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The Sims 3 Generations Daycare

Stevie Wonderís Daycare Center: "Your Kids Are Always Out of Sight!"

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

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Sims 3 Generations Day Care

With the Generations expansion, Sims 3 players can now pursue the new Daycare career by taking care of kids right out of their Simís home. To get started in the profession pick up a newspaper or go to a computer ó Jobs and Professions > Find a Profession > Amateur Babysitter. So, if you canít get enough of the Nooboos, then this profession is for you. Iím bringing back one of my perennial favorite Guide characters to show you the ropes, Stevie Wonder.

I thought about how I would approach this profession and it dawned on me that one week of prep work would make things infinitely easier on Stevie once he decided to open the doorsóor whatever it was that Stevie reached for and thought was a door.

Stevieís traits:

Ambitious: My all-time favorite Sims 3 trait. And if you have desires to run a successful Daycare Center, yet canít see 2 feet in front of you, then being Ambitious helps immensely.

Friendly: Friendships with Kids is one of the 3 profession metrics and building lots of Charisma and friendships prior to Stevieís first work day was a huge part of my strategy. When the kids are carried through the door and are instantly friends with the care-taker...well, even a blind person can see the logic in that.

Charismatic: Same deal as Friendly. One week of intense Charisma and friendship building pre-opening day. Accomplishing several Charisma challenges is pure gold to win the kids over without lifting a finger.

Nurturing: A new trait with Generations and a must for any Daycare professional. Nurturing Sims are much better with their interactions with kids and teens ó in other words, better results which will positively impact the relationship level which then results in more XP to get you closer to the next level and more money. Itís a dirty diaper circle of life, Simba.

Artistic: The 4 traits above never changed for Stevie, but the 5th one ended up being somewhat of a revolving door. I started with Artistic for the first week (pre-opening). Along with building Charisma before Stevie officially started the Daycare profession, I wanted him to earn some money in painting so the necessary resources would be available to build a sweet daycare room with plenty of nice objects. Having some Masterpieces hung around the daycare areas would help with kidsí moods too. Once Stevie Mastered painting and had the necessary happiness points I gave him a Mid-Life Crisis and switched the Artistic trait to...

Neat: Not exactly a "power trait" but Neat Sims naturally clean up their surroundings which makes gameplay easier without having to tell them to pick up this toy or clean that counter. The only problem with Stevie is he doesnít know whether heís picking up a toy rocket or putting his hand in the business end of a dirty diaper. But, after 3 weeks of playing Stevie it dawned on me that Neat just does not bring much to the craft table. Not nearly as much as...

Childish: I have no idea why I did not think of this from the get-go, but if Stevie could actually play with the kids at the dollhouse it would help their social needs. So, I gave him another Mid-Life Crisis. "Who wants to play dollhouse with me? Is this the dollhouse or the foosball table?"

Evil: Evil Sims might find enjoyment in children's screams. This might be a good profession for Evil Sims too.

Lifetime Wish: There is no Daycare profession Lifetime Wish, so given my initial strategy of one week of friendship preparation, Super Popular just made super sense for Stevie.

I plopped Stevie down at 99 Landgraab Ave in Sunset Valley. I like this lot and have used it in many Tournament challenges. Itís cheap ($1800) and centrally located.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care
"Folks, I hope this state of the art childcare facility behind me inspires confidence in you to have me care for your kids."

Iíll be the first to admit I am not a builder, so I went right to the Beginner Homebuilding Guide article by Tom Thigpen and copied his Cheapskate model for Stevieís house. The only thing I did different at the outset was opt for some nicer objects: the bed, shower, stove and fridge are all top notch. To save some money I left off what would eventually be the large daycare room to the right of the kitchen. Ssshhh...donít tell Stevie itís not there yet. I also made the kitchen area larger than the Cheapskate design because once you reach a certain level in the daycare career, youíll be eligible to take care of elementary school aged children and there needs to be plenty of space for them to do homework. You can also have pathfinding issues in the first room parents walk in if there is not plenty of space.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

For now, the first week of play, itís time to start painting to bring in more moneyóStevie only has $1278 left and that will not build the gonzo Superstitious room that Stevie Wonder Daycare Centers are now known for. Once Stevie has enough happiness points, Iíll purchase the Prepared Traveler reward so he can take a 6-day vacation to China to a) swipe the Base Camp books for a little more money, and b) to max Charisma. The target opening date is Week 2, Day 2. Lots to do before then, so letís get crackiní. Thatís the fridge, Stevie. The easel is this way...

