Trait Chips for others in your Sim's inventory. Non-household Plumbots will suffer a big -30 relationship hit, and there is a 50% chance any removed Trait Chips will be destroyed. Don't let this discourage you from the possibility of going about and stealing Plumbot Trait Chips to help your own financial or skill gain. You'll use this interaction to tweak your own Plumbot's Trait Chips to suit your needs and swap in new ones when you've discovered better schematics or bought Trait Chips from the Bot Emporium.

Design Trait Chips (Level 1)
Lets your Sim research new Trait Chip designs to fit into Plumbots. You'll be limited to what designs your Sim is eligible for based on level (in the table above). You should work on this early to complete a Skill Challenge to learn 21 recipes, which will let your Sim get a 25% Discout on all purchases at the Bot Shop.

Create-a-Bot in The Sims 3
Create-a-Bot lets you Customize your Plumbots

Create Plumbot (Level 2)
This is what lets you create your own Plumbot for $250 Simoleons. Plumbots at this level are not profitable, but if you want one to aid your Sim or live a life of its own, you can get started and gradually upgrade that Plumbot. You'll enter Create-a-Bot which lets you customize the gender, look, and name of your Plumbot. Since Plumbots are programmable, their gender is an Operating System, so you can even change that later for $100 Simoleons with Customize Plumbot. Later, you may want to let random design/name take over as your standard practice as you sell Plumbots for profit. You will see in the table below that they are not very profitable at all until you've gained a few more levels in the Skill.

Reverse Engineer Nanites (Level 3)
This will break a Nanite down into components that are used to produce Trait Chips, also teaching you how to make the Nanite on your own with the Work Station. If you want the best Nanites for the best Trait Chips, you'll need to do this with Nanites caught in the wild or bought at the Bot Emporium.

Upgrade Trait Chip Slots (Level 5)
Upgrades a Plumbot to the maximum number of Trait Chip Slots your Sim is eligible to install. Newly created Plumbots start with the max amount, but any previously created or store-bought Plumbots will need to have this action performed on them to allow the maximum number of Chips.

Adjusting Trait Chips on a Plumbot
Plumbots may be Upgraded to 7 Trait Chip Slots at Level 10 in Bot Making

The Pioneer of Plumbotics Legacy Statue
Create a Plumbot in the Present (it must be built there) and install it with the Sentience Chip to earn the Pioneer of Plumbotics Legacy Statue in the Future. Your alteration of the timeline will cause you to be the first to invent Plumbots, and thus will be honored and given a Statue in Legacy Park and a permanent +15 Pioneer of Plumbotics Moodlet while visiting the Future.

Selling Plumbots - Quality and Value Multipliers

Head to the Bot Shop and click on one of the Bot displays with your Sim to get the option to sell them. Note the Plumbot must be on the lot with you (I found visit lot with... option from the map to be helpful here, especially when selling multiple Bots). Plumbot value when sold at the Bot Emporium is based on the following formula:

    250 + 50 per trait slot over 3 + total value of any Trait Chips times the multiplier in the table below.

Any Sims enrolled in the Bot Making Self-Employment Career will get another 35% on top of this. Plumbots cost 250 to make, so the first few levels are a loss without Trait Chips and you may be better off not making Plumbots until you can Tune Up the Quality to get at least a 1.0 Multiplier.

Look to the Trait Chips Guide to learn the Value of each Trait Chip so that you can earn the most possible by fitting them with your best Trait Chips before making a sale.

Plumbot Base Sell Values
Plumbot QualityBase Value w/ no Chips*Quality Multiplier
Fragile (1)$2250.9
Duct Taped (2)$2380.95
Weak (3)$2501.0
Average (4)$2631.05
Decent (5)$345 (4 Trait Slots so 300 x 1.15)1.15
Awesome (6)$3601.2
Fantastic (7)$455 (5 Trait Slots so 350 x 1.3)1.3
High Tech (8)$4901.4
Next Gen (9)$580 (6 Trait Slots so 400 x 1.45)1.45
Future Tech (10)$675 (7 Trait Slots so 450 x 1.5)1.5

*Base Value with no Trait Chips means a Plumbot with the Max available slots and going on the multiplier. Any Trait Chips installed would also be multiplied by the Quality Multiplier and also benefit from Self-Employment in Bot Making.

Given the value of Trait Chips and being able to install 7, you can make a huge profit from making a Plumbot, Tuning it Up to a Future Tech Plumbot if it is not already, and fitting it with your most valuable Trait Chips.

Plumbot Making Skill Challenges

Domo Arigato Mr. Plumboto
Earn at least $5,000 Simoleons from Performing Tune Ups. As a result, the Well-Tuned moodlet will last longer (6 hours vs 2) after performing a Tune Up. I got this without earning anything in tips as it seems Tune-Ups on household Bots count toward Tips earned from Tune-Ups even if you do not actually earn the money.

