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The Sims 3 Pets: Horseman Career

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

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The Sims 3 Pets: Horses - A jockey and his horse

One of the unique aspects of the large scale horse content in the Pets expansion is the new Horseman career. There are no different types of jobs to perform as in the varous the other self-emplyment careers, the Horseman career is simply a way for your Sim to track how much money they have earned with horses (racing and sales). And with the regular wishes that fire to advance in the career it is also a decent way to earn more happiness points.

Getting Started in the Career
The Horseman career becomes an option once you have earned a single skill point in riding. Since you register at City Hall for all the self-employment careers, I mounted Moe (yes, my 3 starting stallions are Moe, Larry, and Curly) and rode him to City Hall and picked up the riding skill in the process.

Making Money with Horses
To advance all the way to level 10 in the Horseman career takes a total of $71500 in racing winnings, horse sales (adults), and stud services. I offered the stallions as studs (stud service can pay upwards of 1k simoleans depending on the skill levels of the stallion), and opted to adopt quite a few adults, trained them, and then turned around and sold them for a nice profit.

While you cannot sell foals, selling adults is a major money maker and depending on the skill levels of the horse, it can fetch more than 10k simoleans. To reach the highest levels of the Horseman career there are significant earnings requirements to get from one level to the next, so selling my original 3 horses was in the plan.

The final way of making money with horses in Sims 3 Pets is via competition at the Equestrian Center. How you finish determines your payout.

Advancing in the Career
Race winnings are pretty nominal in comparison to what you receive for selling a horse. If you're lucky enough to win at the International competition level, then you'll receive around $2000 simoleans, but horse sales can easily top $10k. So, advancing in the early stages of the career where not much is needed to get to the next level can easily be accomplished via race winnings. But, once you get to the higher levels of the career and need more than $10k in earnings to get to the next level, relying on race winnings alone is impractical and too time consuming if you have hopes of getting to the top quickly. You'll need to turn to either breeding mares, raising and selling the offspring, or doing as I did and simply adopting adult horses and training them over a few days to sell for a nice profit. A combination of the two methods is obviously the ideal route, especially if there are multiple Sims in the household to help with the workload.

Horseman Career LevelsFunds Needed to Advance
1. Trail Dust Taster$500
2. Apprentice Saddle Polisher$800
3. Barn Sanitation Technician$1600
4. Mane Quality Supervisor$2800
5. Warm-Up Jockey$4800
6. Consistently Upright Rider$8000
7. Pony Partner$12000
8. Blazer of Trails$17000
9. Horse Psychic$24000
10. Equestrian Master
The Sims 3 Pets: Horses - tending the horses at the stable

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sage says...
my sim is level 7 in riding and when i go to the city hall there is no option to be a horseman
17th April 2014 8:08pm
AniCupcake says...
You have to have Ambitions installed as well for self employed careers
16th November 2017 6:07pm
Cynahmon says...
I do not have Ambitions. It's kind of late but it's no longer being sold in stores.

I am however a horsewoman level 5. I had to make sure I had a horseriding skill. Just one then I went to City Hall and registered. I wish there was a list where you can find out what you can register as self-employed without Ambitions or at lease give the Ambitions update... YES IT'S 2019yrs later and I still play SIMS3
25th March 2019 10:23am
Playalot says...
@cynahmon you can still buy all the expansion packs for The Sims 3 on Origin.
25th March 2019 5:00pm
Spelling Police says...
Anyone notice that Simoleons was spelt Simoleans?
10th November 2013 6:54pm
myrandamiller says...
I have found that the only way you can register as a horseman is if you haven't installed any updates since you downloaded the game. Period. Other than that you have to have Ambitions.
14th November 2013 10:15pm
Crystalyaris says...
Bummer.. I know when I first downloaded Pets I was able to register for the horseman self-employed career. Now I can't. Did it once and deleted that family. Updated the game, not the option is gone. I don't want to buy more expansions. I'm not interested in the others.
The option should be available once you have level 1 in the skill, otherwise it's a bug.
16th November 2013 6:47pm
Pigeon says...
Okay hold up, I have Sims 3 and the Pet expansion pack. I have mastered the equestrian skill. However, I've tried the cellphone, computer, and city hall, and I still don't get the self-employment option! What am I doing wrong?
My understanding is you also have to have Ambitions installed to get that career.
23rd July 2013 5:47pm
horsey lover says...
no you don't have to have ambitions. I don't have ambitions or mods and I can still get the option. its probably a glitch
16th August 2013 11:23am
Katarina says...
I have the same problem as Kifyi! I could be a horseman a while ago, but now the self-employment doesn't show up! :(