After almost a week of painting, Stevie had a nice mix of some Brilliants and Masterpieces to decorate the walls...and a nice stack of simoleans to boot...

Sims 3 Generations Day Care
From left to right we have: The Ladybug That Ate the Daycare Center; What Do You Brats Want for Lunch? Daycare Center Opening Day (nighttime depiction); Madame ButterflyóDaycare Goddess; Letís Catch Some Fish at the Daycare Center; Stop Running Around...Okay Thatís One! Grandmaster Quanís Daycare Dilemma; Humpty Dumptyís Karaoke Contest at the Daycare Center; Daycare Center Opening Day (daytime depiction); and finally...Sit Down and Do Your Homework (Club Remix).

It was now Sunday, Week 2, Day 1. Stevie reads the morning paper (yeah, I said it) and a Daycare career ad catches his eye. So, he signs up. Opening day for his daycare center is the very next day. Time to head off to China for a 6-day vacation to max Charisma. Stevie did not end up needing to stay all 6 days. He stayed about 4 and got bored (okay, I got bored). So, he returned to Sunset Valley and completed the key Charisma challenges the last day before starting his Daycare career.

Daycare Profession Information

Level 1. Amateur Babysitter. 2 kids. Weekly Stipend. $120*
Level 2. Cool Care-Giver. 3 kids. Weekly Stipend = $240*
Level 3. Daycare Dynamo. 4 kids. Weekly Stipend = $360*
Level 4. Good Guardian. 5 kids. Weekly Stipend = $480*
Level 5. Daycare Specialist. 6 kids. Weekly Stipend = $600*

Days/Hours for all Daycare Career Levels = Monday through Thursday, 9 am - 7 pm.

*Stipend amounts are based on the 20% bonus from the Profession Simolean Booster reward. You definitely want to grab that reward asap. Iíd say that one is more important than Entrepreneurial Mindset. That reward will boost your XP a bit, so youíd hit the 5th career level a little faster, but maybe a day or two earlier, whereas the Booster will be making you 20% more money per child from day 1. In addition to the Weekly Stipend, daycare providers earn a flat rate per child/per day of $120. That figure is also based on having the Profession reward and never increases throughout the career. But, you will see bonuses if your Sim needs to put in overtime with a child.

Responsibilities (all Levels):

General Daycare Take care of the Toddlers/Children. I guess Stevie needs a reminder that he canít go off to the recording studio and leave the youngsters to fend for themselves. "Be right back, kids. Iím off to cut an album."

Friendship with Kids Again, this is why I spent a few days on Charisma at the end of week 1. When the kids show up ó instant Best Friend.

Handle Emergencies The description says "deal with daycare emergencies for clients as they come." At first, I was thinking...emergencies? What emergencies? "Oops, sorry Stevie, is everybody okay? Iíll have the brakes checked out on my Excursion first thing tomorrow." No, it has to do with clients calling you on short notice to watch little Billy and Suzy on off hours ó i.e. Fridays or weekends or also later during the week.

After selling all the China Base Camp books and with the money gained from nearly a week of painting I sunk about $25k into the daycare room below. It will be a while before Stevie is eligible to care for older children, but nice items like the foosball table (whoops, teen only) and the arcade game are ready and waiting. The wall pattern is similar to a Twister game mat and accordingly, it carries a warning from the manufacturer: "Staring at these patterns for more than 2 minutes may result in sneezing, blurred vision and explosive bowels."

