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The Sims 3: House of Skulls

Filling a House with Skull Cut Gems

by Vanessa Venner

I received the following email, and thought it was a fun idea to post in our miscellaneous articles section!

I don't know if it is of much interest to you, but I figured out a way to accumulate 5000+ Large Skull cut gems for my sim. As below I mention that I wanted to build a unique house worthy of my vampire sim so I set out on this self mission and succeeded. My Vampire sim now lives in Castle Grayskull, surrounded by 5000+ skulls.

I hope you find this interesting. I know a lot of it is known info, but I wanted to set it out step by step.
Here's her piece, which should appeal to some beginning collectors out there.
- Carl

I wanted to build a house worthy of a Vampire sim. So I set out to build a house of skulls. For that I wanted to have at least 1000 skulls. Since Large skull cut gems are items that can only be acquired by making them, I had to think this one through. Firstly I needed gems, a lot of them. There are two ways to acquire gems.

Firstly accumulate enough lifetime happiness to purchase the Collection Helper Lifetime Reward for 40,000 points. It will be placed in your inventory. Click on the collection helper and click on Rocks and Gems to activate. Click on map view. Make sure the filter in map view is set to All.

Use the magnifying pointer to find the gems. Make your Sim walk over to gems and start collecting as many as possible.

Another way to get a lot of gems quickly is to acquire the board breaker-basic for those aspiring to Martial Arts mastery when travelling. Clicking on it will bring up a menu. At first, only foam boards will be accessible. When practicing on this, it will increase both Athletic and Martial Arts training. The idea is to open the menu and select space rock block.

When you break a space rock block, a random gem will appear near the sim. All sorts of gems will start appearing, depending of course on the expansions installed. From an uncut Luminorious gem to an uncut Geode. A Soulpiece will also appear. Collect all the gems created from practising on the board breaker. They will be stored in the Sim's inventory.

Go to the post box. The more gems you post to get cut, the more shapes will become available to the Sim. See a list of gem cuts.

The idea here is either to cut the same type gem into different cuts, or to have different gems cut into different cuts.

Wait for the post man/woman to deliver your mail and collect.

Purchase the Carter's Display Case-XL Edition for 1,250 simoleons. If you want a Pink Diamond Skull, place 8 pink diamond gems cut into different shapes onto the display case. You can also place 8 different cut gems onto the display case. Each gem must be different and each cut must be different. Then the outcome will be random to what type of Skull cut gem will appear.

When you have placed the 8 gems on the display case, click on it. It will bring up a menu: Click on activate for Irreversible Transfiguration. The display case will make the gems disappear and jump and blue lightning will appear on the display case, after which a skull cut gem will appear. The Sim will scoop it up and the skull will appear in the sim's inventory.

Anything from Large Skull Cut Quartz gems to Large Skull Cut Soul piece (valued at 30 340 simoleons-amounts do vary) will appear.

The skulls can be used for display, but I decided to build a dark house of Skulls for my vampire sim. So I took the time to acquire a large variety of skulls of various type of gem. Total skulls at this point are 94.

It is now very important to place all the skulls in the family inventory!

In live mode click on Options menu and click on Edit town.

The game will ask: Do you wish to save your town before continuing? Yes, save.

In Edit town view, click on your Sim's green button. It will bring up details on your sim. Now the idea is make more skulls without taking so much time. So save a copy of your sim to Library.

The game will ask: Current interactions for all Sims in your town will be cancelled if you do this. Continue? Click yes.

Then save household only and the game will process. Now there is a copy of your sim in the library. Click on this copy and then "Place Copy".

Click on your Sim's green Button. The game will ask 'Merge with family'. Say merge. Save and return to game. You should have two exactly the same sims on one property. Check your family inventory and you will now have 188 skulls in there.

Save and go back to edit town mode. Click on your sim's green button. Split up household by moving one sim out. That sim will be moved to clipboard. Click on that sim and delete from clipboard. Return to game and you will see that al 188 skulls are still in the family inventory.

Return to edit town mode, click on your copy in the library again and repeat the whole procedure. Another 94 skulls will be added to the sims family inventory, making the total now 282 skulls.

Keep repeating until you have all the skulls you want.

And by doing this, I got to build my house of skulls.

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awesome says...
awesome omg i i can't belive it
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