Create at least 200 Nanites to become a Micro-Master. Once achieved, the cost of creating all Nanites is halved, which helps your profit margin when selling Plumbots fitted with Trait Chips and the Nanites themselves.

Chipping In
Chip In by discovering 21 differing Trait Chip Recipes. Afterward, all purchases at the Bot Shop will be 25% off.

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Psycho says...
Is there a better way to get Large and Medium Blank Processors than buying them/random type and number from reverse engineering nanites? (Example which nanite is best for what type of processors? or best location for collecting nanites?
11th November 2013 6:24pm
Logan J. says...
The best place to find wild nanites are at the wastelands, as well as crystal flowers. though i don't know about large and medium processors though, i hope this helps.
10th October 2017 7:23pm
Isabella McKinney says...
This will help when I get the game
2nd December 2013 10:05pm
bklienhart says...
I've maxed Plumbotics a couple of times. Usually I go to the library and read the skill book until my sim is level 3. Then you can design nanites and trait chips right away, and give fairly good tune-ups.
4th November 2013 12:12am
Dudecoft says...
Is there a trick to creating a future tech plumbot? I made a high tech plumbot but the next one I made was duct taped, so I don't get it.
2nd July 2014 9:09pm
Dudecoft says...
I forgot to mention that I am at level ten in the bot making skill
2nd July 2014 9:12pm
Playalot says...
Make sure your sims needs are all full and then keep trying. Eventually the RNG will roll in your favor!
15th January 2018 10:24pm
zymish says...
When I click the display, I get the "No Interactions Available" thing. I'd love to know what's causing this.
3rd May 2014 6:27am
Menhoset says...
Perhaps it's because your interactions queue is full.
19th August 2017 5:30am
Tiffany says...
It will not allow me to sell my bot?im not sure y
25th December 2013 12:33am
Sharon says...
How do I make crystals? I have made all the nanites but i need crystals to make for.ex friendly function...
7th November 2013 2:08pm
Svein says...
you need to plant them in the yard, and charge them with whatever you need ^^
7th November 2013 2:53pm
tips says...
Crystals u can find in the wasteland in the future I think u need to be at least level 7 in gardening to plant them though
25th November 2013 12:51am
Chrissy says...
Umm... my sim had no points in gardening and she was able to plant them so apparently you don't have to have 7 points ^^ Quite nice I think :)
26th April 2014 10:33am
Alyssa says...
This doesn't work for me for some reason. I'm a self-employed bot builder. But, when I sell my bots I get no money and no job earnings, although the bots disappear from my family. Anyone else having trouble?
5th January 2014 9:33pm
Veronica says...
I'm having the same issue. I sold one for about 2k and got no job experience or money at all, and the same thing happens with nanites.
16th January 2014 2:48pm
Trousle Undrhil says...
Doesn't it take a while for the bots to actually sell, once you put them on display? I thought selling plumbots was like using the consignment shop.
23rd March 2014 5:26pm
cheddar98 says...
you have to sell them at the nuts n bolts shop in the future or put the building into the present.
6th August 2014 7:38am
camyflauge says...
I have a sim with the Bot Fan trait, but was unable to enter her in the Bot Arena Competition. My sim was in Bot mode. Is there some kind of "trick"?
17th June 2014 4:51pm
camyflauge says...
She is a teenager if that may be the problem...
17th June 2014 4:54pm
Menhoset says...
I think you have to be a young adult to so so.
19th August 2017 5:31am
narutoscreed says...
There's a book entitled, 'How to mod your Plumbot', I'm unsure as to what it does, but feel it may have something to do with increasing the chance of upgrading the quality of your plumbots if they don't come out at their highest level right after construction.

Would like to know if my suspicion is correct.
5th November 2013 5:43am
aspidiske says...
General category books are just there for the sake of being a book and it doesn't affect any skill at all. If you did buy the skill book for plumbot building(i'm not sure if there is one though) or advance technology then you can learn/advance in that skill.
5th November 2013 10:29pm
Anonymous says...
There are 3 skill books for bot building; they are only available in the future. You can steal them from the Community Center if your Sim is a kleptomaniac, otherwise you will have to buy them from either the book store or the bot shop. Advanced Technology, however, can only be learned by using advanced technology.
31st December 2013 12:43pm
Hannah says...
I don't think you have to be a kleptomaniac, you just have to use Resetsim while the sim is carrying it. :)
16th January 2014 4:30pm
TJ says...
Is it impossible for a Plumbot to sell & buy bots? I have a display thing in my home, in present, and only my witch-sim can do anything besides inspection.
11th October 2018 1:43pm
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