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Youíll notice no potty chairs or cribs in Stevieís gonzo daycare room. Hereís the deal with tható EA waved their magic wand and did some fancy schmancy coding so that daycare providers would not need to worry about tired kids. Or maybe itís that the parents all load them up with Red Bull before arriving. Whatever the reason, kids that are dropped off are wired. And you might as well forget about potty-training the kids because theyíll never make it to the potty chairs ó remember the explosive bowels issue? One second theyíre clean and dry and the next second they become swamp thing at Three Mile Island.

So, Stevie is all ready. Letís wish him well (praying might be appropriate) in hopes he does not walk into a wall in front of clients the first day.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Itís go time. The first two kids are dropped off on Day 1. Thereís a built in mechanic to discover a kidís needs that very helpful ó just mouse over a child and youíll see a description and if there are any pressing needs. Both boys are in a good mood, but Herbert (on the right) is lonely. Thereís quite a few options to raise some social for Herbert ó Tickle, Toss in Air, Attack with the Claw (think Liar, Liar and Jim Carrey) and Snuggle. Of course, another real option for Stevie is to do nothing but stay put and continue daydreaming of the women currently occupying his thoughts.

Again with the explosive bowels. How long do you think it took Stevie to walk from the daycare room to get to Herbert to pick him up? Sheesh. Are all of these parents feeding their kids Ex-Lax before leaving their homes? They always say that people with disabilities compensate with heightened other senses. Thatís unfortunate for Stevie "the blind bloodhound" Wonder.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

You may be asking yourself, "So, where do these kids come from?" Theyíre basically spawned when needed. No different than if you had a maid, fired her, and then called for maid service again ó one would be spawned for the next dayís work. Youíll recognize that some of the kids are spawned with existing townie families, but who knows where some of the daycare kids come from? Not only will the names not be familiar, but the game will also spawn various adults that drop off and pick up the kids, so youíll see quite a revolving door of adults that come to your house. Itís kind of amusing. If you go straight in on a new game in The Sims 3, your day care clients will be more likely to be recognizable townies.

Back to Stevie. Make sure your caretakerís needs are completely green at the start of the work day ó 9 am. Backtrack about 3 hours for your wake up time and shower, eat, use the toilet (you donít want to have to spin yourself in the air to change an adult diaper) and cap the fun bar off at the end with something very effective and quick ó like Woo Hoo or the Sim Goggles. Putting a fridge, table and chair right in the daycare room isnít a bad idea if you need to quickly ward off hunger ó but just grab juice. You never know when explosive bowel syndrome will hit the room again.

Speaking of filling the tummy, feeding the kids will pump the relationship with the care-giver significantly more than simple things like Attack with the Claw. You will likely see the smiley face after giving a kid a bottle from Feed on Floor or Feed in High Chair. If kids are nearly unconscious from lack of food it doesnít matter if you walk in the room with underwear on your head. Just ask my own kids. But, man oh soon as I put some food on table, all of a sudden they like me again. Go figure.

It didnít take long for Stevie to become Best Friends with both boys. Hereís a tip from Stevieís upcoming book "Can You Please Come Pick Up Your Kid Now?" ó chain those queues together. Donít change one kidís diaper, put him down, then go to the next, then back to the other to feed because youíll be spending half your day simply walking and picking up and putting down the kids. Do a bunch of stuff at once ó even if they donít need something immediately. Throw everything at them and then go to the next kid. But, do diaper changing and feeding at the end of your queues and begin with the socials.

The ideal goal is to mouse over the kids and see all pink letters ó that means that [Sim x] is in a great mood and [Sim x] has no problems that need to be addressed at the moment. Kind of sounds dry and impersonal ó like a corporate employee evaluation, but nevertheless, thatís the situation you want ó you want to see those pink letters and then move on to any child that is not at that state.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

When the parents start showing up around 6:45-ish pm to pick up their children pause the game and take a look at the information panel in the top right. Youíll see a message titled Daycare End of Day Report. "Great" is as good as it gets for an individual child. Itís not too difficult to consistently get Great reports with only 2 or 3 kids. But, once you get to 4 kids (Level 3) itís decidedly more difficult to get solid Great ratings. But, you really want the Great rating because youíll earn more XP for the day than with a Good or an OK rating. And (this is a hunch) your chances of bonuses and a parent calling on your for extra work would naturally increase with those Great ratings.