- Girl from Norway
12th October 2013 10:50am
Somewone says...
can somewone help? i can't find the option horseman on the phone or the city hall, do i miss a expansion or something?
1st June 2014 11:05am
SimsAddict says...
I'm super stuck, i love sims3 and i am at level 10 riding, my horse level 10 for racing and jumping. I have the following expasions - pets, world adventures, supernatural and island paradise. I have never been able to have a self-employed career but would love to be a horsewoman. There is no option at city hall, on the computer or on my phone. Do i need ambitions or is it because i've updated the game a couple times? Just really confused. Please can someone explain what i have to do. Thanks! Btw love this guide - always use it
19th February 2014 6:30am
Ella says...
I have the pets I wait until I have leval 2 riding skill then I click on the phone and there's the self employed bitten click horseman and done hope this helped
20th October 2013 12:26pm
TheKezta says...
I love the horses on Sims 3. I have started making a world where I breed and sell horses. The Sims 3 Pets expansion is amazing and I love playing with horses.
8th December 2013 10:32am
Sea Biscuit says...
I haven't tried the self-employment option yet, since I only have pets and I'm not sure if it shows up without Ambitions. But I did breed, train up to 10 in racing and jumping skill, and won two international competitions and over 7 advanced racing competitions and he sold for well around $16,000. I've tested that when they place in competitions they seem to sell for a little more than those who haven't.
8th May 2013 5:17pm
hailey says...
How do I get sims horseman ive looked every where on this site and theres NOTHING
Horses are part of the Pets Expansion DLC. Guide to Pets
4th August 2013 1:28pm
Jordan says...
Well, to become a horseman (or women) you must have at least one skill level bar on the riding skill. Once you have this, just go to your sims inventory and click the cellphone. Then click 'jobs and proffesions.' A horseman option should be available. Your sim will have to go to fity hall to sign papers. It will ask you if you are sure, say yes. It will then say you are a horseman in the career option. You have to compete, breed, and sell horses. You will need strong bonds with your horses. Offer males as studs. Breed! Keep a strong family tree! Follow your horse dreams!
20th June 2013 8:24pm
sim says...
i tried this but I also have my sim mastered the riding skill so can she not do that then?
27th December 2013 5:01pm
Unknown says...
I think that the self-employment for Horseman is Twallan's Career Mod.I think is true because when I installed the career mod, without Pets or Ambitions then, I got a Self Employment tab in City Hall with a grayed out Option to become a horse trainer. You also don't need to have the equestrian trait.I was able to sign up with a sim with the Animal Lover Trait after I got pets and a skill in Riding with her. I think the requirements to be self employed in Horse Training is to either have the Equestion Trait or have a skill in riding.
3rd January 2014 8:09pm
BE-ONE3 says...
The LTW says that I only made 10.950 simoleons from using my horses and I made 170.000 cause I can see it on the career information is this a bug???
1st June 2018 10:40am
TJ says...
Do you have multiple sims that have won competitions and/or sold horses? It only increases when the registered sim earns money from their respective employment.
8th July 2018 3:32pm
BE-ONE3 says...
No friend only 1 sim sell horses and take part in competitions
9th July 2018 5:09am
Lisa says...
Ok. You need Ambitions for the self employed careers. Horseman is a self employed career, and you need Ambitions and Pets to get it. You divt need special traits, just level one riding.
3rd July 2014 4:22am
Tayla says...
Ok! You have to have at least 1 skill point in horse riding and you need to have the equestrian trait for ur sim! Then it would be better to ride to the city hall on your horse. Once you get there it say self employed horseman!, you click on it then you become a horseman
You get extra money if you win in a completion(well I did) and get extra money in other things you do with your horse like ofer them as a stud ( may not work for u I don't know but it did for me)
Hope this worked bye!
22nd September 2015 8:36pm
Kifyi says...
I don't think you need Ambitions for Horseman, according to the wiki. "Careers & professions
5 new professions: Architectural Designer, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Investigator, and Stylist." Horseman isn't listed in the careers it adds. But I don't have the ability to start self employment in game, despite having the pets addition. I'm very confused about this.
8th October 2013 10:53pm
AniCupcake says...
Ambitions also has the self employed careers (things like gardening, horsemanship (if you have pets) painting, writing, and alchemist (if you have supernatural) to name a few)
16th November 2017 6:10pm
Therese says...
How do i install it? :O
9th May 2013 8:33am
Me says...
First you need to buy the game at pretty much any PC games store. Then you put the disc in and follow the instructions that will appear on screen. When it asks for the serial code, look inside the game's packaging and there should be a small manual and/or sheet of paper. One of them will have the serial code on it.

Hope I helped!

26th May 2013 12:38am
Denise says...
horseman career
26th October 2018 7:10pm
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