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Town Life Stuff Pack Guide

A Review with Lists of Game Objects and Clothing

by Norma Blackburn (Twinmum)

Town Life Stuff is about getting your Sims out of the house and into town. The main part of this stuff pack is the seven new lots to add to your town. Three rabbit holes, a school, grocer and diner, plus 4 full lots, a park, a library, a laundry and a gym. These lots also add 35 buyable objects plus 5 build items.

There are a few items of clothing and a couple of hairstyles, but the main focus of this pack is certainly the community lots.

Par Excellence Preparatory School (rabbit hole) - 30 X 40 lot

Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer (rabbit hole) - 30 x 20 lot

Scrumptious Nibbles Cafe (rabbit hole) - 30 x 20 lot

Sudsy Time Laundry - 30 x 20 lot

Mr. Crunches Fitness - 30 x 20 lot

Noble Tome Library - 30 x 20 lot

Ray of Sunshine Park - 30 x 20 lot


1. Circulation Center Sectional Seating: (+ 15 Comfy) $195 - also shown with Circulation Center matching Table.
2. The Hyperbole: (Environment 2, +25 Comfy) $600


3. Classic Stanza pedestal: $325
4: Dining Table of Contents: (Environment 4) $810
5: Circulation Center matching Table: $95


6. Lotsa Watts Lighting: $80
7. Ionu Spotlight: (Environment 1) $80
8. Tercet Lamp: (Environment 3) $340
9. Star Bryte: (Environment 2) $310

Bathroom / Laundry

10. E2.10 standing Laundry Tub: (Hygien 2) $205
11. Spin 'n Sparkle Elite Washing Machine: $1,600
12. Spin 'n Tumble Elite Dryer: $1,450
13. Smell-B-Gone Containment Hamper: $50


14. Poetic Justice Bookshelf: (Environment 7, Fun 6, + Cooking, + Handiness, + Logic) $1,950
15. FolioBit 791A Laptop: (Fun 8, + Portable) $5,000
16. Poetic License Bookshelf: (Environment 6, Fun 6, + Cooking, + Handiness, + Logic) $1,150

Skills and Hobbies

17. Power Burn Station: (Stress Relief 6, + Athletic) $1,650
18. Finish Line Max 3000: (Stress Relief 6, + Athletic) $1,200
19. Grandmaster Chess Set: (Fun 5, + Logic) $550


20. Sudsy Sign: (Environment 1) $75
21. Thianpre Decorative Shelving: (Environment 1) $85
22. Workout Gear: $75
23. Slightly Damp Towel: (Environment 1) $25
24. Workout Safety Quik-Tips: (Environment 1) $20

25. Right Angle Brigade: (Environment 4) $410
26. Ode to Middlebury: (Environment 3) $475 - pedestal not included
27. Curvaceous Square: (Environment 4) $410

An interesting thing with the two decorative dividers is that they can be placed through walls without the need of the move objects cheat. They can be placed in line with the wall so that the pattern is viewable from both sides of the wall or they can be placed through and at right angles to the wall.

28. Writer's Block Shelf: (Environment 1) $150
29. Eternal Bloom Splendor Fountain: (Environment 10) $55,000


30. Sunny Bungalow Jungle Gym: (Fun 8) $610
31. Skip the Fearless Sand Dragon: (Environment 6) $1,250
32. Sunny Bungalow Slide: (Fun 8) $425
33. Snappin' Seahorse Spring Rider: (Environment 1, Fun 3) $300
34. Sunny Bungalow Clubhouse: (Fun 7) $1,250
35. So Cute I Could Hug It Octapus Sandbox: (Fun 8) $260

Build Objects

36. Really Big Pane: $490
37. Waves of Grain Door: $375
38: Geometric Column: $450
39. Return to Bubbles: $560
40. Prodedural Generation Door: $375

Female Clothing, Tops

Female Clothing, Outfits

Male Clothing, Tops and Bottoms


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Eloise says...
Why are they called rabbit-holes?
Because your Sim walks in and you can't watch.
23rd June 2013 8:37am
Sayaka says...
Great guide, but it's missing the clothes and hairstyles for children that this pack came with.
4th March 2014 9:47am
Heather says...
Hi Carl,
I've been using this site so much in these years I thought I could share some helpful info :) turns out this stuff pack is free these anniversary days. User Annasommer at the Sims3 forum wrote "If you have origin installed, you can get the Town Life stuff pack for free!

Check here: ". It might take a while for the game to show up though. HTH!
Thank you for sharing it with our readers, I'm sure some people got to take advantage who would not have otherwise. Our Forum is a good place to watch for things like that, as someone in the Community usually comes out with the info to make everyone else aware.
5th February 2014 6:21pm
Caty says...
im so glad i have this game, i thought laundry sets and all that only came with ambitions, thanks!
23rd February 2014 1:41pm
Erica says...
I'm confused with the Laundry aspect. With what stuff/expansion pack did it first come with? Or is it this one? I don't know I'm just confused...
22nd June 2014 6:50pm
Simmylala says...
Laundry first came out in Ambitions EP, with the washing machine, dryer, etc. when University EP came out it came with a new washing machine and dryer. I guess with Town Life SP it gives you new laundry stuff, even if you don't have Ambitions or University EP. Yeah, don't worry, I was confused by this too, it took me a while to figure it out.
15th July 2014 11:33pm
krys says...
i recently installed this version and i lost 3 towns, and my island paradise...what do i do.???
21st November 2013 7:27pm
Aiman says...
You should reinstall those games
16th March 2014 3:52pm
Emily says...
How do I put the new venues in the game? I installed the Town Life Stuff but the buildings aren't there, yet with the actually collection stuff in build mode.
14th December 2013 12:16pm
Carl says...
Go to the game menu (...) and choose Edit Town, then go to community lots in the main interface (far right tab) from there you can place lots from any EP or SP you own into your current world.
15th December 2013 12:49am
alex says...
i downloaded this but when i went into the edit town mode community lots tab to find the buildings i could not find them anywhere only generation's 1 building was there.please help
26th January 2014 12:38am
Adam says...
If you make a new town, are the new buildings automatically there?
6th October 2013 6:07am
Blake says...
11th August 2013 6:40pm
Simphony says...
I only have the base game, then I recently downloaded the free Town Life SP. When I install the Town Life SP, it tells me I'll need to do an update before I can play, but it wont even let the launcher load, and I already have the latest patch from Jan 2014.
The SP wont install properly, and then Sims 3 wont load at all.
Any suggestions on how to get the SP to load properly?
8th March 2014 10:25pm
Lisa says...
Thanks! According to EA s description of the ep you can build a small library in your home. I find no more info when searching. I want to know how to build this library/study (is it just placing the book shelfs) and most important if that will give the moodlet "power study".
16th March 2018 10:13am
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