Once Stevie hit Level 3 and had 4 children in his care I decided to spend 25k happiness points for the new Generations reward, Super Nanny. Iím banking on the fact that itís a sound investment once you get mid-career and your juggling skills are taxed quite a bit with additional children to care for. Once you advance to later career levels you have the opportunity to take care of older school-aged children and which then brings additional challenges if they turn out to be "problem children." The Super Nanny reward is supposed to make things a bit smoother with those kids, so hey...why not if you have the points available? When a Super Nanny talks to and disciplines these children the results should be more positive resulting in better relationships. Even without it, a problem child can eventually be cured by being nurtured at your Daycare. The best way to handle problem children in your Daycare is to keep them busy, as their free will leads them to destroy things.

Hereís an important tip to implement before day 1: Drop off and pick up time can be hectic and create bottlenecks. Put in double doors for the main entrance to your house as well as remove several sections of wall for the entrance to the actual daycare room. That should keep the infamous pathfinding bubbles at bay.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Days off
Donít be surprised if you get quite attached to your little friends and wonder what the heck your Sim is supposed to do on the weekend. To go from a Thursday at 7 pm until the following Monday at 9 am is quite a stretch without your Sim having any specific things on the agenda. Thatís why career level 3 is a big milestone because that level triggers the opportunity for your Sim to watch children on the weekends. Thatís the perfect time to teach kids some skills like talking, walking, or reading a skill book to them. Of course, you can do all of these things during normal weekday business hours, but with more kids around all tugging at you to attend to their needs, good luck in teaching skills at those times.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care
Attack of the Claw ó a highly skilled move reserved for only truly dedicated daycare providers. Lol. Iím thinking cute little Valencia is looking away because sheís petrified to peer behind Stevieís shades. It took Stevie 5 tries to hit the mark ó the first three times he tickled air, the fourth time he accidentally choked himself. But, finally he relied on scent and scored the bullseye. Nice job, Stevie. Attack of the Claw FTW!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving. One of the new social interactions with Generations is Give Gift. Just place the item in your family inventory and youíre good to go. Click on the intended recipient and select Give Gift and youíll have the option of selecting whatís in your inventory. "Johnny, tell our contestant whatís in the box." "Indeed I will, Bob...itís a new Festus 44 stove!"

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Speaking of gifts, around mid-career (level 3-4) youíll start receiving gifts from parents. Itís the same game mechanic as getting freebies for being a celebrity although the celebrity ones just magically appear day or night, the parent ones come when the mail is delivered. If you donít like an item gifted to you by a parent, just gift it right back to them and pretend you went out and bought it.

At level 4 Stevie now took care of 5 kids and was given the "Go Play" social interaction (thatís daycare code for "Get out of my face, kid.") At this career level grade school kids started showing up at 3 pm. Your best plan of attack is to top of the needs tanks of the toddlers around 1-2 pm so you can be available to the older ones when they show up. The grade school kids will typically come in and automatically do their homework. Thatís good. But, I recommend you calling the older kids to a group meal as soon as theyíre done with their homework to ward off hunger and then calling them over to join you watching TV or some other group fun activity. The Daycare-only Fairy Tale interaction can be helpful for keeping the kids occupied and passing the time. Itís tougher to get Great ratings on the older ones because theyíre only at your center for 4 hours.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Around the same time as Stevie attaining the 4th career level he had his Adult birthday. Heís been doing great and I decided to give him a nice present to reward him for all of his hard work ó one of the nice cars from the Fast Lane stuff pack. Coincidentally, Stevie received a wish to teach a former child that attended the daycare center how to drive. So, Stevie invited Sierra Ursine over on a Saturday to help her out. Itís yet another new Generations social interaction and the animation is quite amusing to watch with the stopping and starting that all teens do when they learn to drive. Really funny stuff. The Sunset Valley police department was informed and shut down all streets. The Mayor looked upon this act of goodwill by Stevie in a similar fashion as a school code red lockdown.

