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Carl's Sims 3 Ambitions Guide

Stylist Profession - A Career in Fashion

The Sims 3 Ambitions Stylist Career Guide

Stylist is a profession new to the Sims 3 from the Ambitions expansion. Simmers are able to influence the look of the townsfolk and make money doing it. It's a pursuit biased toward charismatic types. Stylists will have friends all over the neighborhood as they do hair, wardrobes, and accessorize the masses.

Getting Started
The first step to take to learn styling is to head to the salon and apply for a job. You may want to invest in a Drafting table, and an optional Fuss No muss Styling Station from the Study Tab's Hobbies and Skills category in buy mode. Read up on the styling station further in this article to decide whether it's right for your Sim.

Stylist Job Levels
Job TitleWeekly StipendUnlocks
Fashion Fledgling$182Discuss Fashion
Taffeta Trainee$240Job Pay Increase
Polka Dot Specialist$298Freestyle Makeovers
Houndstooth Soothsayer$444
Trendsetter in Training$458Job Pay Increase
In Vogue Virtuoso$700Give Fashion Advice
Haute Hot Shot$984
Couture Connoisseur$1310Job Pay Increase
Fashion Phenomenon$2306Permanent Stylin Moodlet +20

How it Works
Your Stylist will have work available Tuesday through Saturday for the hours of 9AM to 7PM. There are usually up to three jobs they can do to make money and gain experience. Look to the map and your event log for information on jobs they can perform. Sims will ask for a specific type of makeover, such as a new hair style or color, new swimming suits, formal wear, accessories, and even entire wardrobes. Filling their wishes will result in a positive review, and you will get to photograph the Sim (with the cell phone) and place it into your portfolio. You'll get paid regardless, and earn experience increasing the weekly stipend (paid Sundays, noon). As you gain levels as a stylist, you'll unlock new abilities and social interactions. Note that early on, even if you do a job correctly, your Sim may still fail. It's normal.

The Sims 3 Ambitions Stylist Career Guide - Drafting Table

Drafting Table
The drafting table will allow your Sim to gain stylist experience while not on the clock, and pocket some side money. At this moment, the sketches do not seem to do anything when placed in the portfolio. So, I recommend selling them. The earnings don't count toward the job experience bar, unfortunately. As your levels increase, the sketches you create will increase in value and your Sim will become much more proficient at painting. Since the sketches cap out lower than paintings, and the experience from sketching makes less and less of an impact, it's not a bad idea to switch to the Painting Skill for side money as a level 10 stylist. In that way, the artistic trait sits well with Stylists.

Fuss no Muss Styling Station
This piece of equipment is pretty non-essential. You may want one for fun or roleplay purposes, like for throwing parties and styling Sims en masse. Since you're quickly able to style Sims in the field, and do it very well, the need to have static and expensive ($1500) equipment is reduced. My recommendation? Save the money for a few stylist levels, at the least, to make this more affordable. It's just not worth the huge chunk of a starting Sim's cash, otherwise.

Styling a SimBuilding a Portfolio for Freestyling
Only successful jobs can go into the portfolio. It makes sense -- are they going to allow you to use their picture if they hated your Sim's work? Also, they need to be unique jobs. You'll want to prioritize new job types you haven't tried before, or those your Sim has failed at, to efficiently build the portfolio as there are a ton of different types of jobs.

It's important to pay attention to what clients are asking for, and check the info box in the top right for a checklist when you enter styling mode. Sims can ask for all sorts of things. I've had them ask me to make them look good at bedtime because they have peeping neighbors, and rebellious teens ask for a new rogue look that will still let their parents think they have control.

Freestyle Styling
You are able to do freestyle sessions out in the field after the third level in the Stylist profession. This will later be your bread and butter. The assess needs and solicit services stylist interactions are only available during your regular work hours. Soliciting in the field is a great way to make extra money if you complete your jobs, or those available types are already in your portfolio. There's no place in the game where your portfolio progress is tracked, but you can only do so many multiple everyday clothing and new baby new wardrobe jobs before you're sure you've got them.

Use Assess fashion needs and then solicit to boost success. Also, socialize before you go for the kill. The bigger your portfolio the better your chances of converting a sale. Remember to click perform job to make sure that you're on task when you finally select Offer Makeover.

The Importance of Socializing to Success in Fashion
Get to know your clients. The discuss fashion and compliment fashion sense social interactions are your friends. Chat them up as well. This puts them into a better mood and improves your relationship. If you get a lot of complaints that your Sim did a good job but the client is too picky, you're probably just not buddying up to them enough.

Smokin' Hot!

Give Fashion Advice
Unlocked at level 6, this social interaction can let you give a Sim an on-the-spot makeover. It won't impact your job, but it's pretty fun and can boost friendships if they like it.

At level 10 in fashion, your Sim will get a permanent +20 Stylin' Moodlet. This is a great reward and will bring in tons of happiness points over a Sim's lifetime.

The Dark Side of Fashion: Bad Makeovers and Insults
If you want a good prank, here it is. Bad Makeovers will turn a Sim into a real sideshow fashion disaster. Great for a laugh. You can fix it, but they're still going to be ticked off.

You can also insult the other Sim's sense of fashion and even reject them as a client based on appearance. Naturally this type of treatment should be directed only toward your Sim's enemies.

Synergizing your Styling Skill
The Charismatic and Snob traits will trigger the Fashion Phenomenon Lifetime Wish, which is to make it to level 10 in Styling. Charismatic is the natural choice as it helps to boost relationships (through the Charisma Skill), and thus makeover success rates.

There are other things you can do to improve your Sim's abilities, such as purchasing the Eye Candy LTR. Since it boosts the mood of nearby Sims, your clients will be happier. Since friendships are so valuable to Stylists, the Long Distance Friend reward is also a major perk. It will help you retain your client base in a sense, as friendships won't decay any more. Never Dull may also be useful, as if you discover a Sim's trait you can repeatedly talk about something they like to boost relationships faster.

As mentioned previously, the Artistic trait can come in handy as well, given all the time spent sketching designs to improve job levels, Stylists can get really good at painting and will be able to make side money easily.

Money Making Potential
There's a lot of potential here for long term stylists who develop a lot of friendships. During work hours they can go to the park or even the salon and meet Sims, solicit them quickly, and rake in cash. As your Sim gets better at the job and excels past level 10, raising the experience bar to full again and again, they'll make even more per job and achieve true wealth and fame.

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