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Success! Stevie taught Sierra how to drive and bagged just over 2k happiness points for completing that wish. He dropped her off at her house and happily cruised right back to the daycare center to get ready for the next day...

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Stevie finally made it to the top of the Daycare career on Week 4, Day 5 and now had 6 children under his care. So, itís plenty of work, fellow Nooboo lovers. Itís definitely going to take more time than other careers/professions. Now you get some idea of why EA wisely chose this career to have only 5 levels. If it were 10 levels, by the time you would hit the career cap, the human race would have evolved into a new lifeform. Good call, EA. Other perks for hitting the cap? 2 more social interactions ó "Joys of Children" and "Admonish Child." Admonish Child fits right in with the fact that you now have a chance of receiving a problem child.

Stevie finally got his first weekend opportunity to care for a child ó when these come up youíll see the play freeze, the screen get dark and a message in the middle ó identical to a birthday announcement. Here was the exact message: "With a hurried voice and apologetic tone, Tim Ogden has asked Stevie Wonder if he could watch his little Willie Ogden tomorrow (a weekend day). Apparently, he has some important plans that just came up." Stevie politely responded: "Important plans? Yeah, right. Pfft. Bring that twerp over and letís be done with it."

Oh, and how could I forget about the minivan? Stevie takes his new Minivan received as a reward for maxing the daycare career out for a spin. Hey, Stevie, check that left rear looks pretty low." And whatís up with those window shades? They look more like non-slip bathtub mats. Congratulations, Stevie Wonder!

Sims 3 Generations Day Care

Reader tips

Taya wrote to tell me that she had found a great way to keep kids busy and meet multiple needs. The blocks table is perfect for the little ones, who will socialize while playing if they've learned to talk.

Comments (53)

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PzzExcellence says...
What! My Sim's spouse got tired of coming home from work with all those dang kids and not having any time with his partner. A divorce pending, an affair in the works, my sim had to nix the daycare route to save her marriage. They didn't end up working out, but did Stevie have any active relationships while pursuing his dream of driving the Soccer Mom van?
10th September 2012 10:16pm
Leigh says...
Best Daycare name..... Ever!!!
27th October 2012 12:24am
Leigh says...
IKR, by the way its you from the future!
10th July 2013 10:55pm
epicgal says...
i have been searching for this subject and i think that this info is great!!!
1st December 2012 8:35pm
This mom keeps on forgetting to pick up her child and sims doesnt let me see the needs of the child and then the mom doesnt pay me the next day for my extra hours!!!!
5th January 2013 6:53pm
Rian says...
Another thing I found useful was to lock the doors of the daycare center to just "My household" only so that the kids have to stay put. Of course, you would need to lock it right before parents show up, as they would not appreciate being locked away from their little rascals. Or would they?.....
7th January 2013 5:06am
Some girl with an opinion says...
I just don't like the way you talk about people who happen to be blind. They're not helpless. :(
22nd January 2013 1:01am
who needs grammar says...
he is just joking :/
20th February 2013 6:34am
the jokes aren't funny says...
Yeah obviously, but the jokes are in really poor taste. I'm pretty disappointed, a sims 3 guide is the last place I'd expect someone to be making fun of blind people.
12th October 2013 2:14pm
bweh says...
oh shush up you humorless people .-.
Yeah, I'm not going back to change something just because a few readers don't like Tom's sense of humor. I'm definitely reconsidering just where I'll draw the line when it comes time to publish a piece like this, but it is a functional guide to day care with some irony thrown in and it's a part of the Guide.
13th October 2013 2:37pm
MehMeh1114 says...
Actually I had no trouble potty training the kids I was in charge of. It was very helpful since I no longer had to worry about a dirty diaper. Anytime you try to potty train them (even if they just had an accident) they would still use the potty chair and quickly earn the skill. Just thought I would put that out there.
2nd February 2013 7:58pm
Missy says...
i did the same . it really helps
7th May 2013 7:54pm
MadzGoose says...
I had 2 sims in separate houses choose the daycare profession, I made them both roommate eventually thinking it would be helpful to have a second pair of hands on the job.. But when day care day came around one of the sims began the job and the other one somehow lost hers?? Iv been looking at newspapers to get it back but no professions even come up in it.... Can you only have one sims with a profession in a house?? I'm quite annoyed :/
21st February 2013 1:44pm
Emma says...
you can't have more than one person in the daycare profession. the other one can help out but won't get paid. i would just make them register as self-employed with a skill and then help with the toddlers (really helps after level 3)
8th April 2013 3:01pm
Neens says...
I have got to the stage where one child is supposed to come over after school. But when its time for her to come a notification pops up that says 'Your house is a mess. I can't get it.' My house isn't a mess, and I have redesigned it 3 or 4 times and it still says it. What can I do??!!
2nd April 2013 2:53pm
Alexandra says...
I just now managed to reach Level 5 in Daycare.

Typically my daycare worker is a stay-at-home mom. Her kids can help with the little rugrats...a child can give a bottle and a hug. Sims coming home from work can also be of help..."hey Darren, that one needs a diaper change, I have to chase this one down to give him a bottle...." LOL The way I run it, the mom's in charge of the daycare, but other family members pitch in when they can.

My Sim got fed up and retired shortly after the Problem Child came on the scene.

29th April 2013 7:36pm
That weird teenager says...
This is probably super later, but I would wait until you're a little more famliar with the way Sims 3 works. It's not hard, but it's good to be prepared :)
30th July 2013 12:22am
Ryan says...
I need someone's help. I am a professional Sims 1 and 2 player. I got Sims 3 Generations last week and I want to do a daycare. I am not an avid player of Sims 3, as my favourite is Sims 2. Would you reccommend daycare to me or should I wait till I'm more familiar with the game. Thanks. :)
1st May 2013 11:06pm
Ashleigh says...
I have the profession of daycare but no kids are showing up and it has been this way for a couple days(sim days)
20th May 2013 12:31am
Teralynn says...
Make sure your sim is wearing their 'career' outfit/uniform before the start of their shift.
27th June 2013 8:08am
Renee says...
So this woman came up and left her child with me and the child has lived with me more than a week and she doesn't come to my lot to pick her up. What should I do?
21st May 2013 6:07pm
Kitty Lee says...
Have you tried the resetsim Cheat?
4th April 2014 11:13am
kristen says...
I can find the babysitter job on the computer? :c
25th May 2013 12:34pm
bweh says...
Oh great, you found it! What are you implying exactly? Mwahaha

-by a grammar nazi
21st December 2013 10:10am
Liz7 says...
My sim reached level 4 and then aged elder. It is well hard reaching levels. Anyway I made her retire and she gets a really good pension! 1,004 or summit like that!
27th May 2013 2:31am
Lol What says...
Did he just crash his car into the wall. THAT one made me laugh haha.
22nd June 2013 1:16pm
Mimi says...
I'm at the Good Guardian level, and i'm only babysitting 4 kids. I put a household with a toddler in it before the next workday and the fifth toddler that i should have still didn't show up! Solutions?
26th June 2013 1:47pm
Derek says...
Potty-training the tods does actually help. I've managed to train teo of them (currently at level 3 of the profession) and neither of them mess themselves anymore; they just get 'smelly'. Still, one diaper change a day instead of 3-4 saves a bit of extra time.
3rd July 2013 9:00am
Denise says...
This is the very first tutorial I ever came across way before I got The Sims 3. I was obsessed with Generations before I finally decided to spend my money on the franchise again since Sims 2 :)). I love rereading this! But anyway, enough of my rambling, I haven't fully achieved this profession and I was wondering if the Daycare interactions stay with the sim if they retire or quit their job? Or is it like with the Showtime professions where their skills are locked and can't be used unless they're in said profession?
28th September 2013 8:09pm
Me says...
I'm hopeless. I had four toddlers in my family, then three turned up for the career. I quit, but they didn't stop coming and I got kicked out of the career cuz one of them died. I didn't notice i have seven kids in my lounge!!
29th October 2013 4:33pm
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